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Yes Master


This story is a follow on to "Yes Mistress" written by SplendidSpunk. Please feel free to read that either before or after this one. SplendidSpunk and I are now collaborating on a third volume which will be published under my name.

~ B.C


I could barely concentrate as I stared at my computer screen. My hands were inching down my heaving chest towards my pussy even though they should not be. It was easy to get caught. Even though my secretary knew that walking in without knocking was prohibited, it's fairly easy for people to break the rules. Like I was doing now. I couldn't help it just thinking about last night with Kevin has me on the edge. I was on the edge of my seat, the edge of my control, the edge of my peak just before I came.

Kevin was my lover, my slave, my master all wrapped in one beautiful package. He stood tall at 6'4 with brown hair and blue eyes. He was handsome in every way possible and oh so desirable. He was the best fuck slut I've ever had and also the best Master. We'd switch roles last night after I'd fucked him roughly with my strap-on. It's my turn now to be the slave, the dirty slut and I was so anxious for the night to come. Crossing my legs, I clinched them tight. Preventing me from slipping a finger inside my pussy but the effect was just the opposite. Pleasure shot straight to my pussy and I clutched the edge of my desk trying to fight off the orgasm that was threatening to roll through me. I knew Kevin wouldn't permit me to masturbate without his permission so I fought it. It's easy to say that he isn't here with me so what the hell, I can disobey him. But he'll easily be able to tell, with Kevin my emotions are laid out on the table. If he knew that I went against his orders, I'd surely face punishment.

Just at that thought I moaned and laid my head on my desk, trying my best to control my raging hormones. I didn't know how much longer I could hold off but I had to. I HAD to. If I wanted to please him, I had to. Groaning, I lifted my head. I took a deep breath and exhaled. My sensitive nipples rubbed against my silk shirt and I moaned. My nights with Kevin always had me like this. He was like a drug and I was suffering from major withdrawal right now. I shifted in my seat and looked at the computer screen. Determined to please my Master, I commenced typing. Though I wanted to give in, I knew that the consequences would be severe so work would have to distract me.

Later that night, I arrived home and prepared for a shower. Stripping in the bathroom, I was so close to stepping in the shower when I heard my phone ring. I ran back into my bedroom and saw it was Kevin. I immediately answered and he issued his directions.

"Come to me now, as you are. Don't keep me waiting." Then he hung up.

My heart raced rapidly. I felt the pulse in my fingertips and toes. I looked down at myself and groaned. I was only wearing my black slip and nothing else. How could I possibly go outside like this? I couldn't. Could I? Then I thought about my time limit. Kevin wasn't exactly keen on lateness and I always had a small window when traveling from my house to his since we didn't live too far apart. I swallowed and looked at myself once again before grabbing my keys with shaky hands. Once out the door, I trotted to my car and got in. Even though it was dark out, my neighbors could be relatively nosey. Driving off, I noticed that my nipples were hard and rubbing against the soft material of my slip. I bit my lip as I felt wetness pool between my legs. Even though I was embarrassed I was very much excited.

The drive to Kevin's house didn't take long. I walked towards his door and let myself in. Kneeling in the foyer, I faced the doorway and waited for my Master to walk through. I must have been there for a long time because my knees were getting sore but soon he walked through the door. I couldn't see the expression on his face since my eyes were downcast, looking at my crossed hands in my lap but I heard his moan of approval and I knew it was at my obedience more than my outfit.

He walked around me without acknowledging my existence. He was gone for a few minutes then he returned and I felt a collar being wrapped around my neck. I knew what this meant. Tonight I would be tied up and pushed to my limits. I shuddered but showed no other signs of excitement. He walked around and stood in front of me. Then his voice cut into the silence.

"Look at me."

I raised my head and looked him straight in his blue eyes like he always wanted me to.

"Are you ready for our night, slut?"

"Yes, Master."

"I put that collar around your neck, do you know why?"

"Yes. It's because I'm a slut and I should be collared to show my obedience and how much of a fuck slut I am."

He smirked and crouched down before me. "Tonight we are going to try something a little different. Do you trust me?"

"Yes Master, always." I couldn't help to be curious about why he'd asked that but I knew that I'd find out when the time was right.

"Good girl. You may stand. Now go to the room, strip and kneel like I've shown you to do."

I stood on wobbly legs and thanked him before walking up the stairs to the room. It was a guest bedroom that was turned into Dom/sub bedroom months ago. Chains hung from the ceiling and floor in the middle of the room and a bench was off to the far right. I walked toward it and slid out of the slip, mindful of the need that was calling for me to appease it. Climbing onto the padded bench, I kneeled facing away from the door; face down with my ass in the air. The cool air caressed my hot pussy and I fought back a moan, not wanting my Master to know that I was enjoying this.

A while later, I felt a hand on my lower back and I almost moaned from the contact. But when I felt a finger thrust into my soaking pussy, I cried out into the bench. I didn't move, I couldn't, not without permission. He pulled his finger out and replaced it with two, then three. Another finger came down and flicked my clit. I groaned but held still. Mindful of the hand caressing my back and the fingers playing with my pussy I wondered how all of it was possible but at the same time I didn't care. My cunt was finally being pleasured after such a long day of being on edge.

The hand traveled up my back and around to my breast and tweaked my nipples. At the same time, the fingers in my pussy began to move faster and faster. I felt my body begin to tremble as the pent up orgasm began to roll through me. Then suddenly, the hands disappeared and I felt such a sense of longing and emptiness that I whimpered desperately. I was so close. I could feel it but I knew that my Master would take care of me.

"Look at me." He ordered once again.

I raised my head and saw him smiling down at me. Happiness spread through me but it was quickly replaced by nervousness as I sensed someone standing behind me. I began to turn my head but Master grabbed my hair and turned me back around.

"Did I tell you that you can move, slut?"

"No, Master." I whispered.

"Where should your eyes be?"

"On yours, Master."

When I looked back into his eyes, I could see the anger and lust within them. I shook with excitement when he roughly let my hair go, straightening it back out again.

"You're such a good slut, don't disappoint me. Lay on the bench in 'ready' position."

With that, I carried out his orders. I laid on my back horizontally across the bench. My legs were spread wide, hips on the edge, arms spread to the sides and my head hanging over the edge. Just then, I saw a man standing at the foot of the bench. His grey eyes seemed to bore into me, taking in every detail of my desire deprived body. He was an inch or so shorter than Kevin but he had the same build. He was very handsome, in a rugged way with shoulder length black hair. I saw the handcuffs in his hands and I knew that he was here for more than watching. My heart rate sped up again as I realized that he was the one who finger fucked me. My nipples hardened even more at that thought and he grinned at my reaction. He took the fingers that were in my pussy and brought them to his lips. His tongue flicked out and he moaned when he tasted my juices. I whimpered at the sight, wishing he was between my legs licking my pussy instead. He smiled and winked. He knew I wanted him even though I was trying to ignore it.

"Slut, this is Ron. He's a beginning Dom and he wants to learn more about D/s, so we are going to help him. You may greet him."

"Hello, Ron. I'm fuck slut. I'm here to serve."

Ron's face brightened up with a beautiful smile. Master walked next to him and nodded. They both commenced cuffing me to the bench, connecting the leather cuffs to chains attached to the bench. I laid still.

Once they were done, they stood back and admired their handy work. Ron spoke up.


"She is isn't she?" Master responded.

I didn't say anything. I just watched these two gorgeous men watching me and I slipped further into submissive mode. I could feel my juices slipping from my pussy down to the bench. Master followed the track of liquid and he smiled.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you slut?"

"Yes, Master. Very much so."

"Good. There's more, much more."

I shuddered and gritted my teeth, not wanting to make a sound. Master rounded the bench again and he lifted my head and wrapped a silk scarf around me. My other senses were at an all time high now. I could smell the essence of my pussy in the air. I could hear my ragged breathing. I could feel someone moving around the bench hovering over me before they sucked my nipple into their mouth. I arched my back and moaned as they sucked and bit my nipple to full erection.

Then suddenly, pain so sharp engulfed my breast and I cried out, pulling on the handcuffs. At the same time another mouth came down and sucked on my clit while a mouth came down on my other nipple. They pulled it deep into their mouth and nibbled on it sending pleasure bursting throughout my body. I gasped and writhed as much as I could, wishing that my ankles weren't cuffed to the bench. Then suddenly pain shot through me again from my clit and my right nipple. The pleasure and pain was a bit too much and I felt so close to cumming.

"Master, may I...may I..."

I couldn't finish my question. My breathing was so ragged and my pussy was throbbing intensely. My clit and my nipples ached from what I knew were clamps and it felt so damn good.

Taking a deep breath, I asked again. "Master, may I cum?"

"Do you really need to, slut?" I felt his breath between my thighs and I knew it was he who was licking my pussy.

"Yes, Master."

"Slut, you do know that if you cum now, you won't be able to again unless Ron and I allow it or until we're done with you."

I nodded hurriedly. I really didn't give a shit I just needed to cum again. I was barely holding back now. I was barely holding on to my control. My breathing escalated as I waited for their next move. I knew my Master was contemplating my request and I bit my lip, wishing he'd hurry. Suddenly someone tugged on the chain and my body erupted into a massive orgasm. My control slipped heavily, it completely disappeared. I was shuddering and moaning for such a long time.

I heard Ron say, "She's such a fuck slut. So hot. Look at her, she loves this."

Master didn't answer instead I heard a zipper being unzipped and some rustling in the background. I was so anxious to know what was going on that I whimpered. I heard a husky laugh in the background than someone began touching my legs once again. Rough calloused hands so much like my Master's traveled up my legs to the top of my thighs then they slid in between. I thrust my hips but the hands continued moving slowly until they got to my spread pussy lips. A finger slipped inside and I moaned. Then suddenly a vibrator was thrust inside and turned on low. I opened my mouth and gasped then a cock was thrust deep into my mouth.

The night had just begun.

I sucked it deeper and teased it with my tongue. This wasn't my Master's cock. I knew every vein and ridge, every little taste of my Master's cock and I knew that this was Ron. I moaned around him with pleasure of knowing that I'm tasting a new cock and Ron groaned. Ron thrust deeper until he hit the back of my throat. He began fucking into my mouth slowly. In and out. I sucked on the tip as he pulled all the way out. In and out. He thrust back in and groaned. In and out. The vibrator was turned up to another level and I moaned, aware of the fact that I couldn't cum unless permitted. I needed Ron to cum, now.

He thrust in again and began to fuck the back of my throat. He grabbed my head and held me still as he fucked my mouth, hard and fast. I pulled on the chains. I wanted to touch him so badly, to feel that hard cock in my hands as he moved in and out of my wet, willing mouth. He thrust in again and I whimpered. I could feel my pussy throbbing, yearning for me to touch it. I loved sucking cock, I could cum just thinking about it and right now wasn't any different.

"Come on, slut. Suck it." He growled.

Determined to make him cum, I clamped my lips around his twitching cock and sucked hard every time he pulled out. He growled loudly and thrust deep. His cock twitched before spurting all of his cum deep into my throat. I swallowed as much as I could but some of his cum spilled from the side of my mouth and rolled into my hair. He pulled his still hard cock from out of my mouth and pulled the blindfold harshly from my face.

I was writhing and moaning on the bench. The vibrator felt so good in my pussy that it didn't register what he did until I saw him standing naked above me, his long, thick cock hovering over my face. It was beautiful. The purpled head still dripped cum which spilled onto my lips. I licked it up hungrily wanting more. He smiled down at me, knowing exactly what I was thinking.

"You want this cock again, don't you, slut?"

I didn't answer but moaned as the vibrator was pulled out and pushed back in again. My breathing was far too labored for me to speak. Master growled at me.

"Answer him."

"Yes Sir, I do want your cock again."

Ron smiled at Master. "You've trained her so well."

I lifted my head and watched as Master stood and stripped before us both. His muscled body showed signs of strain. His hard cock, twitched as I stared at it. I licked my lips wanting to taste it but Master had other plans for me. Not to be out done by Ron's display earlier, he slid the vibrator out of me and thrust his hard cock deep inside me. My head fell back and I cried out. I don't know how much of this I could take. I was already regretting my decision to cum earlier. Sometimes my greed got the best of me, and this time I wish it didn't.

Master grabbed my hips and began fucking me slowly. I felt everything. The thick head rubbed against my pussy walls as he thrust, sending tingles to my nipples. I whimpered, wanting more. He always knew how to tease me, make me want more but make me wished he'd stop all at once. He groaned as I gripped his cock with my pussy walls. His pleasure was my pleasure and I wanted him to cum. Not because I wanted to cum soon even though I did but because I wanted to please him.

Gripping my hips, he held me still as he fucked me hard and fast. His cock hit spots that always drove me crazy. I moaned and gasped with each thrust. Ron still stood above me, his cock fully hard now as he stroked it in time to Master's thrust. I felt a sensual overload. My body began to tremble and I knew that any moment I would cum without my Master's permission. I held still trying to divert my attention elsewhere. But again, Master had other plans. He pulled out and placed the tip of his cock at my asshole. I groaned and shook my head, knowing that if he took my ass, I'd surely cum and face punishment.

Master showed no mercy as he thrust inside, not caring about the short bout of pain that I felt. I yelped but he continued to thrust in until he bottomed out. He grabbed my hips once again and began to fuck my ass now. I moaned and shook my head; trying to warn him about my need to cum. Ron chuckled and gripped the chain between his fingers. When Master thrust back in again, he pulled the chain hard and I arched off the bench. A wave of pain and pleasure so intense rolled through me. I could feel everything now. My body was hyper-sensitive and I knew that if he pulled the chain again I was a goner.

"Please, not again, Sir. Please, no." I whispered desperately.

He ignored me and waited for Master to thrust in once again before pulling the chain harder than ever before. I wailed and came around Master's cock. I mumbled my apologies but I couldn't stop the trembling as my body was wrapped up in euphoric bliss. I shivered and shook, feeling a twist of sadness and pleasure as my orgasm subsided. Master grabbed the chain from Ron and pulled on it and held it still. He stalled his thrusts and barked at me.

"What have you done?"

I looked up at him and winced as I saw raw disappointment flashing in his blue eyes. I didn't know what else to do but mumble my apologies softly but he completely ignored me.

Shaking his head, he said.

"Slut, you've went against my orders. You know that you must face severe punishment. Untie her."

Master pulled out and unclipped the leather cuffs from the chains. Ron did the same to my arms. Master pulled me up and walked me to the center of the room, hooking the chains from the ceiling to the cuffs on my wrists. Ron did the same procedure with the chains on the floor. I stood spread-eagled and shivering in the middle of the room. Regret filled my heart and I was saddened by Master's displeasure in me. I never enjoyed disappointing him but I did enjoy the punishment.

Master turned away from me and grabbed the leather whip off of the wall. I cringed and moaned inwardly.

He turned toward me and said softly.

"I want you to count every hit, slut. Understood?"

"Yes, Master."

Then the first hit came, slashing across my breast. The leather whips connected with the clamps, pushing them down onto my nipples before wrenching them to the side. Pain so severe shot through me and I wailed but counted.

"One! Thank you, Master."

The next hit, slashed across my shoulders. It stung heavily and tears formed in my eyes. I was aware of Ron standing to the side, watching every strike with obvious excitement.

"Two! Thank you, Master."

The next hit was one I wasn't prepared for. Master swung the whip and it collided with the clamp on my clit. I cried out loudly, trying to breathe through the pain. I felt my world darkening somewhat but I fought hard against it.

"Three! Thank y-you, Master."

The punishment continued until I counted to twenty and Ron and Master switched places. Tears were running heavily down my face now but I knew my punishment was far from over. Ron walked behind me and I felt the first hit on my ass. I yanked and arched my back, the clamps pulled tight and I wailed again. My body was enveloped in an intense mix of pain and pleasure. I thanked Ron and he continued. He swung again and the whip slashed across my back. I made a mistake and arched my back again, pulling tight on the chains.

"Two! Thank you, Sir."

Soon, the pain disappeared and I began moaning, wetness leaked from my pussy and slid down my legs. I continued thanking him until I counted to twenty again. I slumped against the chains and groaned, slightly disappointed that the punishment was over. Both men unhooked me and I fell to the floor, weak and heaving from pain. Ron lifted my hips and thrust into me from behind. I moaned and pushed back onto him. His cock filled me to the hilt. He wasn't as thick as my Master but he made up for it with length. He fucked me relentlessly and Master knelt in front of me, thrusting his cock into my mouth.

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