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Xanthe Files XXX001


Authors Note: This series of short stories are intended to be episodic and thus can be read alone. Any feedback, criticisms or improvements are always welcome. The author also invites reader suggestions about what they would like to see Xanthe do next.

It had been an early morning start for Xanthe. She had a big case headed for court and her boss was riding her to get a satisfactory conclusion to the whole legal quagmire. As a junior in the firm she always dreamed of the day she could take charge of a major client’s case and be the star at the office when things worked out favorably.

Now Xanthe regretted that wish, she had been working overtime every night, giving up her weekends and watching as her boss plucked other staff members from her team and left her undermanned and overworked.

The morning had been long and tedious as she talked with clients and the opposing party’s legal representatives. Her only assistant had called in sick for the day, meaning Xanthe had to run her own errands and file her own paperwork. It seemed like the pile of paper on her desk was getting bigger and bigger.

With all the stress and restlessness Xanthe found herself begging for some time off. Her boss in his infinite wisdom had denied the request, too many people had been taking time off recently and her work was too important to the firm. The one concession he did make was he would look into assigning someone new to her team to help her out.

It was getting late in the afternoon when Xanthe heard a brisk knock on the flimsy veneer and glass door which separated her from the rest of the office. She looked up to see her visitor swing the door open and step into the room. It was her boss Mr. Phillips, a bald portly man who never seemed to speak at a normal tone, instead preferring to get excited and yell. Xanthe saw someone standing behind him.

“Xanthe,” Mr. Phillips called in a stern voice, “I want you to meet Nicole. She will be helping you with the Anderson deal. I think you’ll find her most helpful.” Mr. Phillips turned and let Nicole step past him, and with a broad smile he stepped back out of the room.

“Thanks daddy,” the slightly blushing Nicole replied as her father squeezed past her. Xanthe took a moment to comprehend what she had just heard. Nicole was the boss’s daughter. Rumors had been rife through the office that grumpy Mr. Phillips had a daughter and that she was about to begin work at the firm.

“Hi I’m Xanthe, and I guess we’ll be working together fairly closely over the next couple of weeks.” Xanthe eyed Nicole as she stood patiently in her doorway. Nicole was tall, nearly six foot by Xanthe’s estimation, with a thin figure only partially masked by her business attire. She had shoulder length blonde hair worn up and pale skin, not unlike Xanthe’s. “If you want to put your things down in the corner and pull up a seat I can get you up to speed on what you’ll be doing for the next few days.”

Xanthe ran through all the details that Nicole needed to know and gave her a few menial paper jobs to get her feet wet. It was reaching the end of the day and they were still going strong in the office. Xanthe sat back in her empty office and watched as the last of her colleagues that shared the floor with her headed for the elevator, waving goodbye.

Nicole strolled back from the research department looking at the other dimly lit offices and stalls that surrounded Xanthe’s office. “Looks like we have the place to ourselves.”

“This floor at least, it’s a big building so you can bet there are some other poor souls who are working late,” Xanthe replied in a sarcastic cutting tone. She was getting really tired of the long days and its affect on her ability to think straight. It was during one of her more lucid moments that she realized who she was talking to. “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to imply that you’re … or …”

Nicole knew precisely what Xanthe was flustered about. She knew it would be a little difficult to make friends because of her father. He was an overbearing and demanding man who did force his employees to work ridiculously hard. All those things meant that her new colleagues would probably walk on egg shells around her, thinking she reported straight to him.

“No, don’t worry about me. I know how much of an asshole my father can be,” Nicole said with a grin. “He does work people too hard around here, but you have nothing to fear from me.”

Xanthe eyed her for a moment, she seemed very genuine and maybe the rumors about her weren’t true. Nicole was a very attractive young woman, a little gawky in conversation, she giggled nervously around Xanthe which annoyed the fiery red head to a degree. But it was her little imperfections, like her constant stumbling in conversations and her giggling fits which intrigued Xanthe.

“So you’re not attached to your dad’s hip like everyone around the office has been saying.” Xanthe relaxed back into her soft executive chair. She gazed at Nicole’s pale complexion. She had a narrow face, high cheekbones and very straight distinguished nose. That was where Nicole’s contradictory character started; she looked very mature and sophisticated, yet had a nervous youthful personality which didn’t quite match her outward appearance.

“No,” replied an amused Nicole, “is that what they are saying about me? That I’m the second coming of my father?”

“Well not entirely,” laughed Xanthe with a wink of her eye, she led Nicole on. “So how about we get out of this stuffy office and go do something that requires a little less brain work?”

“Sounds good, and I promise I won’t tell my dad you were slacking off.” Both girls laughed at the little joke as Xanthe gathered some papers that needed to be copied and filed downstairs.

Both woman left the office and walked through the rows of stalls to get to the elevators. The entire floor was uninhabited, something Xanthe also found strangely exhilarating. Nicole hit the door button and within seconds the doors opened to present an empty elevator.

As Nicole stepped in Xanthe gave her a full body assessment, from her elegant high heeled boots to her tight fitting, yet conservative business skirt and matching chocolate brown jacket, Nicole certainly knew how to dress to impress. She turned around and looked back at Xanthe who was caught momentarily appraising her figure. With a little chagrin Xanthe stepped into the mirrored elevator hoping Nicole hadn’t figured out what she was doing.

A small text message ran across the LCD display at the controls, warning staff members that the elevators were undergoing routine service and would be operating slower than normal. “Passengers should not be alarmed,” read Nicole turning to smirk at Xanthe.

Xanthe found the tall blonde very attractive, she was the total opposite to the shorter more petite Xanthe and it was something about that which led her mind astray. Maybe it was the gradual release of stress that the evening always brought, or her immense fatigue, but Xanthe’s mind wandered onto more intimate thoughts, and they involved the woman standing right beside her.

The elevator felt like it was slowly inching its way down the shaft and Xanthe’s mind latched on to her knew mental stimulus. She looked around the elevator interior noticing Nicole’s thin figure from a number of different angles. She had a firm tight rear, only a small chest, but sleek toned legs which were magnified by the glove tight fit of her knee high boots.

“So what do you like to get up to?” Xanthe asked trying to make conversation.

“The regular things, work, going out, drinking, partying. Yourself?” came Nicole’s quick reply.

“Much the same, but more of the work and less of the partying.”

“Yeah, maybe we should hook up some time and hit the city clubs.” Nicole’s response was a little surprising to Xanthe. She was still trying to distinguish the young and sexy blonde woman from the boss’s daughter. “Are you in a relationship?”

Xanthe glared at Nicole for a moment, she wasn’t one to hold back on the personal questions. “Me, no, I have my fun in other ways …”

Nicole was a little taken aback, not quite sure what Xanthe was implying by the cryptic response. “Well I’m still looking for Mr. Right, but I don’t mind Mr. Right Now on occasion either.”

Nicole’s cheeky grin and laugh was infectious and Xanthe cracked up. The elevator door opened suddenly causing both girls to quell their laughter and check the immediate vicinity for any other office staff.

There was nobody else present as the two girls left the elevator and headed for the coffee room opposite. All the floor lights were still on, meaning that there was a good chance other people were still slaving away with overtime. Xanthe strolled into the coffee room and could see the last wisps of steam waft from the expresso machine.

“Hey you want a coffee?” Xanthe asked making small talk. Nicole nodded her head and turned to look at a few magazines strewn across the table. Xanthe again caught a glimpse of Nicole’s finely tuned physique. She possessed a certain graceful pose for someone so young. Xanthe knew she was getting turned on by her new companion.

“So when you said you had your fun in other ways, what did you mean?” the question was probing but Nicole added a barely perceptible smile to it. She tossed away another gossip magazine and leaned back onto the edge of the table.

“Aren’t we into asking personal questions,” giggled Xanthe. She took a deep breath and gazed into Nicole’s eyes. “Well I like to have my fun in other more fleeting circumstances … and I’m not necessarily looking for Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now.”

Nicole’s eyes widened as she looked directly back at Xanthe, Xanthe remained stoic. “You mean you’re not necessarily looking for a mister, you’re quite happy with a …”

Xanthe winked and put on her best cheeky grin, letting her right leg slide up her left. “Yeah I’m quite happy going with other women. I suppose that might shock the boss’s daughter?”

If Nicole was shocked she didn’t show it, Xanthe thought it might have been a quirk of her personality, but then a broad smile spread across Nicole’s face. She wasn’t surprised by the little revelation, in fact she seemed quite open to it. Nicole’s warm reception only stirred Xanthe’s sexual appetite a little more. She could feel herself getting damp as she slip her leg provocatively down her side letting it rest lightly on the floor.

“What about you?” Xanthe insisted. Nicole didn’t blink she just smiled.

“I’ve tried it once of twice when I was in college and I can say that it was pretty amazing.” Nicole and Xanthe remained locked in their intent stare, neither noticing that the coffee machine behind Xanthe was screeching to a halt, two steaming cups of coffee waiting to be collected.

“Really, you’ve got my attention now. What happened?”

Nicole’s gaze broke from Xanthe and looked beyond her at the coffee machine. “I think the coffee is done.” Xanthe turned and looked at the coffee, kicking herself inside, that she had asked such a bold and invasive question. She remembered back to her first lesbian experience, and being told that most women were open to the suggestion, it’s just that few were bold enough to follow through with it.

Nicole stepped over to the machine and took the Styrofoam cup from Xanthe’s hand, their skin making the faintest of touches, but one which electrified Xanthe. Nicole appeared tentative as she looked out of the glass windows into the surrounding office space, both women sipping on their hot coffees and trying to find a way to break the silence.

Nothing was becoming apparent to Xanthe. She knew that she was turned on by Nicole, and that the gorgeous blonde was a least amenable to her desires. But she had no idea how to approach the idea without scaring her away.

“Well we better get over to the copier room,” suggested Xanthe as she plucked up the pile of documents she had brought with her. Nicole nodded along and finished the last of her drink throwing the cup into the garbage and letting the shorter Xanthe past her and out the door. Xanthe slowed up as she walked down the hall letting an apprehensive Nicole catch up to her and walk beside her.

Both women turned into the open copying room, all the machines gently humming and the lights shining brightly. Xanthe put her papers down on the table next to a bank of photocopiers. Nicole slid over to the opposite side of the sparsely decorated room, standing next to an emaciated looking pot plant.

Nicole remained reserved as Xanthe tried to elicit a response from her, cursing as she tried to pry apart a pair of sheets. Xanthe looked up at Nicole, frustrated with the papers in question. Nicole walked over and gently took the papers out Xanthe’s hands. Again Xanthe felt the warm soft skin of Nicole’s hand, noticing her well manicured nails and the hint of a sparkling gold bracelet adorning her wrist.

“I … I’ll handle those for you,” said Nicole in a hushed tone. Xanthe watched her colleague quickly flick through the papers and then offer them back to her. That wasn’t what interested Xanthe. It was Nicole’s inviting eyes and her eased demeanor. A vision of her lips melding with Nicole’s flashed through Xanthe’s mind, a familiar tingling coming to her senses.

Both women remained frozen in time, their surroundings silent and undisturbed. With a low seductive tone Xanthe’s pouted, “I’m sorry if I crossed the line before, I shouldn’t have been so presumptuous.”

Xanthe knew at that very moment she could have said anything, it was obvious that Nicole was thinking the same thing, both women waiting for the other to make the first move.

Nicole remained absolutely still, her eyes deep and ponderous, yet her features beckoned Xanthe to step forward. Xanthe gracefully stepped across the space that separated them, stopping inches away from Nicole who tilted her head down from her greater height.

The shorter Xanthe arched her feet and elevated herself to Nicole’s luscious lips. It was nothing more than a short sharp peck on her lips, neither woman breaking eye contact just searching each other out. Xanthe felt the soft brush of Nicole’s cautious hand as it made contact with the cuff of her business jacket. Nicole’s hands were slightly trembling, yet her face remained totally impassive.

A second more drawn out kiss caused each woman to carefully reach around each other, looking for the right embrace, but neither committing to a course of action. Xanthe could feel a warm glow spreading across her body, her nipples hardening and rubbing against the lace of her bra. She squeezed her thighs together in an effort to quell her desires.

It was obvious Nicole could sense Xanthe’s excitement, her eyes darting down Xanthe’s body and noticing her attempts at self control. A wry smile etched its way across her face. Xanthe watched as Nicole did likewise and firmly squeezed her legs together, and it was with that display that Xanthe’s hand found Nicole’s tight ass.

She gently cupped Nicole’s rear in one hand as her other darted up the small of her back, both women’s bodies pressing firmly against each other for the first time. A passionate kiss ensued as their tongues met, a long drawn out lip lock leading to their adventurous hands searching out each others contours.

Nicole exhaled loudly as Xanthe’s warm lips slid down her neck and her warm breath blew under her collar and over her chest. Xanthe delicately nibbled on Nicole’s perfumed skin drawing a faint sigh and murmur. Her hands glided over Nicole’s business skirt, down its seams and over the slightest touch of skin.

Xanthe’s fingers wrapped around the hem of Nicole’s skirt and inched it up slightly, her nails encountering the supple skin of Nicole’s thighs. Nicole responded by firmly grabbing the fabric on the back Xanthe’s business jacket, her fingers digging in like claws and causing Xanthe to stop momentarily. An unyielding gaze greeted Xanthe’s concerns. Nicole was getting into the mood.

With Nicole’s soft tugging on her jacket Xanthe pulled Nicole’s skirt further up her silky legs. Xanthe led her lips down over the Nicole’s now open collar, kissing the base of her throat and breathing down her chest, again Nicole sighed. With a firm touch Xanthe’s hand pushed up over Nicole’s stomach and over her pert breasts, scrunching up her once immaculate business dress.

“What are you doing?” posed Nicole as she looked down at Xanthe, her face buried inside Nicole’s jacket. Xanthe gave Nicole’s skirt a heave and pulled one side of the garment up over her hip exposing her crotch to the cool air of the copier room.

Xanthe pulled her head away from her groping and looked into Nicole’s eyes. She gave her a brief but passionate kiss. “What do you think I’m doing?” Xanthe said it with a certain firmness which made her seem all the more seductive.

Nicole watched as Xanthe sunk to her knees in front of her, reluctantly releasing her grip on Xanthe’s back. With another firm tug Xanthe had hitched Nicole’s chocolate brown skirt up over her hips, her covered mound sitting tantalizingly close to Xanthe’s sensuous lips.

Nicole watched as Xanthe cheekily licked her lips in a slow and purposeful display. “Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“I think this is a very good idea,” was all Xanthe said in reply. “Besides, nobody is around.”

Xanthe brought her right hand to her mouth and softly parted her lips with the tip of her index finger. She sucked on it gently, and then let her tongue roll out down her finger, coating it in a glaze of saliva. She followed the suggestive exhibition by licking the length of her middle finger and the tip of her thumb. The faint sucking noises were alluring to Nicole’s hungry desires.

Nicole shivered as she felt Xanthe’s slick fingers dance across the inside of her thighs and then brush the edges of her thong. With a slight nip Xanthe had slid her underwear to the side, letting Nicole’s puffy folds fall free of their imprisonment. She took a deep breath as the offending fingers flicked over her wet pussy lips, teasing and pleasing her pent up sexual needs.

Xanthe deftly rubbed the length of Nicole’s hot pussy while giving her a slight nudge to open her legs a little further. Xanthe could feel Nicole’s spongy flesh sit provocatively in the palm of her hand.

“Give it to me,” purred Nicole. Keen not to disappoint Xanthe obliged by prying apart Nicole’s wetness and sliding both fingers deep into her. Nicole quivered as the fingers searched her out, before coming to rest. “Yeah just like that …”

The tall blonde couldn’t manage much more as Xanthe planted a firm kiss on her lips and let their tongues intermingle. With a gradual motion Xanthe let her fingers pump in and out of Nicole’s pussy her thumb roughly tweaking Nicole’s clit bringing a whimper and cry of ecstasy.

Xanthe’s thrashing reached a crescendo, Nicole settling down on her weak knees as Xanthe’s thrusting drove further and further into Nicole’s dripping pussy. With another brief yelp Nicole grasped Xanthe’s wrist and withdrew her fingers from her crotch, much to Xanthe’s chagrin. Nicole caught her breath, her heart beating rapidly as she looked at Xanthe kneeling before her.

She could feel Xanthe’s fingertips lead up her thighs, crossing the flimsy strings which kept her tiny thong in place. Xanthe twirled her index fingers around each string and eased them down as she lifted herself off the floor and up against her body. Nicole shuddered as her damp thong fell limply around her knees and then dropped to her feet.

“Move back here,” whispered Xanthe as she got to her feet, guiding Nicole by her hips back onto the photocopier. Nicole leaned back over the machine as Xanthe ran her fingers down the back of her thighs and gave her a nudge, Nicole’s rear creeping over the copier’s lid and resting on the edge of the machine.

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