tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWWE: Mask of the Luchawhore

WWE: Mask of the Luchawhore


Written By Frederick "Dice" Casden

In Tijuana, Mexico, the fiery red-headed diva known as Lita is walk through the city's market area with Rey Mysterio as he leads he through a tour of the city. Lita is dressed in black pants, a white tank top, and a light gray colored jacket, while Rey is dressed blue jeans and a black t-shirt, as well as a white version of his traditional wrestling mask. "Rey I don't get it... in the States you don't wear your mask out in the streets... but why are you doing so down here?" Lita asks.

"Oh well down here... it's not uncommon for masked wrestlers to go around town while wearing their masks... plus it really makes the fans happy... cause we're almost like superheroes at the same time..." Rey explains.

Lita makes a face, "So the Mexican wrestlers down here don't ever take their masks off in public?"

Rey shakes his head, "Nope... it's like another life... when they go home the mask comes off and they spend time with family and friends... out in public the mask is on... and it's like a escape from reality for everyone of the fans."

Lita nods her head, "Oh... I understand now... it's just to make everyone feel good...." Lita then pauses and laughs, "I wouldn't mind having something like that.... Where I could just escape from reality and just cut loose...."

Rey looks at the hot RAW diva, "Don't you do that anyway?"

Lita smirks, "Good point... but to just... walk around as someone else... and have no one judging me... and allowing myself to just let go... would just be fucking awesome."

Rey laughs, "Well... you know we could get you a mask made.... But I don't think you'd get away with walking around with it back in States..."

Lita laughs, "Maybe not in public... but it would be fun backstage don't you think?"

"It could be..." Rey smiles, "Hey I know I place nearby... they could make you a whole Lucha-outfit."

Lita smiles, "Really? Awesome! Let's go!" Lita says excitedly.


A few hours later, in the backroom of a small tailor shop known only to those who participate in Lucha Libre, Lita is standing in front of a full length mirror, wearing skin- tight black tights, white gloves, a tight fitting black and green long sleeved, turtle neck style top that has a thin zipper running down the middle of the front that is barely visible to the untrained eye. Lita is also holding a mask that is cut in a way so that Lita's long fiery red-hair can hang out of it while most of her face is covered. The mask itself is designed with black transparent eye holes so that Lita can see out, but no one could see her eyes, the lower part of the mask is made so that parts of Lita's face is exposed, and it's colors are black and red. Lita puts the mask on and when she looks at herself in the mirror, a big smile creeps onto her face as she sees herself in the full outfit. "Rey! Come and check me out!" Lita calls out.

The door to the backroom is opened and Rey walks in just as Lita turns around. "Wow Lita... you look great!" Rey says as he sees how tight the outfit is on Lita's body.

"I know... I've never looked... so mysterious... and slutty at the same time!" Lita laughs a bit as she slides her gloved handed over her body. She squeezes her large tits through the material of her black and green top.

"I wouldn't say slutty..." Rey says as he continues to look at Lita.

"Oh not yet... but I will... wearing this.... Makes me... feel I could do... whatever I would want too...." Lita says as she licks her lips.

Rey laughs, "Well... that's almost the idea... but you're not supposed to act them out..."

Lita grins, "Oh... I think I'll change that little rule...." Lita says as she gets down to her knees and begins to crawl towards Rey.

"Whoa... Lita... are you all right?" Rey says as he takes a step back but Lita closes the distance between herself and him quicker than he would anticipate.

"Oh I've never felt better..." Lita says as she sits up on her knees as she raises her hands up slides them all over the crotch of Rey's jeans. "And you're going to love this too..." Lita says as she licks her lips and begins to undo Rey's jeans faster than Rey thought possible. She pulls them down from his waist a;; the way down to his ankles, revealing Rey's boxers and his bulging crotch. "Mmmm I think you want to let it out...." Lita says as she presses her gloved hands against Rey's crotch.

"Lita... come on now...." Rey starts to say but Lita shuts him up when she grabs the top of his boxers and starts to pull them down.

"Shhhh Rey... I'm not Lita.... I'm a Luchawhore..." Lita says with a smirk as frees Rey's ten-inch long, fat Hispanic cock. "Very... very nice... that's such... a fat... cock..." Lita says as she pretends to drool a bit when she wraps one gloved hand around his shaft and begins to stroke it.

"Ahhhh... ohhh...' Rey moans and Lita smiles.

"Mmmmm... that feels good doesn't it Rey?" Lita asks him as she uses her other hand to cup Rey's balls and she begins to roll them around like dice.

"Mmmm... shit...." Rey moans as he just looks down at the masked RAW Diva as she moves her hand down to the base of his cock and back up to the thick head of his shaft. Lita uses her tip of her thumb to rub the tip of his shaft, making Rey shiver in pleasure as he starts to breath heavier.

"I need this cock Rey...." Lita says with a sultry tone before she takes Rey's cock between her luscious lips. Rey gasps and places his right hand on Lita's head to move some of her red hair out of her masked face so that he can get a good look of the masked Diva as she begins bobbing her head on his pole.

"Ohhhh.... Ahhh...." Rey moans as he listens to the sucking and slurping noises Lita makes as she stuffs her mouth with his fat cock. Lita keeps Rey's balls cupped with her other hand and she squeezes them periodically to give the former World Champion some added pleasure. Rey grits his teeth a bit when he feels Lita's soft tongue sliding up and down against his cock as she sucks on his shaft.

Lita looks up at Rey and her masked eyes connects with Rey as bobs her head up and down on his cock. She then slowly pulls her herself off of his cock and she wraps both of her hands around his saliva dripping cock, "How was that Rey? You like that? You want some more of this Luchawhore?" Lita says in a teasing tone before she stands up and begins to lower down her skin-tight black tights from her body, revealing her hot, smooth slutty pussy.

"Oh shit..." Rey says as proceeds to remove his t-shirt to reveal his smooth muscular Mexican body as he throws all good logic out the window when he stares at Lita's cunt.

Lita grins wickedly as she looks at Rey's body and she unzips her black and green top to reveal her large, hot firm round tits. She quickly removes her top and drops it too the floor before she steps forward to place her gloved hands on Rey's chest, "Fuck me Rey... Fuck me hard..." Lita says before she lays down on the ground with her legs spread apart.

"All right..." Rey says as he kneels down between Lita's legs. He grabs her by her thighs and pulls her towards him so that his cock enters her hot and wet slutty cunt and Rey starts to immediately thrust his cock deep into her pussy.

"Ohhhhh yeeah Rey!" Lita moans as she grinds her wet pussy against his cock as she raises her legs and wrap them around his waist as Rey pumps his cock in and out of her pussy with fast hard thrusts. Lita puts her arms on Rey's wrists and pulls herself up into a sitting a position so that her body presses right against Rey's.

"Uhhh... ohh shit..." Rey groans as he feels Lita's large hot tits pressing right against his chest as he pumps the self-proclaimed 'Luchawhore's pussy with his cock. Lita puts her hands behind Rey's masked head and pulls his head forward into a kiss and she invades his mouth with her tongue. Lita lashes her tongue against Rey's tongue as she pushes herself against his large cock and her tits grind against his chest as she breaks the slutty kiss with Rey Mysterio.

"Ohhhhh Rey! Ohhh! You're good feels soooo right! " Lita moans as she pushes Rey onto his back and begins to really bounce up and down on his dick. Lita rides his shaft with sharp movements and Rey can see some beads of sweat dripping down her face. Lita leans her head back as she plants her hands down onto Rey chest and as she bounces, her ass slams down against Rey's legs and his cock is completely impaled inside of her pussy.

"Ahhhh ohhh shit... fuck...." Rey moans as he watches Lita's large tits move up and down as she bounces on his cock. He reaches up and squeezes them with his hands, and he can feel her hard nipples press against the palms of his hands. Rey twists and pulls on her hard nipples.

"Ohhhh god Rey! Play with my tits! Suck on them!" Lita moans as she rocks intensely on his cock as she rides him like a bucking bronco. Rey squeezes her tits and moves his fingers all over them before he sits up and closes his mouth around one of her nipple. Rey's lips presses right against Lita's skin as she sucks on her tit. He then lightly presses his teeth against it and nibbles lightly on it before flicking his tongue against it.

"Ohhhh.... Fuck Rey! I'm gonna cum! The Luchwhore is cumming!" Lita yells as her juices pour out of her pussy and down Rey's dick and balls. Rey continues to suck on Lita's tits as she rocks on his cock for a few moments and then she forces Rey to release her large tits. "Rey... this Luchawhore is not done with you yet..." Lita says as she lifts herself off of his cock and turns around so that she's facing his feet. Lita then positions herself above Rey so that she and the former World champion are in a 69.

"Oh shit..." Rey says as he looks up to see Lita lowering her hot, wet slutty pussy down onto his masked face. Rey reaches over her and cups both of her ass cheeks with his hands as he starts to lap his tongue against her pussy.

"Mmmm yeah Rey..." Lita moans as she leans her head down and starts to lick up and down his cock. She grabs his shaft with her right hand and angles it a bit so that she can lower her head down all the way to his balls and she sucks on them in turns. Rey's body tenses up as he feels Lita's hot mouth move from one nut to the other and back again, and it get him to lap his tongue faster against her pussy. "Ohhh Rey... eat my pussy! Don't fucking stop!"

Rey responds to Lita's lustful request by savagely eating her cunt like a starving man. He squeezes her ass cheeks and thrusts his tongue deep into Lita's pussy as the fiery red- headed masked diva crams her mouth with his cock and balls. "Uhhh... ahhh.." Rey groans as he lifts his hips and starts thrusts his cock up into Lita's mouth. Lita places her hands down firmly onto the floor as she takes Rey's hard thrusts up into her mouth, and her own saliva pours out of her mouth and down Rey's meaty Mexican cock.

"Ahhhh ohhhhh ahhh..' Lita moans around Rey's thrusting cock as she grinds her pussy down against his face as she starts cumming on Rey's face. Rey laps up every drop of her juices and she bobs her head harder and faster on Rey's thrusting cock as her juices cover Rey's masked covered face. After a few moments Lita lifts her head off of Rey's cock and climbs off of his body and gets down onto all fours. She looks over her shoulder at him and grins lustfully as sweat rolls down her own masked covered face.

"Come on Rey... fuck me!" Lita says.

"Damn... you are a real Luchawhore..." Rey says with a grin as he gets up and kneels behind her so that he can push his cock back into her hot wet cunt again. Rey grabs onto hot ass and pounds her hot tight pussy with wild, hard and rapid thrusts. Lita slams herself back against him and her ass smacks against Rey's crotch as Rey bangs her pussy with his large fat Mexican cock.

"Ohhh fuck Rey.... Fuck my Luchawhore cunt!" Lita moans as looks back at Rey as he fucks her pussy. Her ass slams roughly against his crotch as Rey rapidly fucks her pussy with everything he has as he sweats heavily. Rey leans his body forward and wraps his arms around her body so that he can grab onto her large tits, which are swaying back and forth.

"Ahhhh ohhh shit... fuck Lita... ohhh fuck... I gotta... blow..." Rey grunts as he pulls his throbbing Mexican cock out of Lita's well fucked pussy.

"Hold on Rey!" Lita yells as she turns her around and pulls of her sweat soaked mask, revealing her hot, beautiful face. "Ok... do it now!" Lita says with a big wide grin. Rey nods his head and begins to jerk his cock in Lita's face as the 'Luchawhore' opens her mouth wide and holds her tits up with her gloved hands in preparation for Rey's treat.

"Ahhh... ohhh fuck!" Rey moans as his cock starts to erupt with cum, and the first few shots his hot thick spunk lands right onto Lita's large tits. He then sprays Lita's face with his cum and some shoots into her wide open mouth.. The rest of Rey's cum lands onto Lita's huge hot tits and then Lita grabs his cock.

"Mmmm I love it!" Lita moans as she pulls Rey's cock close to her face so that its pressing against her cheeks. Lita strokes meaty shaft and makes sure that every drop of Rey's hot sticky cum oozes out of it. Lita then takes his cock back between her lips and she sucks on it lightly to make sure gets it all. After Rey has finished cumming Lita lets go of his cock and smiles up at him.

"Oh shit Lita... you really let it all hang out there..." Rey says.

Lita smirks, "Rey... this is just the beginning.... I can see... the mask of the Luchawhore... being... very big... back home.


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