tagSci-Fi & FantasyXXXecil's: The Siege Book 02

XXXecil's: The Siege Book 02


"See, we think guys will like us better if we're all slick and oily, we need your opinion!" explained a perky, honey-blond, green-eyed bombshell bouncing on her tip-toes before him. He expressed his approval with a lurid leer, and a questing grope for the buoyant boobs hanging on display before him.

But Todd was no fool; he knew the stories, he knew what could happen these days if a guy got careless. That was why he'd brought TWO antidotes! There'd been a number of minor pharmaceutical, fly-by-night companies that had sprung up in 'affected' areas like this. Marketing all manner of 'cures', vaccines and the like, always promising 'prevention'. But Jason knew that there were no real guarantees. Rather than trying to pick a 'prevention method', he'd just bought two of the most popular. With both of them in his system, he had no doubt he'd be safe from any... eh... surprises.

And Jason Cavendish was also experienced! He'd rapidly learned what to expect in this 'New Age'; he knew that the usual missionary style just wasn't enough anymore. The way society was headed these days, a guy could go outside for a casual stroll, and come back with 3 or 4 supermodels on either arm, begging for his cock, tits bursting out of their clothes. A man just couldn't concentrate on one of them; you had to learn to spread the love; a man had to give as much action as possible to all the women as soon as possible.

To that end, Jason had 3 babes squatting in front of him, doggie-style, but he had them entwine their legs together, trying to get three pussies as close together as possible. After that, the hard part began. (no, not just his cock) With quick, practiced thrusts, he attempted to penetrate all three women in rapid, rotating succession, the goal was to slowly but surely raise them all to orgasm without really favoring any one. They were so wet! Their twats were like wide, easy thoroughfares where insertion was swift, warm and enticing. In the past, that might not have been possible, but with all the changes in the past six months, a guy could pull it off.

Jason had learned that these girls could also cum from their tits too, so while his meaty eight inches rapidly entered and left each individual pussy, he attempted to toy with, cajole, and tweak their hanging teats. It took speed, stamina, and coordination to work up all the girls like this. The tour bus was packed, however. And while his pelvis and hands were busy, his face was bombarded with wobbling mountains of titflesh in a spectrum of colors, with aureoles of varying size. His lips and tongue became confused between the need for a suckling motion for tits that were up close, and a wide open gape for those women further back who spurted his face with tight streams of sweet, hot, breast milk.

*SLU-LUNK-SHLURP*, *SLU-LUNK-SHLURP*, *SLU-LUNK-SHLURP* he was like a machine! A piston reaming three pussies as fast as possible, and from the moans he was getting, he was indeed proving himself to be the stud that the girls had addressed him as. Hands buried in a pliant boob-scape, cock thrusting in rapid-fire between each pussy, he let loose a wild yelp of male ecstasy and bravado. It was working; the flood of girlcum that accompanied his cock as it exited each cunt began to steadily increase.

Yes! There! The brunette in front of him had a tit-gasm, a brown-haired beauty to his right shuddered as her crotch climaxed and...

The last girl, a statuesque blond beat the rubberized floor with the palm of her hand as she experienced twin orgasms from her cunt, and the new erotic core of her breasts, milk spewing in tight streams all the way. He did it! Jason Cavendish was taking on the whole slut bus! Todd could never handle something like this! Jason was the Man! THE MAN!!


That was great; the most fun he'd had in years. It wasn't like a tension-filled, nerve-wracking date with the hottest babe in school. Todd hadn't been the needy dork, walking on eggshells for fear of ruining his chance with a gorgeous hottie. Natalee had put him at ease immediately. She'd liked much the same things; she could talk about the Kansas City Royals, she'd seen a lot of the same movies, and she wasn't at all uptight about her body; or men staring at it.

And Todd had focused upon her green eyes throughout most of the evening. For a brief moment, as they'd left the theatre, they had been nearly accosted by a stark naked, lactating red-head drenched with sweat. Her firm breasts stood high, yet were so large that the girl couldn't envelope either boob within her outstretched hand. Rivulets of glistening moisture trailed down the slut's nude, freckled body as she begged, pleaded, screamed for a man to screw. But Todd had scarcely registered her presence; many men would have stared awestruck at the perverted spectacle, (and many girls would be offended had their date looked) But Todd was done with her type. He wasn't going to have anything to do with... that type of woman. He knew better. He knew the price.

They sat on a cooshy sofa at her place. Todd was reluctant to bring her home with him, not wanting another depraved performance if Denise threw herself at him yet again.

"So Natalee; why did the Monkey fall out of the tree?" Todd asked, jokingly. She shrugged.

"I give up Todd, why did the Monkey fall out of the tree?" she asked in a cool, vibrant tone of voice.

"Because he was dead." Todd answered evenly. Natalee chuckled slightly, amused by the absurd simplicity. "But why did the Squirrel fall out of the tree?" He asked again.

Natalee took the bait. "Uhm... because he was dead?"

"No, he was stapled to the Monkey."

That did it, a giggle followed by a burst of barking laughter rippled through Natalee's body. Her amber-colored cascade of shimmering hair shifted as she raised her face to smile. Full bee-stung lips parted, green eyes fluttered, and her bosom heaved within her backless, fire-engine-red cocktail dress. Her legs tensed, and Todd took note of the solid, toned muscle beneath her creamy skin. That struck him as unusual; most truly athletic women just didn't have spectacular breasts like she did; it was often more of a trade-off. But Natalee had the healthy muscle of a fitness model, and pleasantly plump boobs that were large enough to have contained the entire liquid volume of a standard glass beer bottle. (Not that Todd would try to get her drunk!)

But that, of course, was when disaster struck. (or leaked) Two dark spots appeared right where her nipples should have been on the front of her cocktail dress. Todd's smile faded. Her bosom quivered; did they... did her breasts swell just now? No... did they? Her cleavage seemed to deepen as the dark patch increased markedly. No doubt about it; it was the letdown reflex! To his horror, Todd knew with utter certainty that Natalee's breasts were bloated with hot, sweet milk.

He tried to put on a pleasant smile again, but his mind was racing! Could there be any doubt? He'd been deceived! She was... she was like Denise! Like those women on T.V. that stormed the Frat house hunting for men! She was just the type of woman that Todd was trying to avoid! Was she? Even now, she seemed so rational, so... normal. She hadn't acted anything like the... the others... Could there be some legitimate, medical reason for her to have so much milk? He was sure she had no children. Hmm... there was only one way to be sure; would she let him leave? Six months ago, a man could enter a woman's apartment after a date, and leave whenever he wished, she would not have tried to stop him. Now...? Now that was not so certain. If she was the wrong type of woman, like Denise... or that sweaty redhead, then she'd NEVER let a healthy man slip through her clutches! That was the test.

"Well... I don't wanna impose... I... I should be going." He tried to be calm. If she was a normal, natural, real woman, he didn't want to offend her. A natural, real woman would let him leave... She stopped laughing. She stood up tall, very nearly equal to his own lanky height.

"No, Todd." she answered somberly.

"Excuse me?"

"That's not fair, Todd. You don't get to just... walk out of here." she shook her head.

"Uhmmm... "

"Didn't I give you a good time? Wasn't I a good date?" She approached him, expression cool, yet serious. "I didn't jump your bones like that slut Denise in your building, I didn't once try to grab your ass. And I never begged you to screw me like that pathetic creature in the alley. I deserve better than them; Todd. I deserve to Score. I deserve you."

"Damnit; you're one of them! I should have known... "

"No Todd, I'm better than those whores. Some of us can still act rationally and behave in a civilized manner. But I believe that the performance I put on tonight... HEH! pretending that I might not screw you on the first date... pretending that I don't want to take you right here and now on the floor... I think that effort on my part deserves a reward. Just because I had a little trouble controlling my breasts doesn't mean you get to leave me hanging!" Her voice was severe, insistent. A hard and lustful gleam shone in her emerald eyes.

"I've behaved like a decent, respectable lady tonight, you don't know how hard that is for us. I deserve to have sex with you, Todd Caldwell, and 'NO' isn't an option." Todd sighed in disappointment.

"Natalee, I know what's going to happen, and I don't wa-"

"I'm sorry Todd!" And she jumped him. Syringe in hand. She must have concealed it in her purse! There was a sharp twinge as she plunged the needle into his arm quicker than he was prepared to react. He should have seen this coming! It was really no surprise; He'd seen the news reports, of course these women would start to use force eventually! As horny as they were, it was small wonder that it hadn't... hadn't happened... s-soon... sooner...

Todd's world went dark.


It felt wrong. Everything felt wrong, but at least the time of day was apparent. They'd... they'd been going at it all afternoon, evening... night... and the morning of the next day. But... more than that... something was terrible, impossibly wrong. The hand raised to the light was slender, delicate, and feminine. No... that... that doesn't make sense.

The tingle... the sensation of swelling... bloating in the chest... that didn't make sense either. That hand, that incongruous, delicate hand came to rest... on Tits! Bobbing, bouncing tits!

"NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" She screamed! It... it can't be! It... it wasn't supposed to happen to me!" The girl was hysterical. There was a stirring beside her.

"Calm down, it happens to a lot of people; more everyday." Denise murmured, blinking her eyes repeatedly as she roused herself from exhausted, post-coital slumber.

"Y-you! You did this to me!" protested the girl, a sheen layer of moist sweat glistening on her skin. "You infected me with... with your girly disease!" Denise only shrugged.

"Hey, I didn't put a gun to your head! You were all for it, and said you had 'prevention'. Heh, you're lucky if those so-called 'cures' work even half the time! It's a damn shame though, I was hoping you'd have a 'morning flagpole' for me. But no such luck."

"B-but... it should have worked!" The voluptuous blond brushed a flowing lock of sun-blond hair from her smooth, youthfully feminine face. "The company said that... that the anti-fungal agents prevented infection! It... it shouldn't have been able to do this to... AHHH!" The girl jerked with a sharp cry, arching her back as the lips of her new pussy opened wide and engorged. A thick wad of white foam billowed outwards from her moistening twat as a spasm of carnal yearning seized her.

"Whoops; you're foaming at the pussy! That's a dead give-away! Guys are looking for that nowadays." Denise warned, sagely. "You'll wanna clean up before you leave."

"I'm... I'm not... this isn't... can't be happening!" the buxom beauty insisted. "I'm a man!" She insisted in a girlish falsetto. "I'm... Paul Nesmith! I can't... I can't go around like this!" She looked down in shock at the bulging, coconut-sized boobs upon her smooth, slick chest. Rivulets of moisture flowing down between the fleshy valley of her ample cleavage, down her sleek belly towards her foaming, frothing cunt; undeniable symptom of the infection that had consumed her manhood. Denise giggled.

"Well, I'm afraid you're 'Paula Nesmith' now!" The girl who had once been a very male landlord in his sixties rose up on petite, female feet.

"This... I'm not doing this... " Her eyes wandered the room frantically, as if searching for her old life. A blond cascade swept over her gleaming shoulders, the yellow mane of hair was streaked through the middle with a shock of pure white, the last lingering trace of Paula's true age and former identity. Other than that white stripe, she had the body of a 20-year old stripper at a tit-lovers club. "I'M NOT GOING TO GO CRUISING FOR GUYS!!" she shrieked. Again, another giggle from Denise.

"Heh, a tough guy? It'll take you until the end of the day to change your mind." The wiser slut explained. "The Heat will hit you, if it hasn't already. And you'll know that only a man can cool that craving, only sex will make that... fiery madness go away. The twisting itch you'll get in your cunt, only a penis can help. And only if he cums inside you. That's most important; whatever you do or don't do, just make sure the guy blows his load in your pussy. Or it'll never stop."

"N-no... I'm leaving... " announced Paula. "I've got to... to think." she slipped on an old T-shirt over her sweat-slicked, bosomy figure. And almost immediately began to itch... and itch... and scratch... "What the... what's wrong with this shirt?"

"Nothing's wrong with the shirt; it's your skin. You're a Teaser now, Girlfriend." Denise explained, stretching out her ripe, nude form upon the cum-drenched sheets.

"Wh-who? What?"

"You haven't heard? The Fungi effects some people in a slightly different way; it often depends on what kind of 'cures' (snicker-snicker) they tried to use to protect themselves. You used some kind of ointment that a fly-by-night company said would kill the Bug. But the Fungus is far more adaptable than most people think. It reacted with your skin ointment as part of your transformation. I've known a lot of Teasers; you'll find wearing... almost any kind of clothing all but impossible." Denise rose from the bed, her own pussy foaming now, to head off to the bathroom.


"Not necessarily," Denise reported, as she entered the bathroom door. "Some of the Teasers I know say they can put up with reeeeeeally tiny bikinis."


They had warned her about her breasts. They said that it was largely unpredictable. Something about her cells beginning to generate more elastic tissue as well as a possible 'restoration' of milk production. Ha! By the next day after Susan's treatment, she felt like Elsie the Cow! But the scary part was not knowing how big she would get. She'd been driving home, back from the airport, when the surges began to hit her again. It was like a dam about to burst from a wall of water; a balloon stressed to its limit. The procedure had given her perfectly perky D-cups; round orbs that were perfect for drawing a man's attention, yet no so large as to be ostentatious or slutty.

But Susan had swerved on the road in surprise from the sudden, unexpected blossoming of her new, perfect tits. The tightness, the pressure within seemed to bloat her creamy orbs another inch in length, while her aureoles and nipples seemed to be riding higher. Near the bottoms of her prodigious boobs, there was a tautness, followed by a liquid warmth... she could feel it... her breasts... their... their capacity was increasing... like her body was... preparing her!

Fear and trepidation accompanied Susan as she pulled into her home, and unlocked the side door to enter. She'd done this for her husband ultimately. The private doctors had been passing word in her social circle that the use of revolutionary fungal enzymes could do the impossible; not only reverse aging, but augment sexual characteristics! And it had worked! Oh how it had worked! She knew that his interest in her had been flagging for a long time. She'd never had much in the way of tits, and middle age hit Susan hard; she just hadn't been able to stop the wrinkles and crow's feet from shriveling up her features. Her husband hadn't touched her in... in years. She knew he had his eye on the sweet young things at work. And now she could compete! That had of course, been the real reason she was out of town for the weekend. In just 30 hours after injection, 30 years of blemishes and wrinkles had melted away. It was disturbing the way she started... foaming... frothing at her vagina... but it seemed a small price to pay.

But then... at the Truck Stop when she stopped for gas... something... had happened. In her new, youthened body, she knew she'd draw a lot of stares. But... it had affected her in a way she'd never imagined before! There was a burning sensation, an odd Heat that was building in her. She found herself staring at men's crotches. Her pussy... it felt increasingly moist increasingly hot... as she filled up her gas tank outside... she was..STOP IT! There she was, staring at men's crotches again.

There was the twist, inside her crotch, inside her womb, a deep twisting ache. But it was not painful, or aggravating, it was invigorating! He had been an unusually tall, bear of a man. A thick, but very neat and trim beard, brawny and powerful forearms, country-boy overalls, and a cigar in his mouth. She stared at the bulge in his crotch. He stared back. Susan couldn't explain why she did what she did. She just followed him. She waited until he was finished in the Men's room and... and it was so unlikely that she never would have dreamed herself capable of it... but she raised her skirts to him! She just bent over, pulled down her panties and just bared her naked ass to him!

His sperm was like... like a narcotic! She couldn't explain why she'd allowed herself to be dragged into the men's room, why she allowed herself to be taken from behind like a rutting bitch. There were a thousand reasons not to, and yet she allowed it! The objections of her mind just... just lost their power... and she welcomed the Trucker's beefy eight-inches to slam into her slathering womanhood with ecstasy! And the sperm! The feeling of him cumming, the feeling of live, potent sperm swimming into her... it sent her on a High! She felt blessed, perfect, invincible as his hot seed permeated her femalia! It took her a few minutes to regain her composure... to come down from her high. Male semen had become a drug to her!

On the final stretch of the drive home, she had to loosen her silken blouse, her tits seemed even fuller, even larger than before... and she could feel her nipples thrusting, lengthening, engorging! It was becoming increasingly difficult to drive; she... she kept thinking about that Trucker! That beefy, bearded Trucker, and the semen he'd shot into her! When her milk came in, she nearly caused an accident on the busy highway, swerving as she did! The driving became an exercise in multi-tasking, between her grapefruit-sized tits, constantly leaking milk... and her hands... switching to her pantiless crotch to masturbate. She had grunted and moaned as she pulled into the driveway, her fingers all slick with the hot grease of female lubrication, her engorged and eager cunt craving more... her breasts, trickling hot, sweet milk. But... the worse part was... she liked it! She was filled with the sort of desire that makes you feel truly alive! It was not some torturous need, but an invigorating goal! She liked her new urges! She liked the idea of having to drive a car with one hand while she masturbated herself with the other! She liked the idea of having buoyant, bouncy boobs that lactated uncontrollably! And she loved her new, luscious, youthful figure! No wrinkles! No arthritis! Everywhere she was tight and taut! Even her breasts, while far larger than ever before, seemed higher and firmer than they naturally should have been! But... but her husband... what would he think... what would he do?

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