Finally, as the creature retrieved his phalluses back into his body, Megan collapsed exhausted on the dirty ground.

Gina and the reptile approached the peculiar couple. "Wow! That was intense! Are you okay honey?" Gina asked, to which the reptilian answered, "It is not over yet."

"Not yet? I thought it was already inside of her," Gina commented, looking at Megan's belly.

Megan, still dizzy from her overwhelming experience, heard Gina's comments and asked, "What..? What do you mean?"

"He is going to do it now," the reptilian said.

The creature moved its head closer to Megan and another proboscis slowly squirmed from its mouth towards the woman's pussy.

"What is that?!" Megan asked, looking at the new appendage.

The strange limb looked like a completely different creature as it emerged from the monster's mouth. It was blue and its girth was a lot smaller than the phalluses. Megan jolted but remained in place as it entered her vaginal cavity and wormed its way in. It had a bulbous shape than ended with multiple tiny tentacles that looked almost like feathers.

As it turned out, the strange appendage was indeed an independent creature and it freed itself from the monster's mouth while penetrating deeper into Megan's body.

Megan stopped watching it as her eyes rolled back from the pleasant sensation, "Ahhh!"

Then, a sudden and powerful rush of pleasure sent Megan into an unexpected orgasm, making her shudder uncontrollably for a few seconds. During this time, the smaller creature lodged comfortably within Megan's belly and churned around to occupy the least space possible.

"It is amazing. This plan is going to work like a charm," Gina exclaimed.

When Megan regained her composure, Gina and the reptile proceeded to explain the rest of the plan...

"The small creature inside you has the ability to communicate with the big creature using ultrasonic waves. It is a natural symbiotic relationship that allows the big creature to always know where you are when he is ready to mate again. This signal is undetectable by most devices," the reptilian said.

Then Gina added, "Your mission will be to infiltrate the invader's headquarters and find the mastermind of the whole operation. We will use the ultrasonic signal to pinpoint your location and prepare the attack."

"Yes! I'll do it," Megan said excitedly. In the back of her mind, Megan wondered if she really would have to mate again with the creature sometime in the future. She hoped so.


In a house nearby, a beautiful woman working for the invaders was on a mission of her own. Her name was Cindy and she had been sent by Gorogn to capture more rebels and use them to his advantage. Amy and her sister Lana were not really involved with any rebel groups but to the eyes of the invaders, any civilian that hadn't been converted yet, was a rebel.

The two sisters were hiding in an abandoned hotel downtown. Cindy found them easily using the hunter bugs, "There is no point hiding from us in this crappy motel. We will find you anywhere."

"No! We haven't done anything!" Amy exclaimed.

"Just look into my eyes and your fear will vanish," Cindy said as her eyes began to glow with a strange inner light. The transformation pod had modified not only her mind but her body as well. Now she was able to subjugate minds, just like Monica and her Masters.

A humanoid creature also under the control of the slavers was aiding Cindy in the recruitment crusade. He was large and strong, yet not very smart. He was there as muscle and stimulator. This creature grabbed Amy from behind and pulled her towards him, his fully erect cock ready to penetrate the scare woman's trembling body. Amy struggled to free herself but he was too strong.

"Lana! Help me!" Amy screamed, looking at the bathroom.

Lana had problems of her own. She was desperately crawling out of the bathroom trying to escape from an attacking bug. But it was too late. The creepy creature was already grabbing Lana's hips and was pushing its flexible appendage into her pussy.

"Your sister can't help you. She is busy right now," Cindy said, trying to capture Amy's eyes.

"Amy!" Lana screamed from the bathroom door. She was on her knees and the bug started to penetrate her body. "Ahhhgg!"

"Don't worry about her. Very soon she will be begging for more," Cindy said with a soothing voice. Then she grabbed Amy's head with both hands and forced her to look at her face... "But let's focus on us shall we. Look at me!"

Cindy's eyes glowed brighter with entrancing charm and Amy´s heart jolted when she looked into them.

"Your... eyes... how can you...?" Amy asked confused.

"Aren't they pretty?" Cindy asked rhetorically.

Amy wondered how this was possible, unaware that her gaze was already trapped, "So... strange... and pretty..." Amy whispered.

The tiredness of several days without good sleep worked against Amy. Her weakened mind easily subdued to Cindy's entrancing gaze. The creature released Amy's arms but she stood still, trapped in the woman's eyes.

"Let the fear go away and prepare for infinite pleasure," Cindy said seductively.

Amy's thoughts became sluggish and slowly faded off until there were no thoughts at all. Cindy's voice filled her brain completely and the soft sound reverberated in her pussy.

"Our big friend is waiting. Sit on his cock," Cindy commanded without raising her voice.

"Yes... sit on his cock," Amy repeated absentmindedly.

Amy climbed onto the bed and positioned her crotch above the creature's large penis. The monster grabbed her hips and aimed for the right spot.

When Amy felt the cold tip of his cock spreading her sensitive labia, she let herself go, allowing the thick phallus to pierce deeply into her body. Amy moaned loudly, never having something so big inside of her before.

"I can see how much you like it. Your nipples are swelling already," Cindy said.

The creature swung Amy's slim body up and down easily, impaling her with his cock. Cindy leaned forward and licked one of Amy's bloated nipples, fully aware that the woman's impending climax was going to make the entrancing job easier.

"Go on my darling. Give yourself over to that blissful orgasm that will open your soul for me..."

Lana was still dragging herself out of the bathroom trying to cope with this unearthly and perplexing situation. This hideous creature came out of nowhere, jumped her from behind and now it was pushing its squirming appendage so deep inside of her.

"Help me Amy! It is going to kill me!" Lana pleaded, unaware that her sister's mind was gone.

Amy couldn't hear Lana or anything else anymore. Her eyes rolled back into her head as a heavenly orgasm rocked her trembling body from head to toe.

This little bitch came faster than I thought. I guess she likes being fucked by monsters, Cindy thought with a mischievous smile on her face.

Amy slowly came back from her climax and regained focus just to find a couple of glowing eyes a few centimeters from hers. The carnal bliss that faded away was immediately replaced by bliss of submission and devotion. Her pupils unconsciously distended allowing total access to her mushy, malleable mind.

"Now you belong to me," Cindy said.

Amy's pussy still twitched around the monster's cock while Cindy's commands made her heart jolt with excitement.

"It is your sister's turn. Follow me," Cindy commanded.

"Yes, Mistress," Amy responded, as she stood robotically, letting a soft moan escape her lips when the creature's big cock slid out of her body.

Cindy moved beside Lana and ordered Amy to stand and wait. The bug-like creature was fiercely pumping Lana's pussy while the scared young woman screamed for help, "Please! Take it off me!"

"Come here my little friend. I am going to need this pussy," said Cindy to the bug, as if it could understand her. Cindy grabbed the smaller creature and pulled it up, forcing its appendage out of Lana's vaginal cavity with a wet slurping sound. Lana moaned.

The big humanoid approached Lana and kept her in place. Lana pleaded for mercy, trembling with fear and looking up at the humanoid, "No, don't hurt me please."

Cindy moved back to Amy, carrying the bug. "I have a present for you Amy, since you have been such a good girl," Cindy said to the unresponsive woman.

Amy stood still staring forward, waiting for something to fill her empty mind.

Cindy moved the squirming bug closer to Amy's crotch and it immediately wrapped its bony legs around the woman's hips. Its flexible cock flipped between her legs, searching and then it penetrated forcefully into her pussy.

"Ahhh!" Amy's empty head was suddenly filled with the same bliss that vacated her mind moments ago. She was back in heaven and her Mistress was responsible for it. She would be thankful forever.

"You like it, don't you. I will let you play with my little friend here as long as you do everything I say," Cindy said to Amy.

"Yes....Miss..tress. Ahh..." Amy responded between gasps.

"What have you done to my sister? Why is she acting like that?!" Lana asked between sobs.

Cindy turned around and faced Lana again, who was being held up by the humanoid, "Don't worry dear. Just look at me and you will understand," Cindy said.

Lana looked with disbelief at Amy's glowing eyes. She felt a strange warmth spark in her pussy. Those eyes were so alluring... and dangerous! Having witnessed the process of her sister's subjugation, Lana closed her eyes and looked away.

"No! I know your eyes are evil. Stay away from me!" Lana screamed.

"It's ok. If you don't want to do this the easy way, then we'll do it the hard way. I bet you will enjoy it too."

Before Lana even wondered about Cindy's remark, the big creature grabbed her waist from behind and pulled her back, shoving his large cock into her pussy. The frail woman screamed from both pain and pleasure.

"You will soon reach and orgasm, whether you like it or not."

Lana felt the monster's fat phallus thrusting deeper and deeper, pushing everything aside while it penetrated beyond possible. That brief moment when Lana looked into Cindy's glowing eyes was still lingering in her mind and somehow it made this nightmare easier to endure. She began to understand how Amy had given in so easily. But she had to resist. She had to save her sister.

"Yes... let it fill your body. Let pleasure overcome everything else," Cindy said.

The monster pumped her pussy with an increasing pace and Lana felt an unavoidable arousal build within her body. She felt ashamed of herself and she didn't want to think of it. She didn't want to think anything. It felt so good...

"It is getting closer, isn't it? I am going to give you some help," Cindy said, caressing Lana's breasts. Then she turned around and gave Amy a command, "Lick your sister's pussy."

Amy's own pussy jolted around the bug's appendage from the thrill of obeying her new mistress, "Yes Mistress."

Amy knelt between Lana's legs and sucked her clitoris as best she could. In her denatured mind, Lana was no longer her sister. She was just another subject to be taken by the invaders.

But for Lana things were very different. She couldn't believe that her own sister was licking her intimate parts and increasing this unwanted arousal that quickly became unbearable, "Amy... no..."

The monster's hammering cock and her sister's agile tongue was more than Lana could take. In a matter of minutes she was on the verge of the strongest orgasm of her life.

"Don't fight it baby. Let it come to you," Cindy whispered in her ear.

Without any warning, the monster's cock bloated even bigger and ejected a warm load of white cum into Lana's packed cavity. Amy didn't even flinch as some of the sperm splattered on her face and her chest. She just kept licking her sister's pussy as commanded.

The hot fluid filling her womb drove Lana over the edge. A mind-blowing orgasm rocked her body like never before. Her eyes rolled back while her arms and legs jerked spasmodically following the rhythm of the blissful waves that spread across her overwrought body.

"Yes... now open your soul to me," Cindy said softly.

When the heavenly feeling slowly faded away, Lana unconsciously looked at Cindy, trying to make sense of what just happened. But she didn't have time to think anything at all as a couple of magnetic, glowing eyes pulled her gaze and her thoughts at the same time.

"You are mine," Cindy claimed.

Lana opened her eyes wide and her pupils even wider. Her tired and overwhelmed mind was caught completely off guard and at the mercy of Cindy's hypnotic powers. She felt her heart jolt and her pussy twitched hard. She was lost.

Even her sister's tongue and the massive phallus withdrawing from her pussy didn't feel as good as the blissful sense of submission that filled her head completely. Now both sisters were at the service of the invaders and they would receive their first mission at once.

"You both will be very useful to my Master."

Cindy explained the details of their mission to Lana and Amy while both sisters stood like porcelain statues in front of her. Every word of their new Mistress was imprinted in their brains and echoed in their pussies. The sweet voice of their Mistress gave them so much pleasure that if Cindy would talk for a short while longer, they would undoubtedly reach another orgasm.

"You will infiltrate the rebel group north from here. When you acquire the information we need, send it to us."

"Yes Mistress," Lana and Amy responded at the same time.

Cindy gave the final instructions and left the room taking the bug and the humanoid with her, "You will do exactly what you were doing before we arrived and you will not remember anything that happened here until it is the right time."

"Yes Mistress," Both sisters responded again.

A few minutes later, Lana came out of the bathroom as if nothing had happened. Amy was calmly waiting for her, sitting on the bed.

"Finally, I thought you would never come out of the bathroom," Amy said casually.

"Did I take too long?" Lana asked, knowing that she did.

"I was thinking about your idea of joining the rebel groups instead of hiding in this awful place and I guess you are right," Amy said.

"Really? That's great! We can go tonight," Lana responded excitedly.

"Yes. It is about time we do something against those horrible monsters. Just thinking about them gives me the creeps," Amy added.

As Amy said those last words, she felt a strange tickle in her pussy. Lana was too distracted staring at her sister's voluptuous breasts.


Not far from there, inside the city's sewer system, Ellen was lurking in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to attack. Ellen's obsession to capture her brother and bring the family together was strong enough to make her disobey her mother's orders, even after Monica explained to her that Joey was not relevant to the invaders' plan.

Joey was on his way to join Gina's group in order to deliver important information.

There you are sweet brother. After all this time, I finally found you. Ellen thought with satisfaction.

She jumped with unnatural agility and landed in front of her surprised brother, displaying her beautiful naked body in a threatening position, "Hello Joey. Have you missed me?"

Joey quickly reached for his gun... "Ellen!"

But an instant later, the gun was already flying away from his hand, "You won't need this!" Ellen said as she kicked it off.

Shit! She is so damn fast! Joey thought truly amazed.

Ellen knocked Joey to the ground, straddling him. Her eyes were wide open, shining with a hypnotizing glow and staring directly at Joey's face. Joey was well aware of the danger and turned his gaze away.

"Open your eyes darling. If you join us, we can be together in more ways than you can imagine."

"No!! Get off me!"

Because of her transformation by the aliens, the young woman was a lot stronger than her brother and she subdued him easily. Ellen unzipped his pants and moved her face down to his crotch. Despite Joey's weak protests, Ellen's eager mouth sucked his cock to full erection in almost no time.

The sinful couple failed to notice a silent creature swimming through the slimy waters, getting dangerously close.

"I can see that your body is ready to cooperate," Ellen said.

"Ellen, don't do this. We have some new friends! They can cure you. Make you normal again!"

But Ellen wasn't listening. Having her brother's cock fully erect, she quickly straddled him and inserted his phallus into her dripping pussy. She was determined to convert Joey and she knew that having sex with him would weaken his futile resistance.

Ellen was so excited that she didn't hear the monster climbing off the greenish water just one meter behind her. Joey was becoming overwhelmed by the delightful sensation of his sister's warm cavity, encasing his cock so delightfully.

"Yeess my dear brother. Can you see how good it feels?"

"No Ellen. This is wrong. We can't do this."

Joey erroneously looked into his sister's eyes and this time he couldn't look away. Her captivating glow had trapped him. He started to lose his mind into those beautiful shinning orbs.

Suddenly Ellen's body was pulled back with great force and the entrancement was broken, "What the hell!" Ellen screamed.

Ellen was not scared of the monster that grabbed her but she was confused about its behavior. The alien monsters were supposed to help the invading forces yet this one was acting against her. Ellen had no idea that this creature was a sentinel working for the reptilians and it was assigned to monitor the sewer tunnels near the rebel's camp.

"What are you doing, stupid creature?" Ellen yelled, trying to make the creature obey.

Joey was as confused as his sister since he didn't know about the sentinels. Where did this monster come from? It saved me!

Ellen struggled to get free but the creature was much stronger than her. She watched with desperation as her brother ran away, "He is running away! Get him before he escapes! Let go of me!" Ellen insisted.

I need to get help before it kills my sister! Joey thought as he ran desperately.

The monster was grabbing Ellen from behind so she couldn't see his shape but she could see its tale as it lingered between her legs. The creature waved the phallic appendage like some sort of foreplay. Ellen was still puzzled by the situation.

What is happening? Why is this monster not obeying me? Ellen thought.

When the creature aimed its bulbous tail at the girl's pussy, its intentions became very clear. Shit! This thing is going to fuck me!

Ellen felt the monster's proboscis pushing her pussy lips apart and penetrating all the way to the bottom of her vaginal cavity with a single, powerful stroke. She gasped loudly.

The young woman had willingly fucked different monsters since her conversion by the invaders but this time was different. She was not in control. She couldn't understand why her helplessness was so strangely arousing. It is going so deep inside of me... "Ahhh..."

The creature manipulated her at will, knowing that she would comply no matter what. He had a limited intelligence but enough to understand that all the mind-controlled converts had the same weakness... sex! Ellen had been trained to obey and submit as a sex slave and this weakness was easily exploited.

He is too strong. I better surrender to his wishes. I'll get Joey some other time, Ellen thought as her arousal grew.

The creature pumped Ellen's pussy at a frantic pace and after a short time, Ellen reached her first orgasm, "Ahhhhghh!" The young woman's pussy twitched around the phallus, trying to suck it deeper inside as the monster's flexible appendage squirmed and rubbed against her over sensitive inner walls.

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