Xmas Xcess

byRumple Foreskin©

In the end, they returned to the missionary position. As their passion mounted, Ray lifted her legs up and forced them back towards Cindy's chest. It gave him unrestricted access to her perfect pussy which he filled with every inch of his wonderful cock.

They reached a mind blowing mutual orgasm which left them dazed and exhausted. Ray gently lowered Cindy's legs and they both sighed with contentment. A familiar sound began to penetrate their post-coital haze. Cindy looked around, giggled softly, and whispered in Ray's ear, "We must have put on one great show. Everyone is making love."

Ray studied the other three couples. All were in various stages of passionate entanglements. "I always said you brought out the best in me. Now it looks like you've brought out the best in all our friends."

They kissed, then lay back to watch and listen to their friends making love. They'd get up and go to bed, but later. Now, both wanted to be a part of what their passion had started.


The next day it was Bill and Robin's turn to enjoy the services of three lovers. Still weary from her previous day's escapades, Cindy was more than willing to let Ann and Sue handle most of the heavy loving with Bill.

As it turned out, both Robin and Bill were primarily interested in oral sex. "I guess you could say I want a good, and I mean really good, tongue lashing," said Robin, as she shucked off her sheer nightgown. With that she lay back in bed, spread her legs and motioned for her harem to begin taking turns eating her out. The non-stop licking soon had climax after climax shaking her body. Only when her pussy had been licked to the point of numbness did she substitute her lover's hard dicks for their tired tongues.

For his part, Bill wasted no time in putting his three lovers to work on his thick, solid cock with their teeth, lips and tongues. Ann took his balls and Sue his cock-head while Cindy worked up and down his ridged shaft. Their efforts soon had him blasting a load of cum into Sue's waiting mouth.

After a quick break, he told Cindy and Sue to try and suck his dick back to life while Ann sat on his face and he ate her succulent snatch. Once his cock was again hard and ready for action, Bill turned Ann around and got in a 69 position with her. After a few minutes of furious sucking and licking, Bill shoved three fingers deep into Ann's bubbling bush, triggering a violent orgasm that left her happy but wrung out.

He immediately had Sue take the smiling Ann's place. As he licked and nibbled furiously on Sue's sweet cunt, she sucked steadily on his throbbing cock. When Bill shoved three fingers into her slippery snatch, she gasped and shook with pleasure, but didn't come. It was only when he pushed his remaining finger into her tight asshole that Sue experienced a body bending climax.

The look of contentment on Sue's face never changed as she rolled off Bill and lay panting beside him on the floor. Cindy didn't need to be told what Bill now wanted. The wanton, lustful look he gave her left no doubt that even after finishing off both Ann and Sue, he was still hungry for more pussy. And she knew the pussy he wanted to eat was hers.

There could be worse fates, thought Cindy, as she went over to Bill. The memory of his talented tongue made her weary pussy damp with anticipation. After kneeling astride Bill's chest, she leaned forward and took the tapered head of his cock into her mouth. Then she lowered her hips down toward Bill's face until she felt his tongue begin to stroke her dripping pussy.

Bill was so damn good. It was the reason the once super-serious Robin now always seemed in such a good mood and why Ann and Sue had such pleased expressions on their faces.

Cindy squirmed with delight under the assault of Bill's talented tongue. Back when they were all single, he went down on her several times. He'd been enthusiastic and very good. Now he even more enthusiastic and was abso-fucking-lutely incredible! Obviously, he'd been practicing a lot, presumably on Robin. As Cindy shuddered in delight, she couldn't help but envy her lucky friend for getting the steady services of Bill's masterful tongue.

But Cindy was determined to give as good as she was getting and sucked on Bill's hard, thick pole with all the energy and skill she could muster. While kneading his nuts, she bobbed her head up and down Bill's fat shaft, sliding it deep inside her eager mouth. Her lips pressed hard against the sides of the stiff shaft. At the end of each upstroke, her tongue lashed against the swollen cock-head.

Meanwhile, Bill kept alternating between flicking his tongue against her engorged clit and swirling it around inside her churning cunt. That damn tongue is driving me wild, thought an ecstatic Cindy, as waves of pleasure surged through her.

By the time Bill had begun bucking and jerking toward an orgasm, Cindy was on the verge of her own climax. Despite her best efforts to postpone the inevitable, her body convulsed around Bill's head under the force of an all-consuming orgasm.

Cindy's passion triggered Bill's own climax. He groaned and hunched his hips up toward her face. A flood of cum erupted from his straining cock. The sensations in her pussy, coupled with the explosion of Bill's semen into her mouth, sent a second orgasm racing through Cindy. Involuntarily, she began grinding her pulsating pussy against Bill's face, while working frantically to swallow his initial load. As the waves of passion rolling through her body began to lessen, she sucked out every drop of Bill's cum, not stopping until his totally drained cock fell soft and limp from her semen coated lips.

It took Bill over an hour to recover from his triple 69. When he did, he fucked each girl, taking Cindy first, then Sue and finishing off with his hard, white, pole buried up to the root in Ann's tight, brown bush.

That night, Cindy and Ray once again made slow, gentle love, then shared their experiences and expectations. Cindy admitted she was looking forward to another session with Tony's tool the next day. It proved to be even better than she hoped.

Everyone slept last the next morning. Over breakfast, Ann and Robin told Cindy they were just as eager as she was to serve Tony and his giant cock. But it turned out the only way Robin could accommodate it was to let Tony take her doggie style. Even then, she had difficulty accepting his entire length. It took a lot of patience and lubricant, but judging from the look on her face when Tony shoved his huge hunk of hard meat into her stretched pussy, Robin felt the time was well spent.

To everyone's amazement, when it was her turn the next day, the petite Ann offered to climb on top on Tony. After some trial and error, the head of his ponderous prick was positioned inside the pink opening to her vagina. Then with one long downward stroke, she took the entire length of that super pole into her amazing cunt. Only when the last couple of inches surged into her body did she let out a long, low moan.

After Ann finished, the three women began giving Tony's tool their best oral attention. When he was once again ready for action, Cindy decided to emulate Ann. She told Tony to stay on his back and straddled his hips. When his giant cock-head was wedged between the lips of her vagina, she began to cautiously lower herself down that incredibly long, thick pole.

Something bigger than she ever believed possible was thrusting up into her body. As the last inch of Tony's swollen shaft entered her pussy, Cindy was amazed at how much easier it had been to take him in this position.

For just a moment, she sat still, relishing the sensation of so much cock buried inside her body. Then she moved up and down slightly, thrilling to the feel of his shaft sliding past her hot, slick vaginal walls. Taking a deep breath, Cindy raised up until less than half that massive dick was still in her clutching cunt. As she prepared to plunge back down Tony's super stick, she knew she was in for a memorable, mind-blowing fuck.

It took some time for everyone to recover. The break ended with them all working to coax Tony's tool back to life. When that mission was accomplished, the three girls began receiving another helping of that monster meat. Once again Robin had to take Tony doggie style. But this time Ann decided to lay back and let Tony ram his prodigious pecker into her in the missionary position.

As she watched Tony at work, first on Robin and then on Ann, Cindy was massaging petroleum jelly into and around her well-used cunt. At first she was worried that if Tony came while doing either of her friends, he might be finished for the day. But after Ann achieved a soul stirring orgasm, Cindy was relieved to see him pull a very hard cock out of her well fucked cunt.

Waving at Tony to join her, Cindy rolled over on her back and positioned a small cushion under her plump ass. Spreading her legs wide, she took a deep breath and watched with stomach churning excitement as her Italian lover moved into position. Seconds later, his powerful, pussy pleasing prick was plunging deep inside her stretched and satisfied snatch.

It would prove to be a long and incredibly exhilarating coupling. When it ended, a limp and exhausted Cindy was left totally fucked out and in a state of blissful oblivion. The only thing she was conscious of was Tony's last load of cum floating deep inside her body and his magnificent meat slowly softening inside her satiated snatch.

While Cindy as getting off on Tony's tremendous tally-whacker, Ray was busy ravaging Sue's awesome ass. Immediately after entering the bedroom, Sue had surprised and delighted the three men designated to serve her by announcing she wanted to get butt fucked.

Of course, the men were more than willing to oblige. Ray began the proceedings by carefully lubricating and preparing Sue for the upcoming ass assault. Then he plowed into her fantastic fanny. As Sue moaned and squirmed in ecstasy, Ray was again convinced she was a butt fuck for the ages.

Once Ray had emptied his nuts into Sue's bowels, Bill quickly took his spot behind her ample ass. A few minutes later, he too deposited a load of cum into Sue's rump.

Seconds after Bill pulled his now limp cock out of Sue's cum filled ass, Jessie rushed to take his place. Jessie had always said he really dug butt fucking. As Ray knew, his problem was Ann didn't share his enthusiasm for anal sex. But now Jessie had unlimited access to one of the great asses of all times. And not only was it ready for action, Sue was demanding service from the very willing Jessie. A big smile spread across Jessie's face as his dark prick was swallowed up inside Sue's tight, slippery and very willing white ass.

Later that day, Sue was convinced to try taking on all three guys at the same time. Ray got things going by laying on his back, then helping Sue climb on top and shove her neglected pussy down over his rock hard cock. Then Jessie moved to his favorite spot and slipped his dick into her cum filled ass. When the two men drove into her at the same time, Sue moaned and almost fainted.

Sue opened her eyes. Bill was standing in front of her. His flared cock-head bobbed inches from her face. Trembling with sexual energy, she wrapped her arms around his lean body while locking her full lips around his thick shaft. In this position, she was able to suck on Bill's meat while savoring the incredible sensation of two cocks burrowing deep inside her body. It sent her hurtling toward a series of thundering orgasms.

Hours later, snores and the voices of Ray and Cindy were all that broke the silence inside the darkened lodge. They lay in each other's arms, recounting the day's sexual adventures. Their voices trailed off, followed by the sound of slow, sensual love-making, then all was silence.

The last day of the threesomes featured Jessie and Ann as the star attractions. Jessie spent most of his time butt fucking his attendants. Meanwhile, Ann insisted her three studs give her hard, straight sex and a whole lot of it.

Ann seemed insatiable. When her three lovers were screwed into temporary exhaustion, she had them take turns eating her savory snatch while the other two worked on her small, sensitive breasts. The men exchanged glances, wondering if she would outlast them all. Then Tony's cock came back to life.

"Give me everything you've got, Tony," said Ann. It was an open challenge. "Don't hold back or worry about me. I can take all you've got anyway you bring it."

Tony, who usually worried about hurting his partners, took Ann at her word. The big power-lifter placed her ankles on his broad shoulders and buried the full length of his colossal cock into her petite body. Then he took her in his arms and, in one fluid motion, stood. Ann gasped and wrapped her arms around his neck. Tony leaned back against a wall for support and began slamming hard, incredibly deep thrusts into the inner most recesses of her passion racked body.

Each time Tony's massive hammer blasted into Ann's tiny body, she'd grunt and her face would contort into a grimace. But if Tony eased back to see if she was okay, Ann would shake her head and insist he give it to her even harder.

To the amazement of Bill and Ray, Tony's enormous cock seemed to be growing even bigger as it plunge remorselessly in and out of the moaning, writhing Ann. Sweat covered both panting bodies. Ann continued to demand and receive everything Tony could deliver. There was a shriek of erotic joy and she began twisting and shuddering on Tony's unyielding cock. Then she collapsed against him in spent, satiated satisfaction.

In the other playroom, Jessie spent his day shoving his dark brown bone into three willing mouths, three hot cunts and three tight asses. That they were all white was nice. The color contrast was a turn-on for all of them. But for him, the biggest turn-on was each woman being a friend who was willing, even eager, to do whatever it took to please him.

It began with his butt-fucking each girl. In between all that ass fucking, he had them suck him back to life. As a change of pace, he also fucked each of them doggie style. For Jessie, taking the three women from behind gave him an almost overwhelming sense of power and potency. What made it extra special was his wife's friends joining in the scene, not just serving as passive orifices for his lust. The way they laughed and teased one another while taking turns letting him shove his dark dagger into their willing bodies made Jessie feel able to fuck them into happy oblivion.

And he damn near did. After having fucked all three girls to a temporary exhaustion, Jessie pulled his stiff prick out of Cindy's well fucked bottom and moved over to Sue. "You've got the finest ass in the world lady. It was so good the first time, I've just got to have it again."

Although her ass was more than just a little sore, Sue smiled at the compliment. She had gotten a chance to rest while watching Jessie in action butt fucking Ann and Cindy. Now she leaned over the couch, offering him unrestricted access to the object of his desire, her perfect ass.

"Oh, hell yes," said Jessie, as he moved into position. After forcing his oversized cock-head past her tight sphincter muscle, Jessie lunged forward, driving his cock into her outstanding ass for the second time that day. Sue pushed back against his thrusts as her tight, hot ass clutched hungrily at his unyielding shaft.

Jessie grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide, allowing every inch of his long, slender dick to enter her bouncing bottom. Soon, they were both getting off on the sensual feel of Jessie massaging Sue's soft, smooth bottom while his cock hammered in and out of her tight hole and his nuts slapped against her pussy. Each time he slammed into her ass, Sue would grunt and shake her bottom. These intensely sexy sensations soon had Jessie building toward another climax.

Sue's body continued to shake under the force of his increasingly violent assault. She moaned softly, but it was impossible to tell if she were begging for mercy or for more hard meat. Then Jessie made one last savage thrust into her bottom as one more load of sperm was wrenched from his aching nuts and deposited deep inside Sue's beautiful butt.

It was the ever practical Robin who reminded Sue and Ann that the next day was Cindy's birthday. They soon agreed on the perfect present. Tomorrow, the three of them would go shopping. Cindy would stay back at the lodge with all four men at her disposal.

"We'll bring supper when we come back," Robin told Cindy. "Just be sure you've worn out the guys. The three of us are whipped and need a day off."


The next morning, Ann, Sue and Robin left early for a day of serious, after-Christmas, shopping in a nearby town. With big, knowing grins, they had sympathized with Cindy, who was a devoted shopper, about missing the trip. "But someone has to stay here and keep these guys from getting bored," said Ann, echoing the insincere condolences of Robin and Sue.

As Cindy stood on the porch watching at the vanishing car, she felt a tinge of mixed emotions. Spending the day shopping with her friends would have been fun. But this was one shopping trip she didn't mind missing.

She also felt cold. It was clear and sunny, but the temperature was somewhere below freezing. All she had on was slippers, a satin nightgown, and Ray's thermal jacket.

She turned and with a smile of anticipation, studied the four grinning men, her studs. They were standing around the cabin door, waiting for her. "Well, let's see what we can do to keep you guys from getting bored," she said, as she walked past them into the cabin.

There was a knot of excitement in her stomach and her legs were a little shaky. No wonder, she thought, with a nervous little giggle. After all, she was about to spend the entire day with four guys who, judging from the expressions on their faces and the bulges in their jeans, were ready, willing, and more than able to fulfill her every sexual desire.

The only problem was which of her many sexual desires she most wanted fulfilled. Then she recalled Ray mentioning how Robin had her three men eat her pussy until she begged for mercy. The mental image had been a huge turn-on. It still was. So she decided to start the day's activities by being the recipient of some serious cunnilingus.

She was also eager for another group session. Taking on three guys at one time had been an incredible high. With four guys now available for duty, it should be even better. She wasn't certain how to handle a fourth man, but knew she'd have fun solving that pleasant problem.

Of course, she had every intention of making sure Tony's prodigious pole was planted deep inside her eager young pussy, and just as often as possible.

When she heard the front door close, Cindy turned to face her four lovers-in-waiting. "Okay, while I'm spending a little quality time in the bathroom, you guys straighten up the living room. Then get out the sofa bed mattress and find a place for it near the fireplace. If it doesn't have a clean sheet, put one on and find some pillows. Last but not least, fix me a screwdriver. Make it a good one."

Once in the bathroom she took her time putting on some make-up, then she stripped and checked herself out in the long mirror on the back of the door. Even though she still didn't think she had a great figure, Cindy had to admit she'd seen a lot worse bodies than the one she now studied in the mirror.

She tested her high breasts springy plumpness. "I can still pass the pencil test," she thought with a smile.

Then she slipped her fingers down and over her smooth, slightly rounded belly, enjoying the feel of her warm skin. She watched her fingers ease into dark, curly pubic hairs, then felt them touch her sensitive pussy lips. Thoughts of the incredible stimulation they were about to receive made her stomach churn with anticipation.

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