tagLesbian SexYoga Ch. 02

Yoga Ch. 02


Everyone in this story is 18 years or older.

Hey everyone I want to thank everyone for your patience, and the fact that you actually like what I write is always surprising. With that being said I know this last part of my story is not the greatest (due to lack of inspiration) or the longest (due to it being the end of the school year, projects and finals and such) but I think some of you will enjoy it.


I am watching her ass in the mirror, and I see that her pussy lips are swollen, I take her thong, and start pulling it up her back, giving so the thong piece will go more up her ass, and be between her pussy more, giving her a sexual wedgie

"Hurts good doesn't, it baby?" I whisper gruffly.

I tug her thong up and down, so the thong is in her pussy tapping on her pussy, and my other hand gives her as a firm slaps, leaving red.I slap her ass, and then rub it, and then I do it to the other cheek. And then

I hear the most glorious sound, the sound of her cumming, and I watch from the mirrors, her cunt juice running down her leg onto the floor.

My tongue goes out and wets my now dry lips... I can't wait to have a taste of her pussy...

I love the way her body trembles with her release. her body is flushed and I can't wait to have her suck my pussy.

"Ummhmmm Laura, you are such a dirty bitch aren't you? kneel down on the floor on all fours facing the mirror, and I want you to look at yourself in the mirror."

Laura kneels down on the ground, her pussy swollen and drenched, and her asshole facing me; I have this wonderful girl laid out for me to eat, and I am fucking starving.

"Spread your pussy open for me baby I want to see you baby, I want to see the wetness inside of you." I say as I kneel down behind her and her hands are trembling as she opens herself up for me.

I bend down more and wiggle my tongue in her open entrance. as I wiggle my tongue in her cunt I take her hands away from her gaping entrance so the walls of her wet pussy close around my tongue. I can feel the pulse of her need along my tongue as she squeezes her spongy walls around me.

"Have you ever tasted yourself baby? hmm?" I ask her when I am up for a breather from licking her pussy.

"No," she whispers.

"I can't hear you Laura, have you ever tasted your own pussy juice?"

"N-no." she groans as my tongue slides from her cunt hole to her clit and back again.

"No, what Laura?"

"No, I have never tasted my own pussy juice." she whimpers. I can see that she is tugging on her erect nipples, so I slap her ass.

"No touching your nipples until I say you can Laura! I don't want you to touch yourself until you know how delicious you taste."

I reach up and push Laura's head down to the floor. She is now leaning on her elbows and her lower body is deliciously thrust in my face.

"Now I want you to lick up your juice from the ground like the little bitch you are."

My face is buried in her cunt. Her deep red Labia is dripping with her sticky cum, and I can see that she is creaming. She has thick cream that is gathering in her pussy. I take her labia into my mouth and suck on it, I hear her moan. My nose is hitting her asshole and it smelled sweaty, musty, and delicious.

I stopped sucking her labia, I took my middle and ring finger of my left hand and shove them into her pussy taking her by surprise. She lifts her head up from sopping up her own cunt juice, and our eyes lock in the mirror.

I see her long dark pink nipples are erect, her pupils are dilated, her blonde hair is a mess and she is heaving like a bitch in heat, I am loving it.

I twist my hand so my fingers are making a "come hither" motion but facing down. I find the spongy part of her pussy right behind her urethra and I start going at it. I can hear her pussy slosh with all of its wetness inside.

She is biting her lip and she does not want to come 'oh so she wants to play this game, does she? okay I'll let her think she can fucking resist.'

I take my tongue and start rimming her asshole. As soon as I start rimming her asshole, I know it is the game changer I was looking for. I can feel the fingers that I have in her pussy get more lubricated and so I stick a third finger in and start railing her. Hard. I quickly take my hand away her cum sprays all over me.

She was beautiful when she came. Her neck went out further, the veins in her neck bulged, her eyes fluttered shut, she gritted her teeth, and her asshole tightened around my tongue. Her body is shaking from her release.

I move her around so she is naked on her back, her legs are open with me between them. We are both soaked from her come, and my own pussy is throbbing for release.

"Was that good for you baby?"

"Hmm... yes." she sighs and she licks around her plump mouth.

"You love it when I eat your asshole?"

She nods and watches me as I reach up and start plucking at her long dark pink nipples.

"Now what do you say at the end of any yoga lesson Laura?"

"Namaste." She says as she dozes off.

I get up and peer down at my little minx. Her blonde hair disheveled, her creamy thighs open, sticky with her release, her cunt puffy and swollen, and her breasts lying naturally on her chest. Yoga is all about strength and relaxation, and she proved to be an amazing student.


The End

To all of you who email me, comment, and give me constructive criticism or positive feedback on my stories thank you!


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