tagGay MaleXaxac Brigadon & Knights of Order Ch. 06

Xaxac Brigadon & Knights of Order Ch. 06


"Xaxac," I was being shaken awake, "Xac, baby, come on."

I opened my eyes; I was completely healed- there was no water in the pool and I was shivering. My master was shaking me by the shoulder- I don't think he'd ever done that before; he usually woke me up by shoving his cock inside me. I leaned forward and snuggled into his chest before I grabbed his hips and brought his member to my mouth; he was soft- I felt a pang of regret- insult? As I started to lick him.

"Not right now," he pushed me back, "Lets go up to our room. I thought that drink would keep you awake; it's supposed to have a stimulant in it- I'm bouncing off these flimsy wooden walls. God, it's good to see you like this," he smiled and kissed my forehead.

Like this? Healed probably. He stood to leave and I playfully licked him again, pleased to see him rise when I did. He still liked it. He laughed.

"Come on Xac, we have to go, you've been asleep in here an hour."

Why would he let me sleep like that? Maybe he was just relaxing and didn't need me.

There were robes laid out for us and our bags were gone. I freaked out for a second, but my master didn't seem worried at all, so I figured he knew something I didn't, as usual. I ran my fingers through my hair and sighed- all my combs and fragrances and stuff were in my bag. I shouldn't have fallen asleep.

When he had put on his robe I grabbed him by the arm and he laughed but didn't stop me. I nuzzled into the fabric, it felt like the towels that we had at home but much, much softer. He led me down the hall, but I could have sworn it was the wrong way, past other patrons bathing, until we reached a central room with two flights of stairs on either side and a glass door in the center with one of the little goat-people behind it.

"You're going to love this," he laughed under his breath, "Let's take the elevator."

"Mr. Kana," the servant knew him, but it wasn't the same boy from the bath earlier. He had the same apron, the same hippie beard, and the same tattoo, but a completely different face. Those things must be fairly common for their race, "Going to your suit?"

"So how does this thing work?" My master asked.

"One of the many wonders of Satre!" he explained, "It's all gears and clockwork, but it replaces the need to lug yourself or your luggage up and down stairs." He closed the glass door behind us and swung some kind of odd metal framework between it and us.

And we started moving. Strait up. One of the oddest sensations in my life. My master was smiling- he had apparently invested in the building- and made small talk with the servant about the cage fights and the building and all kinds of other things- I was busy staring through the glass. As it went up, the floors passed before us, and because it was in the central room, you would get to where you were at the top of each floor looking down. It was kind of like looking down from my tower window, except we kept moving. I love heights, love watching the world go by.

And then it stopped, abruptly, throwing me off balance. My master caught me and shoved me back on my feet so that I looked- graceful somehow. I really wanted to brush my hair... The servant smiled and winked at me, I know that I could only have looked confused. My master brushed past me and I hurried to catch up. When I looked back, the servant had closed the doors, and the metal contraption, and soon the machine whirred down again.

When he opened the door to his room, my master spread his arm to indicate that I should go first, so I did. It was beautiful. A picture window looked down upon the city, so you could see everything we had seen from the street, but it was much more beautiful from above. The lights weren't blinding, and the gushes from the magicians were sparkles in the night, instead of flames in your face; the noise was all most gone, but what carried up was a blend of music that sang and left notes dancing on your brain.

There was a table and chairs, a bed, a small couch, a bar, shelves lining the wall; the place wasn't huge but every inch of space was utilized the best way it could be. There was a mirror in front of the bed, with shelves running under it, and it was there that I saw all my things had been laid out already- how strange to have someone do all that for you. I brushed my hair out and dried myself with the robe, then turned back to my master.

He was laying on the bed, watching me, smoking a pipe. He must've packed it while I wasn't looking. The herb smelled strange as he exhaled- it was the opium from the shop earlier! I hopped on the bed and slid between his legs. I heard him laugh as I undid his robe.

"Do you want a hit first?" he asked, but I already had my lips wrapped around his head, licking playfully, "mmm.... good boy," he closed his eyes and seemed to melt into his pillow.

Something odd had happened to me in there- I really stopped caring, for a moment, about the clients at all. I had genuinely liked sucking that elf off, it hadn't been a chore; it hadn't been a job, and suddenly, I felt like that again. I felt my own member growing as I sucked the bundle of nerves just under his head, felt my own pulse quicken as I slipped up and down, so slowed it by licking and teasing him. When I encased him again, I moved my head to the rhythm of my heartbeat and had him moaning much faster then usual. I closed my eyes and- I don't want to say that I ignored him, but I did. I barely remembered he was there as I moved faster and faster, my hands on his hips and my face completely buried. I knew that I was sucking really hard, much harder then I usually did, for some reason I was no longer afraid of hurting him, I even ran my teeth lightly down his shaft- he started to say, "Don't bite," but grabbed my shoulders and started moaning half-way through it.

I was bucking my hips into the bed- if I had the foresight to ask him, I would have been jacking off, but I was afraid to do it without his permission- though I really, really wanted to.

"Xac, where do you want it?" he asked frantically, "If you want me to fuck you, you need to- stop!"

I don't think that I could have stopped if I had wanted to- for some reason, when he said stop my pulse quickened, I felt myself thrusting harder, moving faster-

He grabbed my head, "alright my little whore," he hissed, "I'm going to cum down your fucking throat!"

"mmmm...." I moaned in ectacy and tried to pull back so I could taste it- I hated it when he came down my throat like that- I LIKED the taste of his cum, wanted it to dance across my tongue, and I hated the way he ripped the skin off the back of my throat when he plowed it, pulsing- until it actually happened. When I felt his cock shake and vibrate, I swallowed with every throb- he moaned like never before. Something clicked, I breathed between them and swallowed when I felt the pulse on my throat choke me- god I was so close to cumming, my cock hurt, but he held it there, screaming, trying to breath, it felt amazing, and I couldn't explain why.

He didn't calm down at all- he was still leaking a little, and didn't loosen the grip he had on my hair-if anything, tightened it like he was going to rip it out- when he pulled me up and kissed me hard- deeply, passionately, but it scared me, all most in a dangerous kind of way. I wrapped my arms around him and he moved down, biting my neck as hard as he had kissed, drawing blood while he wrapped his hand around my cock- I started pumping my hips before he could move.

"Oh shit!" he said- I don't think he had meant to bite me that hard, but when he realized it, he squeezed harder then he had meant to and I screamed.

"Oh god, thank you master!" I shouted, "Thank you so much! Fuuuuuuck!"

I was cumming all over his chest, I threw back my head and wrapped my legs around him; hung on by his neck, digging my nails into his shoulders- I couldn't stop myself. He didn't heal like I did, but I don't think he minded, because he was milking my cock like it was his own. When I was finally spent, I opened my eyes and looked up at him.

"Oh my god," I was panting, "Thank you, master! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" He kissed me again, probably to keep me quiet more then anything else.

"I just got out of the bath," he laughed when he pulled away.

I kissed him gently, then ran my tongue along his hard chest, licking up the gunk I'd left there. He laughed as I tickled him and picked up his pipe and matches, lit one, and waited for me to get finished. When he saw that I had cleaned him completely, he smiled and lifted my face by the chin, "Xac, why don't you smoke this while I go get us a bottle of- I don't know, something at least 90% alcohol."

"Thank you master!" I gushed, and curled up in the white sheets next to him. He laughed and tussled my hair as he got up and tied his robe back together.

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