tagGroup SexXaxac Brigadon & Knights of Order Ch. 04

Xaxac Brigadon & Knights of Order Ch. 04


My eye was burning, but they still had my arms pinned so there was nothing I could do about it but try and keep it closed. I really didn't like the tone in the guy's voice- the way that he had called me 'pretty' didn't sound like a compliment, and it confused me. I looked to my master; he was sitting on one of the cushions, taking hits and staring at me with the fierceness he had used when he told them, "no permanent damage". He exhaled deeply and spoke.

"Be good, Xac," was all he said, but I read so much more into it. The way he said it, I knew that he wouldn't let them do anything to me.

"Who has to piss?" the guy who was holding my arms asked, and I involuntarily squirmed.

"Oh come on, don't do that yet," someone from the crowd sneered, "Lets keep him as clean as we can until we all get a turn."

"He wants something to drink," the man who had just cum on my face was standing in front of me, explained it as if I had asked...

These people were not normal customers. I shut both my eyes- the one covered in splooge was still burning. I tried to take steady, deep breaths, tried to get as much of the smoke as I could. Before I opened my eyes, the man who had been holding my legs, keeping me pinned, had moved to spread my ass open. I took another deep breath as he plunged into me.

"Why is there fucking blood everywhere?" he asked annoyed.

"I'm sorry sir, I... I must have ripped... I don't," I tried to explain, but I couldn't speak for thirst, and my head was woozy. I was beginning to forget things as soon as I remembered them. I fell off into moaning. He wasn't ripping me any farther, and I was beginning to relax. My healing had kicked in, and when it did, it brought with it a kind of euphoria, like a drug, and allowed me to enjoy what was happening. I felt myself smiling again and refused to open my eyes. I could get through this.

Then someone dumped a bucket of ice-cold water over me.

"What the fuck?" my top asked, but he was laughing as he did. I had my mouth open, so I started coughing, but I tried to swallow the mouthful that I had- it was amazing. The shock had awoken my senses, the water had rinsed my eye- I felt myself tensing up and fought to relax.

"Yeah," he moaned, sliding in and out in a rhythm, "oh fuck, fuck..."

I moaned and grabbed the wrists of the man who held my arms, closed my eyes and let my mind wander, let my senses take over- pinned down like I was I couldn't have done anything even if I had wanted to, so I decided to just enjoy the ride.

He kept going, and apparently kept up a good show for what seemed like an eternity. I don't know if it was the opium or not, but time seemed to slow, and I kept wondering why no one else jumped in.

Then I noticed that I was in a different position. There was someone else behind me and I was on my knees. I was licking, not sucking, the guy in front of me, and I suddenly wondered how much time I had lost. What was wrong with me? It felt right though, I felt perfect, floating, tingling, appreciated. I engulfed the man in front of me completely and didn't choke- why? It was strange but I felt like I knew exactly what I was doing. I felt more at ease then I ever had before. Was it the opium? After this was over, would they give me more?

Every touch felt so perfect that I didn't notice my eye anymore, even though I know it still had to hurt. I didn't notice the pain in my ass, even though I knew I was ripped and bleeding- all I felt was the happy tension when he unloaded in me, the sweet and salty taste dancing across my tongue, the warm, sticky sensation as someone covered my back. I was in Heaven. How many of them were there? There were marks across my wrists, red that looked like they should burn- there were bruises all over me, but I couldn't tell you how I got them.

I screamed as someone cut into my flesh, but not in pain. When I did, my master snapped to attention.

"What the hell are you doing?" he asked, and I rolled over to look at him. Suddenly, no one had their cock inside me.

"You said he healed from cuts, I want to know." the man replied, "I'm carving something in him- to make sure when you bring him back that it's the same slave."

"When I bring him back, it will be healed!" my master hissed, "If you cut deep enough to leave a scar- I'll slit your throat!"

He had cut me deep? I reached behind me, felt the warm, sticky liquid seeping from the cut. It might have been sperm for all I knew. I looked at my fingers, they were crimson. "He cut me deep?" I asked one of the men- boys, it suddenly dawned on me that the guy I was talking to was my age.

"Don't you feel that?" he asked, "You might need to sew it up. What the hell was he thinking? Your skin is so pretty." he ran his fingers down my back and I blushed. He was cute- an elf, earth or fire, tan skin, blond hair, that face with those ice blue eyes.

I started sucking him off. He apparently hadn't expected it, because he fell back from his knees to a sitting position. I could hear my master still talking in the background, but I knew that he wouldn't mind if I kept going. I just... felt so free, I had such an urge to do this, not just on any of them, but him. I wanted to feel him cum inside me, I didn't care where and I would have done anything that I could to feel it.

He was strange in his moans, he seemed to be praying or something, whispering the names of gods with one hand on my head and the other keeping himself up. When he came, he pulled nearly all the way out, but stopped with the head at my lips and coated my tounge. I opened my mouth and showed it to him, for some reason, before I swallowed. I kissed him gently on the stomach- he was in really good shape, and nuzzled into him.

"Alright," my master seemed to have finished saying what needed to be said, "How do you feel, Xacky?"

I looked into the elf's eyes, "Amazing," I replied.

"You aren't hurt? Let me look at your back. I swear to god if you've fucking scarred him," he pulled me close to examine the wound, "It's deep, but I think you'll be alright. You don't scar easily. Remember how hard it was for us to do your scarification?"

"Can I..." I trailed off, caught back up with my thoughts, and finished, "Have another hit?"

"By the gods..." My master seemed like he was second guessing himself, "Look at him... He's ripped and bleeding, he has a black eye, his throat sounds horrible..." He pulled me into his lap and handed me a tube.

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