tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYou Can Have Her

You Can Have Her


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This one is a little rougher than ...oh, just read it. No point describing it. The ending is kind of a downer.


I saw Carrie's name on my cell and picked it up.

"Hi, Carrie, what's up?"

"Jeff, I- I need to see you."

It was not unusual for Carrie to call me unannounced, as she was married, and we saw each other only when she could get away. But there was urgency in her voice that I hadn't heard in our nine-month relationship.

"Is everything okay?" I asked. "You sound a little, I dunno, edgy?"

"Yes, yes," she reassured me, "but please, could you come over? Right away? Something has, uh-m, come up. We need to talk."

Uh-oh. The moment of truth, I thought. Her cheeseball husband Frank suspects something? Found out? I told her I'd be there in twenty minutes and scooted out of the house to my seven year old Toyota. I made my way on the familiar route to her house, from my side of town over to the upscale, ritzy side, where Carrie lived with her well-to-do husband, Frank, in their big house with the pool and all. Mind you, it was no sacrifice to be having an affair with a rich woman, but that's not what our relationship was about. I thought about us, and our past, in the light of this potential crisis as I drove.

We'd met at a bar, of all places, but not one where I usually hang out. No, I had taken some part-time work for some extra cash with one of my friends, working a swanky bar as a bartender. Carrie was there with friends, and we got into a conversation that lasted, on and off, throughout the evening. In the end her friends left, and she stayed, talking to me as the crowd dwindled, and I walked her to her car before cleaning up after closing. There wasn't even a kiss that night, but we both felt we'd made a special connection.

We met off and on over the next weeks, for lunch at first, then an evening date. I kind of suspected she was married, although I never asked, and she didn't offer. She would call me when she had the chance, and I would meet her. We were seeing each other for a few months before we slept together, and she confessed her marriage, and she cried for deceiving me. I came to learn that it was loveless on her part, that she'd married a man she'd been attracted to, too quickly, and had grown accustomed to the lifestyle. But he loved her, he said, and she went along. She'd never planned to cheat, had told herself it was wrong, but then met me, and ... well, we just kind of fell into it.

And by then, we were in love, deeply, the kind you read about, but never happens to you or anyone you know. Just being with her lifted my spirits, and when we were apart it hurt with a physical ache. I know she felt the same; she'd confessed as much, and the idea of her being married to a lout like Frank was disturbing. We had recently begun discussing out future, but she balked at the idea of divorce, she said Frank would never let her go. Her told her he loved her, but she told me he was possessive and controlling easy to anger, and suspicious. And I guess now, his suspicions were true.

When I pulled up in her long, circular driveway I pulled all the way up and around the side of the house, the way I always did. I'd been here plenty of times, as Frank travelled for work a great deal. I came back to the front and checked my watch: twenty-two minutes, pretty good timing. I knocked and waited. She answered, and the distress was clear on her face.

"Carrie, honey," I said entering, "What's the matter?"

And everything went black.

When I woke I was paralyzed and blind, and someone was driving an ice pick into the back of my head. As my eyes and brain cleared I realized that there was no ice pick, but the lump on my head throbbed with a sharp, piercing pain, and I was duct-taped to a chair. I wasn't blind either; it just took a lot of courage and fortitude to open my eyes.

When I did pry them open I recognized my surroundings, it was the guest bedroom in Carrie's house. I thought I saw Carrie naked on the bed and squeezed my eyes shut, trying to blink away the cobwebs without moving my head.

"Oh," I heard from my left, "Pretty boy is awake!" I couldn't turn, or move my head; I guessed that it, too, was taped to the chair. There was a shuffle, and Frank walked into my line of sight. "Nice to see you, Lover Boy!" he sneered. "Have a nice nap?"

"Wh-What's going on?" I managed.

"What's going on?" he barked. "I'll fucking tell you what's going on. You're fucking my wife! That's what the fuck is going on!"

I heard Carrie start sobbing from behind Frank, blubbering "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," over and over again. God, I thought, if he hurt her ...

He must have seen my thoughts on my face. "Aww, isn't that cute? Lover Boy is concerned for MY WIFE'S welfare." He smirked, and punched me in the stomach. I grunted as the air blew out of my lungs, and would have doubled over if I hadn't been restrained. "Fuck you, Jeffie! You like that?! That's what you get when you fuck another man's wife!"

Carrie was wailing, begging him to stop. I suddenly felt helpless and inadequate as the woman I loved tried to protect me from harm. I watched his face twist in a knot of fury as he spun and lunged to the bed where she lay, naked.

"Shut the fuck up, you whore!" he railed, leaning over the bed with his face inches from hers. It wasn't until then, when she didn't leap off the bed that I realized she was tied down, and my heart sank. I had a very, very bad feeling that this was not going to end well."You fucking cheating WHORE! Shut up!" He was furious, spitting in his rage.

"Frank," I called out, and his head snapped up to glare at me, eyes wild. He leaped towards me, stopping his face with our noses almost touching.

"You got something to say, Lover Boy?" he snarled. I heard Carrie's terrified sobs, and I remembered the punch. I spoke softly, trying to be reasonable.

"Frank, this doesn't have to happen; it doesn't have to be like this."

"Oh, yeah, like YOU get a fucking vote!" he spat. "Trust me shithead, you have no idea how it's going to be." I tried to imagine the worst that could happen, and saw myself in the hospital after a vicious beating, and I cringed as he stepped away. He straightened, and looked at each of us, and his face took on an amused and barely sane expression.

"Well, I have some things to take care of, so why don't you 'lovers' have a little chat?" He strolled the room. "Get in touch with your emotions," he spit, the sarcasm dripping evilly from his voice. "Share your feelings." He strode to the door. "Profess your UNDYING love. I'll be back shortly." He stamped out and closed the door; I heard the lock click solidly.

Carrie was moaning and and crying, and I called to her several times before she quieted enough to answer. She immediately started apologizing, and resumed sobbing. I asked what happened, and she explained that he'd had her followed, confronted her, slapped her around, and forced her to lure me here. She apologized profusely, and I told her it was all right, I understood. She finally became silent, interrupted by occasional hitching breaths.

"What do you think he'll do?" I asked. "What's he capable of?"

"I don't know," she confessed," I've never seen him like this. I- I've seen him angry before, and he's been, you know, rough sometimes, but I've never seen him this angry." I struggled in my chair, despite the pain in my head, but found it was futile; I was strapped in good.

"He wouldn't, you know, uh-m," I started, afraid of saying the words, "kill us, would he?"

"Oh, Jeff, I just don't now," she bleated, and began crying again. I called to her several times before she calmed enough to talk again.

"Carrie, I want you to know, that whatever happens, I love you. However this night turns out, I still love you, will always love you. I'm sorry I got us into this mess, sorry for the trouble." She sniffed a little, and mewled her misery. "I- I...I'll do whatever I can to protect you."

"No, baby, it's not your fault. I don't regret a single moment of what we have, and I wouldn't change a thing," she called to me. "I think I hear him coming!" I watched as her body tensed, as if bracing for a blow in her bonds. As footsteps approached I looked at her, so beautiful, even in her bound and vulgar state, her fine, smooth skin glistening under the harsh lights with a sheen of sweat, and her breasts jiggling as her sobs began anew. Between her legs I could see her perfect shaved vagina, and I suppressed a feeling of guilt for looking. The steps got closer, and then I knew there were more than two feet approaching.

The lock turned and the door opened. Frank entered, and three other guys and a girl entered, big, nasty, biker types. The guys were burly and hairy, and the woman had a hard look to her. All wore an assortment of black leather and denim, looking like real rough trade. My testicles pulled up into my body in fear.

"Well, Lovebirds, have you made your peace and said your goodbye's?" The knot in my stomach clenched and I knew, for certain, that I would be killed. "I would introduce you, but let's face it, there's really no need," he chuckled evilly, and the other four laughed with him. "These are some, shall we say, 'Business Associates' of mine, and they are going to give me a hand solving my problem tonight." He motioned with his chin in my direction, looking at two of the thugs.

They loped to me, and one suddenly slammed his fist into the side of my face. The other took a few hard punches to my midsection, and I gasped for breath, trying not to lose consciousness as the blow to my head shook me, making my vision dance with flashing lights. As my hearing and vision returned, I heard laughter and Carrie's screaming. Opening my eyes I saw the leather chick pulling her nipples, hard and away from her body, turning her beautiful breasts in to cones, stretched painfully from her chest. I managed half a word of protest before a fist smashed into my cheek, and blood poured from my mouth.

"Shut the fuck up, asshole," the bearded one commanded. I remained silent, waiting for my vision to clear. I heard Frank jeering at Carrie.

"They'll beat him to death, you know that," he was saying, and the knot tightened in my chest. "You want to save him? Huh? You want to save your Lover Boy?" Carrie was howling in pain, and I could see the leather bitch had attached something to her nipple. Frank motioned to her, and she removed it, and stepped back. He put his hand under her head, and lifted, making her face me, and motioned to the two thugs.

Blows rained down on me. I heard them grunting with the effort, heard Carrie shrieking in horror, begging them to stop, and then I heard nothing, saw nothing, and soon felt nothing.

When I came to, I heard muffled voices, and then my body greeted me with a world of pain, and I wished fervently to slip back into unconsciousness. There was no escaping it, though, and as the sounds and voices became more clear I remembered where I was, and how I got there, and I remembered Carrie. I forced my eyes open.

I had been moved closer to the bed, near the foot and facing my married lover. I heard the girl say that I was coming around, and someone threw water in my face. I tasted blood in my mouth as my eyes cleared. Frank's face suddenly filled my field of vision again, a visage of evil and hatred.

"Well, Lover Boy," he sneered, "How are you feeling?"

"Go fuck yourself," I mumbled through my mashed lips. It hurt to talk.

"Still got some fight in you, eh? Don't matter," he said casually, standing and moving away. "We can beat that out of you. No matter how long it takes."

"No, please, leave him alone, please," I heard Carrie pleading, and I was taken by my impotence at having my lover beg for me, trying to protect me.

Frank turned to her when she spoke. "You want to save your Lover Boy, whore?" he laughed. "Good. Isn't love and devotion wonderful to see?" He came back to me then, his face pushed into mine, so I could feel his spit as he hissed his threats at me. "My whore wife wants to spare you some suffering, Jeffie Boy. Isn't that nice? And I'm going to give her the chance." He was speaking low, just for me. "But you're going to wish that we had beat you to death before it's over," he chuckled. "You're going to get to see just what a slut whore she is." He put his hand on my face, and then slapped me, hard; jarring my consciousness and reviving the sharp pains in my head and face. When I reopened my eyes he was back at Carrie's side.

"Well, my whore soon-to-be-ex-wife, you want us not to beat your little boy toy to death? Is that what you said?"

"Please, Frank, I'm sorry, please don't hurt him anymore, please..."

"You can save him," he told her, loud enough for me to hear. "Beg me for his life."

"Please Frank, please don't...hurt him, please I'm begging," she whimpered. She didn't say kill, but I was pretty sure they would.

"I'll give you a chance to save him," he gloated. "My friends came here for some fun. I promised them a really good time," he turned to me, and flashed a victorious grin. "They can have fun beating him to a painful death, or," he turned back to her, "they can have fun with you. He reached for her nipple and twisted it painfully, eliciting a squeal from Carrie. "Will you entertain my friends? Will you show them a good time?" He pulled her nipple again, and then slapped her hard. "Well, whore? What's it going to be? You or him?"

"Please, Frank, please don't make me..."

"Fine," he told her, and turned to his thugs, who were lounging in chairs around the room. "Have at him." They shuffled to their feet and looked at me with dispassionate interest.

"No! Please!" Carrie shrieked. "I'll- I'll do whatever you want, please, don't hurt him," she cried.

"You're sure, slut? We can just beat him senseless," he laughed.

"Please, I'll do what you say, whatever you say,"

"And you'll be good to my friends?"

"Yes, anything, just please don't hurt him," she whimpered, and I felt my male ego respond, remembering his threat.

"Carrie, don't," I managed to squawk. Frank ignored my feeble outburst.

"Don't you resist, bitch. You cooperate, and we'll spare your little boy," he warned evilly. "You be good to my friends; be a good whore and do whatever they want."

"Yes, yes...I..." she cried, "whatever they want, I'll be good, just please don't hurt him." Frank stood then, and waved his friends into action as he came to me. He put his face into mine again, speaking just for me. "You wanted her?" he leered. "You can have her. But first you get to see what whore she really is." He spit in my face. "See if you still want her when we're done!" He smiled maliciously, and turned away.

I cringed at the thought of what they might do, but nothing prepared me for the level of his angry revenge or the depraved desires of his 'associates'. The first thing they did was untie her legs from the bed posts; she had been partially spread, her pussy showing but not overly exposed. They took the ropes and stood on the bed, threading them through eye hooks in the ceiling. Then they stepped down off the bed and pulled the ropes. Carrie groaned in dismay as her ankles were pulled up and out, her legs extended straight up and pulled wide apart, pointing at the ceiling. Her pussy spread wide open.

Almost immediately the three thugs began undressing. I never learned their names, and in my awful memories they are simply Beard, Brute and Bald. Bald was the first with his pants off, he was a large, broad-shouldered and hard-faced man, and his cock, semi hard, matched his stature. He went directly to the bed, still in his tee shirt, and knelt next to Carrie's head.

"Open up, baby," he said to her, waggling his fat cock, "Start sucking like you want it!" Carrie made some whimpering sounds and turned her head.

"Oh, it's gonna be like that?" Frank bellowed from the seat he had taken, and motioned to the girl, who I recall as Skank. Skank stood and came to me, and slapped me hard across the face. Then again, on the other side. Though my clouded vision I saw her pull her hand back, but Frank said, "That's better. You do it and like it like you know you do, cunt." Skank stepped back, smirking at me, and I briefly saw Carrie's head bobbing on Bald's cock as he pumped his hips into her face. But then my view of her was blocked as Brute stepped between us, and I saw him line up his cock at her pussy, and my heart stopped.

His cock was huge, with a fat bulbous head, and he pushed the big head inside her without preamble. I heard her muffled cry as he penetrated her, and watched her lips spread around him briefly, before they were pushed inside her with the force of his thrust. He pulled out.

"She's fucking dry as a bone," he announced, and climbed off the bed. Skank moved off her chair, but Frank stopped her. "Not you," he said, pointing at me. "Him." He grinned, and joined Brute behind my chair. They dragged it, with me still in it, to the foot of the bed, and leaned the chair forward till my chest rested against the edge of the bed, and my face was inches from Carrie's spread pussy, the pussy I loved to lick and suck, the pussy of the woman I loved.

"She's saving your life, Jeffie Boy," I heard Frank say over the slurping sounds of the cock pumping Carrie's mouth. "Show her some appreciation." I could hear the grin in his words as I felt Skank's hand on the back of my head, pushing me into her.

"Lick it, bitch," she rasped, "Get it nice and wet for some cock!"

My lips were pressed against her opening, and I knew that if she remained dry and tight, Brute's big cock would tear her apart. Against my will my tongue slipped into her hole and began teasing her, trying to stimulate her. I pushed my saliva inside her as I licked, hoping it would ease the passage of her defilement that I was powerless to prevent. I heard her moan at my touch; she still wanted me, and only me, I knew it in my heart, and I reacted with my mouth, licking her labia, sucking her pussy the way she likes, and slowly moving up to her clit.

Her hips pulsed up into my face, and when I reached the top of her pussy, found her button beginning to grow. I licked around it, shamed at my eagerness to please her while her husband and his thugs watched me and conflicted about my purpose. But she responded to my tongue, and I knew that she did because it was me, and that she appreciated my efforts to minimize her potential discomfort. I worked harder then, spurred by her response despite my surroundings, and licked around her clit, teasing her aroused button to full size, and listening diligently to her responses and verbal cues as to what was working for her.

When her humping increased against my face and her moans became steadier, I felt hands pull me back from the bed. But instead of dragging me back they pulled me to the side, so not only was I only a little over a foot away from her wet, spread-open pussy, but when Brute stepped back to her crotch I could still see around him, where Bald was holding her head still with his hands and was fucking her face. Disgusting noises came from her, a "gug-gug-gug," as he banged his cock into the back of her mouth. But I was distracted by Brute, who pushed himself halfway into her on one stroke.

"Oh, yeah, much better," he chortled, and he gripped her thighs, hard, and announced, "hang on, slut, you're gonna love this." I watched as he pulled back a little and shoved his entire shaft into her, splitting her pussy wide around his fat shaft. She screamed around Bald's cock, and I saw her eyes opened wide as he pushed in, deeper than she could take. It had to hurt.

She lifted her hips in an effort to get away, to pull her pussy back from the brutal assault, but Brute hung on and began pounding long, hard strokes into her. I winced for her every time he went in, knowing what she must be suffering from the cries she tried to emit from her stuffed mouth. As I looked at her face Bald pulled back, and using his hand, began striking and rubbing his cock on her pretty face. I saw Skank get up and walk behind me, coming back into view on the other side of the bed. She took Carrie's head in her hands, holding the sides of her face, and hooking her fingers into Carries mouth. She pulled, and my love's lips stretched wid.

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