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Xanthe Files XXX004


Authors Note: This series of short stories are intended to be episodic and thus can be read alone. Any feedback, criticisms or improvements are always welcome. The author also invites reader suggestions about what they would like to see Xanthe do next.

It had been a long tiring day at the office and Xanthe’s mind had wandered to her plans for the weekend. She was strolling through the city on her evening trip to the subway for her journey home when she saw it. She stopped in her tracks to take a second look which only confirmed her first impression.

A bright neon sign with a flickering leg moving back and forth in a kicking motion had caught her eye. She tried hard to read the accompanying letters, but from a distance of nearly a block and a half it was unsurprising that she could not make them out. However, two words did stand out to her, ‘sex shop.’

Xanthe had not been to a sex shop in a long time, instead preferring the convenience of ordering her toys and supplies over the internet. It was with that thought that she broke away from her daily routine and headed in the opposite direction, ducking through traffic as she headed towards the dilapidated neon sign.

When she arrived she was greeted by a dark dirty looking exterior. The shop was squeezed between an alternative music store populated by grossly over pierced teenagers and a struggling Persian rug store. The decrepit building they shared looked out of place amongst the tall sleek high rise offices.

Xanthe looked up and down the street in a cautious manner. It wasn’t that she was embarrassed about being seen in front of a sex shop or being seen walking into one, more a consideration to her employer who implored his staff members to lead respectable lives, less it hurt business.

All the store windows were blacked out or painted over in advertising and the doorway which snaked back around in an L-shape was poorly lit. Still Xanthe could not bring herself to leave, she felt slightly excited about her little unexpected discovery.

Despite being downtown and close to the central business district, the shop was completely empty. Xanthe shrugged off the lack of customers, it was a weekday after all, and most people were busy rushing home on the subway, not thinking about dildos, vibrators, studded leather or whips.

The interior of the shop was reasonably well set out, large shelves all around the walls and five foot displays forming aisles throughout the single showroom. Xanthe noticed a woman at the back of the store, leaning on a counter disinterested with her customer’s presence and stoically reading what looked a magazine. Xanthe began to look through the nearest aisle noticing a huge selection of pornographic magazines and videos. She had enough of those at home, what she wanted were some new toys.

As Xanthe approached the end of the aisle she came within earshot of the store keeper who remained totally unmoved. Xanthe looked up to offer her a courteous greeting, but the woman just remained impassive offering no acknowledgement to her customer.

Xanthe turned up the next aisle and stopped to look through some racks of kinky lingerie, all the time eyeing the woman at the counter. She would have been in her mid-thirties at the most, maybe early thirties. From what Xanthe could see she had a reasonable figure, not petite by any stretch of the imagination, but not particularly plump either. Her bust hung alluringly as she leaned on the counter.

Xanthe knew that she was eyeing the woman in a provocative way. It was almost an instinctual thing with her. She could feel her interest begin to peek, already excited about her little discovery, now looking at a range of sex aids, and the fact that she was alone with the shop keeper. Xanthe retrieved a sexy looking black PVC cat-suit with its breasts, rear and crotch cut out. She flicked over the price tag and was shocked by its cost.

The woman behind the counter looked up at Xanthe as she held the cat-suit aloft, trying to maximize the poor lighting. “There are change rooms just over there in the corner,” announced the shop keeper pointing down along the back wall from the counter. “I also have to remind you to leave your underwear on when you are trying on any of the items,” said the disinterested woman before pausing, “for hygiene reasons.”

Xanthe smiled back at her and gave her a cursory nod as she continued to walk back up the aisle, carrying the PVC cat-suit. While she put on a friendly façade Xanthe was unimpressed with the woman’s rudeness and lack of professionalism. The way she had told her to keep her underwear on sounded like a mother scolding an insolent child.

Xanthe finally arrived at the final aisle along the far wall, thus far finding only the cat-suit and some flavored lubricant that she really wanted. That was until she saw what adorned the shelves before her. Her eyes widened as she took in all the dildos and vibrators of every color, shape and size imaginable. It was an impressive selection which Xanthe began to rummage through the different racks examining every toy she could lay her hands on.

There were so many sex toys to choose from that Xanthe had become detached from the outside world, frantically digging through the piles. She noticed a shadow cast itself across the box she was trying to read, she snapped to attention and looked towards its source.

The shop keeper had left her station behind the counter and decided to show some belated interest in her one and only customer. Or so Xanthe thought as she turned to face the woman who stood ominously next to her.

“You can’t take those into the change rooms,” said the woman pointing to the boxed vibrator Xanthe held. “Hygiene reasons you see.” Again the woman displayed no interest or friendliness in her delivery. It was almost like she wanted Xanthe to leave. Xanthe placed the vibrator back on the shelf and motioned towards the woman that she would like to try on the cat-suit. The shop keeper reminded her again that she was to leave her underwear on when trying on the car-suit. She ushered Xanthe to the corner change room.

Xanthe closed the full length door and looked around her tight confines. It wasn’t a change room, but more a common stall the size of a cupboard with a mirror, a bench and a couple of hooks on the back of the door.

Xanthe examined the cat-suit, a real find. The cost concerned her but it was so sexy she knew she just had to have it. Inside she was still irritated about the way the woman had treated her, she could hear her castigating voice repeat itself in her mind as she treated her like an imbecile.

As if to goad Xanthe even further a cheap sign hanging lopsided on the back of the door conveyed management’s message about hygiene and the use of products in the change room. That was it thought Xanthe, she could not stand that nagging voice in her head any longer and when she got mad she always felt strangely aroused. A dirty thought came to her mind as she hung up the cat-suit and slipped her heeled shoes off, kicking them under the bench.

Xanthe was wearing her usual power business suit with a skirt instead of pants. It was chocolate brown in color which brought out her soft brown eyes and short fiery red hair. The suit fit her petite frame like a glove making her feel sexy even when stuck in the office doing menial paper work for the boss.

It wasn’t strange for Xanthe to feel aroused in public. In fact she always found it stimulating to think about having sex or masturbating in public places, the more public the better. It was with that hint of desire and naughtiness that she got on her knees, placing her head on the carpeted floor and peered through the small crack of light under the door.

The store keeper was no where to be seen. Xanthe was afraid that she would be standing on the other side of the door checking up on her. Xanthe’s heart rate was racing and her pussy beginning to tingle as she reached under her knee length skirt and stripped off her little red thong. She could see that is was already wet and reeked of her juices.

Xanthe let her finger glance across her aroused sex, her folds engorged and begging to be played with. She shuddered as her touch hit a raw nerve and gave her a momentary taste of ecstasy. Her hands frantically grasped at the hem of her skirt pulling it up around her thighs to reveal her wet pussy in all its glory to the dress mirror before her.

Xanthe stared into the mirror as she gently probed her pussy, plying her soft flesh and begging for more. It was that urge that Xanthe which made her cast her mind back to the racks of sex toys which sat only feet away from her. How good would one of those feel right now she wondered. Xanthe withdrew her hand from her crotch and quickly straightened out her skirt, having realized her plan.

She inched open that change room door slowly and quietly. Xanthe stuck her peered out from the open door, scanning the shop for any other people. When she had walked in she noticed a number of opened demonstration toys sitting on the rear counter where the shop keeper had been leaning. It was only a short distance from the rack where she had found the PVC cat-suit, and presented her with the perfect excuse to sneak over. She planned to pick something off the rack on the pretence of wanting to try it on and as she scooted back to the change room she would try and grab one of the demonstrators.

It was an exhilarating sense of intrigue and sneakiness that Xanthe set off, she could feel her sexual yearning intensify. She casually walked over to the rack, in full view of the shop keeper who had returned to her place behind the counter. Xanthe saw a couple of toys at the front of the counter, in particular a dark colored rubber cock.

It was a matter of using her wits and improvising a reason to go to the counter and get close enough to the display to grab one of the toys. After some hurried searching through the clothes racks Xanthe grabbed a pair of kinky leather pants, not even bothering to check the size she walked over to the counter and placed them down in front of the shop keeper.

“You don’t have these in any other colors do you?” Xanthe asked in a relaxed voice. It crossed her mind that she hadn’t actually bothered to check the rack and might look foolish to the woman, but all she needed was a brief opportunity. Xanthe smiled as the woman looked back up at her, holding the black leather pants and reading off the label.

“I’m afraid not. We only have them in black,” replied the shop keeper. Xanthe was sure the woman couldn’t be bothered looking, rather than actually checking if any other colors existed.

“Oh okay then … I’ll just try on that other number and I’ll be back in a couple of minutes,” Xanthe confirmed with a gleam in her eye. Her charms appeared lost on the shop keeper. The woman pulled the pants behind the counter as Xanthe motioned to leave. While the woman had her backed turned Xanthe deftly swiped the dark colored dildo and a smaller vibrator standing next to it.

Xanthe quickly covered the ground back to the change room and shut the door behind her. Her heart was racing and the adrenalin pumped through her veins as she sat down on the small bench and looked at the two sex toys she held.

The first was a reasonable sized eight inch gold vibrator. She flicked it on at the base and was rewarded with a dull hum as it began to work. The slight tingle ran from her hand up her arm and excited her senses. The other toy was a twelve inch rubber dildo. It was translucent with a dark yellow-brownish color, much like that of cola. Xanthe stroked its floppy shaft in her hand as if it were a real dick getting even more worked up.

Xanthe stood up taking of her jacket and began to unbutton her blouse at a frantic pace. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor exposing her naked sex. With a swift snap her bra came undone and she pulled it from her shoulders. Xanthe took a moment to admire her petite body, her pert breasts aroused, her nipples erect, her puffy labia engorged and blossoming between her svelte thighs.

A slight shiver ran up her spine as she touched her skin intimately for the first time watching herself on the full length mirror. She could feel that familiar craving building deep within her as she turned and looked at the black PVC cat-suit which hung on the door.

With a cheeky grin she thought about the woman’s constant reminders about wearing underwear, something Xanthe had no intention of obeying. She brushed the cold PVC sending the fine hairs on the back of her neck erect. The cool material did nothing to dissuade Xanthe from her desire to get into the tight fitting garment.

Her fingers worked at the sticky zipper on the back, loosening it just enough for her to pry it open in preparation for her to step enter into it. She slowly guided her legs in and pulled the rest of the suit over her torso, the PVC cold at first before yielding to her warm body. Within seconds Xanthe had the cat-suit in place and turned to see it in the mirror.

She marveled at its almost elastic fit to her lean figure, her pert breasts emerging from the exposed chest, and her damp crotch still bare. She took in the soft caress that the PVC brought as she explored her own body. The suit was exquisite yet nasty, a contradiction which excited her. She felt so hot that she could wait no longer.

Xanthe picked up the golden vibrator bringing it to her hard nipple and flicking it with the toy’s icy cold head. The toy was set to a low rumble and sent pleasurable sensations through her erogenous zone. Xanthe tweaked her other nipple paying each of the hardened nubs equal attention. She could feel her crotch getting wetter and wetter as she drove herself towards elation.

Xanthe steadily lowered herself back onto the bench, her rear clinging to the edge. She leaned forward spreading her legs and teasing her pussy apart. She playfully ran her fingers through her trim pubic patch, still a novelty for a girl who had been a dedicated shaver.

The vibrator gradually slid down her stomach tingling through the thin PVC suit as it headed towards her open crotch. With her free hand Xanthe pried her folds apart, softly prodding as she pushed her covered hood to the surface. As the erect bud appeared she delicately captured it between her forefingers in preparation for the buzzing toy which approached.

Xanthe eased the vibrator’s rounded point over her swollen clit eliciting a stifled moan. She bit down on her lower lip remembering where she was and not wanting to alert the shop keeper. The vibrator again made contact and again Xanthe was forced to quell her desire to scream.

With a broad stroking motion the vibrator ran its shaft along Xanthe’s puffy labia, collecting her excess juices and becoming slick to touch. Xanthe watched in minute detail as her glistening juices spread and her swollen sex got hotter and hotter. Her folds were a brilliant pink engorged with blood and super sensitive, little by little spreading apart in their full glory.

The sight was intriguing and intoxicating as Xanthe worked herself up to the twelve inch dildo which sat next to her. With another brief shudder Xanthe reached across and retrieved the floppy toy. It was softer than she was used to but felt incredibly life like with a subtle weight to it.

With one hand still holding the vibrator to her wetness Xanthe desperately fidgeted with the tube of flavored lubricant. She roughly unscrewed the top and let it fall flaccidly to the ground as she squirted the lube over the head of the dildo which sat up on its base. Xanthe tossed the tube away and stroked the lubricant down the head of the cock and over its shaft.

Xanthe picked up the rubber cock without taking the vibrator off her hood. She brought the slick head to her entrance and let it rub up and down her moist skin. A deep sigh pursed her lips as the dildo’s head pushed its way past her pussy lips and began to fill her void.

Xanthe bit down on her lower lip as the cock came to a stop having penetrated as far as it would go. She looked down to see nothing more than the rubber base of the toy left protruding from her love canal, the vibrator still teasing and pleasing her sensitive clit.

“Oh yeah,” whispered Xanthe as she let the dildo slide in and out of her, slow at first and then gradually quickening. Xanthe could feel herself get into a good rhythm, the thrusting of the toy in sequence with her breathing and the jiggling of her hips as she reciprocated the movement by pushing her pelvis down against her hand.

The penetration and pumping of the cock was beginning to reach a crescendo, Xanthe desperately trying to remain in control of all her faculties. When suddenly the change room door burst open in front of a stunned Xanthe.

There standing in the open doorway was the female shop keeper. Xanthe stopped mid-thrust and looked up at the woman. She noticed for the first time the short skirt which hugged her curvaceous figure, her heavy breasts swaying softly under her tight low cut shirt.

“What are you doing?” asked the shop keeper incredulously. Xanthe eyed the small name tag pinned to her chest, “Sheila” it read.

“What does it look like?” replied Xanthe sarcastically. “I’m getting off!” Xanthe delivered the line with a bit of bite and edginess, almost angered by the intrusion. But it wasn’t in Xanthe’s character to get flustered often and she decided there was only one way of handling the situation.

“I thought I told you about our strict hygiene policy,” lectured Sheila in a stern voice. She watched as the PVC clad Xanthe got to her feet removing the two sex toys and stepped towards her. Sheila stepped back not knowing what to expect. “And where did you get those from?”

Xanthe tossed the toys on to the bench behind her and came eye to eye with Sheila. “How about you forget about this little incident, or I …” Xanthe said threateningly. The reply confused the shop keeper who did not know what to make of it.

“Or you will what?” challenged Sheila, her voice shaky as Xanthe stood face to face with her, glaring into her eyes.

“Or I won’t let you join me. And trust me you don’t want to miss out,” Xanthe’s bold statement hushed Sheila as try to contemplate what Xanthe was saying. Xanthe did not wait for the stunned shop keeper to figure it out for herself. She leaned forward and kissed her gently on the lips. Xanthe reached down by her sides and took the woman by the hands. “Shall we?”

Xanthe guided Sheila past her into the tight confines of the change room and shut the door behind her. The room was a tight fit with two people squeezed into it. Sheila was seated on the bench Xanthe standing in front of her.

“I’m not sure what you think you’re doing … but,” offered Sheila as she watched Xanthe bend over and lean into her, kissing her on the neck and softly nibbling on her flesh. Xanthe watched as the shop keeper shivered from her touch. Xanthe sucked on her ear lobe, breathing softly into her ear.

“You know exactly what I’m doing,” responded Xanthe as she sunk to her knees in front of the woman. “So why don’t you help me get these clothes off?”

Xanthe tugged at the tight mini-skirt Sheila was wearing. It scrunched up around her waist and revealed delicate black lace panties. Xanthe could just make out a thick bush of pubic hair under them as she felt for the seam of Sheila’s shirt.

Sheila was obviously excited by the sudden spontaneous turn of events and assisted Xanthe as she pulled her shirt up over her head and tossed it away. Xanthe licked her lips at the sight of Sheila’s sizeable bust, her swollen nipples jutting out against the fabric of her matching black lace bra.

With a calculated move Xanthe reached around Sheila’s back and unhooked her bra, letting her heavy breasts fall free. Xanthe admired them as she fondled and played with Sheila’s hard nipples, her tender areolas bringing a sigh of release.

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