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WWF Behind the Scenes: Trish Stratus Gets Humbled

Trish Stratus, the voluptuous young blonde Canadian bimbo, was in tears. She had though that Vince McMahon really cared for her. She wasn’t upset in the fact that she had these feelings and he didn’t, but was simply upset because Vince is the billionaire owner of the World Wrestling Federation, and sacking up with him was her ticket to a fortune. Her silicon enhanced breasts, flowing blonde hair, and tight ass had gotten her a job in the WWF, after a successful career as a model. However, things weren’t so bright immediately, and she was forced to waste away in the midcard, rather than having an opportunity to fully showcase her “talents”. She had to manage T&A, a mediocre team, and her marching out to the ring was the usual highlight of their matches.

Her solution was to go to the very top. She went to Vince McMahon himself, and used her feminine wiles to seduce him. She had performed so many favors for Vince, she thought to herself. She let him fulfill his power hungry fantasies, and gave him the sexual “Stratusfaction” his decrepit old wife could no longer deliver. But rather than being appreciative, he, William Regal and his daughter Stephanie had teamed up to conspire against her.

William Regal is the WWF’s goodwill ambassador from the United Kingdom, who speaks with a proper British accent and is very gentlemanly. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley is Vince’s daughter, a brunette who is married to Triple H, one of the top WWF stars, with nice natural breasts and healthy sized ass. She was going to get her hands on Stephanie at the No Way Out pay-per-view, and Vince had told William Regal to do what Vince wanted. Regal feigned he didn’t know, and after much deliberation, helped Stephanie. Vince acted very angry, and set up a tag match with Trish and Vince against William Regal and Stephanie.

When William turned on Stephanie, Trish thought that Vince was going to let her destroy his daughter, that bitch she hated so much. But instead, he turned on her, and the 3 of them had humiliated her. She thought she was setting up Steph, but she was the one who was set up. They covered her with slop, rubbed it in her face, dunked her head in a tub of it and humiliated her on WWF Raw is War, on national television.

Rather than concerning herself with revenge, Trish concerned herself with redemption. Maybe there was only room for one “dominant female” in the WWF, but she was determined to find a place in Vince’s heart, or at least his pants, so that she could keep on getting the pearl necklaces and fur coats she so cherished. She went out to the ring the next week and said she had something to say to Vince. The fans all expected her to say something nasty to Vince or attack him, but instead she said she was sorry.

Vince realized he had her exactly where he wanted her, and his diabolical mind kicked into gear. He told her she had to prove she was sorry, and had her get on her knees like a dog. Not convinced, he told her to walk around the ring on all fours. Crying and humiliated, she crawled around the ring reluctantly. He compelled her to speak, and she barked like a dog on her hands and knees, embarrassed in front of 20,000 people. Vince joked that wasn’t the first time he had seen her on all fours. He told her to get up, and she felt better, thinking her degradation was over. But Vince was not done yet. He said that in order to prove how sorry she was, he wanted her to strip naked on national TV and in front of all these people.

She was humiliated beyond belief, but she thought to herself how much money Vince had, and took off her jacket. He then demanded she take off her top. She was shocked, but being the slut that she was, she took it off. Still not convinced, he had her take off her skirt, leaving her in nothing but a bra and thong panties in front of all these gawking eyes. Finally, he yelled at her to take off her top. The crowd erupted, and like a stripper in front of a gigantic audience, she began to indulge him, unhooking her bra. At that moment, Vince said he was convinced, and had her go to the back. He lectured to the audience in Washington, D.C. that just like Trish, they were all prostitutes for being involved with the government.

Trish arrived at the back with tears dripping down her eyes. She had been degraded, treated like a whore, like a piece of meat, in front of so many people. She had been utterly humbled. But, at least the worst was over, and she could resume her earlier times. She was extremely mistaken in thinking this was over. She retired to her dressing room, took off what was left of her clothes, and took a hot shower.

She stepped into the shower and washed the tears from her face like she had washed the slop from her body the week before. She was getting used to her body being objectified in such a disgusting manner. She ran her hands through her hair, and the makeup and tears dripped down her body, over her large, even, breasts and pert nipples, down her body across her now damp blonde bush, slick cunt, and down the drain. As she was beginning to feel comfortable, she heard a knock at her dressing room door. She wondered who it could be, put a towel around her body and went to the door.

She opened the door, and to her surprise, it was Vince. “Why, what do you want, Mr. McMahon?” she asked.

“Aren’t you going to open the door and invite me in, slut?” Vince replied.

Trish was horrified to be addressed in such a manner, but remembering all she had sacrificed of her dignity all ready to get the all mighty money, she opened the door. “I’m really sorry Mr. McMahon, I don’t know what I was thinking,” she replied, “But I thought you were done with me for the night. I did everything you said.”

Vince chuckled at her with his naturally cocky demeanor. “Yes, out there, you did, Trish. But you don’t think I could let you do anything further on national TV, do you? Even I have some guidelines. Besides, I don’t want to give those fans too much. You proved you’re willing to do almost anything, and I want to see just how far you’ll go to be with me, you gold digging tramp.”

Trish gulped and wondered what Vince had in mind, but she was answered very quickly. “Now, Trish dear, I’m not feeling too well. The media’s been harsh, the XFL is a failure, and the WWF is declining in popularity. I want you to make me feel better, sweetheart,” Vince said.

“Yes, of course, Mr. McMahon,” Trish replied. “How can I help?”

“I’m glad you asked Trish. You can start by taking off that towel,” Vince said. Trish slowly reached around behind her, and unhooked it in the back. It dropped to the floor. Her breasts stood in attention, perfect size and form. Her pussy glittered from just getting out of the shower. This wasn’t so bad, there weren’t any people watching, and it wasn’t anything Vince hadn’t seen before. Vince smiled and turned around and went to the door. Trish just stood there as he opened the door. Waiting there were Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco, McMahon’s old cronies. They would get him cups of coffee and do nominal tasks for him, and this was going to be one of their little gratuities. Now, Pat Patterson was gay, but even he could appreciate someone like Trish when he saw her.

“What are they doing here, Mr. McMahon?” Trish cried out. She just wanted it to be the two of them, if she was going to show him her most sacred assets. She had never posed nude for any pictorials, and didn’t like the feeling of being watched in such a way.

“Trish, Mr. Patterson and Mr. Brisco are my close confidants. They deserve to see this Trish. Besides, you didn’t have too many apprehensions out there. Now shut up,” Vince replied. “Close the door, will you Gerry?” Vince asked.

“Yes, sir, Mr. MacMahon,” Gerald replied, closing the door.

“Those are some nice melons, aren’t they Pat?” Vince asked.

“I would certainly say so, Vince,” Pat replied.

“Now, then Trish, that we’re all familiar, we’re going to go to simpler requests. You said you had two words for me out there? I’m sorry? Well I’ve got 5, Trish. Turn around and bend over,” Vince proclaimed.

Trish looked at him with wide eyes. He had never talked to her in such a manner before. He was acting as if she had no dignity. Tears began to roll down her eyes, as she turned around. She didn’t have any dignity. She bent over, exposing her moist, long red vagina for all three old men to see. All of them were old enough to be her father. Vince laughed at her, and told her to spread her ass cheeks. Trish, sullen and distraught, reached her hands around and pulled them open wide to expose her brown little hole, tight as could be.

“That’s good, Trish,” Vince said, and undid his belt. Trish could hear this and was shocked. She thought Vince would make her show off everything to his cohorts, but surely he wouldn’t let them see him fuck her in such a demeaning position? Her fears were confirmed when she heard his pants hit the floor, and he pulled down his underwear. He had a hard-on, but it wasn’t particularly large. McMahon was a big man, but not everything about him was as colossal as he wanted to believe. His cock stood at a good 6 inches, and he approached Trish. He reached around her hips and got himself in position.

Trish could hear him behind, but couldn’t see anything due to her angle, and she only knew how close he was when she felt his cock penetrate her cunt. It pushed in slowly but surely until all the way in. He started pumping her slowly, and began building up. This wasn’t so bad, she thought. She couldn’t see Patterson or Brisco, and it felt pretty good. But Vince kept on picking up. He started banging her really hard, harder than anything she had ever experienced. The “genetic jackhammer” had some aggressions to take out. He pounded her in and out, in and out, really fast. Her pussy was getting sore, and this scene was so demeaning she wasn’t aroused at all. His balls were bouncing very loudly against her clit and bush, and surely people in the adjacent dressing rooms could hear something going on. He pumped in and out and started groaning loudly. She could tell he was about to cum. She was about to tell him to pull out. He had always used a condom before, and she wasn’t on the pill. On second thought, if she had his kid, think of the alimony!

Vince screamed as he pumped into her sore pussy, and he ejaculated deep inside her inner regions. Burst after burst went into her. He always came really hard, she thought. Her insides were warm and wet with his jism, and he slowly pulled out. As he pulled out, a river of sperm flowed out of her cunt, down her legs and onto the floor.

“What have we here?” Vince asked. “Looked at this leakage. That is McMahon cum, you whore! Don’t let it leave you! Now get down on all fours!”

Trish had a good idea of what he had in store for her, but was hardly in a position to protest at this point. She got on her hands and knees like she did in the ring. She was still leaking his cum, but there was a low enough amount at this point that it was getting stuck in her pubic hair. She looked at the puddle of cum on the floor. “Lick it up!” yelled McMahon. Trish looked at the dirty floor and back at him. Slowly, she moved her head down to the floor and began licking up and swallowing his salty, dirty jism, mixed with grime on the floor and her own juices. The taste was disgusting, but she slowly lapped it all up, not like a world known television persona, but like a common corner whore.

Vince laughed, and began to put back on his pants. He sarcastically thanked Trish and told her he would be back for more later. He then reached into his pocket, pulled out a wad of 50’s, and threw them dispassionately on the floor. “You earned that, Trish,” Mr. McMahon said. Trish was really embarrassed, but crawled on the floor to pick up the money, which she slipped in a stack into her towel.

“Oh, and Gerry, Pat, do you guys have any interests in sloppy seconds?” Vince asked.

“Yes sir! Mr. MacMahon sir!” Gerry shouted enthusiastically.

“Alright, she’s all yours,” Vince said. He strutted out of the room, slamming it behind. The cronies were all too happy to accept his little gesture and pick up where he left off.

Trish was appalled. She was still filthy from the floor and Vince, and these two men were old and repugnant. Still, she had gone so far, and maybe this would be it, and things would get better, like they did before.

Patterson and Brisco, on the other hand, were ecstatic. They looked at the nude young body of the attractive Canadian and could hardly contain themselves. They started wildly throwing off their clothes all around the room. Trish could smell their disgusting odors, and their naked flabby bodies were all she could stand. They each were already rock hard. Brisco was particularly small, only about 4 ½ inches, but she was shocked at Patterson, who had a thick, 8-inch dick.

“Me first!” yelled Patterson. Brisco shoved him. “No, me first, Patterson!” he yelled. They were about to start swinging at each other when Brisco had an idea. “Why don’t we just share her?” he said. Patterson agreed this was an acceptable idea.

“Alright, Brisco, but you’re getting her cunt,” he laughed, looked at the dried seed that was already stuck to her pussy and pubic hair.

“Come on, Patterson!” Brisco whined. But Patterson was insistent.

“I only do asses, Brisco. I’m not about to start on those things at my age,” insisted Patterson.

Trish gulped. She never let Mr. McMahon have anal sex with her. Hell, she had never let anyone have anal sex with her. Sure, a blowjob here or there or a straight fuck, but up her tight little Canadian ass. And look at the size of that thing! But still, these were McMahon’s closest confidants. There’s no way she could get away with rejecting these two.

“All right, you sweet little thing, let’s get going, I’m impatient,” said Brisco. He walked over to the lockers and sat down on one of the seats. “Have a seat, right here,” Brisco said as he pointed at his prick. Trish looked at him, looked at the door, and walked over. She knelt down and took him inside of her. Brisco was instantaneously very excited. He started pumping up and down. It was a while since he had gotten any and he was so excited his miniature penis was popping in and out as he went up and down. Trish was tired of this thing jabbing in and out, so she just squatted down all the way, fully impaling herself on Brisco’s dick.

At right about this time Patterson was behind Trish. “You ready for this you little whore?” he asked. Trish closed her eyes and tried to block out the impending pain. Then she started to feel his gigantic prick push up against her miniature little arse, completely unlubricated. The lack of moisture made it even more painful. She felt her butt expanding and expanding to take it all in, and inch and after inch it stretched her and deepened into her ass. Finally she felt his sagging old balls up against her pussy and felt him deep inside her.

Patterson was overwhelmed. The younger guys he was able to coerce into having sex with him weren’t even this tight! And she was so clean! The disgusting, smelly holes he sometimes had to deal with were all of the sudden forgotten. She had just taken a shower, and he wondered if she’d had an enema before the show start. He was extremely aroused looking down at her, sharing her with Brisco, and thought to himself he’d have to try this with women more often. He slowly started jabbing his dick in and out of Trish and giving her ass a workout.

As Patterson and Brisco worked their way in and out of poor Trish, Trish was just hoping it would be over quickly. This was such a disgusting and nauseating experience, she couldn’t wait to be done. So she started playing along. “Oh yes!” she screamed out. “Fuck me hard! Give it to me in my cunt and ass! I want it so bad!” she yelled.

Patterson was still enjoying himself as he hammered her bunghole, but this was too much for Brisco. He screamed out and immediately started shooting up into her cunt. Layer after layer of cum joined Mr. McMahon’s deep inside her, and his cock started to get smaller and he pulled out. “Hold up, I’m done,” said Brisco, “Let me out.” Patterson grabbed Trish and pulled her up while stick keeping her attached to his dick. Brisco crawled out from under, a devious grin on his face.

“Thank you very much, Trish. Mr. MacMahon will be so pleased,” he said. “Any pussy good enough for Mr. MacMahon is good enough for me,” he laughed and put on his clothes and left.

“You’re no Mr. McMahon,” Trish thought to herself as his sperm dribbled out between her legs. But there was little time to think as Patterson pushed her hard down on to the bench Brisco had been sitting on. She very lewdly was hanging over the bench, her tits hanging over the side and her ass high in the air being poked by Patterson.

She could only hope this would be over soon, as Patterson hammered her in and out, in and out. But he kept on going. Her ass was incredibly sore at this point. She had never had a workout like this, as he went on and on for a good 40 minutes, just hammering her poor little hole. By the end every jab was painful, and she could feel some minor bleeding. Luckily, he was almost done, and he cocked back his head and let loose. A flood of cum entered her bowels. Wave and wave went into her deepest regions, in a sensation she had never experience before. As the last bit flooded inside her, Patterson climbed out, smacked her ass loudly, got changed and walked out the door without so much as acknowledging her. Trish just collapsed to the floor. Her pussy was still leaking cum from two men, and now Patterson’s nasty seed was dribbling out her sore, red, stretched out ass, and flowing down her pussy and forming a puddle on the floor. She lied there, humiliated and used as a cheap cum dumpster, crying to herself.

After lying on the floor for what seemed like an eternity, Trish heard a loud knock at her door. “What now?” she wondered to herself. She slowly brought herself to her feet, grabbed the money Vince had thrown at her and put it in her bag across the room, and slipped on the towel. She opened the door to find Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley. Stephanie had her hair particularly curly, and looked to be in a foul mood. She was wearing black high-heel boots, a short skirt, a black t-shirt and leather jacket.

“Hi Trish,” Stephanie said, sneering at Trish, knowing she had won. “I told you there was room for only one dominant female and now you know that to be true. And in case you didn’t, I came here to prove it to you.”

Trish after all she had been through, sighed to herself. There was no chance in hell she could stand up to Steph at this point. Look at what had happened this time. “What do you want, Stephanie?” Trish replied. She had no idea what Stephanie wanted, but was willing to do some pathetic chore like getting her coffee.

“Well, to begin with, Trish,” Stephanie said with a bitterness in her voice, “You seem to have forgotten that I am the dominant female. So from now on, you will address my as Mistress.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me you little bitch,” Trish thought to herself. But she clenched her teeth together, maintained her composure, and replied, “Yes Mistress Stephanie. Now what is it you want?”

“That’s better,” Stephanie laughed, closing the door behind her. “You look like quite a mess, Trish. What’s that puddle over there?” Stephanie asked pointing to where McMahon, Brisco and Patterson’s juices had leaked.

Trish didn’t know what to say. She didn’t know if Steph knew what had happened, or whether she had come on her own. She couldn’t put anything past a McMahon. But as she stood there speechless, Stephanie started again.

“Trish, you look uncomfortable in that towel. Are you trying to hide something?” Stephanie inquired. Before Trish could reply, Stephanie sternly ordered, “Take it off.”

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