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You Can Fuck My Wife


My wife Carol and I have always had a great sex life. She is a very pretty blonde aged 38, with great legs, medium size firm breasts and a perfect ass.

She would usually do whatever I asked, including taking her clothes off in the car after we had been to a restaurant and giving me a blow job while I was driving.

She would lean across me so that I could feel her ass while she sucked me. This always turned me on; I loved to blindfold her so she didn't know where we were going. Then she would use a vibrator and make herself come as we drove along.

I would turn on the light on her side so I could clearly see her naked body as she slid the big vibrating plastic cock in and out of her pussy and caressed her breasts.

Sometimes I would drive close to a guy walking along and then slow down, hoping that he would see her. The thought of someone looking at her in this situation without her knowing really excited me.

I also liked to stop the car in a place where we could be seen by passing cars but where we couldn't be reached if they stopped (could be the cops). Then I would help her out of the car (still blindfolded) and have her walk around completely naked (or sometimes wearing just stockings and high heel shoes). I would watch her and masturbate.

Once she wanted to piss so I told her to do it right there. It was so erotic to see this beautiful naked woman with her legs apart and letting out a long stream of piss right in the middle of the road.

She would kneel on the front seat of the car with the door open or in the trunk of the station wagon with her ass in full view of anyone passing by and I would fuck her from behind.

All the time I was thinking that maybe some guy would be watching and jacking off. I wanted to share her and see another person using her body, but I knew she would never agree to this.

Carol had a drink problem. Sometimes I would come home from work and she would be completely drunk and ready to do anything, including getting fucked in the ass.

I knew that a friend of ours called Mike who was a graphic artist was nuts about her and I often fantasized about him having sex with her.

Carol had told me that sometimes he would come to our house while I was at work on the pretext of delivering some design work for me.

Once Mike brought a camera with him and asked her to pose for some photos wearing tight mechanics overalls with a zip up the front. She changed into the overalls (no bra) and said that he pulled the zip down and put his hands round her tits to push them out of the overalls. He wanted to photograph her topless. His hands were shaking like a leaf and she could see the big bulge in his pants.

It excited me to hear this, the more details she gave me the harder my erection became. She said that all women enjoy turning a man on. I think she enjoyed letting him see her tits although she said that she refused to do the shots.

Another time he came round with a tube of ointment for muscular pains and asked her to massage the top of his thigh with it. While she was rubbing his leg he suddenly pulled out his erect penis only inches from her face.

She said that she gave it a flick with her finger and told him he wouldn't get anything like that with her.

I often thought about this and imagined that instead of just flicking it, she had taken his cock in her hands and stroked it, and then got down on her knees in front of him, licked off the dripping pre-cum, took the throbbing shaft in her mouth and gave him a blow job. When he ejaculated wad after wad of thick hot sperm and completely filled her mouth, instead of swallowing it, she let it dribble out of her mouth, run down her chin and drip onto her tits, then rubbed it all over her nipples. This excited me so much that I always had to jack off.

One day I arrived home and found her lying on the bed so drunk she couldn't speak.

I was worried at first but after a while I undressed her and she went to sleep.

I thought that here was my opportunity to see her with someone else without her knowing anything about it.

I called Mike and asked him to come over immediately as Carol was sick and I needed some help.

He arrived within five minutes and I told him that Carol had told me all about how he had been trying to seduce her behind my back and he had touched her tits and showed her his erect penis.

Mike was very embarrassed and started to apologize but I told him not to worry as it really turned me on.

I went into the bedroom to check if she was still sleeping. She was out like a light and couldn't be woken.

I called Mike in and told him to be very quiet and ready to run if she woke up.

I asked Mike if he would he like to see her body. I could see he couldn't wait, so I pulled back the covers and there she was, lying on her back with her tits and soft blonde pubic hair in full view.

Sometimes Carol shaved all the hair off her pussy but this time she had left a little at the top.

Mike was so excited he was trembling. I told him he could touch her if he wanted. Without hesitating he sat on the bed and started feeling and kissing her tits, then moved his hand down to her crotch. I pulled her legs apart to fully expose her lovely pussy and he started caressing it and gently working a finger in. I don't know if my wife was feeling it in her drunken sleep but her pussy must have got wet as Mike was sliding two, then three fingers in.

I undressed and stood watching him. He moved down and started licking and sucking her pussy. I had a huge erection, I had never been so turned on before.

There was a great sense of danger, what if she woke up? I knew she would never forgive me if she knew what was going on. This made it all the more exciting.

I pulled her legs up and back by the ankles until her knees almost touched her tits. This gave Mike a superb view of her pussy and her ass hole. He moved down to lick her ass and I could see his tongue pushing into the tight little hole.

"Why don't you fuck her?" I whispered, "but take it easy, she might wake up."

Mike quickly took off his clothes and I saw his cock was dripping with pre-cum. He got on top of her, opened her pussy lips and slowly worked his cock all the way in. Then he started fucking her.

I moved in close to see his big cock going in and out of Carol's pussy. I was going crazy by now and leaned over to place my cock against her mouth. I couldn't open her mouth to put it in so I just moved it back and forth between her lips. I soon had an orgasm and ejaculated all over her face.

Mike gave a quiet groan and I knew he was coming. I couldn't believe it. The man was filling my wife's cunt with his hot sticky cum! This was what I had always dreamed of.

He pulled his cock out and I wiped my sperm off her face. Mike used his handkerchief to clean up her dripping pussy. "Let's turn her over," he said.

"Wait," I replied, "first make sure she's really ou.t" I gave her a little slap and asked loudly a couple of times if she was awake. She didn't move, in fact she began to snore. Between us we managed to turn her over and Mike nearly died when he saw her gorgeous ass. I pulled her legs apart then held her buttocks wide open so that he could see her anus and he got down to lick it again.

I went into the bathroom and came back with some suntan oil. I put some on her ass and told Mike to put some on his dick. He got on top of her and placed the head of his rock hard cock against her anus. I don't know if it was because she was asleep and the sphincter muscle was relaxed, but his cock went in very smoothly, right up to the balls. Then he started sodomizing her.

Again, I just couldn't believe it, all my wildest fantasies had come true, Carol was being fucked in the ass by the guy she had enjoyed teasing but had no intention of going any further with.

I moved in until my face was close to Mike's cock and I could see the anal rape in all its obscene beauty. H e kept pulling his cock back until the head was almost out and then he pushed the whole length in again. In and out it went with a soft sucking noise. He must have come at least five times.

When he had finished he wiped some traces of shit off his cock and was going to wipe her ass clean but I told him to hold off. Now it was my turn. I had never wanted to penetrate a hole that was already full of someone else's cum but when I saw her dilated ass hole with sperm oozing out of it I couldn't resist and slid my cock right up her juicy ass. My heart was pounding, if she woke up now and saw Mike there, this was the end of my marriage.

When I came after only a few strokes in the wet, silky depths of her bowels, my orgasm was so strong that the wads of cum must have gone all the way up her colon.

We cleaned her up, turned her over again and I pulled the covers back over her.

When Carol came into the living room a couple of hours later wearing a dressing gown I was very apprehensive but soon saw that she didn't know anything about what had happened.

"Everything OK?" I asked.

"Sure" she said, "why shouldn't it be?" I thought to myself "If only you knew sweetheart, if only you knew."

Later she said that she'd been to the toilet and her shit was all gooey. Not surprising when you think of all the cum that was in there.

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by Anonymous11/20/17

Why oh why does everything always have to lead to ass fucking. I do NOT get this fascination with wanting to fuck a woman in the ass. I don't want to sound like a brag but I've been with probably 300 differentmore...

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by Anonymous07/03/17

This is rape!

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