tagNon-EroticXaxac Ch. 15

Xaxac Ch. 15


"You've got to gimme a day with him all to myself." Tao eyed me, but I was getting used to it. I had just finished the line the medic had laid down for me and had licked my finger. I scraped it along the mirror to get what little I had missed and stuck it under my tongue. Tao flicked his eyebrows at me. I rolled my eyes- he had apparently thought that gesture was supposed to mean something sexual. All it meant was that I didn't want to waste my calming energy boost.

"I love his face," He went on, with the exaggerated gestures that frost gives you, sweeping his hands in a wide arch in my direction, "He looks so... young. No one's going to suspect that he can move like that!"

He swung at me- I stared at him, wondering why, then looked to my master, who looked shocked and pissed, then back at Tao before he managed to connect with the side of my face. He hit me hard- I spun, grabbed the table, and fell holding the mirror for dear life.

"What the fuck, bunny boy?" He asked, standing. I stared up at him, wondering what he wanted me to do, "Why didn't you move out of the way like you did last time?"

I stared at him in disbelief- my jaw was swelling up- that asshole!! He didn't tell me to move. What the fuck kind of question was that. I jumped to my feet and put the mirror carefully back on the table. A thin crack extended from one corner of the frame to almost the center.

"That's a bad omen," the medic said in her ever creepy, quiet voice.

I turned my gaze to her.

"Breaking a mirror," she explained, "Mages say that mirrors are conduits- to break one is a curse."

"Did I break it?" I asked.

"If anyone broke it," my master answered, "Tao did when he hit you in the face without telling you to dodge it. He doesn't know to move unless you tell him, you idiot!" he snapped like a guard dog, "He's used to customers doing that!"

I flicked my tongue against the side of my mouth where the swelling had been. It was already going down. At least he didn't knock a tooth out like last time. I was right about those though, they totally did grow back. So in the scheme of things, it didn't really matter. Tao swung at me again, I stepped backwards, he came under to knock me up, I jumped back, onto the field where the other people were practicing.

"What's the most important rule in the ring?" He asked, barreling towards me.

"Um," I was staring at him, trying to think of somewhere to go where I wouldn't accidentally mame anyone else. I had to time it right. I didn't want to take my eyes off of him, but it was hard to look everywhere at once, to see the other folk practicing and tell what they were doing and what Tao was doing and who was coming for me. Fuck it- I turned my back on him and ran. He couldn't catch up to me. "Stay alive?"

"No." the voice was coming from my right now- I spun a second to late as he lifted me by the collar and slammed me, hard, against a pillar. The air left my lungs in one loud "thud" and I suddenly felt like I was drowning again. I panicked and lashed out violently, trying to get my breath back. I couldn't stand up, so I rolled out of his way and braced myself against the far wall, breathing in short gasps.

"Know your surroundings," he explained, and grabbed my hair just as my vision started to clear. He slammed my head into the wall I had been leaning against, "Your environment is your weapon."

My eyes gave out on me in bursts of blinding light with each connection. I couldn't absorb information like that. It was starting to freak me out. I didn't think that it would kill me, but it couldn't be good for me. But he had a death grip on my hair. I jerked my head, trying to rip it out, but it was firmly rooted in my scalp- I KNOW people have ripped my hair out before- this was bullshit! My speed didn't do anything once he had a hold on me. I had to figure something out- but I couldn't think- the pounding in my ears was getting louder, the lights were lasting longer each time- I felt the hot, sticky blood starting to coat the back of my head where he kept slamming me. There had to be something I could do! He didn't have any limbs that I could break like I did with the other fighter. Fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK!!

Okokokokok- if I hurt him, he might forget what he's doing- like I do. Maybe... But I don't know how to hurt people. Isn't he supposed to be teaching me that shit, not just slamming me into a wall over and over? Goddamn, my fucking head... Fuck it- I've got one trick card, might as well use it. Maybe it'll freak him out and he'll let go. My master might get mad though- goddamn it, if I hit one more time I'll go fucking blind!!!

I screamed. It wasn't human. The tuft of hair- fur that he had clung to finally ripped free, and for the first time, I looked down at him. I could always feel it- I liked this form- but my master hated it. I hissed at Tao- I don't know why- and the brightness faded from the world around me.

He backed up, looking at the flesh and hair in his hands, then at me- I had everything focused on him.

"What the fuck?" his voce was small- a whisper- a whimper-

He was afraid of me.

I was backed into a corner- the bloody wall behind me- nowhere to go but forward, the element of surprise wouldn't last long. My shirt had ripped, and my muscles had unhinged- combined with the frost, I moved so fast that the very air around me seemed to still itself. I watched his chest rise- and before it could have time to fall, I was upon him. I slashed- I had claws now, and they ripped his chest open. I grabbed him by the hair, like he had me, but his was longer and more unkempt, it came free easily, and the force I had grabbed him with sent him flying into the wall behind me. The sounds of the world faded away, and in my rage, I didn't realize it was because they had stopped. Everyone was staring at me. No one was sparring.

Tao hit the wall hard and slid into a kneeling position. He had time to regain his balance with the aid of one arm before he focused on me again, and by then, I was already upon him. I had no idea how to fight- he tried to dodge, but I cut into his flesh again, and a pool of blood welled up from the wounds, leaving gashes across his chest- gashes that did not begin to heal. Why wasn't he healing? I mean, I know I heal fast, but he wasn't healing- at all.

Well, he's going to lose then. I didn't hurt him bad enough to kill him. He reached behind him, feeling for a weapon, but there was nothing. I hit him in the face- just like he had hit me. I didn't get a fucking warning. My claws left gashes that ripped clean through the tender flesh and let you see inside, to his mouth. He sputtered, trying to speak, but my rage had overpowered me- I went to deliver another blow, then another, until I realized that there were people, other people, other fighters, piled around me, on my back, on my arms, and I was STILL going. I fucking love Frost. Suddenly, I heard my master's voice over the screams and the chaos.


"shit!" I heard his voice much lower, under his breath- I could hear everything again, and he continued, "come on, we might get there in time for you to save him. Shit! Shit!"

And he was upon me, knocking his way through his slaves, until he threw himself between Tao and my next strike. I stopped myself, looked down, and backed up in horror- clumps of soft, brown, bloody fur falling away as I did. I tripped and landed hard on my ass, and scurried away from the mess I had made. I didn't see Tao. There was nothing there but a mass of blood and meat- he looked like something had been slaughtered for the upper class to eat. I turned my head, but the stench of blood was overpowering. I heaved, staring at him. What the fuck had I done? And why?

The mage was bent over the pulsating, leaking, pile of meat, screaming orders to fighters who, more or less, stood with their mouths gaping, staring at him, or me- the bright lights returned and I grabbed my face in my hands, and felt the sticky, cold liquid on them. I screamed again, and pulled them back. Human again- covered in blood and my fur. There was fucking flesh under my fingernails. It wasn't mine. The dried blood had clotted the fur to my hands. I rubbed them against my clothes, trying to get it off- trying to clean it off. I had to get clean. Oh, fucking shit, what did I do? My head was swimming- my body felt wrong. I turned my body, doggie style and tried to scramble to my feet- but couldn't make it before I threw up... a couple times.

A pair of hands wrapped around my shoulders and I screamed.

"It's ok, baby," my master, "It's ok, Xac. She's gonna sew him up. He's gonna make it. It's ok." He pulled me to my feet and held me. He helped me back to one of the tables lining the side of the arena. He ripped a chunk of fabric from the shirt I had already destroyed and wiped my mouth with it, then put his hand against the back of my head and pushed my face into his chest. He was making soothing noises, mostly, "It's all right" or "It's ok" or "hush Xac, hush baby."

I knew that everyone was still staring at me. I had started to cry, sobbing into his chest, and I didn't know how to stop.

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