Years Ago, Back in Texas

byVon Hauffen©

I must reiterate: I can not describe how hard I was at that moment when I slid inside her. It was almost painful and my balls felt like they were on fire.

Kathy gasped as I pushed myself into her body, gathering her in my arms and positioning myself properly on top of her in order to do what we both wanted most.

"So hard," she gasped; her lips right at my left ear. It made me get gooseflesh all over my neck and left side of my face.

"Because of you," I whispered back.

Kathy groaned and went back to kissing me as she hooked her long legs behind mine and pulled me into her. It was much more intense this time, now that both of us were more comfortable with what we were doing I think. And I lasted much longer -- thank god! I never wanted it to end. I just wanted to stay inside my aunt's sweet body all night.

She seemed ravenous for me as well. Her lips were everywhere on my face, but primarily on my mouth and neck. The sounds she made, trying not to breathe or moan too hard, which only ended up sounding like whimpering and sighing, were like music to my young ears.

I counted three times that she came before I was ready; each time her body stiffening as she held me tight with arms and legs and moaned into my mouth to keep from making any noise. I think the sound of her breathing deep and moaning so softly almost constantly is what ultimately set me off. I came with such force that I heard her shushing me by whispering fiercely in my ear. But she was not angry. I felt her lips kissing and nibbling there just moments later.

My body continued to jerk as I spilled my seed inside her for the second time that night. I lifted my head as Kathy's mouth worked its way around my jaw and then I looked down at her. She smiled and looked at me with wide eyes, still running her hands all over my body.

"That sure was a good one, wasn't it?" she whispered.

I found it difficult not to laugh. She stopped me from doing it by kissing me again, although I felt her smiling the entire time.

I glanced at the clock when I slid off her body and saw that it was 3:33. An easy number to remember; so to this day I always have.


We held each other for about thirty minutes before both of us started drifting off to sleep. But we were both keenly aware of being caught in that compromising situation so would jerk awake every few minutes. It was best for me to go back to the couch before it was too late.

When I got ready to leave this time, Kathy reached out for me and sat up in bed before I went to the door. The blanket fell around her waist revealing her body for my eyes again; really only the third or fourth true glimpse I had seen. She pulled me toward her and kissed me on the lips and then my cheek while holding my hand tight. And then she just sat there smiling weakly with her curly hair all a mess as I reluctantly left her for the night.

I know I slept peacefully after that and did not even hear Carl come in that morning. I woke with a start when Tommy made a noise with some toy in his room, sometime shortly after that though, and I suddenly felt panicked that Carl would know what me and Kathy had been doing all night. I stayed on the couch for a few minutes just reliving what had happened before I got up and went to the bathroom to get dressed.

My mother and sister arrived just a little later and Kathy had still not emerged from her room. My mother had brought donuts, which Tommy happily ate. My mother, sister and I then headed down to the barn to work for another day.

I couldn't keep my aunt out of my mind that whole day. The house was quiet when we headed back up for lunch. My sister said she had seen the van leave around noon, so that explained that. I sat quietly at the table by myself and ate lunch while my family watched TV and ate in the other room. All I needed to do was close my eyes and I could see Kathy's body beneath mine, her face all contorted as she came all over me. I got hard a number of times just sitting there eating.

I was in an irritable mood so didn't say much that afternoon. Just carried boxes and bags from the loft in the barn and then tons of trash to the dumpster Carl kept on the property. My heart jumped when I came out and saw my aunt's van in the driveway up at the house again that afternoon. But then I became anxious that she had regretted the whole experience and had been avoiding me.

That night she grilled hamburgers out on the back patio and I watched her secretively through the window in her shorts and bare feet; her toes painted a light summertime pink. Kathy made no mention of the previous night, not to my surprise at all since there was no privacy with everyone around. But she also didn't throw me any looks or play footsies under the table or anything like that either. It was like it hadn't even happened. Even when we were all talking at the table or in the family room after dinner, she talked to me just like she had before it happened: like family.

I was tempted to bring myself off in the shower that night before I went to bed, but I suddenly felt like masturbation was so childish now after what I had done with a real woman not just a girl, the night before. So I contented myself with getting extremely hard and then looking at myself in the mirror for a minute before heading to bed.

I think my cousin had taken the hint by this point, or my mother had scared her off earlier, so she stayed on the phone in her room and away from me the rest of the time. Tommy was still a brat though. But the good thing about that was Kathy having to make a dozen trips out of his bedroom before she could go to bed. I was more than pleased to see that she was still just wearing a t-shirt and nothing else when she came out. I kept my eyes on her each time, remembering the way those long legs had felt wrapped around me the night before.

Tommy was a handful that night and it took her forever to get him to go to bed. He seemed to think he was missing out on something by going to sleep with me still out in the living room. I finally saw the hall light go off and heard my aunt go back to her bedroom at around midnight. I went to the bathroom a little later, feeling wide awake from all the dreaming about Kathy and what we had done. Marie's TV was on late; I know because I peeked around the corner a few times just to see if the light was still glowing under her door.

I fell asleep waiting for it to go off and woke at about 2:30. I shook the sleep from eyes and reached down between my legs. Of course I wasn't hard yet, but the moment I remembered my aunt sleeping in that bed all alone, I stiffened instantly.

She had not come out to bring me back to her room, and she certainly hadn't given me any encouragement to visit her again that night, yet I felt like I had to take the chance. Fully awake now, I quietly went back to her room, at the end of that dark hallway and placed my hand on the knob.

For a moment I thought she had locked the door, as I had tried to turn it so gently that it didn't even move. I felt my heart move to my throat and I nearly turned around, before I decided to try it one more time. The door popped open almost instantly, revealing that same soft light outside the window as before.

I closed the door behind me, turning and gently locking it as quietly as I could. My pulse was racing and it felt difficult to breathe. I approached her shape in the bed, concerned more about startling her now than being rejected.

"Kathy?" I whispered.

She instantly turned in the bed and threw the covers off to reveal her naked body beneath. I gasped from the sight -- no doubt with wide eyes as I looked at her spread out on her back before me.

I quickly stepped out of my pants, my cock hard and ready, and climbed onto the bed beside her.

"What took you so long?" she hissed. She was frowning, clearly irritated, but at the same time pulling me on top of her and stroking me as she waited for my response.

"I wasn't sure if you-"

"After last night?" She slipped the head of my cock inside her and pulled me down forcefully. I could tell by the look on her face that she was actually getting pleasure from seeing me shocked by her aggressiveness.

I didn't have an answer for her; so feeling my face turn red I simply looked down at her mouth and shoved myself inside her pussy. Kathy arched into me and gasped. She had made me a little angry by acting like it was entirely my fault for not coming in. How was I supposed to have known? I decided the best way to get her to forget my stupidity was to make her come all over me.

I grabbed the end of the mattress above her head and pulled myself along her body, forcing my cock as deep as I could. Kathy inhaled sharply and lifted her legs, bending them at the knee and leaving them spread wide for me. Both of her hands went to my ass and her mouth latched onto my earlobe -- and that was pretty much how we stayed until I made her come.

It did not take long; just ten minutes or so. It was so much different than the previous night though. That had been slower and sensual, but this was just fucking in its purest form. I could feel the hot air blowing out of her nose against my ear with every forward thrust while she threw her hips back up at me silently. She was certainly wet, but still needed to be loosened up a bit before I was able to get all the way inside. My aunt seemed to enjoy that part immensely -- helping me work my thick cock inside her by relaxing her pussy at just the right moment and spreading just a little to accommodate my hips even more.

I loved her hands squeezing my ass, trying to control my movements; her becoming frustrated when I slowed down for a few seconds and then not able to prevent me from sliding deeper than either of us thought possible when I started up again. And then there was that glorious feel of her mouth at my shoulder, as she attempted to stifle her cry while coming all over me. She got so wet and so hot that it nearly made me lose the last bit of control I still had. Gritting my teeth and bearing the stranglehold her pussy had on my cock, I kept grinding my hips against hers and let her finish her climax.

After a minute or so Kathy slowed her hips and lowered her legs back to the bed. I slid my hands down and felt how silky smooth they were, telling me that she had shaved them in preparation for tonight. Unlike the previous night which had obviously been a last minute decision on her part. She kissed the side of my face and I lifted my head to look down at her. Even though the sheets were not on as at all and the air conditioner was blowing hard, I could clearly see that her face was flushed; beads of sweat dotted her hairline.

"You little shit!" she whispered with a smile. I frowned, not understanding. "You made me come already."

I grinned, trying not to look cocky, actually feeling rather shy with her saying it out loud. She gripped my ass hard, covered my mouth with her lips and started lifting her hips again, feeling how hard I still was.

The previous night I had held myself back, not wanting to make her upset with me or do anything that she would reject me for. But I felt a little more confident now knowing that I had satisfied her pretty consistently. As we kissed and continued grinding against each other I started thinking about all the things I had done with my last girl. I wanted that with my aunt as well.

I broke away and kissed at her chin for a moment before trailing tiny kisses down her neck toward her chest. I was forced to stop thrusting as I folded my body inward and covered a nipple with my mouth. I can hardly describe the sensation that ran through my body at that first taste. She smelled so incredible, almost entirely of woman and perspiration. And her flesh was so soft and warm everywhere except for that plump nipple that was stiff and almost rubbery. But this is my aunt, I kept thinking.

I bit down, not on her nipple exactly, but on the sensitive flesh surrounding it, and she moaned so loud that I saw her hand fly up to cover her mouth in surprise. I moved to the other side and sucked and nibbled there for a few minutes before returning to the one I'd started with. She was becoming frantic now, trying to pull me back up and resume our fucking, but I didn't want to come yet -- and I knew that two minutes into it I would, with the way she was moving all over the bed.

I stopped kissing her breasts and lifted my face to look at her. Kathy opened her eyes and lifted her head to look at me with a frown.

"Can we do something else?" I asked. I know now that you don't ask a woman something like that, you just do it, but back then I was not so sure.

"What?" She responded so fast and with such a look on her face that I decided instantly not to even ask. I got quiet and moved back up her body to continue what she wanted instead. "No. I'm sorry ... what is it?"

Kathy had stopped me and was holding onto my shoulders. Her expression had softened a little, but she was still anxious or irritated or something.

Instead of answering, I just showed her instead. I crawled down between her legs quickly and lifted them in the air behind her knees. She smelled so strong from coming, but so good as well. Without waiting for her to give me permission, I immediately started kissing her between the legs.

My aunt stared down at me for a few moments completely shocked I think; her mouth and eyes wide open. I kept my eyes open as well and stared right back up at her. She let out a gasp and tossed her head back for a moment. But then she reached over and grabbed my uncle's pillow and stuffed it behind her head on top of hers so that she could watch. Her hands went to the back of my head and she started pushing me into her pussy as she spread wide.

She tasted incredible. I must have stayed down there for fifteen minutes just kissing and licking and slurping; doing everything that my last girlfriend had liked so much. I had my own technique, one that has served me well ever since -- although it is difficult to describe in words. I circled her clit with my tongue and saw her head turn to the side with her eyes clenched tight. She still gripped the back of my head with one hand, but the other, she brought to her mouth and bit down on her fist. Seeing this, I redoubled my efforts and was rewarded with her sweet cum just moments later.

I licked her clean, kissing her inner thighs and swollen lips, leaving her sensitive clit alone for now and allowing her to recover. She finally let go of my head and looked down at me with droopy eyes.

"That's enough," she whispered.

For her it might have been, but not for me. I started on her little button again, swirling my tongue back and forth across it and then taking a few moments to go lower and slide my tongue between her lips as far as possible. I could hear her whimpering and saw her take Carl's pillow and place it on her face as she let me kiss and lick and nibble to my heart's content.

She was resisting me, I could tell. So after a few minutes, once my jaw started to ache from being down there so long, I decided to speed things up. I went back to chewing on her clit and at the same time, slid two fingers deep inside her. I felt my aunt start lifting her hips up and down against my hand, still pressing the pillow against her face every time she felt the need to cry out. I worked my fingers in and out furiously, causing her to come harder than before, and I smiled as I heard her whining softly from behind my uncle's pillow.

I only stayed down there long enough for her to catch her breath and then I was sliding deep inside my aunt's slippery pussy again. I moved the pillow away from her face and looked down into her startled eyes as I hovered above her on outstretched arms. She just shook her head as if not believing what she was feeling and then closed her eyes as I started pumping my cock in and out of her.

Kathy kept her hands on my arms, gripping my muscles the entire time I made love to her. I wanted it to last forever, but I had been so close to coming the moment that I entered her, that I couldn't hold out for more than a few minutes. She knew I was about to come when I flattened my body on top of hers and started grinding into her harder. My aunt responded immediately by wrapping her long smooth legs around my waist and wrapping her arms tight around my back.

I held my breath as I came, knowing that if I were to breathe then I would surely wake the entire house. All I could hear was the pounding of my heart in my ears as I emptied my balls inside her clenching pussy.

"I'm sorry," I gasped immediately; my eyes still closed and my cock still pumping violently inside her.

"For what?"

"For coming ... so fast." I was ashamed since I had wanted to make her come three times like I had the night before.

"What do you want out of me?" she replied softly. "You made it happen four times before you."

I lifted my face and looked down at her questioningly. She smiled and closed her eyes as she relaxed her body beneath me.


We held each other for close to an hour before the smell of her and the feel of her breasts against my arm and chest started to make me swell again. Kathy felt me getting harder against her leg and reached down to stroke me gently. She didn't need to say anything. I could tell by the way she moved her body away from me to look at her hand wrapped around it that she loved my cock. And I loved the idea of my own aunt loving it as well.

Kathy glanced into my eyes and saw me looking back at her already. Without saying a word, she rolled me onto my back completely and straddled my waist. There was no beating around the bush with her. Just like when I had been on top, she went right after what she wanted. Lifting her ass off of my thighs and placing my hard cock at her pussy, she slowly lowered herself down on top of me. It was so very strange seeing her on top like that -- with her breasts hanging down over my chest and the soft folds of her mid-section right there, not nearly as flat as the girls I'd been with, yet not at all unattractive.

She didn't flinch when she felt me rubbing my hands around her stomach and then up to her breasts, taking one in each hand and feeling her nipples press against my palms. Kathy then proceeded to ride me like that for the longest time, just staring between our legs and lifting her hips so that my cock almost slipped out completely before sliding back down again.

I kept my hands on her waist or her ass almost the entire time, just enjoying the sensation of a woman like her on top of me, pressing me down with her hands on my chest. After a while, she sat up straight and just closed her eyes as she swiveled her hips all over my waist, grinding into me, forcing all eight inches deep inside her. I loved seeing her head tilted back, showing me her long neck and her curly hair falling so seductively down her back. Her breasts looked amazing; so full and round, and her nipples so tempting.

My aunt was moaning softly now, just loud enough for me to hear and she was well on her way to another orgasm. To help her along, I sat up and captured one of her nipples between my teeth and started lightly chewing and sucking as she squeezed me inside her, working her muscles around my cock. I responded to that by lifting my hips and forcing myself inside her even deeper.

She flung her head forward and stared at me with a frantic expression, digging her nails into my shoulders as she pressed down on them.

Right then, we both heard a faint crying at the other end of the hall. Kathy blinked a few times, looking almost as if she were not certain she was hearing it, but as Tommy got louder, she got off of me and went over to the door to grab her t-shirt that was hanging there. I immediately got up and started to get my pants, but she turned and looked at me as she placed her hand on the door.

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