tagGay MaleXaxac Brigadon & Knights of Order Ch. 10

Xaxac Brigadon & Knights of Order Ch. 10


Hey, just wanna say that comments are always appreciated! Having real fun writing this!


"Is your head spinning?" my master had his arm around me; I could barely walk.

"Yes..." I trailed off and nuzzled into him.

"Been a long time since you topped," he laughed.

"mm-hmm..." I was hiding my face in his robes.

"Why do you look like you're going to cry?" he asked- his voice told me that he was probably rolling his eyes.

"Because... I talked back to you- and..." I started to cry.

"You were still reeling from that orgasm," he laughed, "It's alright- well, it's not alright, but I'm not going to punish you- you've been so jumpy since the first night with those... breeders. I'm not doing that again. They really fucked you up."

"I... didn't like it when she kissed me." I didn't move my head from where I had snuggled into him.

"Oh?" he seemed shocked, "Why not?"

"I... don't know..." I admitted, "I like it when YOU kiss me."

"hmmm...." he seemed lost in thought- then shuffled me so that he was looking into my eyes, holding me gently by the chin, "I think that I've spoiled you, Xaxac."

And he leaned in, and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around him, hugged him close- and closed my eyes, letting myself go completely until he pulled back and I settled into his chest.

"Heh, you taste sweet," he laughed, then added, "I am far to attached to you, little bunny."

I snuggled into him.

"Do you know how badly most people scream and complain when they break a bone?" he seemed lost in thought, "You," there was a long pause, "You didn't say anything."

I moved my wrist in a circle- it didn't make that click-click-click noise anymore.

"Why didn't you say anything?" he took that hand and ran his fingers over it, "Why didn't you let me know you were hurt?"

"It... didn't seem important..." I didn't know what he wanted me to say.

"hm..." he seemed to be turning something over in his head, "You don't say anything about breaking your wrist, but you cried because a girl kissed you?"

I stared up at him. He was staring at the place the splint had gone; you couldn't tell anything had ever been any different.

"Do you feel pain? Every time I've punished you- I've judged it by your reactions-" he didn't seem like he was talking to me.

"...yes... I feel it. I ignore it if... if it isn't important to you..." I hate trying to talk; I can never get my thoughts to form when I need them to.

"hm..." he seemed to ponder this on the rest of the journey, the sudden stop of the carriage startled me, "Lets go get something to eat."

We had stopped at a restaurant the likes of which I had never seen. There were candles on the tables, more satyrs running around with food, little papers I wished I could read, wine; the smell was intoxicating, and my head hadn't completely cleared from my last job. The lights were low, and we were led by a bowing satyr to a private booth, a little above the others- with high backs preventing anyone from seeing those seated there- so I didn't see him until we were upon him.

"Do you bring that thing with you everywhere you go, now?" Tao asked my master.

"Am I going to leave my moneymaker all alone to be stolen?" he replied as I unconsciously slipped behind him, "Xac, don't do that- I'm going to trip over you!"

Ok... this was weird, was I supposed to sit on the floor? There wasn't one. The table was propped up on a little step-stage with the rest of those on that level. I could go under the table maybe- my master shoved me down against the wall in the seat on his side. Tao was staring at me with those sinister eyes- I knew I was shaking; his offer to buy me running over and over through my mind. Why were we eating with him?

The satyr poured three glasses of wine and put the bottle in a bucket of- ice?- shit, there must be a fuck-ton of money floating around that town, and listened as both of them put in orders for food; he winked at me before scurrying away.

"Let me see your hand," he motioned at me from across the table- I glanced at my master and extended it- he grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me so that I was leaning across the table and balancing on my knees- threw me off so hard that I impaled my stomach; he chuckled at my pain before continuing, "move it," I did, "wow- these shifters... He'd be amazing."

At what?

"So how did we do?" my master had leaned back and was sipping his wine as Tao released me and I fell back into the corner, drained my glass in one long drink, and stared hard at him with fear in my eyes.

"Made some money; your fighters are in excellent condition. This is a betting crowd, so we're going strong until the end of the season." oh yeah, Tao managed the cage-fighters; a class of slave I was very glad not to be. I ran my fingers over my scarification and down my collar; my master refilled my wine glass.

"Good," he smiled down at me, "This has been a very prosperous trip. I'm falling in love with Satre. I've even bought a hotel here so that I can stay whenever I need to."

There was more small talk that I tuned out as I drank glass after glass of the wine; delicious- everything in Satre was delicious; and green! I had never seen green wine before! When our food came, I ate ravenously- the pastries were something I had never experienced before- not even really pastries; more like little pies filled with tomatoes, spices, vegetables, strange fruits- they were delicious! I almost forgot that Tao was there until I heard him mention me.

"I want that rabbit for my squad," he was on his fourth or fifth glass as well, and it was beginning to show.

My master looked deep in thought.

"With that healing ability, he would be unbeatable. The shifters stay off the beaten path; I've never seen another one in the cages." Tao continued.

There was no way he was seriously considering this.

"Give me one day with him," Tao wasn't looking at me but I was staring daggers through him.

"If I gave you a day with my pet rabbit unsupervised," my master finally responded, "You would kill him. He doesn't know to tell anyone when he's hurt. I've seen you with the others."

"I won't kill him- I won't even hurt him-"

"Like you didn't hurt him before?" there was an edge of anger in his voice.

"I paid for that, and he healed. Broken bones healed over night with this kid!" he was far to excited about that- I foresaw many more broken bones in my future and involuntarily jumped to my master's arm and clung there violently.

"Broken bones that will need to be set, every time. By a real healer- a white mage; not your staff," my master was sloshing, and the satyr had taken to refilling their glasses, "Besides, he has no strength; he would be a terrible fighter."

Right! I was weak- his plan was stupid-

"He held me up without falling. He's stronger then he lets you know." Tao reasoned, "and his balance and agility rival our best fighters; watching him stay on guard when those men were jerking him around- if he had the sense to dodge, no one could hit him. He simply needs to be trained."

Please don't let this be happening... There's no way he'd actually consider handing me over to this monster...

"I will give you a few hours; and I want to be there," my master slurred.

No no no no no!

"Once you see what I can do with him in a few hours, you'll be as excited about his training as I am!" Tao assured him- and gave me an icy stare that my master didn't seem to notice.

"It's not going to be his main priority," my master was still slurring, but put the arm that I had been clinging to around me, shaking me off, "why aren't you eating?" he suddenly noticed me.

"Can I have another glass of wine?" I asked, trying not to look at Tao.

"You," master had turned to look at the waiter, "Are going to get a good tip. Whats- what'd we pay for this? Get my slave some more wine- bring us another bottle. Here, keep this," I saw him toss gold at the satyr, who pocketed it and went jollying away, his hooves tip-tip-tipping as he did. "Here, Xacy," he went on, and tried to refill my glass, but spilled it; I moved the glass under where he was pouring.

That conversation had sobered me up. I wanted to be so shitfaced I didn't remember this night; I was really hoping he wouldn't remember it. I downed the glass.

"Xac," he pulled me closer to him and I snuggled into his chest. Then he wrapped his hand around my head and pushed me downward, "Why don't you get under the table- under the cloth, and suck me off?"

There was no way that I would be able to eat anyway. This place didn't seem like the same kind of environment he normally requested that kind of act in; this place was classy. But, that made it kind of risque, and for some reason, funny, so I slipped to the floor, where I had wanted to be anyway- and pulled the tablecloth over my head.

"That little rabbit'll do anything, won't he?" I heard Tao asking as I pulled down my master's tights to revel his surprising erect member- I get softer the more drunk I get- for him it was the opposite. I love it when he drinks.

"mm-hmm," I couldn't see his face, but he spread his legs to make it easier for me- I was trying to position myself so that I wouldn't hit my head on the table.

"How- howd you train him to- do that?" he asked, his words running together, "What are they feeding us? I'm wasted..."


I head the waiter come up with another bottle- I could see him, well, his hooves, from where I was kneeling- I stifled a laugh as I licked the pre-cum that was leaking down my master's shaft. He laughed; I was tuning out the waiter, but my master was talking to him like nothing was happening. I kept licking, trailing up and down his cock, tickling him, planting soft kisses and holding it tightly for control, slowly I started squeezing and moving my hand as I ran my tongue from his balls to the tip and put my lips to it.

He wasn't showing any reaction as the waiter poured him another glass of wine, but he dismissed him, instead of having him stand there and pour it, and I felt the hand closest to where I had been sitting wrap through my hair. I teased him, sucking on just the head and moving my hand gently, squeezing at all the right times and bringing my lips down to meet it- sucking up when I jacked down and vice verse; he fell against the booth- I could envision him; the glass of wine in one hand and my head in the other.

"Max?" Tao was laughing, "Max?"


I moved my hand, grabbed his thighs to balance myself and started deep throating, using sharp thrusts at first to impale myself on his cock- hit my fucking head, swore internally and kept going. It was taking everything in me not to moan and my cock was standing strait up through that fucking fancy outfit.

"What are you doing after this?" Tao asked, "What are you doing- right now?"

"hmmmm...." he responded dreamily as I built up pressure and swearled my tongue in time with my thrusts, "What... mmm... what time is it?"

Something wet hit the cloth on my head and started to soak through- he had spilled his wine. I pulled him deeper down my throat, he relaxed, slid back and allowed me better access.

"It's... I have no idea... It's afternoon... I have to go to the arena after this. I didn't know this shit would be- um... this strong." Tao was having as much difficulty as my master- maybe he wouldn't remember it either.

The grip on my hair was getting tighter- he was at the perfect angle- I had my breathing- those shallow thrusts when my throat wasn't completely full- in a perfect rhythm; feeling him pulse down my throat was killing my cock- my whole body felt it- I wondered if anyone else here knew what we were doing; probably not- you couldn't even see the booths from the main floor- but it still felt dangerous, exciting, and secret. I'm not used to being a secret. I'm not used to him being this quiet- I wonder if he even enjoyed-

And he came all over my tongue! Not down my throat like he usually did! I locked my lips around his head and milked him, following the pulsations of his member with my hand, pushing the orgasm from his balls, gently massaging them with my other hand, down his shaft and into my mouth, teased the bundle of nerves under the head with my tongue and let him flood into me! He was moaning so softly that if I hadn't felt it, I probably wouldn't have known anything was happening. I kept up with my hands until I felt his balls release from their tense position, but I kept sucking until I got every last drop, and he pulled me away, sore. I kissed the tip as he started to soften and let him guide me back up to the seat beside him.

I kept my head on his lap for as long as he would let me before he shoved me into a sitting position and I noticed my wine-glass was full. Our waiter was coming back just as I was sitting up; I took a sip, thought better of it, and drank- really drank. The sweet, flowery taste mingled with the salty aftertaste, and I couldn't help thinking that they were delicious together. My head was spinning and my dick was absolutely killing me- hardened to the point of madness; my balls were dieing to shoot... My master was drunk. He was practically lying, his legs still spread under the table though he had pulled his pants up, his arm thrown around me, and his head resting at the top of the padding on the booth like a pillow.

I motioned for a refill- I wanted to feel like that. Though it would really help if I could get off.

"Max," Tao spoke again- ruining the way I had forgotten about him, "Max, come on."


"We're going to the arena- don't you have a carriage?" Tao asked, still slurring, though I suspected that he had stopped drinking.

"I'm- far to drunk." My master admitted.

"Bullshit, get up!" Tao seemed angry; his emotions flying through the alcohol. "You said you would give me four hours!"

"For- oh, for Xac... you want to do that right now?" he had just opened his eyes and was staring at him with a glazed-over expression.

"Why not?"

"Because; we're... we're drunk." He looked at his empty glass, "Why are we so drunk?"

"This is your third bottle, sir," The waiter replied, refilling it.

"I can hold my liquor better then... better then that." he snapped at the little imp.

"Liquor? Oh no, this isn't liquor," the satyr was laughing.

"I can hold my..." my master started again, paused and guessed, "Spirits?"

"Absinth," the waiter corrected.

"No wonder we're so wasted!" Tao laughed.

"You ordered the best in the house," The satyr seemed confused, "This is Satre!"

"Get me... get me a few more bottles of this," my master commanded, "I want it- delivered to my hotel!"

"How many?" He seemed delighted at the sale.

"I don't know- a dozen! A baker's dozen!" He pulled me closer to him and I took another drink. It wasn't the same as normal wine, no wonder I hadn't noticed myself getting drunk. Of course, I still didn't feel any different. "What's wrong, Xacy?"

"Why doesn't it work on me?" I asked.

"Why doesn't he drunk yet?" Tao asked the waiter.

"I'm sure I don't know," he replied, and left to place their order.

"Here," he handed me the bottle, there was a picture of a green fairy on it, "Just drink the whole fucking thing."

"You know what we need?" Tao asked as I proceeded to do just that, "We need to get some frost- you mix frost and absinth, and you get this super creative high- it gives you the focus back- shit look at that kid go; he weighs like, 80 pounds; he's gonna be wasted! Good job kid!"

He playfully punched me from across the table- it didn't hurt; it was the nicest he had ever been to me.

"That- is an excellent idea," my master agreed, "There's got to be someone in Satre-"

"I know a guy; I get it for the- uh- the fighters!" Tao assured him, "Let's go to the arena."

"Hold on, I haveta get a bottle to go," he paused, thinking, probably forgetting what he had been talking about, "And get some delivered. We need more. We need more, of this."

He got up and had to hold on to the table. I laid back in the booth and closed my eyes. The edges of my vision were green; there were little lights dancing through the ceiling Everything seemed so peaceful- suddenly, I was hungry. I ate what was left on my plate slowly, drinking between. My master came back holding a basket with three more bottles in it, being held up, around the waist, by the waiter and another little satyr.

"ComeonXac," he slurred, "They've called the carriage and- I've spent a fortune. We've got to go before I- before I?"

I grabbed the edge of the table. When I sat up, I know that I stopped, but the world did not. The green edge to my vision, the little lights, and the background kept going as though I had fallen. I held the table for dear life.

"alright," I said to steady myself, and tried to get to my feet. When I stood, the world spun out of control and I grabbed onto my master to keep my feet on the ground.

"Xac," he grabbed me with his free hand, "You'll knock us down!"

"We've got you!" one of the satyrs assured him.

Somehow, we made it out into the street. I kept falling down- every time I took a step, the world shook and if I couldn't find something to hold onto, I would plummet. I finally grabbed the carriage door and threw myself inside. I landed on the floor between the two seats facing each other, but I wasn't about to try and move again. It wasn't until then that I noticed I still clung to the bottle I had in the restaurant. I put it to my lips and took another drink.

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