tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYa Just Never Know Ch. 03

Ya Just Never Know Ch. 03


Continuation of this series, including Chapters 1 and 2...enjoy!

I was in my plush barstool in the corner of the active Marriott hotel bar, nursing my second drink, while glancing anxiously at my watch. Seven-thirty-one. So much for Keri's arrival at precisely seven o'clock. However, I realized this was probably part of her plan, her mind game, and I was more than comfortable that the wait would be more than worth it.

I was passing the time by making small talk with the affable bartender, Brian, who seemed to have a one-track mind, as the conversation was exclusively about women. As George Constanza said, "I say this with an unblemished record of staunch heterosexuality", but I had to admit, he was a handsome man. I guessed early fifties, salt and pepper hair, neatly trimmed mustache. It wouldn't be a shock to me if he'd spent more than one evening elevating up to a lovely female travelers's room after a night of serving her cocktails.

As Brian washed the glasses, he stopped in mid-sentence and emitted a low, long whistle as he peered over my shoulder into mirror behind the bar. "Holy shit, look at this one coming in. Wow. Must be slutty librarian night."

My wait was indeed more than worth it. Keri stopped at the entrance of the bar as her eyes made a panoramic scan of the room, seeking her date. Me. It was not the slightest exaggeration to say that heads turned and conversations halted and Keri soaked it all in. She was the source of the patron's attention now, and she knew it. Her eyes finally landed on mine and she smiled, walking towards me with an exaggerated sway of the hips.

Her silky light brown hair was up in a tight bun and she wore a pair of oversized horn-rimmed glasses that served to accentuate her smoldering blue eyes. A travel bag was slung over the shoulder of a brown tweed blazer, buttoned tightly to the neck, Jacqueline Onassis-style, circa early 1960's.

Her skirt, however, was anything but conservative, and without equivocation, lived up to her promise last week to wear "the sexiest miniskirt you have ever seen." It appeared to be couldn't have been more than ten inches in length, midnight black with a slit up the left side exposing even more thigh, with ruffles flaring up, not even attempting to cover up the tops of her sheer thigh high stockings. Absorbing the incredible vision as my cock simultaneously rose in admiration, I lowered my gaze to appreciate her five-inch leather stiletto heels which perfectly augmented her lean yet muscular calves.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Brian's surprise as it was now obvious that Keri had only one destination in this corner of the bar. As she slid into the stool next to mine, she took the back of my head in her hand and tilted it roughly back as she snaked her tongue erotically into mine. A glass crashed to the floor on the other end of the bar as I heard Brian whisper under his breath, "Hot damn."

Keri held her kiss, lingering in a tongue dance for perhaps fifteen seconds, her manicured fingers grazing over my crotch. Before she released her body from mine, she nibbled on my ear and gave my swollen balls a squeeze, her hot breath on my neck, and whispered, "I was so fucking wet driving over here. Here, feel." She took my hand and guided it between her legs, radiating with heat, and noticeably absent of fabric, and stuck one of my fingers directly into her steamy cunt. Brian looked on from mere feet away, his Adams' apple bobbing up and down, resulting in involuntary, barely audible grunts.

She kept my finger tight within her channel, hidden from the other patrons beneath the bar, but it wouldn't take much imagination to figure out what was happening. Her vaginal muscles pulsed and gripped my finger in an impossibly tight grip, fucking it with her practiced movements. I could feel slight spurts of liquid pulsate from within her walls, and she withdrew my digit suddenly, a small stream of hot pussy nectar lathering my finger, and she brought it to her mouth as she sighed lustily.

Keri bent her head down and lapped my coated finger around her lips before tucking it deeply inside of her mouth and sucking hungrily as she would on a cock. I couldn't help but glance at Brian, whose grip on the shot glass he was washing tightened as if it would shatter the glass.

"Fuck, red hot", he mumbled, as Keri acknowledged him for the first time, winking seductively at him as she released my finger from her mouth, a long string of saliva dangling from her mouth to my fingertip, and she sucked it in like a strand of spaghetti.

Halfway down the bar, and elderly couple gazed at this astonishingly erotic public display with jaws essentially dropping to the bar. The woman had a look of undisguised disdain, but I noticed a subtle twinkle in the man's eye as he tried to dodge his wife's elbow to divert his attention from Keri's little introductory show.

Keri licked her lips as she finally, reluctantly released my finger from her mouth, her mission accomplished if she was trying to make an unforgettable entrance. She leaned forward in her stool and once more rubbed my cock, begging for sweet release beneath my suit trousers. "Hi", she cooed. "Sorry I'm late, I wanted to make it up to you. How'd I do?", she asked in a mock pout.

I took a deep breath, trying to stabilize my now arrhythmic heartbeat. "Um, not too bad. Not bad at all."

She clapped her hands happily on my crotch. "Yay! So, what room do we have? I need your cock, enough small talk."

For whatever reason, I wanted to regain some semblance of mind control over Keri. So far, I was failing miserably in my designated role as Keri's self-proclaimed 'cock manager'. Geez, I hadn't even fucked her yet myself. "Uh, uh, not so fast", I half-heartedly admonished.

I turned on my stool to the now singularly attentive Brian, who appeared on the verge of drooling into his sink. "Proper introductions are necessary." I nodded towards the barkeep. "Brian, this is Keri. Keri, Brian." Keri leered admiringly at him and pursed her lips in a kissing motion. "Hi, handsome."

Brian took Keri's hand and gave her upturned palm a light kiss. "Believe me when I tell you lovely lady, the pleasure is all mine."

My kind raced as I made a decision to go through with my impulsive idea. I went for it before thinking better of it. "Hey, Brian, what time do you get off tonight?" I asked, finishing the last of my drink.

Brian stepped back and scowled quizzically and pondered the inquiry before his countenance lightened. "I almost damn near got off right here and now, thanks to Keri." He smiled. "Why?"

I dropped the bombshell. "Because Keri here has more holes than my one cock can fill, that's why."

Keri realized where I was going with this plan and her face lit up in delighted surprise. She blushed despite herself, and we've already established what that indicates.

Nonplussed, Brian looked intently at Keri, no doubt barely believing his good fortune. To his credit, though, he didn't stammer. "What time do you want me?"

I flipped the key on the bar and with the other hand, lifted Keri up from the barstool, her skirt rising so high as to completely expose her pussy, the musky smell of her sex wafting through the air. "Room 1221. Be there at ten. I want to warm her up for a few hours, partner."

We walked from the bar as Keri trailed behind me, the eyes of envious men and jealous women following our path. The elevator, thankfully, was located almost directly next to the bar entrance door. As we waited for the elevator, I brought Keri's hand down to my zipper and she took the cue, unleashing my cock as the door opened. Fortunately the elevator cab was vacant. I pushed "12" with one hand and with the other, just as the doors closed behind us, I rammed my cock into Keri's cunt for the first time, at long last, not caring who might be waiting to enter the elevator once we reached the twelfth floor. In fact, I was secretly hoping someone was there, I wanted spectators.

Keri wailed as I pushed her roughly against the wall and fucked her so savagely her feet were lifted from the floor and she fell out of one of her heels.

"No more cockteasing, you little fucking slut," I growled as she squealed in response to my words and the brutal pounding by my large cock, as the elevator reached its destination far too prematurely. The doors opened, and, alas, there was no one waiting. I pulled her from the cab by her hair, loosening the bun in one hard tug as her long hair cascaded into her face, covering her glasses which by some miracle of gravity were still on her face, and threw her against the corridor wall, acutely aware that the scene may be recorded by the hotel's surveillance camera, which excited me even more.

I carried her down the hall, still fucking her wildly as her legs wrapped around my waist, gasping and moaning in ecstasy, already on the brink of a tsunami-like orgasm, until we reached room 1221. I fumbled for the room key, finally extracted it and tossed her onto the bed, face down, ass up.

I leaned down and spit into her gaping asshole as her skirt rode up onto her back. "Tell me what you want, you fucking teasing little cock whore," I yelled, running my engorged cock head over her rim.

I didn't wait for her reply nor consent. I pushed my cock into her puckered tunnel and felt her sphincter open immediately to greet me.

She looked back over my shoulder, her face contorted in a combination of pleasure and pain, and grinned wickedly.

"My ass," Keri grunted. "Take it, take all of my holes. Prepare me for Brian. Use me, give me that cock, hard, up my tight ass."

So I did.

To be continued.

The night was young, and we haven't forgotten about our invited guest, due to arrive in a few short hours. And, there was another surprise. Seems that one of the attentive hotel security staff did witness our dalliance in the corridor, and decided to personally see if Keri would require some assistance with her predicament.

Yes, she would.

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