Wuz Up??



I watch you from across the room,
Silently putting myself next to you.
Undressing you from head to toe
Imagining all the things Id like to do.

Ooo Boy, you look so fine
Standing there with that smile divine
Big, strong shoulders and nice tight ass
Damn,Baby! Let me be the teacher and you be my class.

In my mind I can feel your warm, hot skin
So soft to the touch, making me warm within.
Your hands so big and gentle and strong
Baby, I wanna love on you all damn night long!

I imagine how sweet those soft lips gon' taste
Mmm, Boy you actin like we got time to waste!
I want to feel the heat of your kiss
Come on Baby-Come get you some of this!!

I see my hands running over your chest
Down the "happy trail" and on to the rest
Feeling you grow within my hand
Oh god! I want you! Don't you understand?

Oh,Damn! We just made eye contact!
Yeah, that's desire in my eyes, I aint hidin that fact.
Oooo, boy,you walkin over here
I aint gonna be responsible if you get too near.

You smilin at me and askin, "Wuz Up?"
I smile right back and say, "You know wuz up"
You whisper your digits and say you'll find out
Hell, Im ready right now to see what you all about!

You laugh out loud as we make a date
This is gonna be good–This has got to be fate.
We meet after work and go get us a room
Boy, I can't wait for us to go boom, boom, boom.

A few minutes later we're already undressed
Standing next to each other in all our nakedness
I feel on your body and you feel on mine
Oh my god boy, you know you're so damn fine.

The contrast of your skin against mine
Makes it hard to understand all this black and white crime.
We blend together with passion and heat
Got chill bumps all over, even down to my feet.

We move to the bed and the passion don't stop
The question is only, "Who's gonna get lucky and be on top?"
I move down your body with only my tongue
Drivin you crazy and I've only just begun!

My heart beats faster as I straddle your hips
I lean slightly forward to suck on your lips
I slide myself down you-you're fillin me up
Oh! You're hittin my spot–I guess now we BOTH    know–Wuz up!!

We soon find our rhythm and move even faster
We're touchin and feelin and talking much nastier
The feelin is good. It can't get much better
The faster we move-The pussy gets wetter!!

He's getting bigger and thicker as he moves deep inside.
Im holdin on tight, enjoyin the ride!!
Soon his balls tighten up and he explodes within
Screamin my name and sayin it's the best he's ever been in.

We lay there a minute, enjoyin the afterglow
But in no time at all–It's time for one mo'
This time on my knees with my ass in the air
Knowin hes enjoyin the view from back there.

As he puts it inside me-making me moan
Giving me chills as he slides it on home.
His balls slappin my pussy-and his hand slappin my ass
Makin me scream out in pleasure. Now who's teachin the class?

He cums once again and it's end of round two.
As good as this is, hell, I've found my new Boo!
We lay there talking and laughing as well
Just knowing round 3's gon' be good as hell.

This time he pulls me to the edge of the bed
Spreading my legs open wide. My feet by his head
He slides the monster inside my soaking wet slit
As he watches my painted nails rub on my clit.

The rest of the night went on like this
Bumpin and grindin in sexual bliss
We finally collapsed at the break of dawn
Only to wake back up to the mornin hard on.

Now, you see what a daydream can start
The love you find can be well off the chart
Make sure you can handle what your daydreams think up
And be really prepared when someone asks, "Wuz Up?"

                    –Lynn White 9/18/06

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