tagGroup SexYokohama Awakening of Angel Ch. 01

Yokohama Awakening of Angel Ch. 01


The story you are about to read is true. I met Angel on the Internet through one of the swinger personal sites. The first part of our story is our e-mails to each other that began hot and finished hotter. The reality was even better as you will discover in Parts2-5. This has been co-written by Angel and myself.

E-Mail Fantasy

This is Angels’ description about herself and her first fantasy of our meeting.

My physical description: About 152 cm, very petite, short blonde hair and green eyes. I have pierced nipples and navel. My private parts are completely shaven and smooth. I have not been gifted with 'movie star' looks and I sincerely hope that that is not the top priority on your list; thinking of movie stars, imagine Barbara Streisand and you will get the full picture. What I may lack in that department does not really bother me, I am a very confident woman and know what I want and desire.

If you rate sensuality and sexuality a high priority, then you most certainly will be a very satiated and fulfilled man this coming Saturday and Sunday. I love to please a man as much as he pleases me and I guarantee that I will keep you coming as long as you have me there where you want me.

A little bit of erotica that Angel penned for me:

"I wonder what would you do? Pin me to the bed, naked before your very eyes to feast upon? Or would you push me down on my belly, your hands grabbing my hips pulling me on to you, with sanity thrown to The Devil. We would be lost in a vortex so intense as I permit you to explore my every orifice as I shamelessly and oh so willingly open myself unto you?

To put my fate in the lap of the gods and let you satiate and satisfy your primitive animalistic lust, my body arcing with your every frantic thrust. Hearts beating in tune matching your relentless pounding of my swollen cunt. Feeling the velvety red engorged tip of your cock as it probes deep into me, hot and molten inside.

Begging, moaning, gasping as you reach under and grab my wildly swinging breasts. Fondling and squeezing as you feel yourself about to explode, balls slapping against my ass with such force, not caring for anything now but your own pleasure.

You sense my cunt start to quiver uncontrollably around you, sucking you in. And then, only then, are you forced to close your eyes as you feel yourself begin to spasm uncontrollably. Your muscles rippling as you expel your genetic viscid semen deep into my gaping, engorged and swollen sex, our sweat-drenched bodies locked as your fluid continues on eternally. I wonder – could you? Would you?"

My reply:


WOW. I had to control myself when I read your message. I look forward to meeting you at Tokyo station. You will be able to spot me easily; I will be the guy walking sideways through the turn-stiles due to my tremendous hard-on!

You have my picture and I have yours. You need to pick a place and time we can meet at the station. It’s too big to leave to chance, although I would walk the station for hours searching for you.

As to your thoughts on how our first encounter would go, I would first suggest the following. Wear the black dress you have on in your picture, or an even shorter one. Forget the pantyhose; wear thigh high nylons and no panties. Bring a sweater or coat to cover your lap, as I will be working fingers on your delicious pussy all the way to Yokohama.

Once we get into the room, I intend to lick up all your womanly juices that have soaked your pussy and upper thighs. After you have cum as often as you want, and are begging for my hard dick in your wet and open pussy, I will tease you just a little more by rubbing my pre-cum soaked dick on you enlarged and throbbing clit, before plunging it in to the hilt. We will do many positions that first time, including you on top so you can control the pace and pressure on your clit. I will want you to cum as many times as possible before I give you my first load so deep into your pussy that you will feel it spurting against your womb.

After our heated bodies have cooled down a good shower or bath will help relax both of us. Next will be the most sensuous massage, rubbing every inch of your fantastic body. The rest of the weekend will be more of the same. Pack light and leave your panties at home as you won't want them in the way when we go for that romantic dinner.

Angels’ Reply


I cannot wait to feel your first touch. I'm already breathless at the thought and burning with desire. I want to experience it all. You won't be disappointed as I'm sure that I won't be!

You definitely are a man that does not mince words and knows what he wants. I just cannot wait.

Here is another bit of erotica I penned for you to keep you hot until we meet:

"Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives."

“What do I dream?” I hear you ask. “I dream of letting you gaze upon my nakedness, to sense me near, to smell the very scent that exudes from my every pore as I lose myself in the foreplay of passion that only a man like yourself can truly appreciate.”

You know that I am intricately excited about your penis as I admire it, wondering at the beauty of it. I need and want to be impaled by you as you reach out to touch the smoothness of my body. You feel me tremble with anticipation as you lean over to crush me and brush my lips with yours; a fleeting kiss as you let your hands roam, probing, exploring me, your fingers lightly playing a tune on my body, turning now into a crescendo.

As I dance beneath your touch with wild abandon, an abandon so intense that I can hardly contain myself, I am tempted to permit myself and allow you to do all that you desire and want; enthralled by your strength as you pull me even closer, feeling your muscles rippling. Such intimacy, such longing, knowing that in a few moments you will have me where you want me. Releasing myself without shame as I spread my legs for you. Like a wanton whore that desires only one thing. The deep rape-like pounding of my already wet and silken pussy. My only thoughts now of succumbing to you.

Like a bitch in heat, begging you to engulf me as I reveal my swollen cunt, needing to be engorged and stretched by your cock. Wanting you to impale me, to mercilessly violate my already pulsating pussy deeply. Sliding in and out until you have me burning with desire. A desire so strong in intensity that all I can do is to scream out your name.

Such emotions of pure pleasure, ecstasy and lust for you as my milky white liquid flows over and around your shaft, as you relentlessly continue to take me, again and yet again. The suction of your cock inside me, urging, inciting my cunt to spasm uncontrollably around you. In the heat of the moment, I can sense you’re cum rushing up through your loins, hitting the walls of my gaping pussy. Wet, soft and glistening like an oyster.

The sweet pearls of your nectar spurting forth, much like a fountain as it fills me to capacity. The remainders of your last drops flowing out and over me, the remnants slowly dripping down my inner thighs. And then you look down, as if in slow motion, I reap the benefits of your gift. You watch my fingers bringing our mixed juices out of my pussy to the lips of my mouth.

My last reply before our meeting:


This is a fantasy of mine, but with you as the context, that may also be yours.


It could be the room service waiter, the shoe salesman, or someone else that views your hot, wet pussy this weekend in Yokohama. The choice of who in fantasy or reality will be yours. For purposes of clarity I will use the room service waiter who brings our dinner late Friday evening after we have both had multiple orgasms.

The doorbell rings. I answer the door and let him in. As he pushes the cart into our bedroom area he sees you lying on the bed naked. You are feinting sleep. He stops and stares as you have your legs curled up with your sexy bottom and wet freshly fucked pussy pointed straight at his staring eyes. He notes a white fluid seeping from your beautiful pussy.

I stand back smiling as he fumbles trying to set up the table by feel, as he cannot take his eyes off the scene before his young, handsome, virgin eyes. Finally, he turns back towards me red-faced, mouth partly open and with an obvious hard-on. I wink, and motion to him to go ahead and play with you.

He quickly strips. You can hear him undressing and are also smiling, but he cannot tell as you are facing away from him. He climbs up onto the bed and starts by licking the cream coming out of your dripping pussy. You stir and murmur as if having an erotic dream. After a few minutes of his tongue on your sex and his hands roaming all over your back and butt, you roll over to see his hard throbbing cock within inches of your face.

He is young and handsome. You know he will not last long enough to satisfy your pussy as his dick looks like its ready to explode. You look past him and see that I am now at the bedside smiling and also sporting another raging hard-on. You take him into your wet and willing mouth. You were right, he cums just as your warm, wet mouth engulfs his throbbing manhood.

His first shot hits the back of your throat, surprising you with its force and quantity. His seed spills from your mouth running across your cheek and matting in your hair. You eagerly swallow the rest of his hot load and begin wondering if he is ever going to stop cumming. When he does, he withdraws from your mouth and I can hear a kind of plopping sound as he breaks the sucking seal between your lips and his shrinking member.

As he moves back, his mind still reeling from what has just happened, I move onto the bed and kiss you deeply and passionately. I can taste him on you and you readily share the remnants of his load with my swirling tongue. I move from your mouth to your cheeks cleaning up the spillage. At the same time you feel my fingers again pushing into your wet love hole, my thumb rubbing just at the top of your clit.

You see the young man kneeling between your legs watching my fingers plugging in and out of your witches cauldron. With each withdrawal of my fingers a little of our lovemaking fluids dribbles out running past your anal opening, between your cheeks and collecting in a wet shimmering pool on the sheets below your ass.

As you raise your hips up to meet my thrusting fingers he can see our collective juices like a string of freshwater pearls connecting and seemingly pulling your hips back down to the pool on the bed. You see he is hard again and stroking himself as he watches in fascination.

I roll you over in one move and thrust my hard dick into your slick opening. As I suck on your nipples, I motion him in behind you. You feel his hard dick pushing against your wet slick anus. He is not too large and you are so wet back there that he slips in easily. I can feel him entering you and his dick running along my dick in your pussy only separated by that thin but strong membrane. I can only wonder how you must feel to be so full of hard, wanton dick looking only to pleasure you.

I can tell you love it as I feel your first double penetration orgasm flooding over my dick buried deep within you. As we alternatively thrust and withdraw, I see you biting your lower lip, moaning and crying out, urging both of us to fuck your both holes harder. I feel you shudder again and again as one after another orgasm courses through your body. They come so quickly, as we fuck you as hard as we both can, that it is like you are in a constant cum mode.

Finally we both cum together spurting our hot white seed into both of your orifices... With one last shudder you collapse in a heap on my chest. He withdraws, washes up and I hear the door closing behind him. I feel your soft breath of sleep tickling the fine hair on my still heaving chest. I also fall asleep with my cock still imbedded in you.

When we both wake up we are stuck together and to the bed from all of the cum that has run out of your ravished ass and cunt. We shower then eat our slightly cool dinner. We are by now both very tired and fall back asleep on the bed in each other’s arms. As I drift off to sleep I see a smile on your face that can only come from a true Angel.

These e-mails spanned a three-day period before our meeting Friday at Tokyo station. I thought Angel was almost to good to be true. I was wrong she was even better than her description of herself. She is also as intensely horny and as adventurous as I am as you will find out in Parts 2-5 of our extended weekend in Yokohama.

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