tagNon-EroticXaxac Brigadon & Knights of Order Ch. 05

Xaxac Brigadon & Knights of Order Ch. 05


Turns out that I couldn't take a hit after all. The back of my throat was so sore from everyone slamming into it that when I tried, the pain was to much to bear, and I was afraid that if I didn't inhale all the way down my throat, I would be wasting it. My master seemed worried and anxious and kept looking me over. When he saw that the hit had made me cough, he pulled me close to him in an embrace.

"More blood," he pulled the hand that he had seen me cover my face with, "I'm not doing this again."

I know that I must've looked confused and pathetic. Apparently, one of my eyes was blackened, there were scrapes, bruises, carpet-burns- there was nowhere on my flesh that kept the beauty he had bragged about. I usually felt proud after a job like that, but there was something about him that made me want to comfort him. I didn't know exactly what I had done wrong, but I could count a million little things, things that I had forgotten in the heat of the moment...

I wanted more opium. Tried to take another hit, and coughed it up again, with more blood. My throat was raw. It was pissing me off.

"Xac, stop!" my master took the tube from me, "you can't keep it down, you're only hurting yourself. Here, let me up, I want to find you something to wear that it won't matter for us to cover in blood. I need to take you to a bathhouse."

Most of my patrons were filing out, talking amongst themselves; a few of them were looking at me while they did. Something about the urgency in my master's voice made me want to break contact with them- something was hitting me wrong. Satre, I know now, is a den of debauchery; and I wasn't, by far, the only or best sex slave available that night. Some of those guys were probably going to move from one smoke filled room to the next, some of them had never been to such a place before. The blond- the only one that I had liked, was already gone.

"Try not to get blood on those boots," my master was addressing me again, as he came back with a robe, and threw it at me, "Here, put this on."

As I did, I noticed that he was gathering up the clothes that I had stripped, and was putting them in my bag. That was weird... I was always the one to clean up. Why would he do that?

It still hurt to sit down when we got into the carriage, but I was looking forward to the bathhouse. I'd never been inside one before, but I loved baths, and I knew that one would feel really good, especially if we could get it heated on my sore muscles, and my aching body. I was also ravenously hungry and hoped that we would eat soon. Whenever my body starts to heal, I get really hungry. And there were so many foods being cooked as we drove down the never-ending carnival; cakes, weird meats, exotic fruits and vegetables, cookies and pastries- everything looked and smelled delicious!

The building that we stopped at resembled a hotel more then a bathhouse. As I reached for my bag to hop down, my master took it in his hand before I could put it on my back. I thought it was strange, but I didn't question him. He may have thought that the blood would seep through, but I had a suspicion that he didn't want to put anything else on the cut down my back.

He spoke to the lady behind the desk who glared at me.

"One of the cage fighters?" she asked, glaring at my eye.

"Something like that," my master replied, though she kept staring at me. She turned to address him and I noticed the brand on the back of her neck- it was like mine, but a little different. The same placement but a different seal. She had a slave brand. I ran my fingers down mine, the scarification calmed me.

After a little conversation, she handed my master a block with a number on it, and we went farther inside, through a long hall lined with doors. The place was suffocatingly warm, and the humidity made my hair drip before we got close to where we were going. The doors slid sideways, and I'm glad that my master opened it because I never would have figure that out and would have probably broken it. I really liked the room. The whole building was made of wood, but it was different then what I was used to; they were little spiral shoots that honestly made me want to chew on them. In the middle, set into the floor, was a pool- not a tub over a flame like I was used to.

I threw the robe down and unlaced my boots- because my master didn't correct me, I assumed it was alright. There were benches on either side, and I noticed he slid our bags under them and folded his clothes up on top, I went to move my things over there when he stopped me.

"Goddamn it Xac," he actually sounded angry for the first time that night, "Those are leather! You couldn't have washed your fucking hands first?"

He had told me not to touch them. Motherfuck.

"I am so sorry master!" I know that I started to cry; I had been uneasy and on the verge of it since the clients left, and I was trying not to break down, "You had just told me... I have no excuse."

"God," he softened, "Listen to you, you can't even talk- you sound horrible. Get in the fucking tub." He took the boots from me and looked them over, "It was dried anyway... It's... not that bad. Get in the tub."

I really thought that he was going to hit me. He was acting so strange tonight. But I was really happy to get into the water- even though I yelped. It was hot, really hot, far hotter then I kept them at home. And there was something in the water (looking back now I know that it was healing herbs) that made my wounds sting even worse then before. We were the only ones in that room, but the door stood open, which I've learned since is a command for servants to enter.

I went underwater and soaked my hair, opened my eyes and tried to kind of flush the one that had gone black on me. One of the walls was a mirror (I know! Like, the whole wall!) so I could see just how bad I looked and I could see why my master was embarrassed for me. My eye had swollen, and my entire face was covered in bruises. There was a trail across my back, scrapes, bruises, and the one long cut that went from left shoulder down to about the middle of my back that kept ripping back open. My wrists, I had already seen, were almost raw, and the water felt so good on them! My ass was still gaping enough that I could feel the water enter me, which actually felt better then it sounds like it would. I wanted to scrub my eye as hard as I could, but my reflexes wouldn't let me, and I decided to let it heal a little more first.

When I came up, my master had seated himself on the bench with our clothes and was staring at me. I blushed.

"You're already healing," was all he said, but kept his eyes on me.

I looked at the bottles that had been neatly stacked along one wall of the pool. I didn't know what they said, but by the pictures and smells I could tell which ones I really wanted to use; I picked a light blue one with a picture of a sunset on a beach, with seashells and waves- I had never been to a beach, but I loved the way it smelled, salty and musky, deep and enchanting, not like the floral stuff I normally wore, and lathered my hair and face with it before I went under again.

There was no blood from my ass or my back anymore, and I smiled when I came up. My eye felt far better now that I was able to clean it properly. I was beginning to get some kind of vision back in it, as though I was permanently squinting. The heat was beginning to make my head dizzy, but I loved it. I laid down on the surface for a few seconds before I went back to lather up the rest of my body. I love bathing, still do, and took great care with my body.

My master never moved his eyes the entire time. He had told me that he loved watching me heal. Watching the bruises disappear and the cuts knot themselves back together. I looked at my wrists and noticed the color returning to them. I was feeling much better.

"Xac," my master called me and I turned around. A servant had arrived with a tray full of food! He was eating some kind of small roasted bird, but there were also cakes, pastries, fruits, salads, and some kind of tea that I had never seen before. I was so thirsty and my throat, though it was healing, still hurt so badly that I reached for the tea first.

"How do you take your coffee?" the pool-boy asked and I stared at him, dumbfounded.

"He likes things sweet," my master laughed under his breath, "six or seven sugars. Enough to rot the teeth out of a normal man, "lots of creme"

I had never seen a creature like the servant before. He seemed a crossbreed- he had the upper body of a human, though he was short, like a dwarf, but he had hooves and fur that seemed to extend from the waist down. I didn't know if he were wearing some strange kind of pants, because he had an apron on that would cover his cock if he weren't, but I didn't want to say anything about it. He looked young, had one of those beards that only older teens can carry off, and seemed to be stoned out of his mind on something. Every time he spoke it was melodic. I wanted whatever it was that he was having.

I didn't even get out of the tub, he handed me my coffee, then placed a tray with the salad, fruit/yogurt thing, pastries that had fruit in the middle and frosting on the top, and cakes on the water! It floated close to me and I laughed. I took a drink of the tea- coffee- it was the sweetest tea I had ever tasted! The pool-boy was apparently watching me, because as soon as I had downed it, he handed me another cup.

"Slow down, Xac," my master laughed, then turned his attention to the servant and spoke to him about... I don't know, something while I stuffed my face. I love greens so I don't use dressing or anything, and the salad was delicious... strange though. Some of the plants I had never tasted before, but I was starving, so even if it hadn't been good, which it was, I would have devoured it.

By the time I was finished with the first course, I could see again. The fruit & yogurt, which the servant called a parfait, didn't hurt to swallow. By the time I had finished eating, I was healed enough that you couldn't tell I had been thorough anything. The servant asked my master- I know because even though I wasn't paying attention, when someone says, "Xac" or "Xaxac" I can't help but tune in. The servant asked if I was a lapin- got it right! He said that he had been to the games before and loved the festival; my master said that he was sure it was lovely but had never been. He asked if I was a slave and my master told him that I was- though I know my hair wasn't long enough to cover the mark; at that point I got really interested and turned around. The way they were standing, the servant had his back to me and I noticed two things.

Firstly, he wasn't wearing any pants, and his cock was HUGE. It hung down far enough to reach nearly to his knees without being erect at all. He had a pair of low hangers that were still almost covered by his long fur. The second thing was that he had no mark on his neck- he just worked there, he wasn't a slave. These realizations both made me think- I found him a very odd little creature. It was like someone had pasted two different animals together, a human and a goat or deer. I didn't want him to notice that I was staring at him, so I went back to eating.

He also had a tattoo of a goat's head on his bicep. Didn't have anything to do with anything other then that I really like tattoos. I didn't worry myself with what they were talking about, but finished eating, drank my last cup and settled down into the hot water.

I closed my eyes to relax.

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