tagFetishYou Always Wear Seamed Stockings?

You Always Wear Seamed Stockings?

byJack Gates©

I was in a foul mood, I had just snagged an expensive pair of my best stockings and because of the mood I was in and because I was late for work it could happen again.

When you turn forty years of age we all look back on the things we have cocked up in our miserable lives and vow to make things better in the last half. My biggest mistake was Andrew, my philandering husband. He didn't exactly have roving eyes for other women, he was the original scout for legs and ass, just lately, on every other woman in this rotten world but my own. To please him I had spent a fortune on lingerie and hose which would have fed the starving in Africa. It is not that I don't have the legs and ass to show them off, I do! I am 5ft 10inches tall in my silk stocking feet. 36 c cup tits and hips of 35 inches tapering into a 29 inch waist. Not bad for a woman of my age. As for looks I don't exactly need Portland cement as a foundation. Before you say it, yes, I do have all my own teeth!

Andrew, as usual ,had left the house without saying goodbye and blowing me the rare kiss. I should be so lucky!

My sex life just now was my fantastically agile right hand. A sluttish fantasy filled mind and a couple of battery-greedy dildos which had more pussy and asshole time than Andrew in his entire marriage to me, which now added up to twelve years. Pissed off? Of course I am pissed off!

'You are late, Angela. What's your excuse this time?'

'I am sorry Mr Mitchell. The postman came with a parcel for me to sign for and the traffic north of town did not help.'

I always had the feeling he was undressing me and I was standing in front of him naked except for my panties and stockings. Made me shiver in a horny kind of way. The way my loins were gasping even Bob Mitchell could get lucky.

'There is a Mr Eric Newton waiting to see you in your office. I have given him some prospects to look at. He has money to spend, you make sure he spends it. I don't care what you have to do to get him to buy. If you have to open your pretty legs for him, you sell! '

'I will do my best for you, Mr Mitchell.'

'Oh dear! I just knew there was going to be a tragedy today.' - He stood staring at my legs , 'New stockings?'

'Yes, my last pair. I am waiting on a kind benefactor to buy me some more, Mr Mitchell.'

'I will buy you as many pairs you want, Angela if you will come to my place and see if the other half of my luxury bed fits you. I go to sleep each night dreaming of your stocking clad legs, rolling each stocking down and caressing them off your exquisitely slender feet.'

Why did every guy want to jump me except my husband?

'Oh Mr Mitchell. Shame on you! I bet you say that to all the forty year old ladies you meet?'

'You go and see Mr Newton before I jump your beautiful bones and ravish you.' He laughed and turned back into his office. I went to mine thinking - maybe - one day Bobby - one day. I needed some generous men just now with cock and cash.

'Good morning Mr Newton, My name is Angela Winterton, your agent while you are with us. I understand my colleague has already given you something to look at?'

'Nothing here compares with the vision that's just stepped through the door, Miss Winterton.'

'Thank you for the compliment. It's Mrs, I am married.'

'Not happily, I take it?'

'How on earth did you know that?'

'A little bird told me.'

'Have you seen any properties you would like to look at?'

'Yes, I have picked out these three, but I really want ready-furnished property, I would rather see this furnished one first, if I may, Mrs Winterton?'

'Call me Angela, please!'

'In that case, you can call me Eric.' He smiled and I felt my pussy fluttering almost on spasm mode. Mr Newton was a very sexy man. The way I felt, he would not have to try too hard to get me in with the hopeful house sale.

'My car or yours, Angela?'

'Sorry, Eric. Company policy. You use yours and I use mine. Do you know where it is?'

'Yes, I have seen the house and enquired of the owner his quick sale price. He said that he had already negotiated with your firm and that I would have to use your services too. I will see you there then, you have the keys, I take it?'

'Yes, Eric, I always carry a jemmy in my boot.'

I was there before him, he greeted me with a big grin on his face.

'You knew a quicker way than me, that's for sure, Angela.'

'Not to worry, Eric, you are here. Some of my prospective vendors manage to get themselves lost.'

'You always wear seamed stockings? I love to see a woman who knows how to wear fully fashioned hosiery. '

'Does it turn you on, Eric?

'Yes, it most certainly does! Especially if the woman lays full length so I can walk my fingers lightly all the way up the seam. You don't look like a lady who wears tights. You wear a garter belt and stockings, yes?

'Yes, usually an eight-strap garter belt with Cette fully fashioned stockings with Cami knickers. Why you men go big raptures on what we women wear when all you want to do is strip us out of our clothes, beats me.'

'Have you ever been into a shop to buy something and realise you have no idea what you are buying? By asking a lady what she wears I find out what she buys herself. I heard you say you were on your last pair of stockings. I want to buy you some as long as you allow me to put them on for you and roll them back off again to put on later.'

'You are skating on very thin ice, Eric. I have not had sex for months and I am in a predatory mood just now. Problem is I have to sell this house to you or I will not earn enough commission this week to buy a box of matches, never mind a pair of silk stockings.

'Do you have the papers with you and a cell phone?'

'I do.'

'Phone the seller and put in his asking price for cash.'

'But you have hardly seen the place, Eric!'

'I had made up my mind to buy it already. I told your Boss that I wanted you with the sale. What did he tell you as regards selling to me?'

Ten minutes later the deal was done. Eric signed all my papers.

'Do I get to walk my fingers up those beautiful legs of yours now?'

'On one condition, you carry me upstairs to bed!.'

He laughed and swept me off my feet into his powerful arms, all 130 lbs of me. I did not have to tell him where the bedroom was. He flung me onto the bed, belly down and slipped my right high-heeled shoe off and I felt his fingers and his warm breath on the back of my legs. It had been too long since a man made love to me. Eric was a lover. He was the man in all my wet dreams. Three-quarters of my lifetimes vaginal secretions had been shed for this phantom Don Juan. I took him everywhere with me, even to the office loo.

Anticipation of me making love with Eric had already made the crotch of my knickers very creamy. I moaned into the down pillow as he mouthed his way to my ass-cheeks.. His nimble fingers were undoing each one of the eight suspender clips, that in itself made my juices run. As he rolled my stockings down he kissed and licked the bare flesh he was uncovering and my body was now shaking as he was was so easily powering up my horniness. I was a common street whore! A paid slut!

It took several minutes for him to take my stockings and knickers off and when he had put them on the dresser he came back to the bed and started to strip off all his own clothing. I lay there, expectantly watching him. Anxious to see the size of his prick. What ever size it was, I wanted it in me. I quickly shed my clothing . My red skirt - suit and blouse and bra. His eyes ate every part of me and his dick stood up against his taut stomach. There was desire for me in his smouldering eyes. I so wanted that. I wanted him to take all of me.

The object of my dreams was maybe nine inches long and thicker than any I had seen before. The vaginal spasm I had been waiting for came in the way of a mini cum and a fresh bout of tremors. This man made me randy just by looking at him

'Bring it here - I want to suck it!'

He smiled and came over me straddling my arms and he lowered his magnificent cock to my mouth and he went down between my wide open legs and his tongue made me jump as he used it to rasp my pussy lips and clitoris. His strong fingers were kneading my ass-cheeks and forcing them wider apart as he licked my freshly shaved mound which was opening expectantly displaying my very pink inner lips.

His cock was a very urgent acting piece of manhood. As I sucked on it, he prodded it towards the back of my throat. There was fear in my heart to swallow it , which would be sheer folly to my greedy gullet. I was eager to please and went for it. I gulped and amazed myself as his knob slid inside and on downward, It excited him and his balls suddenly tightened to his sturdy shaft and I pulled back off it cagily.

My apology for a husband, if you make him cum too quick - often wrecks the whole love session, if you can call it that. He sleeps and I revert to my dildo.

I eased it back into my mouth and let it roll down gently into my gullet and he started to fuck me very gingerly. His mouth and tongue were stirring up a hornets nest in my pussy, that, and what his thumbs were doing to my anus which reminded me of bygone days when I used to love that tiny orifice plundered. He was dribbling saliva into my anal cavity to make his thumbs, both of them enter me at once. He was stirring up what I thought were extinct longings in me. Could he get it in without using a lubricant? He started to see-saw his thumbs and fingers in both my ass and cunt and he was sending me off the face of the Earth on a rocket launch!

I pulled off his cock and shouted at him, 'Do it to me! Please Eric! Fuck me in my asshole! I want to feel the pain of being fucked up my ass with this big beautiful prick of yours. Do it! Do it now! My whole body is yours. Use me!'

He turned and got off the bed and he looked in the bedside cabinet and then on out to the en -suite bathroom and came back with a sheepish grin and a tube of KY Jelly. I turned onto my belly then got up onto all fours and wagged my ass at him. He slapped it which made me yelp! He fingered two or three fingers of it into my rectum and started an in and out fucking action with two then three fingers which had my ass gyrating onto his fingers. It was lovely.

'Are you ready for this, Angela?'

'Oh yes! Eric. I want it. Give it to me hard and deep. I have never had one in there your size before, but I want to feel you fucking me. Ravish me, Eric!'

'Does your husband fuck your asshole?'

'He used to, but not for many years. I used to love it, couldn't get enough of it. Stop teasing me! Fuck my ass, Eric! Fuck me hard and deep, deeper than I have ever had it before.'

'In it comes then, relax. It's nice and long, very hard, you going to love it, Baby.'

I opened up my sphincter by pressing hard down as he entered and I moaned into the pillow as the sudden agony stabbed my bowels. His arms were locked around my thighs holding onto me. I wanted to get away. What idiot put me up for this? His fingers reached into my vagina and searched out my clitoris I jumped and his great cock filled my inner cavities an inch deeper. Then another inch. My anal muscles were contracting around his cock. This was brutal! This wasn't my husbands six inch weed of a cock inside me now.

'Ram it in me! Put it all in! Go on, fuck you! Shag me!'

He came over me gripping my shoulders so tightly. His bulbous knob lodged into my anal canal

'Aaaagh! Oh yes! That's it! Now, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh! I have never been shagged like this before!'

'Do it to me Eric - fuck me - fuck me in the ass - use me like a cheap slut - shove that big cock of yours up my ass and hurt me - rip me open - I want to feel the pain of being fucked up my ass with that big beautiful prick of yours - my body is yours Eric - use me however you want'

Each time his long cock pulled all the way out of my ass he sucked the air out and the passage closed and then he moved in, it inflated ahead of him. The feeling was absolutely incredible. I moved onto each thrust, the pain was gone to be replaced with sublime pleasure. I shagged him! He shagged me! It was the fuck of all fucks. He had the stamina of a young,fit - extremely virile man.

We lay together still joined, I must have passed out. I must have missed his ejaculation into my inner bowel region. My cum had been that overwhelming, I lost it! I didn't feel robbed. Just the opposite. If I never get fucked again, I will never forget that one. Some guys have it some don't . I was just that damned pleased that I had not missed out completely in my miserable life. One thing I was sure of, my useless husband was past history.

My reverie was disturbed by Eric saying, 'We will have to go and get something to eat, Angela. Will you have lunch with me?'

'Do we have to get dressed first? Isn't there room service?'

He laughed and slapped my ass and tickled me off the bed so that we both landed on the carpeted floor in a heap. I pulled his cock and goosed his ass and got up and ran for the bathroom giggling like a newly wed. His going into the bathroom and bringing back KY Jelly was niggling me. The medicine chest was full of all male stuff. One male. I went to the loo and missed having my douche with me. I do not feel clean unless I use one. I had to use the sink to wash my bum. I picked up the towel to wipe myself and found it damp in the middle.

'Eric! The owner of the house must be still living here! You better put that tube of KY back where you got it from!'

'No problem, Love. I know the guy personally. He wont mind.'

'Is he gay? There is no sign of women about the place.'

'Come let me help you to dress. You take care of your top bits and I will see to your essentials.'


'Your pussy, your bum and your fantastic legs.'

'I love it when you treat me like a slut, Eric.'

'I would much rather you loved me. Could you live in this house with me as my slut and no one else's?, Angela?

'You wish! I told you I am married. Oh! You put my stockings on beautifully. You are making me horny again.'

We will come back here after lunch and I will fuck you then. You can tell Bob Mitchell that I need more time to make up my mind about this place. Now I have you I am never going to let you go. You are the most edible woman I have ever met and I have a lot of hunger for you to sate. Your pussy juices are an aphrodisiac to me. I wont buy this house until you promise to be my wife.'

'You have already signed the papers.'

'Papers which can be destroyed by me eating them because I am starving. Do you wear paper knickers?

'Why? Would you eat them too? I have seen them on the internet - I will send for some - just for you. I will personally supply the condiments.'

People were nodding and saying, 'Hello!'

'You have been here before, all the staff know you'

'Did you enjoy your meal?'

'Yes, thank you although I was feasting my eyes on you.'

'Corny bitch! Where have you been all my life? My old Mum once said to me that there was a special woman out there just waiting for me to come along - she was so right!'

'Open your flies for me. I want to caress your cock with my stocking covered toes. I know you will love it.'

I smiled sexily at him when he looked around before dropping his hand below the table cover. I slid my foot out of my shoe and I felt him take it and guide it into his trouser opening. His shaft was already hard and it was delicious feeling his full length against the bottom of my foot. I started to masturbate him and wasn't really caring who saw me. His face went red and I took pity on him and withdrew. There was moisture on the bottom of my stocking. The start of an ejaculate or pre-cum? I didn't know.

'Now! You teasing bitch let's have those clothes off. I am gong to fuck you like you have never been fucked before. When you leave here to go back to the Estate Agents you are going minus those Cami-knickers. I am going to keep them as a keepsake for when I first got this thing up you.'

'I think you are a fetishist.'

'I admit it, but not until I first saw you.'

'Your flattery will get you into my pussy at least.'

By this time we were both free of our clothes and we tumbled into each others arms on the four-poster bed. He gripped my wrists tightly and pushed them over my head towards the bed rail then he burrowed under the pillow and produced a pair of hand-cuffs and he secured me to the bed rail. I smiled at him and at the same time I was thinking how did he know they were there?

From nowhere he also produced a feather and a vibrator. I thought to myself, hang on for the gag! But he didn't bother. He started with the feather, on my feet! Amazingly the effect was different from normal tickling. He was making me horny and turned on. My begging was for him to put his cock into me. He came up each of my legs with vibrator on one and the feather on the other. I started to cum when he hit my inner thighs. I was bucking my pussy up at him and swearing at him. He used the dildo on my clitoris between that and his nibbling teeth, I was ready to cry Aunty Josephine! When he switched his attention to my tits.

'Oh! Come on, Eric! Stop that and fuck me! Please, Darling! You are driving me mad! Come on! Any hole you want, just do it! I am your slut! Fuck me, you Bastard! I can't wait. Ram your hard prick up my cunt! Now!'

'You are an impatient Darling ..............Are you going to marry me?'

He returned the vibrator to my clitoris and I moaned out in almost a scream.

'You know I can't. I am already married.'

'That is not the answer I want from you, Angela. I want you to live here in this house and not go back to him, ever. I want you to say you will be mine.'

I moaned afresh when he came over me and entered me. Driving his total shaft fully up me and I grunted out aloud with discomfort. He hit something inside me which hurt. I had never in my life been fucked with a cock Eric's size before. When it was fully in - he paused - resting on his outstretched arms - looking down at me.

'Oh, Eric, Love! You are so big! All my life I have had small cocks in me compared to yours. No! Don't stop! Hurt me, I want you, all of you, all the time! Yes I will come and live with you when you move in here. The divorce will take time - but for you - I will live in sin.'

'This is my house, Angela. I have owned it for nine years, Darling.'

'Then how come it's up for sale?'

'It isn't! Never was! Bob Mitchell is a friend of mine. He is in on the ruse for me to snare you. I first saw you about three weeks ago. I fell in love with you, - with your bum - with your lovely legs. I told him I wanted you and we cooked up the scheme together.' 'Will you please stop talking and fuck me? I can feel all your hot cock inside me. Finger my ass and pinch my tits. You make me feel so dirty - so wicked. Make yourself into a piston engine. Oh! Yes! Yes! That's better. Oh! Yes! I love it. I love you! From now on you will only have to wink and I will drop my knickers for you - unless they are paper ones then you can just eat them off me. I will guarantee the crotch of them will taste lovely, Eric, my Love! Go - on! Fuck me!'

'That is so nice. Keep ramming it in and out just like that, if I scream you will know you are making me cum. I want to drown your cock with my cum so I can resuscitate it back to life and hardness with my mouth.'

'Aaaaagh! Yes! I'm Cuuummmmmminggg! Oh! Keep fucking! Keep fucking - oh yeah! Yes! I'm squirting! '

Through my come back down daze I started to think again and started to giggle and pinched his nipple and I whispered cosily into his ear, 'So you are another rich man? You have never told me what kind of work you are in?'

'I own the Lingerie Boutique in town.'

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