You Are Mine


"Yes mom you are simply superb you are squeezing my pole so lovely tight way I cannot stop ramming you hard."

"Yes baby my love push me hard your hairy balls hitting my crack so in each lovely thrusting of your thick dick, it is amazing baby umm! Darling you are really giving me a hard meaty shaft".

Ratan suddenly took his swollen cock out. "What happen baby why you are pulling your hot rod out?"

"Mom if I continue may it is not possible to hold myself and explode in you,"

" oh! My baby do not worry I desperately want you to come inside me every women like to have men juices in side forget about the bull sheet about the pregnancy and all, give me the raw hot rod, I am protected I want you right now."

Niva holding his son's swollen prick and insert inside her "Sunny suck my jugs and release your hot juices inside me let your lover mom empty your balls fully."


Ratan suck her nipple rapidly entering his pole like a hungry bull. "Yes baby now you are giving me what I need yes baby yes." Niva cuddling her son like long time thirsty woman Ratan kissed his mother, fondling, sucking her breast, pinching her nipples. They were both aroused. Ratan thrusting his hips in and out of her, with the passionate lover.

Niva's moans got louder 'Baby my love suck me hard push your dick harder I am Cumming baby ooooh", her breathing rapid, heavier.

Her son's chest smashing her boobs, their hearts were beating as one; their rhythm faster, more energetic. Mother and son both were moaning, "Oh mom I am going to cum mom"

"Yes darling give it to me as much as you want" they are calling out each other, kissing passionately, finally coming together in one explosive orgasm.

They were grunting, gasping for air. The son kissed his matured mother. "Oh! Baby do not leave me till last drop of your love seeds."

Niva enjoy the spurt one after one directly into her cunt, which lasted for minutes, "Son" Niva moaned "you are giving me the pleasure of having a man and his love I cannot explained."

"No mom you are much better than me, you know how to please and make satisfied man fully with all loving acts in the bed. Any man will be happy if he will get warm woman like you, I bet."

Niva closed her son's face and kissed her take her son on her naked huge breast and pressed lovely and replied in a sexy tune "Baby you are praising me too much, from now onwards I will never allow to sleep without loving me like this in night"

"And what about other time?"

"You naughty boy your mom will be always your darling wife while we are alone"


Niva kissed her son "Please hold me your lover mom I want to feel your manly body pressure darling please." He looked at her, kissed her mountain like heavy breast, smiling, gasping for breath. 'Mom my love'...///

The Next day while Niva was wearing her petticoat and searching for blouse saris Ratan enter into the room sliding the loose door Niva took her cloth and try to cover her big hanging tits "Oh you! Ratan easily could make out the shape of her huge hanging tits through the thin material of her cloth as she moved. Ratan came closer he kissed her shoulder softly hold her body nearer "Baby my darling let me cover properly"

Ratan upset he thought his mother will show her willingness to fondling her few minutes turned back ' Niva running her fingers through his hair and crawled to him. She stands behind him, her woman body clasped his firm, muscular body. Her perfectly large, natural breasts hard coins like big brown nipple caressed his back, her lips kissed the back of his neck – giving her fleshy heavy boob's soft touch just the way Ratan liked it. "Sunny do not turn back baby! Do you want me now or want to suck your mom's jugs I will never turn you down my love"

Ratan again kissed her soft lips "Baby I am always for you'. Niva feels Son's weighty paws over her heavy tits, he squeezed her melons firmly. "Mommy I will get aroused while get in touch of your hanging big boobies'

Niva feels increased pressure on her milk tank "All men are getting aroused to see those boobs specially too big size like mines'

Niva opened the pant and touched his son's thick meat. "Oh my man is again ready to feel his lover mom, my crazy love I think you forgot that you bulling me till midnight, flooded with gallons of your lovely male juices. I thought you will take me again in the bed at night for love making."

"Baby we have very little time, the service woman may come within few minutes darling let me please you by sucking you which you enjoyed earlier."

Ratan humping her gigantic tits with manly hard touch "Umm baby you are always giving extra care to those big jugs"


Niva still not forgot that moment of oral pleasure, her hide passion for hard dick hunt her like anything, once she had full taste of it whenever the chance will come.

" You deserve it and also enjoy my hard squeeze" Ratan kissed her mother's soft lips Niva allow her son to take her soft body like his loving wife. Holding his stiff manhood in her hand with mild stroke Niva kissed and rubbed her thirsty lips on his hairy chest.

"Baby I love to stick with you like this holding and playing your hot dick, it feels that you are always in my hand you will be mine baby you are only my love" Ratan holding her very close to him Niva dropped her cloth down cover her son with both the hands let him fill her soft lovely touch of her naked body, Two bodies clashed each other like one.

"Oh mom my sweet heart it is a great feelings your soft body melting in me like you are intend to show me the total pleasure of the woman can give her man. knocking at the door heard by them prominently. 'Darling please leave me now let her go back I would not get disturbed during our love making,"

Ratan smiled at her his cock has already been erected under the sexy treatment by her exited fingers Ratan put down his head fixes his lips on the big hard nipple of her mom's huge breast Niva sheers with moan for suddenly feelings his horny pleasant bites on her tit. "Mom You told me you are mine, I don't want to give a single flame on our loving relation Which society called taboo, let her enter and finish her duty, you will have your lover specially your most favorite things (indicating his semi hard cock) as much as you want, and you know your lover will never allow his mom till she will get his man juices."

Niva Kissed her again "You are right baby we should not destroy our relation for anything I will have you in me latest in the night. Niva went to the toilet for dressing. Ratan going to open the door for the maidservant.


Niva little bit running while hearing the door bell like teen age lover. She opens the door Ratan entered. After locking the door Ratan looked his lovely dressed mother Ratan was too driven crazy by her Mom's feminine assets. Her milky white skin with chunks of fats on her lower back used to force out of her tight blouses. Her flat but little fluffy silky tummy with exposed deep naval sighted through her sari would make him horny. And the day she would wear low-cut blouse and that too sleeve-less, oh my god, she would look like a goddess with her silky smooth nicely shaped hands & shiny cuts between her large boobs. Her boobs would make a huge elevated structure on her chest which most of the men would not help their eyes-off on it. Ratan thought that even any strangers would get attracted with this voluptuous woman of dreams. Ratan pulled his mom towards him Niva came closer "Mom you are looking gorgeous."

"Thanks Baby,"

"The black sari and sleeveless blouse cannot cover your assets rather more provocations to any man.

" I want you to be prorogated not others."

"How you said others to close their eyes and not to see your big juicy mountains"

"Umm you naughty boy always teasing me" Niva Kissed his hairy chest her huge tits softly smashed on her matured son due to their closeness. Both lips met each other the pleasant loving moment starts between them

"Darling I am feeling very secured and enchanted holding you like this I will be proud that you are taking me the place of your wife come lover." Ratan put his mouth on the uncovered silky shoulder and kissed, keep going down rest on the deep cleavage of his aged mother's huge breasts with light biting. Niva sheers with joy "oh baby my love the way you kiss my boobs make me wet."

"Mom you have dues to repay"

"I am always ready to compensate you baby because I will be always benefitted to your lovely juices".

Niva smiled to her son and get lovely cuddling each other. She got the feelings the hit of semi hard cock on her abdomen rubbing warmly, "Oh no baby first take some food then have me.


" Your bouncing huge boobs always make me horny you know that now wearing sleeveless blouse aroused me to take you to the bed and give you some punishment for making me aroused."

"I will be ready to get punished in the bed while at night and eager to please your angry hard thick rod in me as much as you want my baby."

"As I told you tonight we have our dinner outside let me fresh myself." Ratan went for changes

Thanks for the nice Dinner" Niva resting her body on the sofa sitting just beside her son who already opened his shirt and under garments looking her son's hairy chest Niva make her closer to him roaming her fingers through his hairy chest

" Baby my man, should I help you to open your rest dresses" she slowly opened his pant Ratan was now sitting only with underwear. Niva looking at him his bushy thighs starts deeper towards his under pant covered sleepy monster Niva cannot control her to keep her hand on the tent. Her womanly soft touch enjoyed by her matured son he pressed her hand on his covered thick man pole.

"Baby just little up your hip and allow me to free you. Your mom would like to set free your gun and nuts to make you comfortable." She never want to disclose that she wants to full fill her hungry eyes for looking fully naked man roaming around her with semi erect dick and hanging meaty balls like bulls the way she loves to fulfill her own sexual pleasure so she can have those organs to play whenever she wants. Ratan also enjoying his nakedness in front of her aged mother Niva also opened her blouse standing opposite her sitting son covering her heavy jugs with the bra which shows more portions of her huge breast than covering it, Ratan grip her hand and pull her closer to him Niva seats on his laps and kissed him lovingly She loves the hard touch of her son's thick naked cock pressing into her fleshy back. She allows his son to enjoy to be rubbed by her soft buttock.


"Do not be naughty only enjoy our attachment being your wife, holding me within you kiss me slowly on shoulder as I am not wearing only blouse you have full access to hold firmly my bra covered boobies in such a loving way that I may seeks you in me as my lover".

Ratan squeeze those heavy tits from behind and replied "Mom still your tits are so tight how you make this after lots of punching during long time?"

"Umm baby you should not ask a lady about her secret?" Niva feels the way Ratan squeezing her boobs her big nipples are going to be hard and stiff.

"Every time I cannot resist myself getting aroused whenever I saw your hanging huge mounds."

Niva resting her feminine body on her son's chest kissing her son shaking herself with sheers 'Uff! baby you are squeezing my big balls little hard those are yours baby I am always allowing you to do harder while you are with me in bed."

Niva turned her face and rubbed her lips on her son's hairy chest deeply "Baby your naughty cock continue sly teasing my back already make me wet I think he is hungry for me." Ratan holding her closely returned her kisses passionately.

"Mom milking your jugs may stop him to get you in the bed for a while."

"Untied my bra and release those heavy jugs for free handling" Niva literally resting her naked body uncovered her hanging melons covered by her son's clutches rough fondling like pressing Bus horn petticoat covered ass rammed by son's naked monster provoked her for intercourse.

"Baby I thing you need me very badly."

"No mom I am enjoying squeezing your heavy globes and your hard nipples."

Niva starts kissing her one after one "Baby your hard squeeze of my boobs make me so horny I need you in me right now, I am already discharged twice don't tease me more take me to the bed put your so hard cock in me like you did to your loving mom."


Both of them go to the bed. Niva place her flat on the bed Ratan standing at edge of the bed with hanging thick manhood hard on. "Come on baby with your thick loving stick your mom is eagerly waiting to take you in."

"Mom first time you called me for loving your man."

" Oh baby" Niva hold her favorite thing her son's thick pole putting inside her wet love hole moaning with pleasure.

"UFF baby give me in your thick rod totally in' Ratan burring her face into deep to her naked big breast of his mother

"Ohh! mom your cunt is taking so lovely tight way and pump me very hard."

"Yes baby your thickness giving me more pleasure Baby suck me hard fulfill your desire of making love with me push me hard baby I am Cumming you make me cum baby Oh no baby Niva moaning with pleasure make her body stiff for few seconds.

" Don't stop me ramming baby you cannot imagine how much you pleased me baby I will give you all my body to make you happy squeeze my tits baby you are going so hard in me Uff! my darling push your heavy balls like bull I am in heaven baby Oh! no pull and push me hard my lovely son."

"Mom I am going to cum" Niva holding her son within her body passionately replied "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yes baby nothing to be worried burst your nuts inside, your mom will eager to take all your lovely hot juices inside to give you full pleasure of exploding cum."

"Mom you are squeezing my dick like pumper it seems that you want to take out all from me as much you can' '

oh baby my love I cannot wait give it to me baby give it to me." Niva close her son's naked body rubbing his face inside her huge melons and starts moaning for extreme pleasure with the sheers that her son' s thick dick is near to cum.

"Mom take it taaake it"


"Yes baby uff oh my god what a pleasure baby I love this fill me with your male juices". Ratan burst spurts after spurts biting her mother's breast with excitement while discharging Niva running her fingers with pleasant feelings of flooded male lovely juices.

"Yes baby my love feeling tired take out your lovely giant in me slowly" Ratan rest his body just beside her with close eyes.

Niva kissed her hairy thighs, goes up Ratan felt that her lovely mom gradually took his limp cock and swallows his man pole totally putting inside her mouth. Ratan closed his eyes and enjoy the pleasant treatment by her matured mother "Baby my darling a single drop of my man should not be wasted."

She did it very warmly as if she is having ice cream candy. Within few minutes of the lovely swallowing treats his male pole going hard. " Uff! bad boy! you are again starts regaining?"

To make him irritating Niva little pumping his hairy balls with soft womanly touch said "You young guys can easily thrust in me twice or more I know that but, you are my man, take rest, we have many love making nights to come now hold me like your wife take my nipple in mouth and let us have a good sleep."

Ratan kissed his mom like a lover "you are making me fully satisfied."

"Yes baby your mom always try to be your best lover, satisfying you to discharge your thick juices every time when you will be with me. Being your woman it is my duty to take care of your gun and nuts properly.' They both sleep together.

Niva waking up from sleep early she saw her naked son besides her. The sweet and passionate love making memory between them give her pleasant feelings she moved down kissed the thick organ of her son kissed on that rubbing her nose on the man's forest loves to smell the manly scent like addiction. She thought that she will never felt tired of playing man's meat roll with her mouth. She opened the foreskin with her soft fingers and surrounded her tong on cock tasting the dryness of it. All veins of the thick cock respond her leaking. Ratan moves little bit, Niva said herself "Sorry baby my love your naked dick insisting me to leak, I may not control myself whenever I saw your loving pole."


She rubbed again her lips Ratan's hairy place with the man pole "Sleep baby sleep now, I will never let you free until you will give your mom the total pleasure of having healthy man she needs every night, and will make empty your balls as much as he can like your wife so that you rare wish to see other women for sex'. She get up from the bed wear her bra keeping inside her huge melons with little pressure and think may be after regular sleeping with her son the size of her boobs will need the bigger one. Ratan waking up do not find her darling in the bed, completing his daily washing and others went to the kitchen close his mother with both hands from behind and said "Good morning my love" Niva was only with the bra and petticoat feels her lover son's hard manly thing rubbing in her soft fleshy buttock it's a real lovely touch of a man whom she takes twice and full fill her hungry thrust.

"Morning sweetie, last night you give me all the pleasure my body needs for long time if it will go on than I will never sleep in night without having you in me." Niva shaking her back to give her son an womanly attractive invitation for rubbing her soft back with the hard prick of her son.

"Ohh mom you are a real good lover and a horny wife for me. You satisfied me like no young girls can do, yes mom I have decided that from now, you will be my woman, and I will never marry".

"Oh! My love don't say like this I will keep you happy every night as much you want but if you marry someone, we will meet each other desires regularly. Our secret love making will continue till you want me as your woman. Ratan kissed her naked shoulder and squeezed her big milky jugs hard as she likes.

'Umm! Baby you are having me in the night and fondling my jugs free till midnight still are you not satisfied? The way I gave you my entire body I never thought that you will start playing with my boobs and back with your naughty pole.'

"Mom I need my breakfast from you hope you also need this." Ratan twist her hard nipple and pushing his man rod roughly inside her back Niva moaning


"Oh baby I never say no to you I really like your manly thing in me every time you hold me and rubbing your steal rod in my back to find my hole," hard squeeze of her big tits make her loud moan

"baby my baby always hungry for his mother you are always remain yourself so hard which make me lusty to have you in me" Niva feels that Ratan's fingers entering into her bra and pressing her heavy mound directly.

"Baby, have your food first" Niva brushed her palm on her son's hard prick Ratan kissed her deeply.

"Yes baby your mom will always like your stiff poles, but you should keep your health in such a manner so you can drill me and flooded your hot honey in me as many times I want you. Ratan while kissing her mother and replied his mother "mom the erotic way you are making love with me until and unless no man can ever resists him to give you all the juices you want."

Niva smiled light "That is the trick of bed game baby that's why my loving son running after me."

Ratan released his mom and starts having breakfast soon. Ratan doing well in his studies at the end stage and now keen to get a good offer from the reputed companies. Today he has interview for a lubricant job, before leaving home he hold his mom Niva very warmly, "Mom I need your best wishes for today's interview." Niva tight his tie but open the front button of the shirt and rubbed her soft lips deep in the hairy chest of her son "Best of luck darling, I will always celebrate your success sharing my body when you come back to home."

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