tagGroup SexYou Asked For It

You Asked For It


This is no more than a deep seated confession........

That night I invited you out, I knew your woman was going to be home.

You said you could not go and it made me sad. There happened to be a backup plan which really was Less of a plan than it was a thought. Either way, I called again when you were supposed to be home and you did not answer.

An email told me you were going out for the evening. An hour later, I called again. She answered. We chatted for a while before she suggested we get together. There was always a desire to know one another a little better, from both sides of the relationship. She and I met 40 minutes later at a mutual location, and one to which you had not yet been.

What began as casual conversation with a bit of uneasiness soon transpired into a heartier conversation with many laughs and smiles. The more we spoke, the more we realized how much in common there is between us. You were only the beginning of the common threads.

We enjoyed listening to the same music. We enjoyed watching the same kinds of movies. Words we shared flowed without effort.

You tried calling me from a local phone, but I did not hear over our voices. The minor amount of loneliness forced you to go home to her for some comfort when I did not answer your secret call.

When you let yourself in, it sent a force through my blood that tingled all those special spots you and I spoke of time and time again. Though you tried not to make your presence known, we knew you came in. She whispered to me not to let on. Those soft footsteps of yours let us know you finally got to our doorway.

The steps stopped and you breathed more lightly to leave us undisrupted. We knew. She knew more about your pleasures. At once, she wrapped her forearm around my neck and tucked me into her shoulder for a kiss. When we heard your breathing get heavy, we kissed harder. Gentle sucking and licking and nibbling one another's lower lips, you wondered if we were each as wet as you were hard. She slowly reached for my hand to lift it to her breast. Fingers spread, my hand gracefully cupped her breast allowing a hard nipple to push between two fingers. When I looked your way and licked my lips, you licked at the corner of your mouth. I squeezed her tit, closing my lips on my still-extended tongue as I withdrew it. When I asked how wet she was, her answer pushed your cock hard to your zipper.

We were more comfortable in each other's presence on the soft couch than you ever fantasized. It played out as a first encounter. We get together when you join buddies of yours for a long evening of sports. One strong drink lets it all begin.

Not letting on to you that we know of you standing there, our plans for the next meeting keep your attention. The conversation also keeps your manhood at attention. Out voices sang back and forth sharing the next sentence in the plan.

She began with describing the kiss of passion while the door closed. The hot sunlight pounding through the light curtains was gong to keep our slightly clothed bodies warm as silk blouses and spaghetti strap bras drop to the floor.

I filled in the next part of the plan with a vision of lying on the soft carpet in front of the velvety couch. Our bare backs would feel great pressed against the smooth material. Whoever was first to share the need for oral stimulation would be sitting on that couch with the other kneeling before her. She would be assertive but gentle when she pushed at the insides of her knees to better see the moisture seeping through her lace panties. Two fingers pulling the edges of the soft elastic would expose her wet pussy. Two more fingers from her other hand would glide along those plump lips and would make it easier to lick a stiff tongue up along the wetness to her waiting and ready clit.

Continuing to take turns on ideas, she suggested more sucking of her clit, showing her what I wanted from her as she knelt and I sat on the velvet for her to reciprocate.

We'll pour two more drinks.

We will then suckle a breast. ... And press our faces between them. .... And feel the heat from the inside out .... And taste the sweet nectar from each other's silken pussy ....

And then your man will come home and stroke his hard fat cock before us so we can watch the pleasure he feels in watching most turns him on...

Your somewhat secret call again went unanswered. You made a special point of stretching and racing for the phone in hopes it would be her. When it finally was her, your voice was strangely tensed, but in a good way. You were trying to stifle your thrill of the memory from the other day. Although she could hear it, she did not let on. Instead, she smiled through her words to share her approval of your new knowledge.

Today's call set you both at ease. The recent womanly events did not make their way into conversation but you knew they were on her mind too. You invited me for drinks and hors d'eouvres, which I accepted by the end of our call. You suggested an outfit to wear, planning some of the night's events in your mind. You were able to pass it off as telling me the type attire and the level of formality for the night. The remainder of your afternoon was spent planning more. A call to your woman filled the next moments.

As you told her of the plan for light dinner and drinks, she asked you who else you invited. When it was me, she perked up and joined more actively in some of the desire to plan with you. It was somewhat out of character for her to help you because you were the romantic one and you were on top of all details that were appropriate for all occasions especially when it entailed scheming the night ahead.

Hours later, you got home to an empty house, all the fixings in your arms. Someone should have been here by now, and it worried you to think you may have mentioned a wrong day. After putting the groceries away and starting up some cocktails in anticipation of the ladies' late arrival, you went upstairs to the bedroom to get yourself dressed and smelling wonderfully. I was in the chair in the corner of your bedroom when you came out of the shower hot and dripping wet. Seems you enjoyed the drip-dry method every now and then. Not recognizing my presence at first, you checked yourself out in the mirror a few times, from a few angles. I made myself known as you stood at an angle to the mirror and flexed with the mist of cologne attaching itself to every muscle.

There was no worry that I had never seen you nude and was now seeing all your beauty at once. I was most turned on that you stayed natural in front of me. "No" I whispered when you moved to cup your hand over your cock. You stopped moving except for your shifting eyes as they glanced across your cheeks to catch my stare. I smiled softly at your naked beauty, without focus on any one area.

The door clanking shut downstairs alerted us both to your woman's arrival. I did not move, which made you stay put as well. We listened to the sounds coming across the house from the kitchen as she fixed the first round.

You got nervous and walked to the closet to put clothes on. "Stop" was my next whispered command. Looking back over your shoulder, your face questioned the request. My tone let you know it was going to be alright if you stayed that way, still you proceeded to the closet for the sexiest pair of boxers.

The footsteps neared faster as she smelled the mix of soap and cologne. Kicking at the door with a bare foot, it swung open to let her in. She knew I'd be there that night, but did not anticipate such an early arrival. We were nervous about what she'd think, but then she looked me in the eye and handed me a drink. You took yours, and she put down the tray so we could all make a toast. That is where the night began.

She told me to go back to what I intended to do before she interrupted. She asked that you allow me. "go ahead" she coaxed. That was all you needed to hear. You stepped forward into my extended arms, stopping at the very tips of my outstretched fingers. The final drips of your shower trickled down your chest. I watched for a second, marveling at how the droplets licked at the contour of your muscles just as I would have. Instead, I waited until they landed at your waistband and I sucked them off your body from there. When the last drop landed at the band, I grabbed at it with my teeth and lowered the shorts over your hips. When my head dipped to lower them, your cock brushed against my cheek and through my hair.

Your woman sat back watching as your breathing became deeper. She offered up a couple directives to be sure I was going to please you right. With my tongue extended, I stopped to ask for her help. She put her drink down and approached us.

You preferred to sit on the bed, so she and I dragged the chair to the edge of it. We could both fit, so long as our legs were entwined with the inside arms wrapped around the other. As you sat, we each grabbed at a leg of your boxers and slid the satin over your hard cock. The muscular dimple where your hip met your ass got my immediate attention.

"Do it" she allowed me. I leaned forward to lick and suck at the sight of you as you sat on the edge of the mattress.

She pulled at my hair to bring me slowly back around to your front side. She did it slowly enough that I could keep my lips and tongue in contact with your smooth skin and intoxicating legs. She had already begun a firm grip of your balls to coax your cock into a powerful erection. I shut my eyes again after I saw how she gripped you. She continued to lead me by the hair until my lips were right in front of the head of your cock. I could feel her shift in the chair. She pulled a little harder at my hair. The next feeling was our lips connecting over the tip of your cock.

Our first kiss shared in days was filled with passion and the taste of you. We sucked harder than in our first kiss from the other night. Somehow we knew to suck a little more and slide our bridged lips along your entire shaft. When we flicked our tongues, it was meant to flick at you, but every so often, our tongues would connect with one another. It felt so good, we continued.

You took one more gulp before putting down your glass. You then reclined to rest on your extended arms, propped on your hands. It opened up your midsection to us for better access and allowed you to watch. She coached me on how to suck along one side of your cock until my mouth came in touch with your swollen head, tap the head with my tongue and follow along the other side, sucking all the way until my cheek brushed against your hair again. Then, I was supposed to suck you in sideways until my lips connected on the other side of you. While I tried what she suggested, she dipped her head beneath mine to suck your balls into her mouth. Unable to see what she was doing, I touched her face and felt her mouth to know where she was going with you. My fingers were soon sucked into her mouth and my breathing became faster.

Higher pitched moaning came from us both. At that moment, we knew the vibrations would stimulate us all. I clutched at her breast as it hung along your thigh. Your hand met mine there. We shared in the pleasure of massaging and manipulating her tit until her nipple was firm enough to squeeze between our connecting fingertips. She moaned louder with your balls in her mouth. I was able to take in your cock to my throat.

From this point, you knew what you'd see and you reclined onto your now-bent elbows. With your head tipped back, you could not see our kiss. The feeling of our bodies pressing to your legs changed a bit, but you were wrapped in the moment and visualized what may be going on. Soon, you could not feel us on you any longer.

The kissing shifted to us, without including you in the physical contact. We continued the kiss that was begun the other day that caused your rock solid erection.

Today's kiss was quick to include breasts, as well as more slurping and lip-smacking enjoyment. We still held your cock, still stroked you in a calm manner – until she stood and took me with her. Our shirts were off in no time. Piece by piece our clothing was draped over your beautiful naked body as you lay sprawled out on the bed. The material was light and slid right off your body as soon as the next piece was removed from our bodies. She unbuttoned my blouse and I unzipped the back of her dress. And you didn't see any of it from your current position. When you opened your eyes, the very first thing you saw was a double pair of breasts lowering into your face.

A hand kept your cock hard. A hand also kept us wet. With you lying flat out on your back, it became simple enough to lower a plump glistening pussy over your mouth for a fast lick. You lifted your heavy arm to feel the wetness with your strong fingers. Pinching at the base of the clit, it was red in seconds. Your lips wrapped around it as your tongue tapped on it. A tender scream was released while you felt a warm wet mouth encompass your cock again. The wet noises you were hearing in the background was a masturbating hand pounding into the wettest pussy...

As you opened your eyes, the breasts bouncing overhead were soon held by the only free hand among the three of us. With the completion of your last lick, you asked for us to go on as though you were not there. Hard as it was to leave your cock (and the rest of you) alone, it was stimulating to know we could get you off without touching you.....as you watched......

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