tagNonHumanXXXanth Novels: Dana 2

XXXanth Novels: Dana 2


Dana had been riding Arthur for nearly and hour and every minute had been either sheer pleasure or sheer agony, Dana couldn't decide. Her panties had been ripped beyond repair and so she had not put them on. Arthur's hair was so soft yet rough that every step he took dragged her sensitive cunt lips over his back sending her pussy into amazing spasm's of pleasure. She had orgasmed dozens of times she was sure but she was extremely red knowing that everything she was thinking and feeling were very unmaidenly.

Meanwhile Arthur was having just as hard a time. He could smell and feel her wetness on his strong centaurian back and was wishing he could do to her what he had done to the harpy. He imagined bending her over and pushing the large penis between his legs deep into the small hole he imagined she had like mares. He had not really wanted to leave the harpies den, because of the amazing pleasure but it would have been unchivalrous to leave a young maiden in their evil clutches.

Plus once they were done with him they probably would cook and eat him. And that wasn't very good. So he rode on his massive red member sticking out straight as his thoughts wandered. Dana still didn't know how to summon the stork and wondered if what she had just experienced had anything to do with it. But it required a man and a woman of the same species she thought, so that couldn't be it. Dana was just about to go through another excruciating orgasm when a large white tower came into view. Arthur slowed as they neared the door and allowed Dana to dismount.

Dana saw a small puddle of fluid roll and drip down Arthur's flanks as she dismounted and she knew that it was her own. She tried to subtly wipe it up but she knew Arthur knew what she was doing. When they came near the door, it magically opened. Arthur gave her a glance that screamed Caution as they entered. There was a stair case that appeared to be the only way to go in the room. Arthur and Dana climbed side by side, up what seemed like hundreds of floors. Finally they reached a small door. They opened it carefully and walked through. On the other size was a room that was obviously too big for the small tower.

Magic, thought Dana. As they walked in they spied a short man sitting in a chair next to a circle engraved with dozens of strange images.

Dana realized he must be some kind of Magician or even worse a Sorcerer. Sorcerers were people who pretended to be magicians by using objects of magic to make it appear that they were the ones creating magic. And as a rule they were all bad. The man looked kind though so Dana wondered if he was possibly a good Magician or just a wealthy man. He looked up from his desk and asked, "May I help you two fine young people?"

Dana liked the sound of his voice for it appeared to be very kindly. "We are lost and are on a quest for the red egg. The Good Magician of Information said that if we found it we would know how Adults summon the stork." At this the man smiled and said," I'll tell you what. I will tell you how to summon the stork if you do me a little favor. I would like to be able to have you, young woman, suck my manhood, while you sir centaur, impale my daughter upon your member."

Dana wondered if this had to do with what they did in the cave. But it seemed like to her a fair trade. Arthur had already agreed with a strangely excited look on his face. "Yes sir but you must tell us when we are done how the stork is summoned." The man agreed and removed his robes revealing a thin body with a large member sticking out from below his belly button where her slit would be.

A young woman appeared totally nude and lay on her back on a small table. Arthur eagerly galloped forward the massive member that the harpy had played with was beginning to show again. Dana approached the man and got on her knees in front of him. She opened her mouth and lowered her head to his manhood. She did not know what she was doing being the innocent maiden that she was, so she watched the mans face for signs of approval. She began to stroke him with her tongue up and down the long shaft.

As she did this he put his hands on the back of her head and eagerly thrust forward into her throat. Taking this as a sign of approval she sucked on the massive head that was forcing her mouth open and causing her gasp for air. Arthur had stood over the young lady and was now preparing to enter her human pussy. She had spread her legs obediently as soon as she had neared and had helped aim his cock at her small cunt. With one thrust Arthur plunged forward burying 5 inches of his cock in her. Immediately she let out a gasp and a moan.

She began to rub a small knob above her cunt as she worked. He eagerly fucked forward and up, burying 3 more inches of himself in her. He could feel her tight cunt coming to an end after 8 inches and he whinnied as her muscles inside her stroked his cock and began to squeeze and spasm on it. He felt the familiar wetness, he had felt from the harpy, and began to lunge forward harder and harder trying to force his entire length inside. She began to stroke one of her hard pink human nipples and moan even more. Arthur leaned forward and looked back between his forelegs to where he was buried in her.

Two small pink lips were curled around his cock glistening with wetness. This sight spurred him on and he plunged himself harder into her. She began to slide up and down the table matching his thrusts. He whinnied even more as the friction between their two sex organs grew. Dana had been sucking the man hard trying to take his entire cock down her throat. She could feel veins of blood pulsing as she did so. He was thrusting forward hard into her face causing her jaw to ache but she must complete her side of the bargain she thought.

So she sucked his cock in deeper and began to run her tongue around his length. As she glanced up she noticed his eyes were locked on Arthur and his young daughter who from what she had seen, Dana estimated at around twenty years old. Suddenly his eyes squeezed shut and he thrust deep into her and his entire cock seemed to spasm as long threads of a juicy substance poured down her throat. Dana almost choked but managed to swallow it all. Meanwhile Arthur was busy thrusting himself deeper into the young human cunt beneath him. He had felt her cunt spasm and pour out a new wetness on his cock several times during their half hour fuck session.

She seemed to be nearing another as he felt her cunt grab his cock in an effort to hold him still. And suddenly her entire body shook and wave of fluid poured out her cunt. Arthur knew it was too much the moment she came. Her cunt gripped his cock and he could not handle it. He too shuddered as his massive organ sprayed cum deep into her womb filling her with his horsy seed. He stood there for several minutes before pulling out and turning to face the man who was now reclining in his chair with Dana still bent over his cock. She didn't appear to be sucking anymore but just laying there.

From his view Arthur saw her bare cunt lips but did not want to mount her, and ruin their friendship. But how he hoped he could do it later. And now they would learn the art of stork summoning. Dana stood and wiped a creamy white fluid from her mouth. When Arthur turned he noticed that the young female was clothed in a frilly little dress that hid next to nothing from the imagination.

"Oh thank you daddy, so much!" the girl yelled to her father. She ran over to him and began to stroke a now soft member. She pushed a hand underneath her panties and began to eagerly stroke the slit that was hidden there. He appeared to harden again as she slid her hand up and down his shaft and over the head. She pulled her panties down and pulled her dress over her head. She then straddled her fathers waist and lowered herself onto his member.

He pierced her slit and let out a moan. She began to bounce eagerly up and down on his cock. His hand circled her torso and began to grip and squeeze her breasts as they fucked. Between the gasps the girl moaned," Take my panties, I noticed that you didn't have any and we wouldn't want any ornery males getting to your slit would we?"

Dana mumbled a thanks and pulled the wet cum stained panties on over her legs and up against her twat. She enjoyed the feel of the panties on her lips especially the wetness that came with them.

"I hate to disturb you two, but how do you summon the stork?" Dana asked as she watched the young ladies full tits bounce. In between his labored breaths he moaned," Go stand on that large circle on the floor and I will say the magic words and you will know how." Dana and Arthur moved into the circle and stood ready to learn their much sought after secret. The father and daughter continued to eagerly fuck for several minutes till both shuddered and large amounts of fluid poured down their legs.

As soon as they had finished the man yelled," Comi si dre paso candactore!" Immediately the room shimmered out of existence. Dana realized with a start that it was a teleport spell. The next thing she realized was that below her was a massive blue expanse of ocean. Then she fell. Arthur was right beside her and he fell whinnying into the waves. The wind lifted Dana's dress from her head and the water caught it as she plunged into the deep.

Neither she nor Arthur could swim so they rapidly sunk towards the bottom of the waves. The last thing she remembered before she lost consciousness was a beautiful female with the tail of a fish swimming towards she and Arthur. A mermaid!

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