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y4997 02=Feb13


Flash Four: Psychic Medium Shots: 3rd Person: Singular: Past Tense:

1 Je Je felt Je Je's fuck muscle twitch involuntarily Je Je's very first second Je Je set eyes on incensorially-censored Cherisa-Teresa.

2 (Cherisa-Teresa wore a incensorially-censored high up on the top slopes of some very big asscheeks incensorially-censored skirt as {the voluptuous assfucking incensorially-censored bitch} walked by Je Je.

3 And Je Je's thick fuck muscle started twitch a'twitch twitching with every wiggle step Je Je saw {the assfuckably big assed incensorially-censored bitch} Cherisa-Teresa take.

4 And on that Cherisa-Teresa, {the incensorially-censored bitch} had such a really big and obviously ready to be fucked because the asscheeks wiggled so rump, and on that Cherisa-Teresa's hugely gorgeous rump was so well shaped and stuck out so far, that what did not even occur to Je Je to think about, or even involuntarily notice, was how incensorially-censored {the incensorially-censored big assed bitch} was.

5 Truth is, Je Je didn't give a fuck how incensorially-censored, or even how incensorially-censored, {the big hiny bitch} was,

6 Or even where Cherisa-Teresa lived,

7 Or where Cherisa-Teresa was going to,

8 Or what Cherisa-Teresa was going to do when {the voluptuous assfucking incensorially-censored bitch} got there,

9 Or with [who],

10 Or how often,

11 Or if Cherisa-Teresa had done that already more than once before.

12 Je Je just knew Je Je's fuck muscle was involuntarily twitching.

13 A mile a minute Je Je's fuck muscle was twitching, as Je Je watched incensorially-censored Cherisa-Teresa wiggle walk {the voluptuous assfucking incensorially-censored bitch's} big butt behind past Je Je. Real close by Je Je Cherisa-Teresa rubbed Cherisa-Teresa's that thing. And Cherisa-Teresa's that thing was here not very clearly {the voluptuous assfucking incensorially-censored bitch's} big butt behind and also not very clearly here Je Je's fuck muscle, but Cherisa-Teresa's that tingling thing surely was rubbed. Right by Je Je's machine that Je Je was playing, {the incensorially-censored assy bitch incensorially-censored} came wiggling Cherisa-Teresa's big butt ass. Right in the big Walt Disney wanna make big American bucks All American video arcade right in front of [everybody] Cherisa-Teresa came rubbing by with {the incensorially-censored assy incensorially-censored bitch's} big soft assmounds.

14 Je Je hadn't really come to the big Walt Disney wanna make big American bucks All American video arcade to play any of the video arcade machines. That was DeeCash's idea.

15 Je Je had only come with DeeCash 'cause Je Je knew the video art deco place was always filled to flushing with {some really fuckable hot incensorially-censored bitches}, and Je Je'd had good luck catchin' {some fuckable incensorially-censored bitches} there before. Right at the video art decolletaged machine Je Je now stood before.

16 Though, to do Je Je justice, Je Je'd never fished out {any incensorially-censored bitch's} fucking cunt bait quite as assfuckably incensorially-censored as Cherisa-Teresa before. Je Je usually stuck to sticking hands onto and cocking every now and then into {big butt gals at least 6 incensorially-censored to a incensorially-censored than Cherisa-Teresa} currently was.

17 But when Je Je saw Cherisa-Teresa's big ass was super big and super supple asscheek fleshed, Je Je just naturally must have assumed Cherisa-Teresa's shortness was incensorially-censored caused, or maybe even Cherisa-Teresa's something just as weird as like, or like as that.

18 Or, at least, that's what Je Je told [Je Je's friend DeeCash].

19 "Hey [man]," [Je Je's friend DeeCash] said to Je Je with a knowingly nudging nudge, knowing exactly what Je Je was looking at, and [Je Je's friend DeeCash] added with a needlingly knowing nudge, "That's {just a incensorially-censored}."

20 "No, {that assfuckable incensorially-censored bitch's} not," Je Je lied, not really caring, "Look at {the incensorially-censored assy bitch's} super fuckable ass. That's gotta be {a incensorially-censored bitch}. Maybe like {a incensorially-censored}."

21 "So, aint {incensorially-censored bitch's} too much like {incensorially-censored bitch's} pig meat?" DeeCash unquestionably stated, as DeeCash said that DeeCash's owl eyes were busily set on {the really big even bigger assed incensorially-censored chick} walking by [the two hard on waving incensorially-censored] too, on the other side of [the two incensorially-censored's] waving hard on's, just then.

22 "Look at {this lewd looking incensorially-censored bitch}," DeeCash unknowingly nudged Je Je. "See here that, {this incensorially-censored bitch's} got a bigger ass, and see there that, {this lewd looking incensorially-censored bitch's} asscheeks are even bigger than what {that incensorially-censored bitch's} got," DeeCash said.

23 DeeCash was closely watching how ({this fourteenth big assed incensorially-censored bitch's} big buttcheeks twitched inside {the incensorially-censored bitch's} latex slacks, though, of course, DeeCash did not know {this dark haired assfuck bg banbee} was {the fourteenth dark haired assfuck bg banbee} passing by right then right there, DeeCash only right now knew that DeeCash liked the way ({the fourteenth incensorially-censored bitch's} incensorially-censored latex slacks hugged {this big assed incensorially-censored bitch's} ass and cunt.

24 "How incensorially-censored's {this here bitch}, huh?" DeeCash asked.

25 "Ah, {that bitch's} gotta be {at least a 13 incensorially-censored bitch}," Je Je knowingly answered, barely glancing quite knowingly at {this fourteenth incensorially-censored bitch}.

26 "Yeah, but look at {this incensorially-censored bitch's} huge tit mounds," DeeCash said.

27 DeeCash was looking at {this incensorially-censored bitch's} huge tits evenly, even as ({the even bigger assed incensorially-censored bitch in incensorially-censored latex slacks} seemed to intentionally pause right in front of [the two incensorially-censored] and, almost directly in front of too, from just a few short paces away too, from the right in between space that stood between [the two incensorially-censored's] waving hard on's, just then right there. And DeeCash got a good long lingering look at how ({this incensorially-censored bitch's} huge breasts's soft underslopes nudely stuck out from under the latex blouse {the even bigger assed incensorially-censored bitch in incensorially-censored latex slacks} wore, and DeeCash clearly saw that {the even bigger assed incensorially-censored bitch's} tit nipples were very big and nippingly long.

28 "Go 'head, look at {that bitch}," Je Je knowingly told DeeCash, not taking Je Je's bowl shaped eyes off Cherisa-Teresa 'cause Je Je wanted so to see if {the voluptuous assfucking incensorially-censored bitch} was with [anybody].

29 And, without bothering to look, Je Je told DeeCash quite knowingly, "{that bitch'll} charge a waving hard on .

30 And Je Je also added, quite unknowingly, "but {this here bitch} won't charge."

31 "What, {this's a whore}?" DeeCash asked Je Je, while making believe DeeCash was picking up DeeCash's something that DeeCash dropped so that DeeCash could look straight up into, still from just a few paces away, straight at ({the bigger assed incensorially-censored chick's} puffily pouting latex clutched cuntmound quite schemingly, even as {the bigger assy bitch} un turned and then walked straight toward [the two incensorially-censored], from just a few short paces away. DeeCash stayed down so long staring straight into {the incensorially-censored chick's} approaching cunt, and seeing quite clearly how ({the incensorially-censored chick's} thick cuntlips got so clearly outlined by the tightly clutching latex that Je Je wasn't there to answer for DeeCash .

32 Je Je had decided incensorially-censored Cherisa-Teresa was all alone and Je Je had made Je Je's fuck muscle move.

33 Truth is, Je Je's fuck muscle was twitching so involuntarily Je Je really had no choice. Je Je just had to follow incensorially-censored Cherisa-Teresa, to see if Je Je could catch Cherisa-Teresa's sumptuously assfuckable pair of large asscheeks all alone somewheres else in the big Walt D. wanna make big American bucks for the cash All American video arcade.

End of Flash

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