tagBDSMYes Sir Ch. 03

Yes Sir Ch. 03

byRose P©

Time passed slowly and erratically for her. She felt herself get dizzy. The sound of the sea in her ears blocked all other sensory inputs.

He walked around behind her and brought the slipper down on her arse hard and unexpectedly. She had been relaxed and open. The sting reached her clit.

"Nine!" she announced to the room loudly and with undeniable relief.

Her relief was short lived. She remembered the cane lying next to her. Another 9 strokes seemed almost unbearable.

The last stroke had cleared her head and the pain shooting up her spine from her arse and cunt caused her to clench and unclench in a frenzy.

He picked up the cane and dropped the slipper next to her. He loosened his arm and shoulder by swishing the cane through the air close to her ear so that the sound was loud and resounding in her head. He stepped behind her and watched her clench and unclench in preparation for the next 9.

Silently and stealthily he stepped up close and ran his hand through her dampness from front to back. Slipping two knotted fingers inside her he split them open and swivelled them within her. He moved them deeper and then slid them out. As they reached the brink of her cunt he thrust them back in and felt her constrict so hard around them they were pushed back together.

He smiled and quietly said: "Do not come yet my fallen angel. Hold back and enjoy all the sensations. When I finally allow you to come, it will be remembered for the rest of your life."

She took a deep breath and followed his instructions. At that moment she knew that to trust him completely would prove her greatest moment of control and submission.

He stepped away from her slipping his hand out and feeling her wetness on his hand. He felt his erection strain against his pants with added fury and desire. He shuddered in pleasure as he felt her fear and anticipation in the room. He could smell her and couldn't wait to taste her.

He caressed the cane and felt its flexible strength. He knew how it could hurt and how that hurt could bring pleasure of unexplained intensity.

She quivered while waiting for him to decide on the next series of cuts. His game plan was never predictable and always painfully delightful. She craved him and could feel herself getting wetter as she thought about him entering her and bringing her off. Her mind wandered and dwelt on the thought of him and her and all they could do with and to each other.

He measured the cane across her arse and brought her back to the current situation with a shock, the tremor of which ran through her.

Suddenly she felt the sting across the bottom of her arse where it joined her legs. "One"

"Two" arrived shortly after above the previous spot. He was working his way up her arse to the small of her back.

"Three" "Four" "Five" "Six"

The cuts were fast and furious. The pain was intense. She felt the tears sting her eyes and run down her cheeks. It was hard to remember that this was only a stepping-stone to complete rapture. She was so lost in the pain that it took a few moments to realise that there were only three strokes left. Only three more to count. Only three more to experience.

He watched her as she relaxed and his breathing quietened. The red arse in front of him had raised welts all the way along its width. She would feel and remember him for days to come.

He could not hold himself off much longer.

He stepped away from the chair and quietly removed his pants giving his erection its long needed space.

She heard his slight movements and felt the throbs of the pain he had inflicted. There were three to go but where was he and when would they come?

Suddenly she felt his hands gently stroking her arse cheeks. She felt the warmth of him near her. As his hands slipped under her shirt and up her back she felt her breathing get deeper and her mind move into a different place. A place centred on her inner core. The serenity and peace she felt stood in direct contrast to the pain and fear she had experienced.

He moved his hands from her shoulders down around her sides to her breasts. Her tits were firm and her nipples responsive. He took them in his fingers and rolled them gently. The peaceful breath that escaped her lips foreshadowed the movements of her hips against him. He felt her movements as they originated from somewhere deep inside her. The primal need and urge was strong in her. The pain and anticipation had brought her here.

He moved back slightly and found her wetness with his fingers. He opened her up and brought his stiff cock close to her cunt.

She felt him at the door and almost cried out in joy. She wanted him. She needed him. She arched her back and thrust her hips and arse backwards.

"You may cry out now," he whispered in her ear.

"Yes sir!"

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