tagBDSMXaxac Brigadon & Knights of Order Ch. 09

Xaxac Brigadon & Knights of Order Ch. 09


It was so weird that I couldn't feel anything- the healer kept saying that my wrist should hurt- it had at first, but as soon as I stopped thinking about it (it was hard to keep my thoughts on any one thing with the opium still swirling around my system) the pain faded to a dull buzz like everything else. I think that was the first time I had ever had a bone broken- it was just the weird angle of my arms and the pressure- and now that it was patched, I COULD move my hand, but my master kept telling me not to. It was tied to a piece of wood to keep me from moving it, and he told me that I couldn't even wiggle my fingers until he took it off in the morning.

He seemed pretty angry even though there wasn't any real damage to my hand and he made a fortune- he tried to tell me that I was going to be meeting with another client one-on-one in the early afternoon of the next day, but it took him several tries; we were both pretty doped up and we kept smoking. I don't think that all of it was the same stuff. Anyway, this other client had another slave in estrus (?) and wanted to breed her with me. I absolutely couldn't make myself pay attention. I don't remember falling asleep, but I remember the next day, very clearly.

After my breakfast and my master's morning blow job (which I got by with by itself, proving that I could make him cum with one are behind my back, heh) he cut my hand free of the stint and asked me if I could move it without pain. I could- it was healed. He smiled and tussled my hair, then wondered aloud if I should shift in front of my client. He decided that if they wanted to see it, he would ask, and if not, it wasn't worth worrying about. It was a "buyer beware" market- so if you're going to spend as much as that guy did (I always wondered how much that was) then you'd obviously researched it.

The morning was uneventful- I took another bath, dressed up, primped and went out. Satre was and still is a fabulous vacation spot; it's one of the only places where you can let your mind melt without worrying about being caught- where nearly everything is legal and there are no worries as long as the gold keeps flowing. There, uneventful means heaven.

We met in a hotel this time, larger then an inn- I don't remember any inns in Satre, everything there is a "go big or go home" kind of mentality. We met up in the clients room- it was laid out kind of like ours, with the sitting room in the front and the bedchamber in the back overlooking the square below. When we arrived, I recognized the man from the crowd- he had actually been one of the most gentle there; he was the one who took the cold water with me. His slave was actually very pretty; on the small side, like me, with long dark hair that was pulled into two ties on either side. She wore a strange outfit, nothing like the noble clothes the rest of us were wearing- more like a silk robe that tied around the waste in beautiful patterns; stockings that ended just below the robe, white offsetting the red; she had a face with small features, but big eyes, and she was wearing make-up; eyeliner that struck me. She looked at me and smiled, her eyes dancing. Good, she seemed to like me. I smiled back and took my place at my master's feet- she sat down when I did!

Her eyes grew wide when my master handed a glass of wine down to me. Did it shock her that I drank? Whatever- I don't turn down alcohol- come to think of it, I don't really turn down anything. So I drank it and listened to the sound of my master's voice, blending the alcohol with whatever it was we had smoked before we left our rooms. My head was in a happy buzz by the time I heard my name.

"Xac," my master was laughing, "You can head to the bedroom and earn your fee."

He wasn't going to watch us? That's... odd...

But I stood anyway and offered my hand to the lady. I was suddenly really unsure of... everything. I don't like doing things alone, and I really don't like having to talk to people alone.

"So," I asked, as we passed the doorway, "Have you heard anything about me?"

She shyly fluttered her eyelids and looked away, then glanced back as she slid onto the bed and loosened the tie around her robe. Her body was as beautiful as her face; her skin was obviously cared for, smooth, curvy, hairless, silken- I suddenly wanted to touch her so badly that I climbed in after her. I had tossed my shirt to the carpet before I made it onto the bed. She laughed and ran her hand down my chest.

"I have heard," she put her arms around my neck and pulled me closer, staring into her eyes- gray pools surrounded by the slanting lines that played to her dark hair, those supple lips whispering, "That you are the reason I get a vacation for nearly a year."

"Really?" I asked, falling with her gentle caress, her breasts sliding into my chest, rising and falling as she laughed and nibbled my ear.

"I've been told that there is something special about you."

"There is something special about me," I assured her, running my hands across her leg and drawing her thighs around me.

"You're so smooth- you aren't like the others," she showed the same amazement as her master.

"mm-hm," I agreed, nuzzling her neck, planting soft kisses, moving slowly down, following my hands. I had her propped up with one hand in the small of her back, and the other running down her chest in small circles. Her breathing increased as I moved down the smooth lines of her stomach while my tongue found the hollows of her frame, and tickled. She was moaning as I began by gently kissing the top of her breasts and slowly, ever so slowly, moved down. She clung to me, trying to force me faster- so I nuzzled and moved down. As my hand traveled down my sense of touch confirmed what I had seen- she had no hair on here anywhere- how did she do that?

"So," I asked, knowing that my breath was falling on her erect nipple, "Do you have a name?"

"Colutea," her breath came in pangs- so did her speech- it had me at full attention as I kissed her again, and wrapped my mouth around her- as I used my fingers to spread her outer lips apart. She moaned and I bit- not hard, just enough of a nibble to feel her back arch- and went back to sucking. She was so soft and supple- so eager- so perfect.

I used my fingers to spread her open, searching... pulled back her hood, she gasped in surprise as I gave her another little love bite and changed breasts. Her sweet moisture was already sticking to my fingers as I rubbed innocently against her clit. She cried out. I laughed- I hadn't meant to, it was the kind of chuckle I get from knowing that I'm doing something right.

"Here," I suggested, "Why don't you lie back and let me get you ready."

She looked confused- maybe this had never happened to her before, but obeyed- I wondered briefly if that's how I reacted to things, but let it slip my mind as I kissed her just below the breasts, letting the top of my head rest there for just a second before I moved down, planting soft kisses down her smooth belly, through the place her pubic hair would have been-

I used both my hands to pry back her hood and planted a light kiss on her clit. She jerked. I smiled and put my lips around it, held it in place while I ran my tongue over the small surface, teasing it the way I did the bundle of nerves under the head of a cock. She cried out and bucked her hips. I pulled her hood taunt and gently pressed down, not biting, but holding her steady with my teeth so I could run my tongue over her exposed flesh- she grabbed my head and held it steady with one hand- I couldn't see enough to notice what she did with the other, so I closed my eyes and listened to her reactions. I moved my teeth back and forth- she slammed her thighs on either side of my head and screamed- my ears were ringing- and my vision doubled, not because of the sound, but because she had hit me pretty hard! She had her nails buried into my scalp now, pulling out hair and moaning; I figured I had found something she really liked, so I kept up the gentle grinding while I teased her with my tongue- her moans became faster and more erratic- her grip stronger and stronger, her thighs- god it seemed like she was trying to crush me and I couldn't think or breath- but I had a rhythm, and I knew that she was enjoying herself. I had nearly forgotten why I was there when her moans changed- not just the tempo but the inflection, her hips bucked so fiercely that I had to let go of her hood and keep her from knocking me down- and her death grip released, moving instead for the bedsheets, which she tore at like a wild animal.

She was screaming; screaming incoherently, and flooding my chest with her cum, dripping everywhere; I wondered how long I could make it last and kept going until I finally heard her yelling;

"stop, please stop, it's sore!"

"Xac," I heard my master's familiar voice, "You can't spread your genes with your tongue"

He was standing in the doorway- they both were. They must've come when they heard her screaming. I'm sure that one of the things she had said was 'master'. As I stood there on my knees, dumbstruck, staring at my master and wondering how long he had been there, Colu pulled me up on top of her and kissed me, passionately, exploring my mouth with her tongue, tasting her own juices like she had wanted to eat me.

I didn't know what to do or how to react- it was... very strange. No one had ever kissed me except my master. I didn't really like it- certainly not as much as she did. But she didn't seem to notice and pulled me down on top of her, so I decided to write it off and talk to my master about it later.

"Are you ready?" I asked.

"Oh god yes!" she answered enthusiastically.

"What's your favorite position?"

"What?" every fucking question seemed to confuse this chick. Her eyelids were still fluttering; her legs were still shaking; and I suddenly realized that she still had aftershock and felt like a dick for thinking she was stupid.

"What position do you like to have sex in?" I laid my forehead on hers.

"Oh," she closed her eyes, "The one where I'm on my hands and knees... and... you're behind me."

"Great!" I actually liked that position to- liked it a lot better receiving, "then come on, can you get on your knees?"

She still had me wrapped in her legs, but as she slid them away to change positions, I slid my pants down. She smiled back at me- her make-up ruined, but her face glowing without it in pure joy.

"Ready?" I asked again, she had been shaking and I didn't know how steady she was. She didn't say anything, but made the same whimpering moans I made when you knew someone was teasing you, and rubbed back up against me- I was so hard it hurt! It was more then I could stand; I held her waist and pulled her against me as I slid inside.

She moaned in time with her muscles, that clenched around me, jerking me off, and I stopped, tried to settle my breathing- I didn't get to do this much and I wanted it to last. Alright; I pulled back and slammed into her again, she ground her hips to mine and pulled me inside, milking me- holy shit- pulling me in deeper- I couldn't remember to breath- I tried to pull out and she moved with me- I could feel everything inside of her, everything pulsed with her heartbeat, everything pulled perfectly; I tried to steady my breathing and slow myself down.

"Go harder!" she begged- exactly what I was trying not to do.

So I slammed into her, and everything inside of her tensed up, jerking me, pulling and contracting, I pulled back a little and slammed again, and again- my cock was throbbing, but I was determined not to give up, she was sucking me in, I fell over her back and hung on. I knew that I was cursing, trying so hard not to cum, slamming into her as hard as I could, again and again, while she screamed and tore at the bedsheets- I couldn't think, couldn't remember the rest of the world- all I could think was that I couldn't cum yet, couldn't-

Fuck it, what was I doing?

Her insides were pressed against me, especially at the head and especially in one particular spot by the entrance that I tried to hit every time because it caused her to tense up- now it was permanently clenched, and every backstroke was harder, and made her scream out more- I hope I wasn't hurting her with the death grip I had, but I swear if I didn't do that, I would've given myself some kind of- what's it called when your brain explodes? Fuck-fuck-fuck-

"Right there!" she screamed, screamed like a woman being attacked by a beast, as I slammed into her, and everything went white. Her thighs around my head were nothing compared to this- her pussy was milking me, jacking me off, whatever- it felt amazing! "I'm cumming!" she kept screaming-

Fuck holding back- I exploded. Not in the way that I cum when I'm being fucked, in an actual explosion, I felt myself convulsing into her, and every movement I made, she countered. Our bodies were in sync as we rode that wave together, both forgetting how to speak or breath, I had such a grip on her I was afraid I was going to break her, to hurt her the way I had been hurt before, but there was nothing I could do about it. I slammed, forgetting everything- everything but the feeling, the wonderful, emptiness slowly settled into me and I realized that I was still curled up in the small of her back.

She purred and nuzzled into me. I only think that she had one orgasm- I should have been able to do better then that. But my head was swimming.

"That was amazing," she purred, and spun to face me- without leaving my cock.

I screamed and convulsed again- but I was spent. I collapsed onto her breasts, trying to apologize

"Give me a minute," I begged, trying to catch my breath, "I can do better, I know I can!"

She laughed and kissed my forehead.

"No, Xac," my master spoke in his happily stern voice, "They only paid for one."

"But," FUCK did I just say that?

"What?" he asked, and I turned to look at him from where I was laying between her breasts- he was going to beat the shit out of me when we got home- he didn't sound angry, and he had the one-eyebrow cocked, amused expression. Why did I say that? What the hell was wrong with me?

"Come on, get your clothes on," he tussled my hair like he usually did, "We've got to go."

"Xaxac," Colu pulled me into a hug and whispered again, "That was amazing! I really hope I see you again."

"If you do, I promise the next time will be longer, better," I smiled at her, and stood- the look in her eyes said that she wanted to kiss me again. I had to get dressed and follow my master.

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