tagFirst TimeYashi's Cousin

Yashi's Cousin

byTunak Mizaz©

She was the love of my life. But it was not like this in the beginning. In fact she would avoid looking in my direction. If I attempted to strike a conversation, she would shy away. She was like a dove scared of the predator. And predator I was. I wanted her ever so badly.

She was a young woman of eighteen, stepping into her womanhood but not yet defiled. I would lust for her. Was I right in lusting after a girl so young, so unspoilt, so childlike in her manners. She was spontaneous, talkative among her group and full of laughter and fun. I was the one eyeing her without her being aware of it. She would quietly do the work assigned to her, and once accomplished leave the place quietly.

Her silent nature was drawing me closer to her. I wanted to know her – her dreams, aspirations, and her desires. She would not have had any desires towards me, but I was mad after her. She was beautiful and she was so desirable. I would fantasize about her. I would hold her tight in my dreams, kiss her and sometimes even dreamt of making love to her. My dreams would leave me desiring her more. Would she ever fall in my arms?

Till it happened one day. The weather was bad, it had poured relentlessly the whole day, and no body wanted to be caught in the rains. So the moment there was a let up in the rain, others left. Since she would always walk back home, she stayed to complete her assignment. The weather, her presence in the next office and my inflamed desires – I was kind of in a daze. All kind of thoughts were crossing my mind – how to get close to her, how to reveal to her my innermost feelings for her. I did not know how to approach her. She seemed so forlorn, so far away. I knew if I tried telling her my feelings for her, she would create a ruckus, may even run away from her work never to return. I was dealing with a tough cookie, I thought.

I heard a whirl of her skirts flowing past my door. She knocked nimbly. I hoarsely called her name to enquire if everything was alright. She stepped in – my beautiful damsel, my Goddess of love, my Venus was standing across my table. She enquired till how long would I stay back. I thought she would like to leave since it was turning dark outside. I mumbled some inaudible words. I was amazed at my clumsy behaviour, but I did not know how to hide my desires for her. She smiled and asked if I would like some coffee. Sure! If you fetch it, I said. She seemed so thoughtful and considerate towards me that I felt like melting with more love than lust for her. Lusting after her, I was.

She came back with two cups of coffee. I offered her the chair. We started sipping the steaming hot coffee, and made some small conversation. About her family, her home and her dreams. I was feeling good, since this was the first time she was interacting with me on an informal note. She replied in monosyllables mostly maintaining her coy attitude. Deep within my desires were inflamed. I could hardly keep my eyes off her, admiring her beauty. My mind was wondering about her beautiful petit built.

We sipped coffee in silence. I sometimes dared to look at the object of my desires, and whenever our eyes met, she avoided the gaze. Her such lovely demeanour added to my passionate feelings for her. But who would break the ice? Why was I being so afraid of just getting up and holding her tight in my arms, kissing her violently or just making love.

My pulse was racing and my head was full of all kind of lustful thoughts about her. I was almost shivering in an attempt to control my lust for her. Finally, she made an attempt to get up. I jumped out of my chair, and went to her side. Slowly, I murmured my desires for her. I wonder if she even paid attention to what I said. My hands extended to reach her. She tried to avoid me by ducking, possibly afraid of my motives. I bent forward to kiss her, and she turned away. She was sobbing, and I was perplexed. Was I right in my attempts to defile a flower so pure? She was the hunted and I the hunter. Did my heart know no pity for one so helpless in her looks and demeanor?

I was the devil in that moment of pity, yet I could not lift the saintly veil of my face. I slowly held her at the shoulders, turned her towards me and spoke softly. I tried to put her at ease. Her dove like eyes were brimming with tears. I lightly wiped them off with my fingers. I was physically so close to the love of my life that I could smell her fragrant breath. Yet she was so far away from me, so detached, and ignorant of my motives and probably she was afraid too. This was the moment for me to strike, I resolved.

I slowly kissed her cheeks, then her hair and then both the eyes. She looked wide-eyed as if imploring my intentions. I only smiled and touched her, telling as if everything is alright. I, next, kissed her tender lips. They were cold to me initially, but slowly she warmed up to my efforts. She parted her lips a little, I probed deep in her mouth. She tasted like honeydew, and she was now relaxed. We continued kissing for a little while longer, and she returned the favours by pushing her tongue in my mouth. She sucked on my lips, biting them off. I was enjoying the pain of her bites with pleasure. My lust to take her was building up.

She too seemed to be responding. I became a little bolder, and slowly held her and sat her down on my lap. She did not mind, and settled down like a kitten. Now I inched my hand up her thigh. I felt the flesh on her thighs. And slowly I flitted my hand close to her pussy. Did I feel a kind of moistness there? I desired to probe further, and slowly skirted her panty off, moving my fingers nimbly. I kept her attention wrapped around the pleasures of suckling her agile tongue.

My fingers reached the woolly area. She had a soft fuzz around the cunt lips. I parted those lips, they were warmly moist. My fingers caressed those warm pleasure paths. I would have loved to have my tongue where my fingers were. But for the time being, I would have let my fingers be the masters of the ceremonies. Ceremony, it was to be – a virgin’s deflowering had to take place, and my fingers would lead me there.

I dared to probe a little more deeper. I felt her tightening her thighs around my hand, signs of protest I thought. I needed to pay more attention to keep her thoughts away from her groin. I, once again inched my way up. I felt the inner lips, more soft and more moist. I was fervently hoping to nibble these lips off her cunt, before thrusting my tongue deep into her. I fumbled for the royal entrance. I bowed at her openings with the pulp of the finger tip, and splosh – I was In. She was flooded with her virgin juices, anticipating the royal steed. Instead it was just a tip, of a finger. Was she disappointed at her discovery, well let me proceed with the finger fuck and see. I felt her warmth, I felt the wetness and I started to move my finger in and out of her flooded cunt hole. She relaxed a little, I saw my signal and pushed another finger in. I was enjoying with my fingers what my rock hard cock would have loved.

I kissed her passionately, since I had started building up with her. First my fingers were rocking in and out, slowly she started the rhythmic up and down dance on them. She surely was enjoying it. So was I.

I unbuttoned my trousers, took out my eager cock. And with a swift move, my fingers swished out, the panty’s went down the ankle and I had her positioned right there – to make the royal sacrifice of her virginity. She paused in her enjoyable game, anticipating what was to come. And she eased herself on my pole.

The door flung open just at that moment.

I was ecstatic, about to enter the dream hole of my virgin; and some one had just walked in. Silly me, forgot to bolt the door while playing love games. In walked a tall, dark and well proportioned damsel, whom I had never seen before. But my prey recognized her cousin. Yashi! what are you doing here, she murmured, conscious of the throne of my pole she was riding on and enjoying. I could not care at this moment. I wanted to enjoy her, so I balked at the stranger to stay out. She giggled, you two are screwing each other and want me to let you enjoy it all by yourself. Go on, have fun, but I shall stay, she retorted, Where else will I get a free show of the fuck game that you are enacting for me. I had been outside listening to all your foreplay antics, and I walked in to catch the two of you red handed. After all, now onwards you both will be my slaves, and do as I desire…

My stiffness was stretching the inside of my love, and I wanted to get along…without any fears or guilt of being caught in the act. I started moving her up and down my stiff pole, she was flooded and it was smooth, warm and real tight. I was kind of splitting her into two, she cooed in my ears. It filled me with more energy to pump, and now I started to writh beneath her – to jab deep inside her. We were both loosing our control, till I shouted that I would come any moment now. She encouraged me, my love shove harder, come deeper and release all your loads in my pussy, I had been waiting to be taken by you all along, and now that that moment is here at last…let me live and love each moment of joy that you give me. Oh what delightful way of encouraging your man to love you deeper and harder. My intensity of pumping kept on increasing and so also her grunts of love making kept on rising…Suddenly I felt the spurt of release into her too tight, too warm and soft cunt, and she started squeezing my cum with manipulation of her cunt muscles. I could actually feel her squeeze the juices out of me. I kept on pumping in a wild manner, and she continued riding the stead till we were too exhausted to dance to the tunes of love making any longer. She clutched me tight, and I hugged her warmly. We were both sort of thanking each other for the shared joys of loving and fucking. I kissed her tenderly on her almost dried lips, and she held my head to prolong the joys of a tender kiss, a sweet culmination of a lovely session of making love.

A little while later some strange noises attracted out attention towards the couch, where the stranger who had barged in to almost spoil our session had made herself comfortable. Her skirt was lifted way above her knees, and her panties were gracing the floor. Her womanhood was exposed to our sight, and she was frantically pushing her fingers in and out of her cunt hole. With her other hand she was stimulating her clitoris and her eyes were closed. She probably got too excited with our fucking games, that she lost control over herself and wanted to satisfy her urges despite of our presence. Her juices were dripping out, and I could almost smell the musk emanating out of the excited woman, a great turn on for me. I winked at my love partner, and we slowly got out of the chair.

I leapt for the flooded cunt, and pushed my partner towards her boobs. I did not want to miss the drops of delight flowing out of Yashi’s warm hole, and who knows I may have another virgin to take, if she was one.

My tongue at the sight of a spread cunt lips has a mind of its own. At such moments all I crave for is the taste of the juices and the acrid smell emanating out of the fresh virginal cunt. I slowly extended the tip of my tongue around her fingers which were soaked in her cunt juices. She opened her eyes and realized that now it was her turn to be satisfied. She shoved her warm wet fingers in my mouth. I quickly cleaned up the juices and rushed to the fountain of juices, her cunt. She smelt delicious, and I knew I am going to enjoy eating her hot pussy.

I sucked and slurped at her outer cunt lips. They were flushed and made a good chew. Then it was the turn of the pink inner lips, the softies, which make a veil around the cunt. I parted them aside with my fingers to glimpse at the pink cave. I shoved my tongue inside, jabbing as far as I could. I wanted to take all the trickling love juices on my tongue. She did not disappoint me, she had loads of juices to quench my lust. I bit her inner lips as a tease, and licked them. It was tasty, the feel of the flesh in between my teeth, I just hoped that in my eagerness to taste all her deep secrets I did not hurt her. She of course seemed beyond the pains, she was in a different world of satisfaction.

She was lying with her legs stretched wide apart so that I could continue my oral assault. And her dress was thrown away, where her cousin was busy satisfying her urges of sucking the big round breasts, and the three of us were bonded together to share our bodily love for what Yashi had to offer unwittingly, and unconsciously. I looked from the corner of my eye, and my love partner seemed apt at suckling like a calf at the udders of her feeding cow. The calf seemed to relish each suck on those well endowed boobs. Yashi seemed to be living in her own world, probably she never had two mouths working on her before.

My rod was coming alive again, and I too desired attention now. I slowly pushed the entangled duo down on the carpet, and knelt myself in such a way that my cock was closer to Yashi’s mouth. She probably wanted the rod too badly. The moment I was close to her, she grabbed it with both her hands, and plopped her open mouth to give my cock the treatment it deserved. She was soon slurping the length of the now stiff hard cock, and with the tip of her tongue she licked the first trickles of love juices which were slowly slipping out of the cock hole.

Her eagerness to satisfy me, made me all the more eager to give her more joys. I whispered to my love partner to continue her exercise with her mouth over the over ripe melons of Yashi, and she nodded obediently. Although I too would have loved to polish those lovely looking melons, but there is nothing more enjoyable than a bout of French love making in the famous 69 position. So I was concentrating down on her cunt, which must be on fire, considering the love juices she was releasing for me to gulp. It was salty and sweet, and in copious quantity to have my fill. I started fucking her wide open cunt with my tongue, and at the same time I was filling her mouth with my swollen manhood. I loved the feel of it, and she was thrusting her pelvis repeatedly on my face, while attempting to swallow my cock deeper in her throat. We continued our fuck game a little while longer when I felt her stiffening and shuddering – first pangs of her orgasm I felt. I too wanted to unload myself in this voluptuous beauty who was offering her virginal goodies for me to taste and did not mind tasting the mix of her just deflowered cousin and my cum laced cock deep in mouth. I wanted to fill this beauty’s mouth with my bursting cock cum at the same time as she prepared to soak me with her floods of virginal juices.

I had lost my head by now, I wanted to reach the tip of her womb and let my tongue split even that deep inside her and taste all that she had flowing out of her. My tongue was stabbing her deeper and deeper and there at the other end I felt the spasms of my about to shoot the load out of my cock. She was no less, she pushed her pelvis on my face almost choking me with my nose resting on her clit, and she had a vice like grip of her mouth around my about to burst cock. We started shuddering together and her flow of juices spurted on my face as I shot off the cum in her mouth. I could feel her slurping each spasm of load that I shot and I too was desperate not to waste any of her juices. We continued fucking each others face and mouth till I lay exhausted and so did Yashi fell away with some of my creamy froth flowing out of her mouth. She had energy left in her I must say, for she pulled her cousin closer to share her mouthful bounty of cum with her. I saw my love partner relish what was on offer, and she was busy sucking the cum out of her cousin’s mouth. This inflamed her desires more and she was soon slurping my limping cock to taste it all. Was I ready to come a third time, and it had turned pitch dark outside. I had to think of dropping my young lady loves home, and rush back myself, before I was caught with my pants down by…someone else.

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