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XSFGC 5: The Nightly Visit


Author's Notes:

This chapter, like Chapter 3, is part of an on going series found elsewhere on the internet. This chapter like chapter 3 can be considered a stand alone story and complies with Literotica's rules. I hope if you enjoy these two chapters you read the rest of the series.


After checking on the carnal activities going on in the West Wing Common Room, Emma went to bed naked with a smile on her face. Her examination of Phillip went better than expected. He was an inquisitive young man and she knew she could have fun with that. She had thought about bringing one of her very willing students to her bedroom for some personal satisfaction, but decided sleep was what she needed. Besides, while she was in the Common Room, Sally again tried to put a damper on everyone's activities when she broke up with Rusty. She decided Rusty needed a good talking to in the morning, because after Sally made her declaration, he simply said, "Ok" and started making out with a very shocked, but willing Amara. Silly boy, but still, it got Sally to storm out of the Common Room.

Once Emma got comfortable in her oversized, extra stuffed canopy bed, she did what she did multiple times a day. She scanned the school grounds with her potent mind. Artie and Leech were, as the norm for this time of night, sleeping peacefully. A game of "Longshot" was taking place in the West Common Room with most of the First Years, how she loved that game! Illyana continued to have her way with James' considerable man meat in front of anyone not watching the 'Longshot' game. Sally was storming herself to bed, but...yes, she was being watched! 'Phillip, you little devil. Observant, too.' Danielle and Rahne were keeping each other company in their 'unique way', that really brought a smile to Emma's face. Rahne only trusted Dani and maybe Brother Kurt. Lucky girl.

The Summers were hot tubbing again, when didn't they? Most of the X-Men were out and about. Carol was already in bed and having another nightmare. Poor dear, Emma thought, she had been through so much but was still not able to comprehend who the Animal-Monster in her dreams that tormented her was. Kitty was on the prowl to complete her quest of owning Peter's peter. Nurse Prachett was putting Charles to bed, he was so lucky to 'have' her. And Mr. Veneer was satisfying his Mrs's. Good man there.

Everything else was quiet on the school grounds. Or was it? Yes, there, someone was trying to hide himself from her, but now that she noticed him, he was standing out in her mind like a glowing beacon. They taught the X-men how to protect themselves mentally since so few of them had no mental abilities. The one who was trying to hide himself from her; since his mutant ability was not mental in nature, he would have stayed hidden only if Emma had overlooked him. Emma was not in the habit of overlooking anyone, especially him.

Emma called out into the darkness, "Lucas, you may come in."

Quietly, her bedroom door opened and was quickly filled by a massive frame.

Without saying a word, her stalker quietly shut her bedroom door and moved to the middle of her room, saying nothing. Emma allowed herself to relax, sprawling on her back, spreading her willing legs under her bed sheet, while resting both of her hands above her head, crossed, as if handcuffed. The raising of her arms caused her white silk sheet to slide down uncovering both of her full breasts. She wondered if in the dim light if her stalker could see her hardened nipples. Then she smiled; her nipples were always hard.

Neither said a word and after a while, Emma felt her legs grow antsy and start pumping slowly up and down which caused her sheet to lower farther and farther. Soon her mons was uncovered, her hands still crossed above her head and her breathing ragged. Still her stalker did not move.

With an exasperated breath, Emma finally spoke.

"How may I serve you Lucas?"

She thought about saying something snarky, but couldn't help trying to entice her large, dark, silent stalker. Her eyes had adjusted to the low light as much as they would and she could still hardly make out any details of her stalker. Oh, she knew that Lucas was a talk black man, with an equally large black "M" tattooed on the right side of his face. She knew he constantly wore his black leathers; always on duty was the school's 'Bishop'. Emma also knew Lucas was most definitely wearing a yellow neckerchief. That neckerchief was as equally important to Lucas as was the tattoo on his face. Both signified, to Lucas at least, that he was a Law Officer. A Law Officer from the future.

Lucas Bishop claimed to have traveled back in time 70 years to protect Professor Xavier and his school because he failed to do so in the future.

Emma was positive, that in fact Lucas did not travel back in time as he claimed, but she would acknowledge that the large man possibly did have memories of the future, memories that Emma, and to a lesser degree, Charles Xavier, thought were obviously a byproduct of Lucas's mutant abilities. This prescience, though appeared to be limited strictly to the time in the distant future where Lucas was part of the "XSE", a sanctioned paramilitary security force of mutants whose job it was to protect their fellow mutants. Indeed, the XSE were very similar to the X-men which Bishop now served in, albeit, without the current administration in Washington sanction.

Still, Emma was quite convinced that Lucas Bishop was a New York City Police Officer, whose mutant ability manifested later in his life and his prescience was so convincing that Lucas quit the NYPD, tattooed the "M" on his face and then sought out Professor Xavier while being adamant that he was indeed from the future.

The one conundrum in the whole issue was that Bishop, from his 'future beliefs' insists that Emma would betray Professor Xavier and his X-Men and so was not to be trusted. Professor Xavier had no qualms about accepting the mature and skilled Bishop into his X-Men and Bishop immediately assigned himself the role of protecting the Professor AND watching Emma Frost, the Assistant Head-Mistress closely. Very Closely.

Bishop was not concerned about being courteous towards Emma, so any attempt by her to show Lucas his 'true origins' were immediately rebuffed, simply because they were coming from Emma. Charles Xavier disappointed Emma here, which in itself has been a rare occurrence for her, because his desire to learn more about the future shown by Lucas's prescience inhibited her request that Charles show Lucas his 'true origins'. Instead, Charles had ordered Lucas to 'accept Emma as the Assistant Head-Mistress' and know that Charles has complete trust in Emma.

Still, Lucas watched and followed Emma relentlessly. He could always be found standing outside her class and she knows he will check on her bedroom three and four times a night when she is sleeping.

Like now. "So Lucas, are you going to submit to my womanly wiles and satisfy me with that black snake you have in your trousers?" As she said this quite seriously, she raised her hips so he could see, she was sure in the dim light, her mons. And while he probably couldn't see her juices glistening out of her outer lips, she knew that he had to be able to smell her oh so sweet, womanly smell.

Lucas silently moved forward. She could see him more clearly now, she could make out a bulge, sadly on his left hip and not the one between his legs that she knew ran down his right pant leg. Instead she could only see the bulge of the holster that housed Bishop's personal plasma pistol, which was powered by Lucas's mutant ability. Emma dared not to think what the power from his plasma pistol could do to her if she was hit by one of its bolts. Her mental powers would be powerless to stop it as it blew a basketball size hole where ever it struck her. Thankfully, the plasma pistol in the holster was secured and Lucas was standing looking at her with his arms across his expansive chest. Like so many things about his body size, he was the largest at the school, 2nd only to Peter 'Colossus' Rasputin.

If Emma wasn't so confident in her mental abilities as well as being an exhibitionist, she probably would have been more then slightly perturbed at the invasion of her privacy by Lucas. But Emma was a trooper and more so because she was sincere in her desire to make up for her previous crimes that she gladly endured his presence. Of course, she couldn't leave it alone either. It was obvious to Emma that while Lucas loathed her, he couldn't help but be enamored with her physically and Emma couldn't help but play with Lucas, using her body to push his buttons. It had taken months, but Emma was close to breaking down Lucas's will power to resist her womanly charm. Or at least Lucas's sexual urges was over powering his goal to watch Emma like a hawk. Sexual urges that Lucas was not expending elsewhere in the school.

Emma breathed heavily, "Oh, Lucas, please take me. Ravage me. Make me yours!" with her arms still crossed above her head and her pelvis throbbing up and down. Inside, Emma was gleeful. Her one constant in enticing the tall, dark mutant was that it would be easier for him to keep tabs on her if he bedded her now and then. Her submissive behavior was more than a calculated act to entice the stalwart Officer of the Law, when she was with someone with lesser skill and experience then her sexually, she was naturally dominant, but when she was with someone whose presence could rival and especially surpass hers, then she was naturally submissive. She hoped Lucas understood that the 'make me yours' comment was more for the moment and nothing permanent. Emma had entirely way too much self worth to be anyone's sex slave on a permanent basis though a few hours on a rainy day or over a long weekend was quite agreeable to her.

After languishingly flailing her quenchless pelvis, Emma snaked her long right leg to his crotch and Lucas stoically ignored the squeezing her perfectly manicured toes did to his turgid penis.

"Oh, is that for me" Emma purred as her foot rubbed up and down, from side to side aggressively on the still stoic dreadlocked mutant. "I am ready for your pilfering and while my hands are crossed above my head as if secured, as you know, I have multiple pairs of handcuffs in my night stand, along with a mélange of other 'play things' if you desire to use them on me."

Emma smiled as Lucas snorted at the same time his penis throbbed against her foot's not so gentle caress. Instead of saying anything, Lucas slowly reached above Emma's head and with the same slow speed that he reached for her, he lowered, first her right arm and then her left arm to her sides. In the low light Emma couldn't' tell if his facial expression changed, he certainly did not show his pearly white teeth, so Emma took his actions to say she was free to act how she pleased.

"Oh, thank you for freeing me Sir, now let me please you," and Emma bent at her waist, reaching out to his hips while her right leg enfolded the back of his thighs. Flexible, aren't I, she thought as she looked up to his dark features. Quickly, she unconcealed his full dark slab of meat, which leapt out of its incarceration, directly in front of her hungry mouth. Without even looking up, so as not to give him a chance to stop her, she smoothly engulfed him to her tonsils. Enmeshed completely in her body, Lucas stayed stoic, while his penis did all of the moving for him, flailing and throbbing in Emma's exquisitely trained mouth.

Emma lavishly consumed his dark meat, swallowing all of the pre-cum that had started leaking inside Lucas's leather pants and more. She was impressed that the man she had driven crazy with sexual desire was still able to not let a moan sneak out of his lips while she thoroughly pleasured him, but that didn't stop her from letting him know how much pleasure she was taking from his phallic sword. A sword that she knew measured eleven and a half inches in length and while it was only average in thickness, not the coke can size thickness that Peter and to a lesser extent Logan wielded, her expertise told her that she would have no issue deep throating his manly penis. Emma could easily have let herself be enveloped in the moment, giving herself and her mouth to his pleasure, but she had different intentions than culminating his pleasure.

As she pulled him out of her deep mouth, she licked what last bits of pre-cum she could find and then licking around the back, sensitive side that can be found on all penis's, she extricated herself from her stalker, laying back on her bed, she covered herself to just below her breast before she spoke.

"Thank you for such a wonderfully delicious midnight snack, Lucas. I am full, so I don't need any more at the moment, but you are certainly welcome to come by tomorrow night to see if I need, I mean, want more. I am going to go to sleep now."

Emma then laid her head back into her ultra soft pillows, sighed contently and turned her head to face away from Lucas before finally closing her eyes with a fulfilled smile on her mouth.

Go ahead Lucas, finish the job. Yet she knew that he would not allow himself to give in and mount her while she laid there with her large bare breast shining in the dim light. Go ahead, finish the job. You need satisfaction, take your hands wrap it around that hard dick of yours and make yourself shoot over my perfect breasts!

After hearing no movement for long and excruciatingly slow minutes Emma heard Lucas wrestling with his pants and the distinctive sound of a zipper being raised over a hard dick. Moments later, though she didn't hear him leave, she knew he was gone. DAMN! That man has testicles made of marble if he was able to walk out of here with so much control. Still, he let me suck on that juicy tube steak of his. It won't be long now. Heh, maybe next time I won't tease him and go straight to deep throating that long fucker of his. Let's see him defy that. Mmmmhmmmm. Good after taste. Strong and manly taste and smell, just the way I like it.

After scanning the mansion and grounds one more time, Emma settled in for her own night of slumber, only slightly agitated with her failure with Lucas. Her failure with Lucas didn't bother her long because she knew there was plenty of pleasure to be found elsewhere at the school.

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