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Yes, Mistress

bymolly z©

As far back as I can remember, I've always been extremely turned on by being dominated by a beautiful woman, Besides being dominated, I find it even more exciting at the thought of being humiliated. The following is a peek into my fantasy world.

It begins something like this: I prepare for the session by first showering, shaving (Including my balls and cock) and using my expensive cologne. The mistress likes her slave clean shaven and smelling good. Next, I do as I am always instructed to do and bind my balls and cock with thin clothesline. Mistress likes to see my cock and balls purple and throbbing when I present myself to her. It also hurts a Hell of a lot more when she whips me there with her short leather frayed whip.

I enter her chamber at exactly the time that I've been instructed. I know too well the consequences of not obeying my mistress. My punishment would be a 2 hour session of pleasing her without the opportunity to orgasm myself, having to wait another 24 hours with a massive stiff cock and bursting blue balls. As usual, she doesn't disappoint. I enter the dim, candle-lit room and drop to my knees before her. She stands before me with black knee-length boots with stilhetto heels, a tiny sheer g-string that barely covers her sex triangle, a black half-cup bra that pushes up her ample breasts with some spill-over at the top and a latex mask which covers her entire head, with the exception of her mouth, nose and eyes. Her sexy full lips are painted with the hottest red lipstick.

She asks, "What do you think of my outfit?"

I respond, "You look gorgeous Mistress."

She replies that by the look of my cock, I must be telling the truth. She comes up from behind and applies handcuffs behind my back. They are very uncomfortable and tight on my wrists, but I know better than to complain. She comes back around and stands in front of me with her legs apart and hands on hips. She is so close that I can't help but smell the aroma of her juicy pussy through her g-string inches from my face.

"Remove my panties with your teeth and lick my pussy, slave." I do as instructed and find her snatch moist, just as I had sensed. I begin licking away, with special attention to the clit. I "Write" the alphabet with my tongue on her clit. Judging from her moans, I am encouraged by my efforts. By my third time through the alphabet, she cums the first time. By now, my cock has a raging hard-on and I lust to slip my rigid cock into the warm, wet folds of her pussy. Of course, that is not the plan of the evening-so I must wait and do only as instructed.

After regaining her composure, she orders me onto the bed. She turns on the T.V. and hits the "Play" button on the remote. It has been preset to a sex scene of her choosing. There is a good-looking, young stud, hung like a horse. He's half flacid and still a good 7 inches. His sex partner is an incredible brunette. She has a feminine hour-glass figure which is full, without being too much. Her breasts hang slightly under their own weight with large pencil eraser nipples jutting straight out. I can't wait to watch this stud fuck the shit out of this slut!

As the scene begins, Mistress lies back on her pillows and begins slowly massaging her swollen pink clit as she watches the stud getting his schlong sucked by his more than willing partner. I'm not sure what she has in store, but my balls are aching for release.

She continues to finger-fuck herself as she watches the scene unfold. After several minutes of this, The young stud pulls away and picks her up by the waist and lays her on the edge of the bed. His dick is completely at attention by now and appears to be at least 9 inches long. "Why the Hell is your cock so fucking small?" She asks me.

"I'm sorry Mistress." Is all I dare reply.

"Just look at him thrusting that massive tool in and out of her juicy snatch. Look at the satisfaction that he can provide a woman with a fucking huge cock like that." She snaps. "That bitch is getting reamed by a monster like that and I'm stuck with that puny thing you call a cock!"

"Yes, Mistress." Was all that I could cowardly muster. But hearing her demean me like that made me hornier than ever. I sat with my head down, secretly watching the fuckfest on the screen that was delivering so much excitement to my sexy, horny Mistress.

"What I couldn't do with a real man like that. There wouldn't be enough hours in the day. I'd have him service me until I couldn't walk. You puny fuck!"

Yes, Mistress.

"Stroke your pathetic cock while I finger my pussy. If you dare cum, I'll dump candle wax all over that tiny excuse of a cock of yours, you understand me?"

"Yes, Mistress."

Between the moans of ecstasy coming from the bitch getting doggie-styled, and the delicious sounds of my mistress, I'd have to be extremely careful not to shoot my wad. I hope she didn't plan to have me do this for long-I don't know how long I can hold out...

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