Lorain was attempting, yet again, what was for her an impossible yoga position. With both ankles wrapped around the neck she slipped. The success was short lived as she slowly rolled backwards trapping both arms under her legs. She was trapped in place by her own weight. In this indelicate position she would remain until someone came to the rescue and she knew exactly who that would be.

It was going to be the young man whose apartment she had been sharing for the last couple of weeks. Her neighbour's son Peter was just eighteen and rented an apartment while at university. It happened to be close to head office where Lorain had to attend a course for a few weeks. Peters mother had persuaded him to give her the spare room.

Knowing his father was the type to organise everyone around him she assumed, correctly, he would try the same. It was his apartment yet she had made it quit clear from the first day she wasn't going to let him lay down the rules. After all she was a mature experienced woman, almost twice his age and he had only just turned eighteen. It would have been better to get to know him, been friendlier toward him, considering this vulnerable spot she was in.

The position was embarrassing enough only she had taken off the leotard to gain some extra freedom of movement. With everything not only exposed but spread out as though on offer the position was humiliating. For an attractive woman to be naked and helpless was dangerous. She knew men preferred large breasts but she did have shapely long legs, smooth skin, and long blond hair. In short, men found her very attractive.

Lorain wondered how he would react finding her like this. Would he discreetly undo her like a knot in a piece of string or take advantage of this pathetic helplessness. She must relax. She tried to roll over onto one side to get free only her elbows prevented it. It was no use whatever she tried the position was impossible to escape from.

With her legs wrapped around her neck she presented an indelicate picture, sure to be a temptation to Peter and she was powerless to stop him taking advantage. With a close up view between her legs she was pathetically aware of a physical reaction provoked by these lewd thoughts. The sight of swelling lips reacting so strongly to her imagination was both strange and fascinating. Unused to a close up of her sexuality it was strangely upsetting and stimulating.


"Hi! Are you in?" Peter shouted. Lorain remained silent trying to bring her thoughts under control. She listened to him singing in the shower summoning the courage to call for help. He was obviously unaware anyone was home. He probably thought she had caught an early train home for the weekend. She had better shout to him when he came out of the shower or would be left here all evening, for he was sure to be going out on a Friday night. Waiting for him to discover her prolonged the torment though it did give her more time to regain some control.

Straight out of the shower he walked into the lounge wearing a towel dripping water onto the carpet. "Oh!" He exclaimed. "Shall I come back when you're finished?" He asked. Not making a move or looking away he stood directly above her enjoying the sight of a naked woman splayed on the floor.

Embarrassed, she just managed to squeak out a reply. "No. Don't go. I need help. Please. Just undo my ankles." She said, trying to sound calm and failing.

Her tone had always been rather imperious with him up until now. The tone now held a conciliatory note, understandably, considering the circumstances. Peter couldn't help being amused at her predicament. He knew she practised yoga but this was amazing. He kneeled down to take a closer look. "How long have you been stuck like this?" He asked.

The amusement on his face was clear to see and most unsettling. "Since four. I came home early." She murmured. It was disconcerting to be speaking to him face to face with a swelling vagina between them. He crawled around behind her examining the tangle of limbs.

"I guess it's going to be painful to move either your hands or feet." He said.

She wished he would just get on with it not wanting to prolong the dreadful seconds that seemed to stretch out. She squashed the thought of stretching out.

He crawled round to face her again obviously enjoying this unexpected power. Reaching over her head she felt his fingers tracing her limbs as though he were figuring what to do only she knew he was delaying things. In horror she watched the towel swing open enveloping her in its folds as it flopped down either side of her rolled up body. It was like being trapped in a tent.

Right before her was the tent pole. In the gloom she couldn't help seeing this swollen penis pointing at her. 'No! Keep that damn thing away.' She thought. It was already hard and throbbing seeming to stretch out toward her. When he moved forward reaching over her head to massage her feet the penis moved in.

In fear she watched it skim above the lips of her pussy stopping just short of her mouth. When she breathed out it throbbed in response. Trying to breath through her nose did no good as her breath still tickled it. She almost licked her dry lips but realised in time, she would have licked the tip of his cock. It was that close.

When he moved back she watched his penis bob downward where it slapped her pussy. She gasped as though in pain.

"Sorry did I pull your feet the wrong way?" He asked.

"No it was." She began, but stopped herself in time. It was difficult to think straight but she managed to steady her racing thoughts enough to realise he knew exactly what he had done. His teasing of her was deplorable yet there was nothing she could do about it. She would just have to suffer this indignity until he had finished amusing himself.

Staring her in the face, this time much closer, he sniffed. It was only too obvious what was happening to her under his gaze. She was visibly swelling while giving off a musky odour with a clear message about her state of excitement. While they both looked on, her crotch began to glisten with her juices exuding from a growing openness. She couldn't move her head away from the explicit spectacle nor could she close her eyes while he too looked on at the enthralling exhibition of a grand opening.

Feeling the faint touch of his breath upon her thighs was exciting enough but then he blew upon her opening eliciting a feeble whimper. "You seem to be hot. I'll cool you down." He said.

It had the opposite effect. She screwed up her face with every blow he served, beginning to pant in time with it. She watched a finger an inch or two from her nose gently stroke one of her lips.

He blew there as though attempting to put out a forest fire with a garden hose. It was petrol not water he doused her with. Her fire grew in intensity. "Oh! Please. Stop it! You mustn't. What would your mother say?" She pleaded.

She watched his lips close upon hers. It was a barely perceptible touch. A flicker of tongue stroked one lip then the other. She whimpered. She tried to recover her voice to tell him off. The thought was there to say, 'Stop licking my pussy you naughty boy.' The absurdity of the words dried them in her throat. All that emerged was a guttural moan.

She wanted to close her eyes tight shut. To hide from all that was happening an inch or two before them. His mouth opened wide and encompassed her pussy. He sucked hard drawing everything into his mouth. It felt as though she were being turned inside out. Pleasure zones she never knew existed erupted inward travelling through her body outward to the tips of her toes, her fingertips, and nipples. The top of her brain seemed to fizz as though her hair was on fire.

He pressed down hard for his tongue to delve and explore inside. She whimpered freely, crying out unashamedly. Her body needed to thrash about reacting to a deep orgasm only she was trapped, and so instead it trembled. The fit racked her body for what seemed an age while she desperately clung on as though riding a bicycle across coble stones at speed.

When she at last opened her eyes he was looking down at her grinning mischievously. She watched the head of his cock glide toward her mouth then drop back to her pussy lips. "No! Please. Don't do that. You'll make me pregnant." With such a close view of her privacy she couldn't tell him it was the wrong time of month so perhaps something else might stop him. "I'm so fertile the least drop will make me pregnant. Please don't do that to me. You don't want the responsibility of a child do you?" She pleaded.

"Your right. Why take a chance when there are other opportunities." He grinned.

His cock loomed large in her face so much bigger from this perspective it was daunting. The head of his cock touched her lips.

"Open wide." He mischievously chided then chuckled mischievously.

This was not something she had been used to but there seemed little choice. She flicked it with her tongue trying to keep it from penetrating too deep hoping he might come quickly. With this thought she began sucking and licking even nibbling and flicking the eye of his cock. "No! You're choking me." She spluttered when it hit the back of her throat.

"You bit me!" He said, looking bemused. "Don't you know what to do?" He asked.

She tried to shake her head but not even that was possible. "Sorry!" She whimpered, almost meaning it. His cock looked ready to explode. He had given her such a marvellous orgasm she now felt guilty. How could she be angry with him after that? But now it must stop she couldn't go on. She was almost his mother's age, what would people say if they were found out. What would his mother say!

Had he at last gone to get something to free her? She hoped he wasn't looking for condoms. She knew he hadn't a girl friend at the moment but that didn't mean he didn't keep some for an emergency. She should help him out perhaps let him. "No!" This had gone far enough. 'It had been nice after so long.' She thought, and a rosy glow seemed to shadow the room. She had been a lonely widow for too long.

A little voice was nagging at her asking if it really made much difference after what just happened. No, she must not let those feelings influence her; she had to stop him now before he took her completely.

Watching him enter the room without his dressing gown was interesting. His erect penis bobbed up and down with each stride. Looking up at him it seemed to be enormous. She could see everything from down here. His bottom looked so delicious. 'Stop it!' She told herself.

He began to massage her limbs with oil and all she could do was purr in contentment. When was he going to free her? Her bottom was stretched out wide before him and as his hands pressed oil into her thighs and cheeks she opened her eyes. A finger pressed at her little puckered hole. "No! Stop that. Please!" She said trying to sound like a mature adult. The tone of voice was instead pleading.

"Just relax." He told her. "It will feel OK if you relax."

A finger slipped in with a thumb slithering over her bud. In and out the finger worked into her bottom while the thumb pressed upon her most sensitive spot. She had never ever let anyone play with her bottom only now it was impossible to stop him. This was different from furtive gestures during foreplay. With her legs so widely spread he had complete access to her and was able to see what he was doing only too well.

It didn't take long for her breathing to gain momentum. In rhythm with those unrelenting fingers her breaths poured out with pitiful sighs. For a moment she thought it a spiteful torment when he kept changing position and timing, when all she wanted was a steady stroke for a badly needed orgasm. Another one!

The involuntary sounds were a bodily reaction, not under her control at all, but directed by those blessed fingers. For a moment she thought there was a tune to it then tried to dismiss the humiliating thought. He was keeping her on the edge, keeping control of her body. Through befuddled thoughts it became clear what he was doing to her. A firmer press upon her bud followed a deeper penetration of her anus with a finger. A penetration of her vagina then a massage of both lips followed. All of it was in a steady rhythm. Each movement elicited a different sound from her mouth or throat.

The damn boy was playing her body like some exotic musical instrument. He was using her sex to play some damn nursery rhyme. The disgrace brought anger. It also hammered home the hopelessness of her position bringing with it an uncharacteristic humility. At last she gave in and came. If she hadn't been wrapped up into a tight ball her body would have collapsed in a heap on the floor. Instead she let out a long low howl.

"My turn I think." Peter told her quietly.

Still in the throes of ecstasy she distantly watched a penis bounce over her lips slapping at the well-worked opening, nudge her nose, and then slide back as he positioned himself. On his knees he steadied his hardened cock with one hand, ready to penetrate her bottom. The battlefield was a few inches square where all her treasures were being fought for and taken one by one.

Before she could cry out in fear there was a loud banging on the door. A below from university friends invaded the little scene of action between them.

Peter jumped up and shouted down the hallway. "Wait. I'm not ready yet."

He pulled the sofa away from the wall, manoeuvred the towel under her and dragged her behind it. They wouldn't wait much longer if the sound of raucous voices were anything to go by. Either the door would give way or they would lurch on to the next drinking hole.

Pulling on a pair of jeans he opened the door for them to fall in. "I just need a shirt then we're off." He told them.

"We started before you so you've a lot to catch up on Pete." One of his drunken palls belched.

'Bugger!' He thought, 'I'll have to get them out of here and lose them in town.' "Don't you worry I'll soon down a few."

Lorain screwed up her eyes in panic. One rampant young man was enough. If those drunken fools sniffed her out: what then? She dare not think what might happen. Crushed behind the sofa it was impossible to move let alone escape from the knot her body was in. What ever happened to her was in the hands of Peter. 'Damn those hands! Those wonderful hands.' She thought. Their raucous laughter sounded loud and close leaving her feeling frightened and vulnerable. She lay squashed in a ball trying to hold her breath, not daring to make a sound.

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