tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYou Can Cry A River

You Can Cry A River


I was on my way home early one morning from my part time job when something terrible happened to me. A week ago I got myself a job as a waitress at a diner a few blocks away from my apartment in the Bronx. I needed the money really bad. The owner was looking for someone to work the third shift. He was looking for a waitress to work from 10pm to 6am Friday and Saturday nights. I asked him if he had any other hours. He told me that's all he had available. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to handle that shift especially on Fridays. I still had my full time job to deal with. I thought that if I worked my normal hours at my full time job on Friday, which was from 8am to 4pm. I figured I could go home and get a few hours sleep before I would start my night shift.

The reason why I had to take this job was because of my ex-boyfriend. About two months ago I got sick at work and came home early. When I walked into my apartment I found my boyfriend Robert with his cock buried deep into my girl friend Sally's pussy. The two of them didn't even know I was standing by the door. He was fucking her hard and fast. He was telling her how much he loved her and how he can't wait till she leaves her husband so they can be together. My eyes filled up with tears as I watched the man who I thought loved me, fuck a woman who I thought was one of my best friends. John pulled his cock out of her and exploded all over her. Cum shot out of his cock like a rocket. It landed on her breast, her face and then all over my brand new sheets. The both of them were lying their panting and gasping for air.

“ Hope it was worth it.” I said to the both of them with tears running down my face.

I couldn't believe that he could do this to me. Especially in my own bed and especially with a friend of mine. I always new Sally was a fucking slut, but I never would have thought she would stab me in the back, especially after all I've done for her. I lost count of the number of times I lied to her husband when he called looking for her.

“ Oh…. Shit…Lorraine… It's not what you think…I…I…I.” He said as he tried to explain.

“ Get out!!…The both of you…Get the fuck out of my house!!!” I screamed.

Sally didn't say a word; the bitch couldn't even look at me. The both of them looked shocked. Sally grabbed her cloths and started walking toward my bathroom.

“ Where the fuck do you think you're going bitch.” I screamed at her.

“ Umm…Um...I was going to clean up.” She said, embarrassed with Robert's cum all over her body and dripping down her face.

“ I told you to leave NOW! Get your cloths and get the fuck out of my house you fucking slut…You find some other place to clean the cum off your face bitch!”

I was furious, the bitch had the nerve to think she could use my bathroom to clean my boyfriends cum off her body with me standing there crying. Robert had an old set of golf clubs in the closet by the front door. I turned around and went into the closet. I grabbed the biggest one I could find and started swinging. I don't know if I really wanted to hit them or just scare the shit out of them. I first swung the club at Sally. She ducked and I hit on old lamp I had sitting on the dresser. Glass went flying everywhere.

“Both of you better get the fuck out of hear… RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!”

Sally grabbed her dress and her panties and ran out of my apartment naked and screaming. Robert looked like he had seen a ghost or something. He grabbed his pants and a T-shirt and ran behind Sally. I slammed the door behind them and feel to the ground. I cried like a baby for about 2 hours before I could get myself to my feet. I called the superintendent of my building, and told him that I needed my locks changed immediately.

I haven't seen them since that day. Now that he was gone I was having a hard time paying the rent and keeping up with all the bills on my salary. I found out a few weeks later that Robert had charged a bunch of things on my credit cards. I was instantly in debt. The owner of the dinner had told me that late Friday and Saturday nights was a good time to make money at the dinner. He said that the last girl he had, easily made anywhere from $75 to $100 bucks in tips each night. I figured if I could make an extra five or six hundred dollars a month, I could make it until a found myself a decent roommate.

The first weekend on the night shit went pretty good. I was able to go home and get a few hours of sleep before I started my shift. I made $87 dollars the first night. And on Saturday I made $110 dollars. It wasn't easy, I was on my feet all night long and I wasn't able to take a break. People poured into the dinner all night long. I had forgotten how hard waiting tables was. Except for a couple of rude drunk kids and one black guy who stiffed me on the tip, my first weekend on my part time job went well.

Last night didn't go so well. I had to work late on my regular job. It was the end of the quarter. The guys in the warehouse were doing inventory. I had totally forgotten that it was my turn to stay late and enter the new data into the computers. I tried to get someone to cover for me. But it was too late and my other co-workers had plans. We didn't get done until 8pm that Friday night. I had just enough time to get home and take a quick shower before I was to start my shift at the dinner. By 2am that night I could barley see straight. I was exhausted. The customers didn't give a damn. They wanted service.

It seemed like it was twice as busier then it was last Friday. As the night went on, the plates of food got heavier and heavier. I was looking up at the clock every five minutes. My legs were getting weaker and my feet ached. I felt like I had been awake for a week. Even after drinking three cups coffee I still couldn't find any energy. I prayed that the girl that comes on for the morning shift would be on time. About 15 minutes later Rhonda came in. She was actually early. She walked up to me, and immediately she could see how exhausted I was.

“ Damn girl… you look like you're about to fall out…. was it that busy?” She asked.

“ Yeah it was busy…. plus I came straight from my other job. I've been up now for about 23 hours.”

“ You better get home and get some rest…I'll take over for ya…I can handle it.”

I thanked her from the bottom of my heart. I prayed and God delivered me an angel. I couldn't stop thanking her. I went into the back room; I took of my apron and grabbed my purse. It took only 60 seconds before I was out the door. I only lived about 6 blocks away from the dinner. Last weekend when I walked home I had to walk by one of the projects. There were 4 or 5 mean looking black guys standing on the corner. I was sure that they wear either gang members or drug dealers. I was scared to death when I walked passed them. It was early in the morning and the there were no other cars on the street. I walked pass them as quickly as I could. They didn't even pay attention to me. Even though I was tired and walking past the projects would have been my quickest way home. I decided to avoid that area. I decided to walk 2 blocks over pass the white neighborhood. I was afraid that one of the black kids might try to rob me or something. I had cashed my check Friday during lunch. In my rush to get to my night job I had forgotten to take the money out of my purse, and I also had the money that I made waiting tables on me.

I made my decision and started walking home. My entire body ached as I walked home. The only thing on my mind was my bed. I was actually walking and dreaming about going to sleep. Then out of nowhere something grabbed me on the shoulder. My first instinct was to scream. Before I could make a sound the guy pulled on my jacket and slammed me against a concrete wall.

I was terrified. The guy that grabbed was a tall thin white man. He had to be at least 6 foot tall. I tried to scream again but before I could make a sound another guy slapped me across my face. Things were happening so fast, I didn't know what to do. The one thing that was clear to me at the moment was that I was in big trouble.

“ Hey… shut the fuck up and give me your purse Bitch.” The taller man shouted.

The shorter guy didn't say a word. The tall man reached for my bag. I held on to it. “ No…No,” I screamed as I tried to fight the men off.

I had worked so hard for that money. A weeks pay and the money I had made at the dinner was in that bag. I had to use all the strength I had left to hold on to my bag. My life was in that purse, money that I needed badly.

“ Give me the bag bitch,” He shouted at me.

The tall guy was getting angry. He was so close to me that I could smell the alcohol on his breath. Then with one hard pull he snatched my bag from my hands and started laughing. I was furious.

“ You fucking bastard,” I screamed at him.

Then I don't know what possessed me. But I lunged forward and kick him as hard as I could in the nuts. He instantly hit the ground. The other guy grabbed me slammed me against the wall and smacked me hard across the face again.

“Are you fucking crazy Bitch…? You really done fucked up now Bitch.” He whispered into my ear.

“ John…. John…Are you OK man…Yo!!!…Are you all right?”

“ Yeah…. Yeah…I'm going to kill that fucking bitch.”

When the tall guy whose name I guess was John got up, he was in a rage. When I looked into his blood shot eyes, I knew that I fucked up and the reality of what I had just done hit me.

“ Say your prayers cunt!” He shouted at me.

Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a big Black Gun. My mouth, fell to the ground at the site of the hand cannon. My whole world was flashing before my eyes. It seemed like my world had turned upside-down within a few seconds.

He jammed the gun into my rib cage. I thought for sure that my life was about to end.

“ No…please don't kill me…Please don't kill me.” I cried.

“ You should have thought about that before cunt… You should'a thought about that before you kick me the nuts.

Then I heard a click. He cocked the hammer back on the pistol. Then the other guy said,

“ Wait..!!!!…. Hold up John.”

“ Wait…wait for what!... This little bitch, fuckin kicked me in the nuts…fuck that shit…I'm gonna smoke this cunt.”

“Chill out man…. look at her… she's kinda cute…Lets have some fun with her first.”

At this point I started crying and shaking. I couldn't take my eyes off the gun that was pressed firmly into my abdomen.

John grabbed me by my hair and said,

“ My friends Anthony, has just bought a temporary extension of your life”

John grabbed me and spun me around facing Anthony. He put one hand over my mouth and his other hand around my waist and lifted me off the ground. The next thing I knew I was being carried off somewhere. Behind the wall was an alley leading to some old run down buildings. I started kicking my legs and swinging my arms trying to break free from his grip. My attempts to scream were muffled by his giant hand that was over my mouth. Then everything got dark real fast. He carried me into the building. Anthony grabbed my legs and then they carried me down a flight of stairs.

They carried me into a small room that smelled horrible. The small room smelled like death. It smells like dead animals or something. The room was some kind of abandoned office. There was a desk and two old beat up sofas. The only light coming into the room was from a window about ten feet up in the air. They dropped me on the hard wood floor like a brick.

“ On your feet bitch…. get your sorry ass up…and take off that fucking jacket”

When I stood up I found myself against the wall standing between them. John was sitting down; he reached at me with his long arm and put the gun under my chin forcing me to stand up. I could feel the cold hard instrument of death under my neck.

“ Please...please don't hurt me…you got my money…please let me go.” I pleaded with a gun pressed against my throat.

The both of them started laughing. I cold feel the cold damp wall against my back. I felt like I was trapped. I was surrounded. John was on my right and Anthony was on my left. The cold damn wall was behind me and the big black gun was in front of me.

“ Shut the fuck up!” John snarled at me.

Then John said,

“ You should have just given up the purse Bitch…. Now I have to teach you a lesson…my buddy and I are going to play a little game.”

I didn't know what he was talking about. But I knew it was going to be a game that I didn't want to play.

“ Now…take off your panties,”

At that point I thought, “ Oh My God…There gonna rape me.”

Five minutes ago I was on my way home. Now I was standing in a basement about to be raped at gunpoint. I was tired and I was confused. Silently I asked God, why was he doing this to me? Why was he going to let this happen to me? Then John said,

“ Bitch, I'm not gonna ask you twice…Here's the fucking deal missy…by the way what's your name?

“ La…La…. Lorraine,” I mumbled trying to hold back the tears that were building up.

“ Well Lorraine…. here's the deal, your gonna suck our Cocks and then we are gonna fuck you…and you're going to cooperate.”

Anthony started pushing my dress up.

“ Please don't rape me…. I'm sorry…Please just let me go.”

The tears started rolling down my face then I felt a disgusting feeling in the pit of my stomach.

“ If I have to tell you to shut up again, I swear I'll put a cap in your ass...Tony prefers his women alive and kicking…. I on the other hand, don't give a fuck…I'll fuck your dead body until your pussy gets Cold...Dead or alive…. You're Fucked!!…You choose Bitch.”

His words or his promises brought every thing to another level. The room got silent, as they waited for me to choose. I had no other choice. I took my right hand and placed it on my waist. I hooked my finger around my panties and slid them down to my knees.

The both of them just stared at my pussy. I couldn't take my eyes off the gun. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Anthony smiling. I hated they way he was looking at me. Then he let go of me and told me to take off my dress.

“ You heard him…. take that shit off.”

I grabbed my dress and started lifting it up over my head. It didn't take them long. Before I even finished removing my dress, I felt their hands all over my body. They each grabbed one of my tits and started squeezing them. Then I felt something cold and hard touch my pussy. When I looked down I saw two different hands on my breast and a big black gun pressed firmly on top of my pussy mound.

“ Man… She got nice tits…and look at that cute little pussy.”

I felt like a piece of meat on a hook. I was embarrassed and felt like throwing up. They played with my tits while they stared at my pussy. John started brushing my pubic hairs with the barrel of the gun.

“ Turn around bitch…. Lets see that cute little ass of yours,” Tony shouted.

I didn't hesitate. I turned around and was pushed against the cold damp wall. As soon as my back was turned they each grabbed a hand full of my ass. Tony pulled my ass to the east and John pulled to the west. I still couldn't believe what was happening to me. I felt so exposed. Then I heard Tony say,

“ Look at that…. Man…She's got a tight little ass…I'll bet'cha nobodies ever fucked her in the ass.”

“ Yeah…Man…. that Motherfuckers looks real tight…I might have to sample some of that.”

Then both of them erupted into laughter while they talked about fucking me in the ass.

“ Hey girl…. Lorraine!!!…. Hey I'm talking to you cunt…. Have you ever been fucked in the ass?”

“ No…. Please don't do that…I'll cooperate…. I promise I'll do what ever you want…. Please don't fuck my ass.”

I pleaded with them. I've never been fucked in the ass before. Then I felt a finger inserted into my cunt.

“ Man… Check this out!!!… Look man, her cunt is already wet…”

I turned my head slightly to my right. It was Tony who had his finger in my cunt. He started pumping his finger in and out of my cunt. He stared into my watery eyes while he fingered me. I could feel his finger sliding in me. And I could also feel my pussy getting wetter. He pulled his finger out of my Cunt. And brought it up to his nose. My juices coated his thick finger. Then he licked his finger clean. While he licked his finger, John rammed one of his fingers into my cunt. Unlike Tony who slid his finger into me easily, John plunged his finger in me, pushing me hard against the wall. He started twisting and churning his finger inside my body.

“ Yeah man she's fucking dripping wet…. I think she wants us…. Don't-cha bitch.”

I didn't say anything. What could I say? I was so tired, and with every passing minute I was getting weaker and weaker. Tony sat back in his seat and pulled his pants down to his thighs.

“ Come on girl…Come show me how good of a cock sucker you are”

His cock was rock hard and looked thick. I started crying like little baby. John pushed me causing me to fall to my knees. I landed on the floor with my mouth just inches away from his cock. Tony grabbed my hand and placed it around his shaft. I could actually see my teardrops running down my cheek and landing on his cock.

I could here John laughing behind me. Tony placed his hand on my neck and started pushing my head toward his cock. I tried to resist. Then I heard John say,

“ Stop fucking around Lorraine…. and stop that fuckin crying.”

Then Tony grabbed a clump of my hair, and he said,

“ You Can Cry A River… if you want…Nobody Cares… but you are going to suck my fucking cock.”

Then John put the gun to my head and told me to start sucking. With a gun to my head I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around Tony's cock. He grabbed me by the back of the head and forced his cock into my throat.

His cock tasted like my tears. The salty taste and the musky smell of his crotch, was horrible. He moaned and called me names while humped my face. While I sucked his cock, all I did was hope. I hoped and prayed that he would cum soon and I prayed that he wouldn't want to be bothered with me anymore.

“ Yeah…. that's good girl… use your tongue…yeah…Stroke it…stroke my shaft while you suck it.”

I did as I was instructed; I licked, sucked and stroked his cock. Then I felt something rammed into my cunt again. Tony started fingering my cunt again, but this time he must have had at least 2 or 3 fingers in me.

“ Hey is she good man…. Let me get some of that…. Come on Lorraine…Time to suck my cock bitch.”

He yanked me by my hair and spun my around. When I turned around his pants were already on the floor around his ankles. He grabbed me by my hair and rammed his cock down my throat. He started humping my face as though my mouth was a giant pussy. Tony came around behind me and started squeezing my tits. I felt like ten men were attacking me.

Then he passed the gun to Tony and told me to suck his Cock. Tony pointed the gun toward my face. I wrapped my hand around his cock and started sucking his cock like I did before. While I was sucking Tony's cock, John started taking of his cloths.

“ Bring that Bitch over here.”

Tony pulled me up to my feet by my hair. He pushed me on to the couch that he was sitting on and bent me forward on all fours. John positioned himself behind me. I could feel his hands all over my ass and hips. At this point of my ordeal, I had given up. I had cried so much that I couldn't even see straight any more. I could feel his cock pushing at the entrance of my pussy.

“ Where do you want it Bitch… you want in your cunt or in your ass.”

Both of them started laughing again. Then I felt his cock pushing against my asshole.

“ No…. Please don't fuck my ass…I'm begging…. please not there.” I begged.

“ Tell me…. Tell Big John where you want it…. I'm gonna fuck you in the ass if you don't say it.”

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