tagIncest/TabooXmas Surprises at the Murphy's

Xmas Surprises at the Murphy's


It was around 7pm on December 22, when my cab from the airport pulled up to the curb. An awkward nervousness rumbled in my stomach as I paid the driver then removed my suitcases and gift bags from the trunk. I paused for a moment and stood at the gate to the yard of the house were I grew up. I took a deep breath before heading up the walkway to the front door.

See, my family was expecting me home on Christmas day, but I thought it would be a fun surprise to show up a few days early. I had not seen my two sisters in nearly 3 years and had only seen my parents once in that same time period. With my family living in Pittsburgh, attending a university in Los Angeles made it very difficult for me to travel back to my hometown often. In my case, with such a shortage of time and money, it made it virtually impossible. My commitment was to get my graduate degree over 3 years by working straight through with no summer breaks. So with my intense dedication to the curriculum and the hours I was putting in as an intern with a local minor league hockey team's public relations department, I found myself too busy to keep in touch with my family in any fashion. I know it is a lousy excuse, but that was my lifestyle and my family supported me on it. There were the occasional phone calls around the holidays when mom would give me an update of how my dad was still a workaholic even after retiring; how well my older sister Colleen was handling her new family life; and how my younger sister Lizzy was a menace and was going to drive mom to an early grave. Aside from the phone calls, I received an email back in July from Colleen telling me that she was pregnant again. More recently, within the past few weeks, I received a text message from Lizzy saying that mom and dad hated her and were going to kick her out. I thought she was just being dramatic, but knowing what I know now, I wish I had not ignored that text message.

I approached the door with my nervous tension slightly subsided, sat my bags beside me and gave a few quick raps to the glass on the front door. I stood there clenching all the muscles in my body and breathing the steam from my nose and mouth. I had not yet fully adjusted to the extremely frigid climate that I was so accustomed to growing up. Southern California will spoil you rotten when it comes to weather. Suddenly the door cracked open a bit and I saw Colleen's eyes and smile grow as big as her face when she realized it was me.

"David!" she screamed as the door flung open and she lunged out into my arms.

"Hey sis, Merry Christmas!" I gave a quick peck on the cheek, then grabbed her shoulders and held her at arms length so I could get a better glance at her.

"Wow, Coll, you look great." And she did. For being a 30 years old, 6 months pregnant and already a mother of 1 boy/1 girl fraternal twins, she looked fabulous. "Don't take this the wrong way, but your body is really responding great to this pregnancy."

"Awe, thank you David" She said with blushing cheeks and a big smile. She took that comment as flattery because she gained nearly a hundred pounds during her pregnancy with the twins. She had a lot of problems with how her body was handling the pregnancy and was on bed rest for several months. When I left for California, she had been working extremely hard for several months after the birth to get her body back into shape. All that hard work really paid off because she looked to be back to the beautifully fit, 120 lbs woman she used to be, well, not counting the wonderful baby lump growing beneath her red Christmas sweater.

"Are you sure there aren't two little ones hiding in there again?" I said with my hand placed gently on her perfectly rounded belly.

"Definitely not, jerk" she replied with a smile and gave me a soft punch in the arm.

"I love the shorter hair. It's very mommy-like." Running my fingers through quickly with a teasing grin on my face.

"Get inside goofball, before we both catch a cold." Colleen snickered.

"Wow, you really have become mom, I mean, a mom. Haven't you?" Again she gave me a punch in the arm, but a little stronger this time. Then as Colleen stepped out to reach for a few of my bags, before I could tell her to stop, I heard...

"Stop right there missy. What would possess you to try to lift those?" Just then Colleen's husband Darren appeared in the doorway with two little munchkins latched to each leg.

"Welcome home David" as he extended his hand and pulled me in for half a hug.

"Hey kids, say hello to your Uncle Davy." The two shyly turned away, then David pried them from his legs and they ran back towards their mommy.

"Hi Justin and Jamie!" I said with a slight wave towards them. "Wow, I haven't seen them since they were little babies. I can't believe how big they've gotten."

"And don't worry, by the end of the night they will be biting your ankles, not mine." Darren replied as he reached for one of my suitcases and one of the gift bags.

"Well I hope so, because I told Santa to bring them something extra special from Uncle David, so they better warm up to me." as I tussled the hair on their heads with both my hands.

"Come on in Dave so we can get you settled and we can go downstairs to Dad's bar. Crack some beers, throw some darts and shoot the shit..." Just then Colleen punched Darren in the arm with much more force than the two nudges she gave me.

"DARREN!!! You know daddy wanted that to be a surprise for David"

"Sorry hun, I forgot. Got caught up in the moment. Sorry too David, but really, it's awesome. You are going to love it."

Darren and I always had a good brother-in-law relationship ever since he met my sister while doing his undergrad work at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. Darren lived in the dorms on campus, so I would go party with him and my sis any chance I could get. I got to see and experience a lot of odd and crazy things in those days, but that's a different story. They progressed into a much calmer lifestyle after getting married and having the twins...as they should have.

Once through the doorway, there was the choice to go left into the living room and den area of the house, right into the dining room and kitchen area, or straight up the stairs to the second floor where the bedrooms were. Like a deer in headlights, I just stood there with the heavy bags pulling down on my arms. The warmth of being back in that house overwhelmed me with emotion. Then I snapped out of it...

"Where's mom and dad?"

Colleen swooped down and picked up both Justin and Jamie at the same time in one only-a-mother-can-do type motion. "Put your bags down. Darren will carry them up to your room for you. Mom and Dad are in the kitchen."

"Thanks D." I sat the bags on the floor, gave Darren a pat on the back then headed towards the kitchen.

As I turned the corner to the dining room, dad saw me from the counter in the kitchen. I held my finger to my mouth for my dad to 'shhh'. Mom was checking on the cookies she had baking in the oven, so her back was turned. I could tell she was in her typical holiday zone because the Christmas music was blaring and she was singing along. She was so much in the zone, that she did not hear the commotion of me, Colleen, Darren and the kids at the front door.

I snuck up behind her and placed my hands over her eyes just as my dad said "Guess Who?". The shock of my cold hands touching her faced caused her hips to buck back very quickly right into my crotch. I didn't realize it prior, but my penis was partially erect during the moment of impacted. It wasn't an erection of sexual implications, but I guess one of the comfort of being home or maybe that of having to take a leak since getting off the plane. Either way, I was a little embarrassed and in a bit of pain. I just hope she didn't feel it. I doubled over and fell to my knees as mom spun around and realize who she just butted...literally.

"OH MY GOSH, DAVID! Are you alright dear? I'm so sorry!" My mom crouched down beside me. In that motion her dressed fluttered a bit and a waft of all the wonderful scents in the kitchen rushed my face. Again, I didn't recognize it as anything sexual. It was just the smell of cookies, eggnog, and cakes and mom's sweet scent all mixed and came from beneath her dress.

"I can't believe you are here days early! Did you see your beautiful niece and nephew yet?"

"You ah-ight David?" dad snickered.

"Yes, I'll be fine" as I got to my feet. I gave mom a big kiss on the cheek and a long strong hug. "Mom, so great to see you. Yes, I saw the kids. I can't believe how big they got."

I looked over at dad and said "Nice to see you too Dad."

He replied, "Beer?"

"Absolutely, I'll get it." I didn't want him to know that I already found out about the bar, so I started walking towards the fridge.

"No, I keep 'em downstairs now. I'll go get it. Yer mom will tell you the sleeping arrangements. Where 'r yer bags at?"

"Darren took them upstairs for me, you better grab a brew for him too."

Mom chimed in "We figured we will let you stay in your old room, Colleen and Darren are staying in Elizabeth's room, the kids are sleeping in with me and your father. Oh yeah, and Liz is sleeping on the couch in the living room...if that little (garbled mumbling)..."

"Where is Lizzy? I haven't seen her yet?" I said with a bit of excitement.

I had not seen Liz since she was a 15 years old and had just finished her freshman year of high school. I had seen a recent picture of her on her MySpace page, but it was kinda small and distorted. Her page was set to private, so I couldn't look at any of her pics and I never took the time to set up an account for me to become her MaySpace friend, and all that fun stuff. I wanted to see my little Lizzy all grown up.

"She is in the living room. I told her to get off her lazy butt and do something for once. So she should be decorating the tree."

Just then dad returned from the basement with three bottles of beer in his hand. He hands one to me and says "Take a minute ta relax. Then I got somethin' ta show ya down in tha basement."

"Ok pops. I still need to go say hi to Lizzy."

Mom leaned into me and said softly, "Fair warning, Elizabeth isn't the sweet little girl you remember. Don't let her get under your skin."

There was an awkward pause and then dad chimed in. "Well, ok then. When yer ready, grab Darren and come on down."

Mom had me nervous about my baby sis. What was I about to witness? Growing up, Lizzy was always a bit of a black sheep, mostly because of the age difference. She was 8 years younger than me and 12 years younger than Colleen. I was around for most of her freshman year of high school before I left for California. She was so shy and innocent back then. The few friends she surrounded herself with were just as cute and sweet as she was. I understand that she was 18 now, and needed to take pride in her womanhood, but what sort of monster could 3 more years of high school turned her into?

I took a few big gulps of my beer, then headed towards the living room. As I entered, I could see the setup was very much how I remembered. A couch along the wall to the left; a fireplace on the opposite wall from the couch; a love seat positioned near the entrance of the room; and across the room near bay window, was the great big spruce Christmas tree.

Lizzy was on her knees at the side of the tree placing the final bit of tinsel. She was bobbing her head up and down, sort of humming a tune, when I realized she had her mp3 player headphones in her ears. I stood there and admired the beautiful specimen that my little sis had become. She was wearing a white tubetop and a short black skirt. The tightness of her clothes complimented the tightness of her body well. Her hair was much different than the long brown locks I remembered. It was now straight, shoulder length and jet black. I noticed some sort of tribal tattoo that was exposed on her lower back.

All of the sudden, that awkward nervousness returned.

As I approached her, I called out her name, but she must not have heard me over the music. To avoid another shot to my privates, I decided to not sneak up on her. Instead, I picked up one of the excess plastic bulb ornaments that was sitting in the decoration box and lobbed it just over her head.

"Why the fuck would...?" She snapped as she turned her head. Her face lit up brighter than the Christmas tree when she saw it was me.

"Oh my God, David. It's YOU!" She sprung up, ran at me and jumped into my arms like she used to do when she was little and dad would return from long work trip.

My mind didn't know how to tell my body to react to her grasp. Lizzy's firm young chest was pressed strongly against mine and her defined legs were wrapped tightly around my lower body. I kept my hands clenched in fists while I hugged her, so that my hands would not wonder inappropriately onto her bare skin.

"I missed you so fucking much David..."

"What's with the language?" I interrupted.

"And what's this, and this, and all of these?" as I pointed to the diamond stud in her nose, the gold hoop in her eyebrow and the 10 or 12 earrings she had throughout each ear.

"Oh, and this too?" as I reached around and poked my finger into her lower back.

She loosened her grip on me, took a few steps back and raised both arms in the air like a supermodel. "What? You don't like the new me? Sorry, I'm not that little cutie innocent girl anymore."

I would have like to seen my face in a mirror as I stared her up and down. My little sis had developed into an absolute knock out.

I cleared my throat. "Lizzy, you look amazing. I didn't mean anything by it. You just look so different. So grown up."

Her 5'3 frame leaned back into me as she raised one finger to my lips. "Shhh. I know. A lot has changed. A LOT!..." She slowly moved her hand down my chest and onto my belt. "Just remember, I AM grown up silly."

My heart began to race. "I told dad I was just coming in to say hi to you. He wants me to look at something down in the basement."

"Wait. All I have to do is place the star at the top of the tree and I am done. Can you hold the step ladder for me?"

"Sure, but make it quick. Dad is waiting."

She positioned the ladder at the side of the tree so she could have me look at it from the front to make sure the star was straight. As she was reaching up to place the star, the piece that holds it on the top of the tree came loose and fell to the floor. I knelt down to pick it up, and something possessed my eyes to look up. I could see directly under Lizzy's skirt, up to her little silk red panties that at the crotch read 'Ho! Ho! Ho!' in white print.

She leaned back a bit, looked down at me, and with a big grin said,

"Ho! Ho! Ho! David. Now hand me that damn thing."

I couldn't believe she had caught me looking. My mind was in a whirlwind. Without any control my dick became fully erect. I stayed down on my knees to hide my massive boner, while Lizzy finished placing the star. To my relief, Justin and Jamie came running into the room. I was able to avoid further embarrassment by chasing after the kids on my hands and knees, acting like a doggy. After a minute or so, the erection subsided and I was able to stand up and walk out of the room.

"Wait. David. Is it straight?"

I barely even looked in her direction. I just replied "Lizzy, the tree looks great. Now I gotta go get Darren and meet dad in the basement."

I darted towards the stairs, and was about to run up but stopped in my tracks when I heard what sounded like heavy kissing coming from the top of the steps.

"Darren!" I yelled up the stairway.

After about ten seconds, Darren leaned his head into the opening at the top of the steps. "What's up Dave?"

"Dad wanted me and you to meet him in the basement. You know, so he can show me the surprise."

"Oh yeah, right. Well, give Coll...I mean, give me 5 minutes and I will be down." He said in a huff.

"K. See you down there."

I walked down the stairs into the basement and even though I knew about the surprise, my eyes still widened. The bar looked amazing. I figured it would just be a small refrigerator and a rinky-dink bar that you buy at a store. I was wrong. Dad went all out. He built the entire bar himself which included a built in tap system with 3 different keg hookups. He also did all the shelving that held the glasses and liquor bottles. The bar had 8 stools in front of it, but was probably big enough to fit up to 12 people. He had a dart machine installed at one side of the basement, a foosball table on the other side, a nice little lounge area in the corner, a 42" flat screen TV mounted on the wall, and a refrigerator fully stocked with beer behind the bar. After dad gave me the quick tour and told me about how everything came about and how he built it all, Darren finally came down.

"Everything ok with Colleen?" I asked with slight concern.

"Oh yeah. Coll is fine." Darren gave me a quick wink while dad's head was turned.

Back in his college days, that was usually his signal to me that Colleen had just given him a blowjob or they just had sex. I don't know why he felt the need to let me know that, but he usually did.

Darren continued. "Dad, Colleen said she is going to lay down with mom and the kids in your room until they fall asleep. If she falls asleep too, just wake her up and send her to our room. She said they wanted to stay up and catch up with you Dave, but they are all tuckered out. It was a long day of shopping and baking and all that shit. You understand."

Just then, Lizzy came bouncing down the steps, then walked over and sat down at the bar.

"Bartender, scotch on the rocks. Make it a double." Lizzy jokingly barked at dad.

"Liz, we're havin' guy time down 'ere. Why don't ya head back upstairs?"

"Awe, but daddy, everyone else is in bed. Besides, what woman wouldn't want to hang out with the three most handsome men in Pittsburgh?"

Her flattery must have been hypnotic because dad said "Ok, you can stay, but you better behave."

"Ok daddy. I promise." Lizzy innocently replied. "Will the #1 daddy in the whole wide world let me have just one beer?"

"I know I shouldn't, but yer mom is in bed, so....ok....one beer only. I mean it."

Over the next hour or so me, Darren and Dad knocked back some beers, threw some darts and had some laughs. Lizzy kept to her word and only had the one beer, or at least as much as we could tell. She was the one grabbing beer out of the fridge for us most of the time, and she did keep running upstairs every so often. We were all a bit buzzed, so she was probably sneaking beers upstairs and guzzling them real quick.

Darren had dad caught up in a conversation about a bunch of home improvement projects that him and Colleen were planning for the following spring and summer.

Lizzy blurted out, "Boring! Come on David. Let's play some darts."

I replied, "ok, but don't expect me to take it easy on you anymore. You're all grown up now."

She just laughed and said, "That's ok. Daddy has been teaching me."

As the game went on, things started to change. She had become a master of distraction. In between throws, instead of her holding the darts in her hand until her next turn, she would push them down between her cleavage. Or when I was getting ready to throw, she would stand there and adjust her top or her skirt. All I needed was a double bullseye to finish the game, but then she got me. When I was getting ready to line up my throw, she dropped one of her darts to the floor, right beside the board. When she bent over to pick it up, her skirt rose up and I notice some things I didn't notice before. One, was that those red panties she was wearing were actually a thong. Two, she had an amazing ass.

Just like before, I had no control and before I knew it, I had a total hard-on. I quickly sat down on the love seat in the lounge area.

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