tagNonHumanXXXanth Novels: Dana 8

XXXanth Novels: Dana 8


Dana approached the giant doors to Humphrey's office carefully. She had only been away from Arthur for an hour and she already missed him. The warm wet feeling in her panties was evidence to that fact. She had thought about stopping in the forest outside and fingering herself to relieve the pressure that had been building since the last moment she had seen Arthur's cock buried inside her, but she figured that Humphrey would see the display and she hardly wanted to make a bad impression on her first day of the year's service. She repeated her knock and waited anxiously outside waiting for some reply from within.

Finally the two doors swung open to reveal a tall beautiful woman whose eyes were covered by a pair of dark glasses. It took Dana a moment to realize that the woman was Medusa, the famed Gorgon wife of the Magician. Dana's eyes travelled from the sunglasses up to the writhing mass of snakes the woman called hair. From there her eyes traveled downward tracing the outline of Medusa's face and then to the naked breasts that hung freely from her feminine shoulders. Dana flushed as she realized she could not resist staring at the large globes of flesh and the nipples that stood erectly out from them.

She felt the hardening of her own nipples against the thin dress that hid them from view. Hidden behind the sunglasses, Medusa's eyes carefully studied the young woman who stood before her. Medusa recognized the two nubs poking through her fabric and the flush of her young face as arousal. "Come with me," she hissed to her husband's newest servant. Dana obediently followed, entranced by the supple movement of the pale flesh exposed before her. Her panties were now soggy with the juices pouring from her cunt. She was guided down a long hallway to a small doorway which the Gorgon opened and closed behind her.

Dana found herself in a stuffy office with a large oaken desk, behind which the Magician sat. His kindly old face looked up at the click of the door closing behind her and he beckoned Dana nearer with a flick of his small hand. She approached quietly fearing that her lust would be detected by some powerful skill of observation that a Magician might possess. "Good evening my dear, I trust you found the answer you seek?" Dana flushed as she remembered her moments of revelation with the young dragon and the fulfillment of her lust with Arthur.

Her flush only darkened as she remembered the hard cock pounding into her asshole and shooting cum deep inside her. Humphrey smiled at her flush and said, "I take it you found what you were looking for and a little bit more. As you know, the cost of one answer is a years service with me. Your purpose will be this: because I am so eternally busy here with my work I rarely have time to enjoy the company of my wife. You will fulfill all her needs and on occasion you will fulfill my own. Do you understand?"

Dana was not quite sure what he meant but she had an idea. Dana's look of puzzlement urged the magician on. "As I can see you are extremely turned on for some reason and need relief. My wife has similar needs to your own. You will be responsible for easing that burden from her shoulders and as I said, from my own as well. Why don't we begin now?" With that Dana watched as he pushed his chair back and began to unfasten his trousers. Dana began to blush and grow queasy. She was extremely aroused, as he had said, but he was very old and she loved Arthur very much. However all thoughts of refusal were banished when his button popped free and a large cock, although limp, was exposed to her view.

She gradually stepped towards him and moved around the desk till she was in range to touch it. "I am a bit old so I will need a little more attention then your younger partner might." Dana slowly pulled her skirt over her head leaving her standing in the small lacy panties that Arthur had purchased her on their journey back. Dana dropped to her knees before him and slowly began to pet the sleeping monster. Her soft delicate hands moved over the rough surface of the old cock gradually inspiring it to move. Humphrey reached out and grasped her head and gradually pushed her mouth nearer to the wrinkled shaft.

Dana looked up at his face as her small lips opened before the head of the penis. Her small dainty tongue darted out and traced the gnome's tip. She closed her eyes as she felt herself being forced farther down onto the cock. Her mouth was quickly filled as the cock responded to the innocence of her tiny mouth and tongue. One of her hands remained on the shaft as she bobbed her head up and down the length of the cock, her hair falling in front of her face as she did so. Her other hand found its way beneath her panties where three of her slender fingers stroked in and out of the tight grasping wetness of her cunt.

Small moans and slurping sounds escaped her mouth as Humphrey's strong grip forced her to increase her pace. His cock was easily 9 inches long and Dana was gagging as he forced it deeper in her mouth. Tears appeared in the corners of her eyes but still her fingers rapidly worked in and out of her pussy. Humphrey was madly thrusting up into the tight grip of her mouth and was audibly moaning. Dana flushed as she realized that his balls were slapping against her chin making a wet splat sound because of her spit. This thought drove her on and soon she found her cunt spasming around the hand buried inside of her hot hole.

Humphrey, too, was nearing the edge of his limit and his thrusts were increasing in pace and strength. He was using Dana's head and mouth as a toy no longer caring about her as he thrust his cock deep into the recesses of her throat. Dana gagged suddenly as he thrust forward once more forcing the last of her breath out as he exploded into the deepest parts of her throat. Dana felt seemingly gallons of cum flow from his tip into her throat and out around the edges of her lips. Her cunt was sent orgasming again as she felt the cum pour down onto her breasts and over her rock hard nipples. Finally Humphrey released her and allowed her to fall backwards gasping for breath as she swallowed his cum. "That my dear was a wonderful experience, I'm sure my wife will be pleased," Humphrey said down to her as he buttoned his pants up. "Go attend to her now, she should be preparing for bed." Dana followed a map that the Magician gave her to the Gorgon's personal bedchambers. Dana quietly knocked on the door and waited to be summoned.

The door was opened in a slow fluid motion by the same beautiful woman who had guided her to the Magician's office. Dana's eyes once again were drawn to the large breasts that were topped by two dark nipples that seemed to be perpetually hardened. "What is it," the Gorgon asked anxiously. Dana realized that Medusa appeared to have been pleasuring herself when she interrupted. The smell of female sex and the glistening of wetness between her legs tipped Dana off. "Umm… Ma'am… your husband ordered me here. I am, umm, to assist you…" Dana managed to stutter as she continued to be drawn to the soft tits.

"To assist me with what wench?" the Gorgon angrily questioned. "He said that… ummm… you had… needs… that I was to relieve," Dana said with a nervous gulp. The Gorgon encircled Dana with her arm and guided her inside the chamber and closed the door. The Gorgon locked the door with a loud click and turned to stare at Dana's young form. Dana sat nervously on the edge of the bed as she felt the eyes of the Gorgon trace from her legs to her face stopping at several important places. The Gorgon strode towards Dana and with a smooth motion ripped her skirt down the front and pulled it from Dana's nude form.

Dana sat quivering on the bed with her legs and arms crossed to hide her most private items. The Gorgon crossed to a far corner of her room where she opened an armoire and pulled three items from its dark area. Dana was ordered to stand and turn around facing the bed with her hands behind her back. Dana reluctantly agreed and followed the commands. She felt the rough texture of a rope being circled around her perfect wrists as her hands were tied tightly behind her back. The Gorgon took her and tied her to one of the four tall bedposts.

Dana felt the Gorgon's long sharp nails tracing her back and ass cheeks pleasuring her with each sharp touch. Dana shivered as one finger forced itself between her unprotected cheeks and traced the dark hold hidden there. The Gorgon's hands soon found their way around her body and they began to eagerly grasps and pinch Dana's soft tits. The Gorgon pressed herself into Dana's body her large breasts crushing against Dana's smaller pair. The Gorgon gripped Dana's thighs painfully and as Dana gasped, she forced her open mouth down upon Dana's own. Dana felt the soft wetness of the Gorgon's tongue explore the reaches of her mouth and tangle itself amidst her own tongue. Dana thrust her hips forward in an effort to escape the painful grip of Medusa's nails, only to feel the wetness of Medusa's cunt pressed against her lower stomach.

Medusa continued to kiss Dana deeply as her hands pulled Dana's panties away from her body and down, leaving them hanging around her thighs. One of the Gorgon's fingers began to rub and stroke Dana's hardening clit and the area around her tight cuntal lips. The Gorgon's tongue retreated from Dana's mouth as she slid down till her lips encircled one of Dana's hard nipples. The Gorgon began to gently suckle on one tit as her hand continued to rub her cunt and the other traced Dana's ass and thighs.

Dana felt a sudden sharp pain followed by pleasure on her other nipple as one of the Medusa's snakes lightly nipped it and began to tease it with its small forked tongue. Dana was soon gasping in pleasure as the snakes and the Gorgon took turns on her nipples. Finally the Gorgon continued her journey down at last reaching the wet area between Dana's smooth thighs. The Gorgon pulled Dana's hips forward as she began to slowly suck on Dana's clit and then over the opening of her cunt. Dana thrust herself against the Gorgons eagerly lapping tongue and began to fuck it as she would a cock.

"Yess please Medusa please..." Dana manage to stammer. The lapping increased in speed as did Dana and soon Dana collapsed into a wet heap suspended by the rope and bed post. The Gorgon stood and lay on the bed her legs spread widely and draped over the edge. Dana understood what was meant of her and she slowly twisted and knelt between the milky white thighs that ended in a bright pink cunt glistening with juices. Dana eagerly pressed her head into the apex of the triangle and began to pull against her bonds in an effort to press herself closer.

Dana's soft tongue tip slowly circled the wet slit and the emerging clit of Medusa. Medusa pressed her thighs upward in an effort to gain more pleasure and allow Dana better access. Dana lightly bit the hardening nub and was thanked in the form of a shudder and a deep throaty gasp. Dana's tongue slid down to the soft innerfolds of Medusa's cunt. In and out the rough surface stroked as Dana stared upward at the heaving motions of Medusa's breasts. Dana began to flick her tongue quickly inside then she would stop and gradually withdraw.

Medusa's eyes were glazed in pleasure as she watched this young human female pleasure her so eagerly. Then as quickly as the pleasure had begun it faded as Medusa orgasmed in a flood of spasms and juices beneath Dana's mound. Dana slowly licked her clean then collapsed onto the floor and went to sleep.

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