It was Friday afternoon and I was driving southwest to visit the lady who is the ying to my yang. We have been friends for years and many lifetimes. There is a connection between us that is stronger than life itself but one that has been barely missed time and time again. In each case when one of us is getting out of a relationship, the other has just gotten into one.

In answer to the burning question, yes we have been lovers from time to time in every sense except the full and final one. We have spent literally hours teasing and pleasuring each other both manually and orally but have never quite consecrated the final act. It has been very, very close once or twice but for some reason or the other, it has never happened.

Well, I'm on my way to see her again. It has been quite a while since I last saw her as she is now married to my best friend, next to her. I'm also in a relationship with a great lady but the pull between Ying and I has grown stronger and stronger over the past five to six months as she has been having trouble in her relationship as I have been having in mine.

I had called her earlier in the day and asked what she had planned for the weekend. I was told that her husband was out of town as usual and this was the weekend her kids spent with her ex, their daddy. I asked if she wanted some company for a couple of days, as I needed to get away from my relationship before I did something rash.

I could hear the beaming grin over the phone lines as she replied, "You ain't here yet?" There was a laugh then she continued. "I'll be back from delivering the kids by seven, can you be here by then? You're not just teasing me are you?"

With a laugh I said, "No, Ying I wouldn't tease you in such a cruel way and I'll be waiting for you when you get back home."

I'm running about two hours early but that's all right as it will give me time to stop in town and pick up a few things. Some flowers, a couple of bottles of wine, and a couple of steaks with all the trimmings. She and I both could use some good company, a peaceful and quiet couple of days with a loving friend. At least I know I need that and from our conversations over the phone of late, she does too.

Her house is one of two at the end of a dead-end street. I had been sitting on her front patio sipping on a beer for about a half hour when her truck pulled into the drive. I headed out the walk to meet her and I'm welcomed with a big hug and a long slow kiss. Her kiss has always taken my breath away and I think the feeling is mutual.

We stood holding each other tightly for several minutes before she stepped back and said, "Well, you look good. I'm so happy to see you; it has been way too long. I want this to be a very special weekend but I'm not sure how to go about it."

I laughed and jokingly said, "Well, we could spend the weekend nude and only dress when we go somewhere."

She looked at me a moment then a big grin spread across her face. "Sounds like a plan to get us in trouble to me. Of course, we can get into trouble in a room full of preachers on a Sunday morning."

"That's us all right. Here, give me a hand with this stuff." Saying that I handed her the flowers and the wine.

"You shouldn't have but thank you, they are lovely."

Glancing at the wine she grinned and said, "Do you remember what happened last time you brought wine?"

I laughed and answered, "I sure do, how could I ever forget. You got a good start on that threesome you had always fantasized about. If your old man hadn't passed out, who knows where it might have gone."

Grabbing several sacks, we headed for the front door. She went to put the flowers in water while I retrieved my bag and the ice chest from my truck.

I left my bag just inside the back door and carried the ice chest into the kitchen. She was coming through the other door that leads to the living room and she was completely nude. I stood and stared as she stopped to lean on the door jam. Dark hair, a heart shaped face with a big smile on it, a long graceful neck leading to wide shoulders. Her arms were crossed just below her cone shaped breasts with their puffy tips topped with a rock hard nipple.

Her breasts had always fascinated me with their soft satiny feel and great sensitivity. I had almost made her come several times just by licking and sucking on her breasts and nipples. My eyes travel slowly on down to her stomach, which she sucks in. It was an unconscious habit as she tried to hide the soft swell of her lower abdomen. She hated that swell in her flat stomach but I loved it.

There's something about it that I find extremely sexy. Visions of belly dancers from a past life or something like that I guess. My smile turned to a grin as my eyes travel over the flare of her hips and settle on the small triangle of dark curls just above her sex. The folds of her sex are showing with the smooth soft bare skin of the outer lips puffy and slightly open.

Her clit is standing hard and proud at the top of the slit with its little hood pulled back. It looks so lickable but I resist the urge and force my eyes down across the length of her beautiful thighs and long legs to her bare feet.

As I finish my tour and let my eyes wander slowly back to her face, she laughs and said, "Now I know what they mean about being raped by someone's eyes."

I chuckled and grinned at the thought and move to unload the contents of the ice chest into the refrigerator. When I finished, she walked over to me, placed her hands on my chest and leaned in to kiss me softly on the lips.

Leaning back, she looks me up and down. "You, sir, are entirely over dressed but I can fix that."

Slowly she unbuttoned my shirt and slipped it off my shoulders and arms to drop it on the floor. She kisses her way down the center of my chest and stomach as she kneels to remove my boots and socks. Sitting back on her heals she reaches up, undoes my belt, and unsnaps my jeans. Holding the top of my fly, she slowly lowers the zipper then using both hands, she spreads the material to revel my hard manhood standing at attention before her eyes.

Leaning forward, she licks the shaft from its base to the tip and then around the head several times. Sitting back, she grins up at me and licks her lips before sliding my jeans down and then off.

Completely nude, I kneel in front of her and kiss her lips gently at first then with growing passion as she returns the kiss. Soon I find myself laying flat on my back with her straddling my hips, the kiss still unbroken. Breaking the kiss, she slowly sits up and places her hands on my chest as she rubs her opening sex against my shaft. I can feel the warm wet heat along my length as she opens more. Slowly she rubs her clit and increasing wet slit up and down the full length of my manhood.

As the heat and wetness build, she tilts her head back and bites her lower lip. Her tempo increases as her eyes close and she nears orgasm. She freezes for a second as she starts to come and then resumes her movement at a much slower pace. The pressure had increased in my balls but not to the point of no return when she stopped moving and lay down on my chest, her head on my shoulder.

"God, I needed that. It has been nearly a month since I came with another person touching me. Masturbation is nice but it's lonely." She finished with a chuckle.

I wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly for several minutes as she basked in the after glow of her orgasm. I kept quiet not wanting to break the mood.

Finally, she whispered, "I'm such a greedy bitch, here I am getting my jollies and letting poor you suffer, but I promise I'll make it up to you before the weekend is over."

I chuckled softly and said, "You can abuse me anyway you want to and any time you want to. You have always known that."

She kissed me lightly on the cheek before sitting up. "Even on a cold tile kitchen floor it seems. I better let you up before you catch a cold or something." She wiggled her wet sex against my hard shaft for a second and then stood up. "I'm such a bad girl, look at the mess I've made. I just love it when I'm bad." With a laugh, she reached down to give me a hand up.

When I was on my feet, I took her in my arms and kissed her long and hard. My shaft was pressed against her soft lower stomach and smeared her juices there. When we broke the kiss, she stepped back and looked down. "I guess we should go clean this mess up."

I laughed and backed her up until she bumped into the kitchen table. She giggled as I helped her up to sit on the edge of it. I pushed her back until she laid spread out with one foot on the edge of the table and one in a chair. Then I licked at the mess on her tummy. Her giggle turned to a soft sigh as I worked my way down to her inner thighs. Using my wide tongue to great advantage, I licked the area around her pussy until it was clean.

As I took one long lick from her asshole to her mound, up and over each outer lip she shivered. I took one extremely slow lick straight up the middle of her slit from her ass to her clit. As my tongue bumped over her clit, her hands shot out and grabbed my head pulling it away from the sensitive bud.

"Please, not yet. Let's save that for later."

Backing up, I helped her sit up and get off the table. She gave me a soft peck on the lips and then said, "OK, buster, it's your turn to get cleaned up. Climb up there and sit down."

I sat on the table and she sat in the chair with my feet on each side of her. She rested her arms on the tops of my thighs and gave me one long hard lick from my balls to the groove in the bottom of the spongy head.

"This is an interesting and very comfortable way to give a blowjob. I wonder why I never thought about it before. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will never be the same at this table again. Talk about your snack time."

She went back to bathing my whole shaft with her talented tongue. She ran the tip of her tongue around and round the head for several moments before sucking the head into her mouth then slowly swallowing all seven inches of me. Her tongue continued its exquisite dance as she moved her head up and down slowly.

God, she was good at this and I knew she enjoyed it as much as I did. I could feel myself tensing up as my balls slowly drew up tight.

"I'm fixing to come," I warned her but she continued the slow in and out suction and her tongue never missed a beat. A groan escaped my lips as a toe curler of an orgasm started with three long squirts and continued when she didn't stop sucking.

When I softened slightly and she was satisfied that she had every last drop she popped me out of her mouth and sat back grinning. "Now that I've had dessert, what's for supper? I saw you unloading some groceries."

I had to laugh at that as she licked her lips. "There are steaks for the grill, a bag of salad, a couple of potatoes to bake and a couple of bottles of wine to wash it all down with. I hope you have some charcoal because I forgot it."

She leaned forward and gave me a little kiss on my semi hard shaft before saying. "Charcoal we got. It's in the box on the patio. You go start the fire and I will get started in here. Our neighbors across the road are gone for the weekend so you won't need clothes out there unless you see headlights coming down the road." She laughed as she got up from the chair.

I slipped off the table and headed outside to start the fire.


When I returned inside Ying had the steaks ready, the salad in bowls, and the potatoes ready for the microwave. She was standing at the sink washing up a few dishes from earlier in the day. Walking up behind her, I placed my hands on her hips as I kissed and nibbled from her shoulder to the nape of her neck. At the same time, I allowed my hands to wander over her belly and ribs and then up to cup her soft breasts.

Gently I massaged and milked her breast until my thumbs and forefingers were in position to slowly roll the hard buds of her nipples. As she pressed back against me, she said, "Ummm, I like that. Not just your massaging of my breasts but the whole thing, the kissing, the holding, the attention that says you're thinking about me."

She had stopped doing the dishes and laid her head back as I nuzzled her neck and continued to caress and tease her breasts. My right hand slowly wandered south to cup and rub her mount for a moment before she spoke again, "Unless you want to end up on the floor again you had better behave. I need to finish these dishes and you need to put the steaks on."

My manhood had started to harden in the soft warm crack of her ass cheeks as she moved her hips in counterpoint to the motion of my hands. With one last kiss to the back of her neck, I sighed and released her as I stepped back. "How do you want your meat?"

Turning around, she grabbed my shaft and balls with her wet hands, massaging and rubbing them for a moment before saying, "Raw." She laughed and continued. "Oh, you mean the steaks. Medium rare will be fine."

She slowly stroked my shaft for a moment longer. "I'll save this for a midnight snack since I've already had my dessert." Chuckling she released her hold on me and turned back to the sink.

"Snack my ass," I said with a grin as I picked up the plate with the steaks and a large fork.

Without turning around Ying replied, "No dear, smack in my ass. I just love that anal thing."

I stood looking at her for a moment. "Oh, yeah? I didn't know you liked that."

Glancing over her shoulder, she grinned and said, "Don't burn the steaks and continue to show me all the attention that you have been and you might just find out."

With a grin, I headed for the patio. Sounded like a promise to me.


I put the steaks on and sat down at the patio table. Ying came out to join me carrying two beers. We sipped our beer for a moment before she said, "You know we have lived here for almost three years and this is only the second time I've ever been out here nude." She chuckled and then went on. "I'm not sure where I'm going with this or what it means but it just came to me. As much as I like going without clothes and like being outside nude I thought it was interesting."

I got up to turn the steaks. "With the neighbors you have who are retired and home most of the time and the kid I can understand it. You lived out in the country before and had very few people around most of the time so you had the opportunity and place to run around naked."

"I realize that, but there is something else, a kind of loss of spirit. Maybe it is the move into town but I feel it is more than that. I guess most of all I'm just not happy. I'm alone and lonely too much. The kids and people are around most of the time but I still feel very lonely."

I opened the grill and stabbed the steaks onto a plate and then turned and walked over to my Ying and pulled her up out of the chair. When she gained her feet, I took her into my arms and hugged her tightly to me. She returned the hug and pressed her forehead to my chest. I just held her for a long time, slowly rolling her slightly from side to side. A comforting motion like you would use with a child.

When she finally raised her head and looked me in the eye, a slow shy smile came to her face and she whispered, "You are so good for me and always know what I need. It's really too bad that we could never get our timing right. I think we would have been the greatest thing for each other in the world."

I kissed her forehead and then placed my cheek against it and said, "Yes, we would but it's not in the cards in this lifetime I guess. Maybe we will have better luck the next time around. God knows we've been trying for such a very long time."

She sighed heavily, licked my chin and then chuckled softly. "Then I guess we'll go on stealing what moments we can. One day maybe the fates, or stars or whatever it is that is crossing us up will realize the mistake they have made in keeping us apart. That will be a wonderful world wouldn't it and an even better lifetime."

"Yes, that would be something else," I whispered mostly to myself.

She stepped back and took a deep breath. "OK, what did you do with those steaks? I've pitied myself long enough to work up an appetite, so let's go drown ourselves in some food."

I turned back to the steaks, stuck the fork in the thickest part of one, and opened the grill. "They need another minute or two to warm back up and get past the rare stage. So go get the potatoes ready and I be along shortly."

She slipped her arms around me for a quick squeeze and headed inside.


The meal was great even if the steaks were a little tough. The bottle of red wine I had brought was a fairly good year and washed everything down easily. By the time, we had finished eating and cleaned up, the bottle was empty.


We killed the patio lights and moved out there with the second bottle of wine to relax and let our meal digest.

After a few minutes of silence, I commented, "I love the night with its sighing winds and the stars so bright and clear. The moon will be up in a little while."

Ying chuckled. "The stars, the moon, a bottle of wine, actually the second bottle, are you trying to seduce me?"

I laughed. "Am I being that obvious? Actually, I'm enjoying the company of someone I have missed and love. I don't think I need to seduce you, what will happen will happen as it always does when we are alone together." I could almost hear her grin as she sat close to me in the dark.

"No, you don't have to seduce me but it's flattering that you make the effort. I'm finding that more and more often it is the little things that count the most. Speaking of which, grab that bottle and follow me, I hear a hot bubble bath calling our names."


In the bathroom, she lit candles and placed them around the room while the big old antique tub filled with hot water. I held our glasses as she climbed in and slowly settled into the hot water with a long sigh. I stood and looked down on her beauty as she relaxed and stroked her body with suds soaked hands.

After a moment, she paused and looked up. "Are you just going to stand there all night or what? Come on and join me it feels wonderful."

I chuckled before answering her, "It looks wonderful and the bath too."

She laughed and reached both arms up to take the glasses from me.

I stepped over into the tub and sat down facing her as we interlaced our legs. I must have made a face at the hot water because Ying laughed as she handed me my glass. "Don't boil your little wiener, I like my meat raw remember."

"You're the one who filled the tub, so if it's cooked it's your fault," I said as I wiggled my ass around and grimaced as if I were in pain. This made her laugh again.

We relaxed and let the hot soapy water work on us as we talked and sipped our wine. When our glasses were nearly empty, I leaned over the side of the tub but could not reach the bottle.

I started to get up but Ying said, "Hold on, I'll get it since my legs are over yours."

She handed me her glass, pulled herself up into a squatting position, and then moved forward onto her knees that were on the outside of my legs. Holding onto the slippery side of the tub, she leaned over and grabbed the bottle.

"See I told you I could get it," she said as she knee walked forward and sat down on my thighs. "Let me have your glass."

She filled both glasses and returned the bottle to the floor.

When she was leaned over, I took one of the glasses and I dipped her left nipple in it. She jerked and looked down to see a drop of wine form on the hardening nipple. As a grin spread over her face she slowly leaned over and I licked the drop off before sucking the soft puffy end of her breast into my mouth. As I sucked on it and rapidly flicked the tip of my tongue over the rock hard nipple, Ying's back arched as she tried to press more of it into my mouth.

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