tagRomanceYou and Me

You and Me


You were in your chair at your computer, playing your stupid video games. I watched you as you concentrated. It was adorable. I came over and wrapped my arms around your neck from behind and kissed you on the cheek.

"Not now, baby," you told me. I removed my arms and walked away, hurt. I was determined that sex was out of the question for tonight. I sat there, hurt and angry, thinking of what to do with myself while you were preoccupied with your game.

"Just because he's not getting any tonight, doesn't mean I can't," I said to myself as I pulled my vibrator from the drawer. I undressed and laid on the bed, naked, with my legs spread. I turned my vibrator on and positioned it against my clit. I closed my legs to hold it in place. I started circling my nipples with my fingers. I increased the speed of the vibration, closed my eyes and started pulling on my nipples, twisting and tugging them. I waited until my pussy was dripping wet to insert the vibrator. I had trouble sliding it in, being so tight. So I worked it in and out a few times until it was completely in. Feeling it so deep inside me, I let out a moan. I opened my eyes and waited a few seconds. I was sure you didn't hear so I continued moving the toy in and out of my pussy with one hand while the other squeezed my nipple. I turned the vibration to it's highest setting and worked my pussy hard and fast. My breathing got heavy and I felt myself begin to shudder with every stroke of the toy. Suddenly a rush of pleasure washed over my body. My juices flowed freely around the toy, my body shook, and I let out a few uncontrolled moans.

Consumed by my pleasure, I had not noticed that you had walked into the room. I opened my eyes to find you standing there, a grin on your face, and an obvious bulge in your underwear.

"That was hot, babe."

I smiled a faint smile and giggled before remembering I was angry with you. My goofy smile quickly turned into a scowl.

"What?" you asked.

I turned off the vibration, pulled the toy out, and set it on the headboard. I proceeded to wrap myself in the blankets and turn my back to you.

"Babe..." you pleaded, "What's wrong?" You climbed into the bed, pressed your body closely against mine, and stroked my shoulder with your hand. I moved further from you.

"I don't want to talk to you right now."

We laid in silence for a few minutes. You moved up against me again, placed your hand on my hip, and whispered in my ear, "Baby, it's just a game."

"All I wanted was a little attention," I retaliated, "Just a quick kiss would have sufficed.

"Well you've got my attention now," you said as you pressed your hardened cock against my ass. I grinned. You ran your tongue along my ear and I turned my head slightly to give you easier access. Your hand moved to my tit. You began squeezing it as you started sucking and nibbling on my ear lobe. You pinched my nipple hard and I let out a moan.

"You can't be mad at me forever. Right, baby?" you whispered into my ear. You gently rolled me towards you and I didn't fight it. My pussy was wet. You cupped my face and kissed me hard. I kissed you back with equal passion. Your hand moved again to my nipples and you began pinching and twisting it. I let out a tiny moan of approval but did not allow the kiss to break. When we had managed to unlock our lips, I gently bit your lip. You kissed my nose and smiled as you squeezed my nipple harder. My back arched, my eyes closed, and I let out a tiny noise as I rolled onto my back.

"Do you like that?" you asked as you moved your other hand to my unoccupied tit, began squeezing and pulling on both nipples, and straddled me. I could only whimper in response. "Mmm..." you moaned as you took my right nipple into your mouth. You sucked on it and made my pussy wetter. You continued sucking on it as you moved your hand down to my cunt. You felt the moistness and I felt you smile against my breast. You kissed down my stomach and stopped just before my pubic mound. "You're so wet, baby." you told me. You stuck a finger inside and started working my pussy, slowly at first. You put your mouth to my clit and began circling it with your tongue. I grasped my abandoned boobs as you worked my pussy with your mouth and fingers. I was making sounds of approval and you started fingering me harder and faster. Your tongue followed the speed on my clit. You were lapping at my pussy like a dog. I was so close to cumming. My pussy began to tighten around your fingers. "Not yet, baby," you told me. You slowed down the pace and I squirmed in anticipation. You stopped abruptly. "Get on your hands and knees," you told me and I obeyed. You smacked my ass and rubbed the head of your cock on my pussy lips. My body weakened but it forced it to remain in position. "Do you like that?" you asked me.

I breathed a "yes". You placed the tip of your cock at the opening of my pussy and pushed yourself in. I gasped. You grabbed my hips and started pounding my pussy hard and fast. I reached for my vibrator. I turned the vibration on high and put it against my clit. I was screaming in pleasure. I was about to cum and you could feel it.

"Not yet, baby, not yet," you said. I tried to hold it in but only seconds passed and my body started quivering. My orgasm hit me and I nearly collapsed as you kept pounding away.

I screamed, "Keep fucking me. Don't stop. Oh my God." You went faster and harder. I dropped my toy and gripped the sheets as another wave of orgasm hit. You flipped me onto my back, threw my legs in the air and fucked me as fast as you could.

"I'm going to cum," you said. You managed a few more quick, deep strokes before your expression changed. You were wearing your o face and you were panting as you shot your load deep inside my pussy. You sat there for a few moments, then rolled onto the bed. Our bodies were lied next to each others, both exhausted, sweaty, and completely satisfied. We laid in silence for a few minutes. I wrapped myself up in a blanket, rolled over, kissed you, and laid my head on your chest.

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