tagFetishXanadu Stories Ch. 02

Xanadu Stories Ch. 02


"In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure-dome decree :
Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
Through caverns measureless to man
Down to a sunless sea."

- Samuel Taylor Coleridge


The Xanadu may not be the 'Stately Pleasure Dome' of Kubla Khan's poetic decree but it is probably the best members-only sex club in the world. It is dedicated to the erotic pleasure of its clientele who are universally rich, often beautiful and who share a taste for the erotic and the sexually adventurous. This is what brings them through the discrete doors of a building in one of Central London's most up-market areas and into the well appointed surroundings in which the club has its home.

The staff of the Xanadu, both male and female, are recruited for their combination of youth, good looks, discretion, customer service and sexual prowess. They are the best of the best. The club eschews the dangerous and the illegal but within those boundaries fosters the free expression of the sexual urge, in all its many and varied forms.

These are the stories from the Xanadu...


Author's Note

This is the second of three chapters that recount the same event from the perspective of each of the three protagonists. In the first Chapter (see Xanadu Stories Ch.01) Kate tells her story. In this chapter Peter gives his version of events. The Author humbly suggests that her readers will enjoy this chapter all the more for reading Chapter One first.


Peter's Story

Hi, my name is Peter, not my real name of course. Like many staff members at the Xanadu I work under an alias, I became Peter when I started out here almost two years ago. This is a great club; well run, exceptionally discrete and with a young, well-heeled clientele. My job is pretty straightforward. Put in a nutshell, I simply have to make absolutely sure that our members have a good time when they come here. And when I say "A Good Time" I mean that in the fullest sense of the words. The club is members-only and it's not cheap by any means but, despite the high price, we have several hundred members. I make it my business to know the names of as many as possible and although I can't claim to know everyone I reckon I know more three quarters of the members by name. I tend to know more rather more about the lady members than I do about the men – but I am a full-blooded twenty-eight year old heterosexual male so I suppose it's to be expected.

Our Halloween parties are always something special. The erotic element of the gothic is emphasised, as you might expect, and people really go to town on their outfits. We spend a lot of time and money getting the club looking fabulous – it's one of the highlights of our year and is very well attended. I don't know who came up with the idea of the coffins; whoever it was, I wish I had their imagination.

The anonymous erotic encounter is a recurring theme of the Xanadu but the coffins raised this idea to new heights of sophistication. The basic idea is that one guest is sealed inside a purpose-built coffin which allows other people access to them through a specially arranged slot in the lid. The person on the outside knows nothing about the person on the inside, apart from what they feel with their hands. The person on the inside likewise is only able to interact through the sense of touch. The coffins are specifically designed to neutralise the other senses as far as possible. Of course, the "coffin" is perfect for the Halloween theme as well.

We had been working on the idea of these things for months before the party and I have to tell you they were really something. The club had two of them specially made – one for men and one for women and they were both fabulous to look at. Made from a highly polished wood with all the brass bits and pieces, they were internally padded, air-conditioned and lined with a removable silk lining which we could replace between guests. They were actually quite a bit larger than a real coffin would be, after all they were intended to house people who were very much alive, as you will see. I suppose the bondage cuffs at ankles, knees and wrists would tend to be of little interest to the normal occupants of a coffin but our members, we thought, would appreciate them. God only knows how much these things cost to make but, however much it was, they were worth every penny.

On the night of the party we had one coffin on each side of the main entrance to the club. They were surrounded by curtains so that we could be discrete about getting people in and out – the element of anonymity is a key part of the experience and we were going to encourage our guests to be at least partially naked in the coffin. Knowing our members, we were also fairly certain that even if a guest went in clothed they were unlikely to emerge in the same state. It's that sot of club!

My main job for the night was to look after the ladies coffin. Judy, on the other side of the door, was in charge of the men. By the time I saw Kate walking through the door a couple of members had already tried out my coffin – neither of them for very long. The first guest was not someone I knew. She kept most of her clothes on and did not want to be tied. She lasted about twenty minutes. Judging by her state of undress when she came out most of the people who came-by must have been having fun trying to remove her witch costume. She seemed to have enjoyed herself; at least she had a smile on her face when I released her. The second guest also didn't fancy being tied down but I did manage to convince her to go more-or-less naked into the box. She didn't stay very long though, not more than about 10 minutes and I wasn't sure that she really enjoyed the experience. I had only just finished replacing the lining and getting the coffin ready for the next person when Kate walked through the door.

Kate is one of my favourites among the club members. She's been coming to the club for longer than I've worked here and she has a lot going for her. She's young, very good looking and knows what she wants. She is also one of the few women who will come to the club on her own. Although most times Kate turns up as part of a group or with a man, she seems quite happy to come alone. I have watched her over the months, it's my job, of course. Kate is careful about what she does and who she does it with and, believe me, I could not say the same about all our members. On that night she was alone and she saw me as soon as she walked through the door. From her smile she seemed pleased to see me. "Perfect timing ," was what I thought. If anyone was going to enjoy the coffin it would be Kate. I smiled back and walked over to greet her, planning my 'sales campaign' as I went.

Kate looked stunning. She was wearing a long black cloak, which hung almost to the ground, over a laced up silk corset; her legs were covered by sheer, black stockings and the whole ensemble was finished-off with black patent high-heeled shoes. Her hair was loose and fell to her shoulders in a cascade of pale gold. She looked fabulous and I set myself the goal to get her into coffin, naked and bound if possible. I would be lying to you if I said that I wasn't keen on the idea of helping Kate out of those clothes and strapping her into the coffin, even if I would not be the one whose hands explored the hidden secrets of that lovely body.

Kate obviously noticed the coffins as she came through the door; it was pretty hard to miss them given their sumptuous proportions and prominent position and, after a bit of the usual small-talk, I pointed out the ladies casket to Kate and asked her whether she wanted to give it a try. She was clearly curious, but also a little hesitant at first. Under my gentle coaxing though she agreed to come over and, at least, take a look.

As we approached the ladies coffin I began my seduction in earnest. I showed Kate the inside of the coffin with its beautiful silk lining which concealed contoured padding – shaped to offer both comfort and to align her body for maximum erotic effect. I showed her how the lid worked, how it concealed her from sight but enabled touch. I told her how her sense of touch would be enhanced when her other senses were disabled. I showed her the bondage cuffs, how they were designed to gently offer her up, to reduce her ability to control and thereby increase the intensity of her pleasure. I also made sure that she knew that she would be safe and that I would be in charge on the outside to make sure she was OK. I was at pains to point out the cleanliness and hygiene factors, the replaceable linings, air conditioning and so on. As we talked I could see that Kate was interested and a little excited. I tried hard to paint a word-picture of the erotic experience and as I talked and watched Kate's reaction I knew that she would go for it; but would she go the whole way? Despite my best efforts, I wasn't sure.

My imagination was also working overtime by this stage. Describing in graphic terms to a beautiful, sexy, woman what could happen to their body at the hands of stranger while lying naked and tied-down was intensely arousing and it must have been pretty obvious to Kate that I was not an entirely dispassionate observer.

After completing my guided tour of the features and delights of the coffin I was silent, waiting to see what Kate would do. As she was mulling it over, one of the other hosts came towards us with a silver tray of champagne glasses, sparkling beneath the lights and invitingly full. I beckoned discretely to him and, bless-him, he came over immediately and proffered Kate a glass. She took it and raised it to her lips. I read the speculation in her eyes as she looked at me. She took a long sip of the ice-cold liquid and obviously reached her decision. "I'll do it, " she said. "Naked and tied."

My heart leaped with pleasure and excitement. I was going to make this a night to remember for Kate. I was going to make damn sure that by the time she was secured in the coffin she was fully aroused and ready for anything that might happen.

Before Kate could completely finish her glass I stepped around her and drew the rich drapes that would give us the privacy I needed to prepare her and install her in the coffin.

Out of courtesy I offered to help Kate undress but it was strictly a rhetorical question and I didn't give her time to reply before unhooking the gold clasp that held the cloak at her throat. I let the cloak slowly and deliberately slide over her shoulders and down across her breasts – allowing the heavy material to flow over her thighs and buttocks as I drew the cloak away from her body. She gave a small shiver – not cold I think - anticipation maybe.

Turning towards me as I placed her cloak on a chair, she stood expectantly, arms by her side, lips slightly parted. She took another sip of the champagne. Her black silk bodice was laced at the front; the material, not quite meeting in the centre, revealed a tantalising glimpse of the deep shadow between her breasts. Holding her gaze, I slowly untied the small bow that held the lace in place just above her cleavage, and slowly, slowly, began to unthread it gently easing the bodice apart. I took my time, unashamedly teasing her, allowing the backs of my fingers to brush her skin as I gradually exposed her breasts and the gentle curve of her belly. As the bodice became looser I made certain the smooth material brushed subtly against her breasts and nipples. Nothing too overt, you understand, I wanted to keep her guessing. It worked too. As I reached the last loop of lace and finally spread apart the two halves of her bodice she gave a small gasp of pleasure. Her nipples jutted forward, hard with desire. She was panting slightly and a little flushed as I slipped the top off, sliding my hands over her shoulders and running them down her back.

Kate has a really good body. She is slim and toned with well shaped breasts and small upturned nipples, now hard from my attentions. He skin glowed with health and she clearly took good care of herself. She stood before me now dressed only in her sheer, black, panties stockings and heels. I wasted no more time. Kneeling in front of her, with Kate looking down at me, I slipped both hands into the waistband of her panties and slowly drew them down her legs, revealing a neat triangle of golden hair and the moist lips of her pussy. I took a long deep breath, inhaling the wonderful musky scent of her. At that moment I wanted nothing more than to bury my tongue in that beautiful, pussy and simply lose myself in her but I am, after all, a professional so I resisted the temptation and concentrated on removing the rest of her clothes in as stimulating a manner as possible.

Still kneeling I lifted her left foot and rested it on my thigh while I unbuckled the shoe – slipping it off and replacing her foot on my thigh. Slipping my fingers into the top of her stocking 'accidentally' allowing the back of my hand to brush the outer lips of her pussy as I did so. My reward was another whisper of pleasure and I carefully slid the stocking down her leg and over her foot my hands caressing the smooth skin of her thighs amd calves as

I did so. Laying the stocking to one side – I massaged her toes and the sole of her foot briefly before repeating the performance with the other leg.

Kate was now totally naked and clearly aroused, her skin flushed, her eyes slightly moist, her breasts taut with their hardened nipples standing proud. I stood up and looked her steadily in the eyes. I made some complimentary remarks, all true, and led Kate over to where the open coffin stood, opulent and impressive on its waist-high stand.

This was the moment I had been waiting for. I had not told Kate about the mechanism that allowed me to raise and lower the coffin and, judging by the look of surprise on her face as I reached under the stand and pressed the button that lowered it soundlessly to the floor, she had not, so far, given much thought to the problem of how she was to get into a coffin on a waist high stand.

She looked at me and smiled as she stepped in to the coffin which was now at floor level. Carefully, and in a very ladylike manner, Kate lay down on her back in the plush surroundings of the coffin and I raised it to a comfortable height.

There she was, a beautiful naked woman, looking up at me, excited, aroused, but a little apprehensive. I checked to make sure she was alright before beginning the task of tying her. She was. I began with her wrists. The wrist cuffs were positioned to hold her arms slightly away from her body with the arms more or less straight. They were set towards the bottom of the coffin which had the effect of stretching the skin over her breasts and flattening her stomach. I started with the left wrist, wrapping it in the padded cuff. Not too tight but without any chance of escape. Velcro is a wonderful invention, what would we do without it? Moving round the coffin I gave Kate the panic button and made sure she knew how to use it before fastening the second wrist cuff.

Having made sure that her wrists were secure, I moved down to the knee bonds. These are designed to hold the legs just above the knees. They are fastened to the sides of the coffin so as to hold her legs apart – not so wide as to be uncomfortable but wide enough to allow free access to her inner thighs and the delights of her pussy. Placing my hand under her right knee – I eased her legs apart and secured the cuff. After repeating the performance with her left leg I allowed by eyes to roam over her body, feasting on the sight of her nakedness. She was already securely tied, the ale pink lips of her inner labia peeping out from the moist slit between her legs. I moved down to her feet. The last two bonds were designed to go round the ankles, fastening her feet to the sides of the coffin, spreading her legs slightly wider apart. Lifting each foot in turn I fastened the cuff around her ankles, completing the bondage process. Now she was ready, comfortable but arrayed for maximum pleasure.

I lingered before closing the lid, watching the rise and fall of her breasts as she breathed deeply. I desperately wanted it to be my fingers that parted those soft, moist lips to find the pleasure bud beneath. I imagined the warm softness of her as my fingers opened her up to pleasure. I sighed. Tonight it would be another's privilege. With a final check that she was happy, I closed the coffin lid and took a deep breath in a vain attempt to quell my unexpected desire.

It took me several minutes to cool down but, recovering myself, I determined to be as good as my word and, parting the curtains, I set out to find someone who would give Kate a night to remember. Tonight I would have to content myself with my imagination as another's hands explored the hidden secrets of the woman whose body I had prepared so carefully for their touch.

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