tagLesbian SexYoga Ch. 01

Yoga Ch. 01


Many people have been emailing and asking me about the "Fire with Ice" story, and whether or not I am going to involve the sister... I... I'm not sure, because that is not the way I write.

When I write a story, I talk from what would turn me on, I like to focus my sexual passion on one person.

I find it hot that people masturbate to my stories, and I'm happy that I can make your pussy wet (and to the guys, I'm happy to make your dick hard). Unfortunately I am not there to help you come, but I believe you, when you email me :)

This is part 1 of the story, rate and tell me if you think I should write a part 2

All of the people in this story are 18 or older


I can't resist the girl in front of me in yoga class. She is wearing the tightest, ass and pussy hugging yoga pants in the world (thank you so much Victoria Secret). She is in the downward facing dog position... and I want to bury my face in her pussy. Her bright green tank top has slid down so I can now see her tan stomach in contrast with the underside of her white sports bra, in the front of the room was all mirrors so I could see down her shirt to the top of her tits, and her dirty blond hair is up in a messy bun.

There are about 10 people in our yoga class, and this girl Laura and I are in the back near the corner, she is always in front of me, and I always get so wet and frustrated, it pisses me off, so today I decide to do something about it.

While she in downward facing dog, I stand up, walk over to her, grasp her round hips, and move her slightly back, so her ass is hovering right near my pussy heat. I hear a startled gasp from her, I see her body stiffen a little, and she tilts her head to the side, wide startled hazel eyes are looking back at me.

I smile slightly, "I saw you were a little bit forward on your position, and you don't want to be there because you are putting unnecessary weight on your arms" I say to her, "I also noticed some other moves you were a little off while doing, wanna stay after class and we can ask the instructor if we can have the room to practice for a couple of hours?"

"Sure! That will be great; I can feel less strain on my arms now, thanks!" Laura says enthusiastically.

I tap her butt lightly and go back to my yoga mat; my pussy is contracting and fill with liquid anticipation.

After class the teacher allows us an hour and a half to use the room, now I am standing alone in the room with the object of my desire... this is gonna be fun.

Laura is a couple of inches shorter than my 5'6" and we are staring there looking at each other, she is biting the corner of her lip looking awkward, and I want to bite that lip, and suck it into my mouth.... But come to think about it, that's not the only lip I want to nibble on, I want to take her juicy pussy lips into my mouth, and make her cry from pleasure, and may be a little but of pain. My nipples tighten just thinking about it.

I see her eyes move to my tits and to my pointy nipples, I take the palm of my hands and start rubbing my nipples "oh sorry, my nipples always get hard after yoga, I think it's because my body starts cooling down, ya know?"

She chuckles nervously, and nods her head, she is staring at my face with wide doe eyes... I smile to myself, oh this is gonna be fun.

"Now let's get down to business, I noticed on the Reverse Warrior position that you are a little off, now get into that position so I can correct you"

She starts getting into the Reverse Warrior position. Her legs go wide into a lunch, giving me a clear outline of her pussy lips. She puts her left hand on her straightened back leg, and lifts her other hand up in the air.

Her body is amazing, her shirt lifted up slightly so I can see some of her delicate tan stomach, her head is tilted back so her neck is stretched long, I just want to go over to her and plop my pussy on her face, and make her suffocate on my cunty lips.

I close the 1 foot distance and I place my hands on her sides, "I like your lines, this is the best I've ever seen you do this" I run my hands down her stomach, "your mid section is nice and tights, just remember to keep breathing deeply Laura," My hands slide from her stomach, between her breasts, and up her neck, "good, nice position Laura, good girl"

I notice that Laura's nipples are getting hard, and that her breathing is slightly off. "Laura, stand up straight for me" She whips up out of her position and her breathing is ragged, I am only 6 inches away from her, and I notice that her eyes are dilated.

"Laura, are you cold? I notice that your nipples are hard, are you okay?"

"n-no" she stutters, her cheeks flushed

"'no', what Laura? Are you cold?" I say with a smirk on my face

"n-n-no, I-I-I"

"Laura, I told you what to do when you are cold right, just rub your nipples, and you will feel better."


I close the distance between us, and I start rubbing her nipples through her shirt, "I guess if you can't rub your own nipples I'll rub them for you, you should be feeling better in no time"

I say gruffly Laura's eyes are closed, and she is biting her damned lip again.

I give her nipples one final rub with my hands, and I start backing away, but she lifts up her hands and places them over mine.

"More," she thrusts her breasts into my hands more.

"Well, aren't we a little pushy slut? What makes you think I wanna touch your tits? Are they even worth my time?" while I am saying this my body is moving closer to hers, my knee is in between her legs, so I can feel her heat, and wetness on my knee through her yoga pants... she is humping me leg a little.

"You are humping my leg like a bitch in heat" she moans in response, I say in her ear softly, "well if you want to act like a little slut, then I'm gonna treat you like a little slut"

I grip the bottom hem of her shirt and rip it up over her head taking her sports bra with it. Her tan skin is pink with irritation from how roughly I take off her shirt and bra. She is around a C-cup, her tits are slightly sagging without the sports bra. Her nipples are a dark pink, and long, it turns me on so fucking much.

I take off my shirt and as soon as my tits are free, I take the back of her head and pull her towards my tits "Suck them, bitch" I say roughly, and I feel her mouth start sucking on my nipples.

Her boobs are swaying down between us, and I take my hands and start tugging and squeezing her nipples, like she is a fucking cow, and I am a farmer desperate for milk. The more roughly I pull on her nipples, the more she moans. I lightly start tapping her tits, slapping the nipple.

I take my hands from her tits, and rub them down her body, Laura's back is facing Yoga rooms mirrors, and I can look at her ass in the reflection of the mirror. My hands run over her round ass, which is surprising because she is a thin girl.

"You don't have any underwear on Laura? You dirty slut hmmmm?"

"thong" is her muffled reply because she is saying it around sucking on my tits.

"ahh, I see, do you think it's nice wearing a thong to Yoga, and teasing me with your ass and pussy?" as I say ass and pussy, my hands run over her ass and pussy clad in the yoga pants, I feel that her yoga pants are wet.

"Your cunty is wet Laura, you've been a naughty girl, getting all wet for me, your pussy must be creamy hmmm?" I rub her ass "take down your pants do it quickly Laura, before I lose my patience"

Laura jerks up and pulls down her pants "now get back to sucking on my tits, little slut" which she eagerly does.

I am watching her ass in the mirror, and I see that her pussy lips are swollen, I take her thong, and start pulling it up her back, giving so the thong piece will go more up her ass, and be between her pussy more, giving her a sexual wedgie

"hurts good doesn't it baby?" I tug her thong up and down, so the thong is in her pussy tapping on her pussy, and my other hand gives her as a firm slaps, leaving red. I slap her ass, and then rub it, and then I do it to the other cheek. And then

I hear the most glorious sound, the sound of her cumming, and I watch from the mirrors, her cunt juice running down her leg onto the floor.

My tongue goes out and wets my now dry lips... I can't wait to have a taste of her pussy...



If you liked the story comment and rate, and I will write part two



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