"I guess so"

"So where do we go from here?" she asked. "Bras off? Or pants?"

She smiled devilishly. "I don't know, what do you think?"

"Mmmmmm pants," I said.

"Okay, then," she said backing away from me a little bit. I put my hands on the button of her jeans and slowly undid it. Just as slowly, I slipped the zipper down, and I could see her black panties. She shimmied out of her jeans, and kicked them into the corner, then she went to work unbuttoning mine. My jeans were tighter, so it was a little bit more work to get them off, but eventually she succeded.

We stood there, at arms length, looking at each other. We came together again, and kissed. This time more intensely, more passionately than before. Real desire was building

in me, and the increasing rapidity of her breath told me the same was happening for her.

Before long, we were on the bed, lips locked together,

hands exploring each other. I had slipped a couple of fingers inside her panties, and was caressing her butt when she broke the kiss again and breathed in my ear, "Bras first or panties?"


I said, and without waiting for a cue, I reached back and undid mine, pulling it away from my breasts, and throwing it in the corner with the rest of my clothes.

By now, hers was off, and we held each other close, tongues intertwined, hands all over each other. I pulled on her nipples, and she pinched mine. Before long she was suckling me, and the feeling of her lips and tongue on my nipples was unbelieveable. Much more tender and caring than Miles had ever been. I tried to give her the same as she was giving me, and I hoped she was enjoying it as much as I was.

Soon, I was on top of her, and we were kissing, suckling on each other, grinding our pussies against each other. I humped her, pushing myself against her, driving into her.

"If I was a boy," I said, pushing my crotch into hers, "I'd fuck you like you've never been fucked before."

"You are," she whispered breathily with eyes closed. "Don't stop."

I came close to orgasm like that, pushing against her, and I'm pretty sure she did.

Then she pulled me close to her and without asking, pulled my panties off my hips. I helped her take them off, and then helped her off with hers.

Her fingers explored my sex, while I caressed hers.

"I've always wanted to try this," she said. She maneuvered us into a scissor position, and we started grinding against each other. The position was awkward, but it felt amazing. Watching her breasts bouncing up and down, watching the look on her face, the half-lidded eyes, the open mouth, the sweat on her forehead and chest. The wonderful feeling of our pussies pushing against each other. It was nothing less than heaven. Xanadu, you might call it.

Before long, Kate was on her back, and I was spreading her legs apart. She looked at me longingly, and I tried to decide how to proceed. I'd never gone down on a woman, and I could see why Miles was confused and reluctant to go down on me. Where do you start?

Kate noticed my hesitation. "Start with my legs," she said, and I did, licking the inside of her thighs, up and down. She talked me through it, telling me exactly what she wanted when she wanted it. When I was finally face deep in her crotch, she writhed and moaned with pleasure while I licked and stroked. I ventured a couple fingers inside her while she pinched her nipples and I nibbled on her clit. When she came, her body clenched, and she hungrily pulled my face to hers. Our breaths mingled as she writhed in ecstasy, working on herself with her fingers to finish herself off.

When she finally relaxed, she rolled me over and went down on me. Using the same technique she had, I guided her around, and thus recieved the best oral sex I had ever had in my life. It wasn't just that she was a woman and knew the places a woman liked to be touched, it was that she was listening to me, and I knew exactly what I liked. Miles never did this, even on the few times he ever went down on me. It was like a chore for him. Something he did out of obligation, because he liked the oral I'd always given him.

I came just as hard as Kate had, and I nearly squeezed her head off when my legs automatically clamped together.

We lay together, entwined in each other, catching our breath. At some point we fell asleep, naked and clutched together. I awoke when I heard the toilet flush, and noticed that it was four a.m. The D&D games were long, but they rarely went past dawn, so I woke Kate up and told her that it might be time to get dressed.

We helped each other into our clothes, then fell back to sleep on the bed. Before long, Dave was knocking on the door, and we struggled out of bed, pretending we'd been asleep the whole night. The guys all went their separate ways and I hugged Kate good night, and whispered a quick, "thanks," in her ear before Miles tugged me away. She made a quick, "I'll call you" gesture with her thumb and pinky, and then I was back in the car, and headed back home.

Miles was too tired for sex that night, and I was too satisfied to want to give him any.

It was a long wait until next week's D&D session.

The End

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