tagNovels and NovellasYoko's Diary Ch. 16-18

Yoko's Diary Ch. 16-18


Part 15

Moin Ogre!

This day went pretty good. Lots to work though. When it comes to Naoko I have no idea if she is bisexually interested. First I just hope to become real friends with her and that she won't see me as an employee that works for her dad as sort of prostitute. I mean I do have sex with her dad and will have sex with everybody he wants me to and also I get paid for it. That was not the life I had hoped for but it is a lot of fun. I just hope that I have a chance to get out of this or find a boyfriend (husband) one day who accepts my life otherwise I would have to lie about it. Maybe need to tell him that I work there in the foreign affairs department but don't tell about the major work that I actually do. And that is something I don't like. But that’s the future...

I called my dad and asked if he had some time. He said yes and picked me up after work. We drove home and had a pretty long and hot photo session. Of course he took some advantages from it and we had some fun and later sweet sex. You will see the results soon! :-)

Mom came home and we had a little discussion about my "escape". She thinks everybody should be able to call me and meet me every time. She gave all relatives my cell phone number and told them to call me when they want to have me and that I need to find time for them when possible. I guess you are right she is strange sometimes. I believe she was raised that way that we women have to obey and be available for the men. Also my uncle influenced her all her life... I also spoke with Mrs. X again. She said she misses me so much and needs to see me. I asked if it was possible that she could visit me here and I also asked Naoko if I could let her stay overnight. Naoko grinned and said that I can invite whomever I wanted but that it might get difficult to get an overnighter and her dad separated when he wanted to have me again (I had told her about her dads visit and about mine). I was thinking that he might also like to have my girlfriend but of course I wouldn't suggest that neither to her nor him. Anyway Mrs. X wanted to visit tonite.

As my boss came home Naoko and I welcomed him. He then asked me to follow him into his office. I did and he politely asked if I would mind to service him now. I completely stripped off all clothes in a seductive manner. He watched open mouthed. I asked if he would like a blowjob or a fuck. He was hard... he chose the fuck... He had me bend over his desk and took me from behind. He grabbed my waist and held it tight while he pumped in and out of me hard and fast. After he came I hugged him and we kissed then I took the condom and licked his cum from it. He watched smirking. I asked if he wanted a second round and he asked if he could take me in the ass. I answered he can do everything he likes I'm his servant. He got pretty hard by just looking at me and hearing my lewd words. I knelt down anyway and sucked him really big. Then I bent over the desk again and he slowly pushed his big member in my nether hole. He did me nice and soft it felt well and I fingered my clit while he penetrated me so I also finally came. Afterwards I told him that a friend of mine would visit tonight and that he can't come in my room but I would come to him. He told me no need for that I should stay with my friend.

Mrs. X finally came and we had lots of fun together with Naoko (no sexual stuff just talking and so!). The night I spent with my lover. We had a very sensual and loving time.

Tuesday morning we all had breakfast together and Mrs. X got introduced to my boss.

That’s all for now!

Take care,


Yours Yoko

Part 16

Hi Love!

How have u been?

Sometime after I came home from university some relative called and wanted to date me. I really managed to reject him! I just told him that my boss needs me ;-)

I must admit nothing at all happened during this day. I studied all afternoon and in the evening my boss took me in his bedroom and I stayed there all night. In the mornings we fucked again had breakfast with Naoko and then I went to university.

Afterwards I visited my dad and had a first look at the photos. Wow! I know you'll love them! Nobody else was home so dad and I used the opportunity for some nice fun. We did it two times once in the ass and once in the cunt. As Ayumi came home she was very happy to see me. So we vanished in her room and made some passionate and slow love. Unfortunately I couldn't stay with her for all eternity...

In the meantime mom came home. She was angry cause I rejected our relative. She told me that her brother has orders for me. He wants to meet me tomorrow and I better should be there.

I came home practically the same minute as my boss. He was already horny so we fucked right in the front hall on the stairs. Naoko had heard us so she came out and watched. To see her standing there made him almost immediately spurt in me. I told him to not worry that she is just curious but he put his cock quickly back into his pants. I asked him if he would like me to walk around nude in the house. He told me that he loves to see me but that he prefers me clothed cause of other people that might come in.

Naoko and I talked more about sex later. She wanted to know how a cock felt and if anal sex is ok also why I like to be humiliated. I tried to explain it but it was difficult cause she never had real sex.

The night was pleasant and relaxing. In the morning my boss was up before me so I first saw him in the kitchen. I teased him and so he agreed to fuck me on the table. I dropped my pants and lied down on it with my back while he was standing beside it. As he fucked me I wrapped my legs around his hips pressing my feet against his buttocks. Of course Naoko came in while we were at it. My boss had no chance to pull out cause I kept him tight so he just closed his eyes and continued fucking me. Naoko sat down right next to us watching excitedly. We looked in each other’s eyes and grinned mischievously. After her dad came and had pulled out she bent forward and had a close look at my gaping hole and his flaccid prick. His face became red with embarrassment.

After classes I went to my uncles place just as ordered. He didn't let me in I had to get nude in the stairways and reach my clothes inside. Then I was allowed to enter his apartment. He said its a shame that I don't have much time anymore now but he ordered me to at least once a week fulfil my duties and serve him or another relative. He fucked me doggy style then he bound me spread-eagled on his bed. He got two big vibrators and poured some liquid on them before inserting them in my cunt and asshole. It burned like hell! I have no clue what he put on them but it was horrible! I was trashing around like mad. After I got a little used to it he got a candle held it just a very few inches above my breasts and poured the very hot wax on my nipples and afterwards on my cunt. It also hurt a lot but it was actually a pain that made me hot. The whole procedure took about 30 minutes during that time the vib's made me cum twice. I was sweating all over cause of my heavy movement and the pain. He called for his wife who came in and cleaned my pussy and ass with a wet cloth that was put over a little stick. After about ten minutes later he came in with two older men at around his age. I guessed them to be neighbours or friends or something. Anyway he told them to have fun with me and watched as one after the other got on top of me an fucked me. After they had finished he called his wife to drink their sperm from the condoms. Uncle got a crop and whipped my boobs and thighs with it. The pain was very intense and most of the wax was wiped away by the riding crop. Uncle had my aunt lick the rest from my body and eat it. Then she had to undress and sit on my face so I could service her pussy with my tongue. After she came they untied me and had me go on all fours my aunt in the same position next to me. The two other men mounted us and fucked our Asses. Uncle used the time to pour some of this burning liquid on my own dildos. When they were finished with us he put them in me and also gave me a bottle with the liquid and ordered me to use it once a day. He also gave me heavier weights for my cuntlip clamps.

The whole way home I had so much difficulties keeping still and not wiggling so much...

I told Naoko about the whole afternoon and she was pretty shocked. I told her I loved the moment those two men came in and saw me. It was so humiliating it made me instantly wet.

I was exhausted so I went to bed early. My boss didn't "bother" me that evening. Only this morning I went over to him and we had a nice morning fuck.

That’s all...

Take Care love!


Part 17

Hi Sir!

Where is your long mail that you wanted to write to me? Finally I had some time to write you about the last couple days!

I'm very sorry for my long absence but I was really busy these days with studying. Besides that nothing much was going on it all became quite regular. Well what else became regular is that I'm usually sleeping together with my boss in his room at nights now. I'm his lover and sort of also becoming his girlfriend even though he is much older then I. Also Naoko is watching us sometimes when we do it in a more public place around the house. It turns him on to know she is there with us but she never participates in any way. Of course I always wear my two dildos and even use the liquid uncle gave me sometimes. The itching and burning really makes me wet in a minute. I also wear the weights and clamps every day. I'm naked sometimes when being with Naoko and it turns me on cause she stays dressed. Once she even tried the nipple clamps and I saw her little nubs become long and hard. I wished I could have kissed them.

The last two Saturdays I also was visiting Mr and Mrs. X. I will give you a short summary of what happened there. On November 18th Mrs. X picked me up again and we drove to her place. Her husband was already busy with Tomoko and she showed me to his daughter’s room. There was Aoki and the little princess daughter doing it right here in the house! I was very surprised. As Aoki saw me he asked me to join so Mrs. X went to her hubby and Tomoko while I got undressed. The girl was very irritated but Aoki told her to ease down and enjoy it. So I knelt between her legs and gave her pussy a nice and wet licking. She tasted almost better then Ayumi! It was the first time she was together with another girl but Aoki managed to get her to also lick my pussy in the meantime he was taking her from behind. We heard a gasp from the door. Mrs. X had told her hubby that I had joined and he came and had a peek. To see his precious daughter in these positions was a big surprise for him. I waved him over and he stood next to the bed so I took his cock in my mouth while he watched. I could see how embarrassed they both were especially his daughter got a very red head. So after he'd spurt his load into my throat he turned around and left without saying a word. The little bitch daughter also made me cum with her long tongue and so I left them alone after a while. Mr X was nowhere in sight but his wife and Tomoko were doing a heavy 69 action as I came to them. I watched a little. Later Mr X came in and thanked me for letting him participate with his daughter. I went to another room with him and we fucked leaving Tomoko and his wife alone. I asked if he would like to have sex with his daughter. He first said nothing but I told him about myself and how much I love to do it with my dad so he admitted that the sight earlier made him very hot and that he had dirty thoughts about his daughter before. I asked if he would do it with her and he said that when she wants it he maybe would. I got the idea to let Aoki blindfold her and then Mr X could fuck her but he didn't let me ask Aoki. Tomoko and her husband left at the appropriate 2 am but I stayed and spent the night with the other couple. In the morning I sneaked over to the daughters room and cuddled up to her. She woke up but I immediately kissed her and she really kissed me back after a moment of hesitation. We made some sweet love. After an hour I asked her how she liked me sucking her dads cock but she was or acted shy about that subject so I told her to think about it.

On Wednesday I visited my parents. I made love with Ayumi and dad but also talked a lot with them and mom about some news there.

On Friday I went to my uncle. He was happy to see me. I stayed overnight but we didn't stay at his place. We drove out to the "farm" again. I had to get completely nude again before we came there. He put a collar around my neck and attached a leash to it. I was following him inside like this. In the hall we were greeted by a group of men who weren't there last time. They were all between 30 and 70 I guessed. Also there were four other girls’ aged 16, 20, 21 and 31. They were all daughters of some of the men here and they were also all "honour women" of their families. We had to stay nude in a row at one side of the room while the men drank some alcohol and ate some beverages. Once in a while one of them got up and let one of us girls into a sleeping chamber to have sex with us. Mostly they chose Asami, the youngest but also me and the others once in a while. It was just ordinary sex but twice I got off, too so I had my fun ;-) but mostly we just stood there and waited. Later each dad fucked his daughter - my uncle was doing me - doggy style in front of the others all at the same time. The other five men mostly stroked their cocks while watching. Afterwards all four dads and my uncle pissed into my mouth in return some of the men later let me and the other girls piss on them.

Thirty minutes afterwards some men disappeared with the 20 and 21 year old girls while uncle and two other men let me and the 31-year-old Megumi into the "torture chamber" where I have been abused before. They bound her spread-eagled on the floor and poured hot wax on her tits and cunt while I sat on her face and she had to service me with her lips. The two other men were her dad and husband. They tied my hands and pulled the rope up over a prop so they could lift me up by pulling at the rope. The dad fed me with his cock and while I sucked on it uncle spanked Megumi's tits with a crop. That finally made Megumi cry and beg them to stop. Her voice sounded muffled between my thighs and I felt her tears on my skin. Uncle just punished her harder... whipping also her thighs and pussy now with mighty thrusts while her husband attached some clamps with wires to her and also my nipples. They were attached to a small device with some buttons. He wanted to give us electro shocks! And really he pressed a button and I felt a little sting in my nubs. It was not bad at all actually made me hotter. The older man blew his wad in my mouth and went back some steps to watch. Uncle continued torturing Megumi’s cunt with the crop and her husband pressed another button. This time it was stronger but still pleasant. As we got the third electric shock I orgasmed - Megumi’s tongue and the electricity had done their magic. Unfortunately it was not over now. The pain grew more intense with each button he pressed. At the end it was almost unbearable and only my tied hands didn't allow it that I collapsed. Her dad then attached another clamps to our pussies that were also connected with the electric device. She and I cried a lot now. Megumi fainted and they pulled me up so that I hung from the ceiling. Uncle started spanking my ass while I got some more shocks. Finally I also fainted.

When I woke up it was Saturday morning. I was lying in a bed alone. I got up... my boobs and pussy still hurt a lot from the shocks. The house was deserted but as I went to the torture room I found my uncle cleaning up. He told me that I slept late so they all were gone already. Megumi woke up some minutes after I had lost consciousness so they tortured her some more with needles and wax. He told me that she is used to that kind of treatment since her teenage years when her dad introduced her to it. She met her husband this way cause his dad was also a member of their "society". After they had finished most other people had already left but uncle was lucky cause Asami and her dad were still there. So he and Megumi’s husband spent the night with her while both dads shared Megumi. They slept only three hours before leaving. We went through the cold to the car where my clothes were and drove home.

At the evening I again visited the "X's" but I will tell you next time about it.


Yoko *o*

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