tagErotic HorrorXaemyl's Tale Ch. 02

Xaemyl's Tale Ch. 02


The following day, he emailed her, asking her if she had a good night...

What a fabulous invention email was! Any enterprising daemon took advantage of being able to spread his insidiousness as quickly as possible. It had been through the Internet that he'd located her... or she, him.

Her reply was quick; confirming that she'd had the most delicious dream of him. He was amused that he knew her so well, and his pleasure was tangible in the reply he sent. It detailed what he would do to her, how he would touch her, how he wanted to feel her flesh against his, and taste her mouth, skin, breasts, and pussy. He knew it would drive her wild with insatiable desire, priming her for his taking this evening.

"Yes," he thought as a nefarious grin overtook his face, "Tonight is her night. A night she will never forget."

He wanted to watch as she read his erotic email, knowing she would be unable to resist touching herself after taking in his words. He wanted to see the shock, fear, and excitement cross her delicate features when he appeared in her bedroom. He wanted her to know that he was not of this world, not what she expected--merely a man pretending to be a demon--but the real deal. He wanted her to understand fully what she had gotten herself into, whom she had invited into her life, her bedroom, and her body.

Her fear would only heighten his desire, and perhaps her own if he had read her right. She had long been closed off to the world, hiding her light from those around her. She pretended to be an average divorcee, spending her days in a mindless routine of job, housework, and sleep. She had once been a creator--an artist, a poet, a writer--but she had stopped years ago, sliding into an emotional coma, letting her talent fade. When she had come across him, she had been distraught with frustration. Her creativity and inner life had been stifled for so long, she was nearly exploding with the need to live again.

He had sensed her need immediately and drawn her out, sparking not only her creativity, but also her passion, her lust, and fed upon them, encouraging her to express more, to give herself over to them. She had blossomed into the animate, inspired creature he lusted for today. While her despair had been sweet, her enthusiasm and talent made her an irresistible conquest. And conquer he would. Thoroughly, utterly, and completely.

She would be his and his alone.

He transported himself, unseen, into her bedroom that evening, admiring her as she dried her hair. Just out of the shower, she was fresh-faced and a beauty to behold. As much as he appreciated her polished, made-up look, this clean, natural look made him hunger for her even more.

She finished towel drying her hair and began applying lotion to her still damp body, rubbing the vanilla scented lotion into her legs. Xaemyl felt his cock respond to the sight of her hands running over the smooth, clean skin of her legs, and he ached to take her right then...ached for it to be his hands massaging the lotion into her flesh.

By the time she had applied the lotion to her arms and shoulders, Xaemyl was nearly blind with lust, requiring all of his self-control to restrain himself. As she filled her hand with more of the vanilla-scented cream, intent on lotioning her chest, breasts and stomach, Xaemyl struggled to maintain that restraint, knowing that he could not hold back much longer, but wanting this taking to go according to his plan. He had to keep control over the situation--over all situations, but especially this one. She had to be under his control, not the other way around. He could never risk that. He never imagined it could be a risk. This was a new element in the game.

Lotioning complete, she sat on her bed and turned her computer on, the look of eagerness on her face undeniable. Xaemyl chuckled silently, knowing it was he she was eager to hear from. Hear from him, she would... in ways she never imagined.

River smiled as she opened his email, keen to read what Xaemyl had written. His emails never failed to excite her, to make that thrill travel through her body, driving her crazy with sexual tension, leaving her with no choice but to pleasure herself. That never quite satisfied her, however, and she always finished with a touch of frustration, wishing the author of the sexy, explicit emails was within reach to do all the things he talked about many times over.

She sighed, knowing that not only was he well out of reach, but barring a miracle, Xaemyl would remain out of reach...over three thousand miles from her. That thought nearly brought tears of frustration to her eyes the knowledge that his hands might never touch her body, that his mouth might never cover hers, exploring and tasting. Knowing that she might never feel him filling her was maddening! She forced back the exasperating thoughts and refocused her attention on his sensual words.

Xaemyl saw the flow of emotion run across her pretty features, excitement to frustration to... sadness? She couldn't be feeling sad-- not about him--could she? Humans and their emotions fascinated him. They were so chaotic, so confused, and they drove humans to do incredible and insane things. He loved chaos and confusion, of course. His mind centered back on her, wondering what would cause her sadness. That thought was tossed aside when he saw she was reading his email, her fingers tracing her lips.

River read his words, excitement building inside her, making her nearly pant with desire and making the heat between her legs grow fiery. She could feel her pussy dripping with wetness and could stand it no more. She leaned back, relaxing onto her luxurious bedding. As her hand slipped between her waiting thighs, she was plunged into complete darkness as the power suddenly went out!

When Xaemyl saw her slip her hand down to massage her wet, aching bud, he knew his time had come. He also knew that he would not be able to restrain himself if he tried to watch her bring herself to climax. With barely a thought, he killed the electrical power to the house and lit the various candles she had so generously scattered throughout the room. As the candles roared to life, he heard her gasp and chose that moment to appear.

The candles not only provided enough illumination for her to clearly see him, but also made him appear even more intense and beautiful. Xaemyl fixed her with his most sensual, smoky gaze, looking deep into her eyes as he stood above her in all his angelic glory. He reveled in her look of shock, her violent intake of breath and the mixture of confusion, fear and pure wantonness in her eyes.

"River," he said, surprising himself as he spoke her name. Her name...he had never addressed any of his other conquests by name. Their names never mattered. They were harlots, cunts, bodies to be used and discarded as he saw fit. They did not have names in his mind. Dismissing this thought as though it were a bothersome gnat, Xaemyl lowered himself to kneel over her shivering body, reaching with one large hand to grasp the back of her still damp hair. He entangled his hand in her red curls and roughly jerked her head back, causing her to gasp in a mixture of terror and passion. His mouth hungrily covered hers, claiming her, in that instant for his own. He was pleased when he felt her respond with equal passion, her tongue boldly darting into his mouth, reveling in his lust, his ardor.

Xaemyl pulled her head back farther, causing her to arch her back, pressing her groin into his, as he kissed her chin, tasting the sweat on her throat. He heard her moan and felt her hand reach up and grab hold of his long, luxurious hair, pulling it, lost in her passion. He bit her throat, hard enough to elicit a shiver of desire from her, but not hard enough to break skin. He then caught a delicate earlobe with his full lips, delighting in her passionate response.

As his tongue licked along the outline of her ear, he heard her breath catch and her moan his name, "Xaemyl..."

Extraordinarily fast, he released her hair and seized her by the throat, violently forcing her down onto the bed.

"You know who I am, but do you know what I am, woman?" he growled, growing impossibly harder at the terror and lust evident in her face. With that question hanging in the air, he lessened his grip on her throat enough to allow her to respond.

"I do now," River answered, staring boldly into his eyes.

Both impressed and amused by her audacity, he brought his face to within an inch of hers and snarled, "Do you regret your offer now, wench?"

Never dropping her eyes, River replied, "I regret nothing, Xaemyl. Nothing." With that, she lifted her chin as much as his firm grip would allow.

A wicked and satisfied grin played across Xaemyl's handsome face, as he traced the fingertips of his free hand down between her full breasts, following the dip of her stomach until they brushed the top of the soft hair of her sex. She bit her kiss-swollen bottom lip, barely restraining herself from arching her hips up to his touch, caring only that she wanted him to touch her, to feel her, to taste her, to fill her.

Xaemyl lowered his body closer to hers, not releasing the pressure on her throat while he nipped at her cheek, then quickly thrust two fingers into her impossibly velvety warmth. He saw her struggle to gasp, barely able to inhale the smallest amount of air through his unyielding grasp, but yet her eyes held his, refusing to submit even as her vision narrowed and blackened at the edges. Before she passed into unconsciousness, he released her throat, grabbing her wrists in one massive hand and pulling them roughly above her head.

"No," he whispered rough-voiced into her ear. "I want you fully aware for this, my sweet River. I want to you feel every touch, kiss, taste, and fuck. I want you to experience my violation of you completely."

She gasped, sucking air into her starving lungs, but never lowered her chin and stared defiantly into his eyes. "You talk too much!" she said with an insolent grin and bit his lower lip hard enough to draw blood.

Startled only momentarily, Xaemyl reclaimed his battered lip and kissed her hard, forcing his tongue deep into her warm mouth, and running his hand down to her breast, pinching her already hard nipple roughly. Feeling her squirm under him in response broke the little control he still held over himself and Xaemyl growled harshly.

Xaemyl's control lost, he saw nothing but her delicate skin, tasted nothing but her sweet breath, felt nothing but her silky flesh hot on his, and heard nothing but a growling that he was surprised to realize came from his own throat.

He needed to be inside her--now! Needed to feel her, to consume her, to own her, to be owned by her. He bit hard on her lip, as the already damp tip of his throbbing cock slid into her trembling, dripping cunt.

"Yes, oh yes, Xaemyl..." he heard her groan as he thrust deeply into her clenching, snug wetness. As her body enveloped his, he could feel her muscles pulling him in deeper, welcoming his cock into her inner being, begging for his utter violation. He could not think, only feel, as he plunged deeply in and out, feeling her hips working with his, in perfect rhythm. Her voice, just little pants at first increased in tempo and volume as her pussy clenched harder and harder around his pounding member.

"Xaemyl, Xaemyl, Xaemyl...ohhhhhh, Xaemyl!" she screamed as her first orgasm rocked her body. Hearing her scream his name and feeling her already sopping pussy flood with her cum, Xaemyl was only minutely aware of her nails digging into his biceps as he redoubled his efforts. He knew that he could not withstand much more and would be unable to stave off his own orgasm as he felt her body start on her second.

When she started crying his name this time, he felt his massive balls tighten in response and his already huge cock enlarge inside of her, making his furious pounding of her already tight cunt difficult, intensifying the already overwhelming sensation. Nearly blind with his desire, he felt her tighten around him as his orgasm hit, them cumming in unison, her juices flowing around his fiercely pumping cock, shooting his colossal load deep into her womb. Her gripping pussy milked him of every last drop of cum, rocking him to the most incredible orgasm he'd ever experienced.

As he came back to reality, he realized there was something wet dripping from his bicep. In her passion, River had dug her nails in so deeply, she'd drawn blood. She seemed to realize this as he did, and looked into his eyes as she took two bloodstained fingers to her mouth, licking his blood from the tips. He kissed her deeply, tasting his blood on her tongue.

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