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WWE - In The Boiler Room


At the home of Matt Hardy, Lita is walking into the master bedroom. Dressed only in a pair of red panties and long loose jersey with the old Team Extreme logo on it, she goes to the window and opens the curtains followed by the window to let the cool air into the room. Lita moans a bit as she feels the air through the lack of clothes she's wearing. "Mmmmmm..." Lita moans again as she rubs her large breasts through the material of her shirt. She looks at the door and calls out, "Matt... hurry up!"

"Coming..." Matt laughs as he enters the bedroom, dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. "Sorry babe... just was talking to Jeff... he's really enjoying himself down in TNA."

"That's good..." Lita licks her lips as she approaches him and quickly removes his shirt. "But I don't really care about Jeff right now..." She licks her lips and pushes Matt down on to the bed.

"Oh that's alright..." Matt smirks as he sits up on the bed as Lita takes off the jersey she's wearing. Matt kisses her tanned stomach while reaching up to squeeze Lita's large voluptuous yet fake as hell tits. He flicks his tongue against her belly button, making Lita moan as she places her hands on top of his to make Matt squeeze her breasts harder.

"You like my big tits don't you Matt..." Lita moans as she slowly pulls Matt's hands away from her jugs.

"You damn right I do..." Matt smirks as Lita slowly gets down on her knees and starts to unzip his jeans.

"Good... cause I love... your big... hard... throbbing... cock..." Lita moans as she says every word as she tugs down his jeans and his boxer briefs to unleash Matt's nine and a half inch long cock. She immediately takes his big white cock into her hands and begins stroking it.

Matt groans and leans back on the bed, placing his hands behind him to support himself, "Shit Lita... you sure know how to get to up..."

Lita looks up at him and narrows her eyes seductively, "Mmmm... it's so easy..." Lita opens her mouth and takes his cock past her lips. She starts bobbing her head up and down on Matt's huge dick, letting her saliva drip down onto his cock. Lita moves her hands to Matt's large balls and begins to gently fondle them as she impales her face with his cock. Matt groans in pleasure and pushes his hands through Lita's silky dyed red hair. He places a hand on the back of Lita's head and pushes her down more so she consumes his thick juicy cock until she almost all of it down her throat.

"Ahhhhh fuck Lita... that's it... give me that great head..." Matt moans as Lita sloppily works over his cock with her mouth. Lita closes her lips tightly around his cock and pulls back slowly until his slobber covered dick pops out of her mouth. She looks up at Matt with saliva dripping from her mouth and smiles.

"Matt... I want... you to fuck my ass... now... I need that cock in my tight asshole..." Lita groans as she slips off her panties and turns around on the floor and gets on all fours. She sticks her ass up and leans down, pressing her large tits down onto the carpeted floor of the bedroom.

"You don't want my to fuck your pussy first?" Matt asks with grin as he slides off the bed and kneels behind her.

Lita looks back and him and licks her lips, "Ohhhh you'll be fucking my juicy cunt... but I want that cock up my shit tunnel... "

Matt nods and grips his cock, "All right babe..." Matt places a hand on her asshole and shoves his cock deep into her asshole and begins thrusting his monster shaft into the tight hole that's between her large tanned ass cheeks.

"Owwwwwwwwww fuck!" Lita cries out as she starts using her hands to claw at the carpet. Her large breasts start dragging against the rough carpeted floor as she pushes back against her lover's large cock.

"Ahhhh damn Lita... I love how your ass shakes..." Matt groans as he slaps her ass cheeks as she continues to pound her asshole.

"Ohhhhh owww... don't stop you big... dicked... mother fucker..." Lita yells as her face contorts as Matt continues to fuck her asshole, causing her some pain and agony, which she loves. Matt reaches underneath his red head girlfriend and starts to work over her wet dripping cunt with her hands, while all the while, neither of them see someone standing right outside the bedroom window.

"Lita... soon... you'll be mine..." the mysterious stranger laughs before he walks away from the window.

Several days later at the arena in Phoenix, Arizona, Lita is slowly waking up in the basement of the arena. She rubs the back of her head and feels a bit of a lump. Lita quickly remembers what happened to her earlier in the day. She arrived at the arena with Matt, they kissed, Matt went off to talk to writing staff, and she went to their locker room. Lita slowly starts to stand up and looks around before she calls out, "H-hello?"

There is no reply for a long moment, until a dark grimly sounding voice behind her says, "Hello... Lita..."

Lita swallows hard and slowly turns around until she's look up at the ugly face of the seven foot tall monster, Kane. "What... what the hell is... going on..." Lita asks as she looks up at him, trying to be brave, but her voice gives her away.

Kane smirks, "Oh... I'm just... here with a proposition... for you..." Kane looks at her naked body.

"The answer is no... no matter what it is..." Lita shakes her head and looks down at herself and sees herself naked in front of him. She covers her breasts and pussy with her hands as best she can and looks up at him angrily, "Where... are my clothes?!"

Kane laughs, "They are... around..."

"This isn't funny you sick bastard!" Lita yells as her eyes go wide. "What... are you planning to do..."

"Make my proposition... and enjoy myself..." Kane laughs as she removes his black and red tights, displaying all of his freakish body to Lita as his own eyes wander all over her body. He licks his lips as he looks at her big soft looking breasts and her shaved pussy.

Lita takes a step backward, "Kane... stop this..." She begs as she looks down at Kane's giant cock which is sticking straight at her.

"Not... going to happen..." Kane laughs as he slowly approaches her, "You have two... choices... do what I say now... and listen to my offer... or I... destroy little... Matthew Hardy..."

Lita bites her lip as she stops backing up, "What... is... your offer..."

Kane holds a finger up, "That... comes after you do what I say..."

Lita's eyes go wide as she sees the lustful look Kane is giving her, "I'm not... going do anything..."

"Fine..." Kane shrugs, "Then Matt... will be no more..." Kane takes a step back.

"Wait!" Lita calls out as she starts walking slowly toward him. Kane looks at her and smirks as he stops. Lita reaches him and places a hand on Kane's chest as his huge cock presses against the skin of her well-toned stomach. "I... I don't... want anything to happen to Matt..."

Kane licks his lips, knowing that his plans are going perfectly. "Good... now... get down... on your knees... you'll know what to do..."

Lita nods her head and slowly drops to her knees so that down she's face to face with Kane's hard thick sixteen-inch throbbing cock. She hesitantly wraps her hands around his cock and begins to stroke him before she lowers her mouth on to his cock. She starts bobbing her head slowly but then starts to pick up the pace as the feel of his large cock inside of her tiny mouth sets something off inside her head. Lita slurps and sucks on his pulsating shaft.

Kane tilts his head back and laughs, "That's it... give me the pleasure... to stop me from destroying your lover..." Lita glares up at him a bit, but continues to suck on his cock before lifting her head off of his rod. She starts licking the thick tip wildly with her tongue before angling his cock upward. Lita licks up and down the underside of his tick cock until she moves onto his huge balls. Lita takes one into her mouth and swirls her tongue around it while resuming to jack off Kane's cock. Lita tries not to breath as she works over her balls, for the smell of his nut bag has the fiery redhead on the verge of vomiting.

Kane grunts and moans as he laughs, "Suck away Lita... make all those nasty sucking and slurping sounds you do for Matt..." Lita's face goes red and instantly wonders how could he know of that as she goes to take his cock back into her mouth. Kane places his large hands on the sides of her skull and begins ramming over half of his monstrous cock between her succulent lips. Lita knows that she can deep-throat anyone, but Kane's meaty cock is too much for her and she begins to gag as he fucks her face.

"Haha ohhhh yes!" Kane moans as he moves his hands from her skull to her shoulders, "Your mouth... was made more my cock Lita... you cannot deny that..." Lita feels her stomach churn in disgust, as her instincts betray her and she resumes sucking Kane's cock, but this time at much harder rate. She bobs her head up and down quickly on his cock, making her red hair fly in all directions. Her large breasts bounce in almost perfect sequence as her sucking. Kane thrusts his cock in and out of Lita's lips, making saliva pour out of her mouth and down to his balls and even Lita's large chest. Lita tries her best to breath when she feels herself getting light headed until Kane pulls his dripping wet cock out of her mouth and begins to slap her face with it to smear her own drool against her soft cheeks and her now sweating forehead.

Lita looks up at him with an angry looks as she coughs, "You... sick... fucker..." Kane just laughs at her as he continues beating her face with his thick cock.

"Shut up... and lay down!" Kane yells as he shoves her onto her back. Lita starts to sit up but Kane lays down almost on top of her to keep her down on the ground. He slides his large body downward until his ugly face is over her breasts.

"Stop this... Kane..." Lita says as she closes her eyes. Kane smirks and cups her huge tits with his hands and begins to play with them. He squeezes them tightly before he pinches both of her the nipples with his thick pudgy fingers.

"Haha... they almost seem real..." Kane laughs as he tugs hard on her nipples, "They look like jell-o molds... look hot they wobble..." Lita bites her bottom lip hard as Kane presses his face against her right breast to suck hard on it. He snakes his tongue around the nipple, flicking it back and forth before he starts to chew on it with his nasty teeth.

"Owww... god... stop it..." Lita cries out as Kane perfectly stimulate her body, making her pussy extremely wet without even trying. Kane smirks and moves down to her pussy. He inhales the smell of her cunt as soon as he spreads her legs and laughs.

"Smells like rotten fish..." Kane says before he dives his head against her cunt and presses his revolting face into it. Lita's toes curl as Kane holds her legs up while he licks her pussy, lapping up her juices as they spill out and onto his face. Kane darts his tongue in and out of her shaved pussy, sending chills of loathing throughout Lita's body.

"End it... please... just... get it over with..." Lita cries out as she involuntarily tries to press her pussy against his face as she starts to cum. Kane lifts his head from her cunt so he can stick one of his fingers inside of her cunt to coat it with her cum. Kane then takes it out and forces it into Lita's mouth.

"Taste your cum Lita... taste it what I brought you too..." Kane laughs as he grabs hold of Lita's body and pulls her on top of him as he rolls onto his back. He easily lifts her up and lowers her onto his outrageously large cock. Lita groans in pain as she feels her cunt stretch as she takes in his cock against her will.

"Ohhhhh god..." Lita moans painfully as Kane starts to make her bounce up and down on his dick as he thrusts up into her. Lita can feel all of Kane cock throbbing inside of her sore and wet cunt. Her breasts bounce and jump in reaction to Kane's thrusts as well. Lita shakes her head and closes her eyes as she starts to breath hard and heavy while she digs her fingernails into the skin of his muscular chest.

"Ohhhh yeah... you're so tight Lita... only I have the cock for your pussy..." Kane laughs as he rolls over so he's on top of Lita once again. He holds her legs far apart and thrusts violently between the lips of her pussy. Lita can feel her sanity slipping as she grinds her cunt against his cock and wraps her legs around his fat waist. Kane smirks and pulls out of her cunt. He stands up and pulls Lita up a moment later while he stands up against a wall. Kane leans Lita forward and shoves his cock back into her pussy.

"Ughhhhh! Don't! That hurts! Ohhhh! Stop it!" Lita screams as her pussy continues to get violated before she starts to she starts to cum all over his thick cock. Kane laughs as he relentlessly stuffs Lita's cunt with his monster cock.

"Oh yes... that right... I made you cum... twice now..." Kane laughs as he pulls Lita back against him as he thrusts harder and faster into her. He wraps his large freakish arms around her stomach and positions himself and her down on the floor where he gets Lita on all fours. He resumes fucking the exhausted and now crying redhead doggy-style. Lita tiredly and unconsciously pushes back against Kane, almost as if trying to match every thrust he makes. Sweat drips down her body and her breasts sway in several directions until Kane grips them.

"Your huge tits... are such a delight to toy with Lita..." Kane laughs as Lita clamps her cock down around Kane's cock as she cums again suddenly. Kane continues to fuck her pussy with unnatural speed and force, making Lita have an orgasm one after another until finally he feels ready to unload. He pulls out of Lita's raw fucked snatch, turns her around and aims his cock right at her face. Lita's weary eyes go large as Kane's cock starts to spray her sweat drenched face with hot sticky cum. Lita's face is soon coated with Kane's load, and the man-monster wipes some off of her cheek with his finger. He then shoves it inside of Lita's mouth.

"How that taste Lita... tastes better than Matt's doesn't it..." Kane laughs evilly as Lita drops to the floor and lays there until she looks up at him.

"You... you had... your fun... now... leave me and Matt... alone..."

"You forgot... the other part of the deal... my offer..."Kane smirks and kneels near her head, "You... are going... to have... my child... or else... Matt Hardy will face destruction at my hands... and it'll all... be on your head..."

Lita looks at him with disgust and fear, "No... no...."

Kane smirks, "But don't make your choice now... I'll give you time... to digest my offer..."


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