tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYou Can't Handle Me Ch. 05

You Can't Handle Me Ch. 05


Denise woke up the next morning, still a bit dazed and disoriented from the night before. The first thing she realized, as she sat up and rubbed her eyes, was that she was not in her own house. The bed she found herself in was a king size bed, larger than her own. The second thing she realized, as she groggily pulled the sheet away, was that she wasn't wearing anything at all.

She looked about the room, trying to get a handle on her surroundings. The only light in the room was coming from a large window behind the bed. The room was rather large, and she noticed it had an inordinately large number of doors...she counted five in total. One was different from the rest, it was slightly larger and heavier looking, and the other four looked more like closet doors. The room otherwise looked like a typical bedroom, with a large mirrored dresser, nightstands, lamps, and the sort. In some ways, it resembled a very nice hotel room -- was that where she was?

'Where was she,' Denise wondered to herself, as she tried to think back to the night before. She remembered going to a club. She remembered she must have had way too much to drink...on a school night! "Oh my God," she exclaimed, "it's Friday, I have to get to school!" She started rushing around the room, looking for her clothes, or for that matter anything that belonged to her, but she couldn't find anything. She was about to go and try the main door, when she spotted a note lying on one of the nightstands. Picking it up, Denise read:

Good Morning doll, I hope you slept well! You were wonderful last night...

Don't worry about school, I already called and let them know you wouldn't be in today...

Relax and enjoy the room, breakfast should be brought up for you, and I'll be home before you know it!


"Oh my God," Denise gasped, as she reread the note. "I'm at Dick's house...I was wonderful last night?" Her first thought, as she sat down on the bed, was that she had sex with her student the night before. She concentrated, trying to remember what happened...

She remembered feeling, after having met Dick's father, that everything was going to work out fine...then she remembered Dick, Ashley, and Barbie coming to her house after school, surprising her. The girls gave her some kind of makeover. Then, Dick drove her to the club...it was some kind of strip club...she had a lot to drink...did she get up and dance? She vaguely remembered being up on a stage...something about Barbie dolls.

She stood up and walked over to the mirror to look at her reflection. Had she been made over to look like a Barbie doll? She checked her appearance, but everything was normal. Maybe it was all just a dream? She walked over to the main door, turning the knob, but it was locked.

'I have to get out of here," Denise thought as she looked around for something to cover herself with, but the only thing there was the sheets on the bed. She was about to grab the top sheet, to pull it off and wrap it around her, when she glanced over at the other doors. 'Maybe there's something to wear in one of these closets,' she thought, as she tried the door nearest to the bed, and it opened.

She felt around for a light switch and found one, and as she switched it on, she could see that it was a closet. There were a number of outfits hanging on the rack, and the first one that caught her eye was a pink and red maid's uniform. As she carefully un-hung it and looked it over, the first thing she noticed were the large cups on the bustier. 'That'll never fit me!' she thought, and then she remembered Candy, the former teacher, who was now the maid, and was very well endowed, this was obviously hers! She put the outfit back on the rack, and browsed through the others.

There were a number of very sparkly outfits that looked like something a Vegas showgirl might be seen in...and then, as Denise got to the end, she saw a lavender and pink dress, and she stopped, staring at it. She remembered it...it was what she was wearing the night before. She remembered how perfectly it fit her, how well it hugged her curves, as if it had been made especially for her. She took it off the hanger, and looked at it again, it did look like the kind of dress a Barbie doll might be dressed in -- maybe that's why she had thought what she had thought earlier! She held it to her nose, it smelled clean...well she could slip it on again, for now, till she figured out what was going on and how to get out of here.

She stepped into it, and slid it up, pulling the single strap over her shoulder. It still fit, but something felt a bit different. She could recall how it fit from the day before, and something was a bit more snug on her. She pulled at the fabric a bit, adjusting it, but it still didn't feel as perfect as it had before. She realized it was slightly tighter across her chest.

'Well, maybe it was cleaned last night, and shrunk a bit,' she thought. It wasn't that uncomfortable, so she didn't give it any more thought, as she looked in the rest of the closet. The only other things in there were high-heeled shoes in a row on the floor. She turned off the light and made her way back into the bedroom. She was curious if the other doors went to closets as well, if they did, that was a lot of closets for one room! She opened the other door that was on the same wall.

There didn't seem to be a light switch, and the door seemed to open into a hallway, not a closet. 'Maybe another way out!' the hopeful teacher thought, as she slowly stepped down the hall, continuing to feel on both sides for a light, but not finding one. The hallway went on for a while, and it was getting darker and darker. Denise was starting to wonder if it would ever end, and whether or not following it was such a good idea, after all. Finally, she felt the walls on each side turn, opening up into a room. She found a light switch on the right side and turned it on, and what she saw astonished her.

The first thing she saw in the room was the floor, covered in hay. As Denise's eyes moved around the room, it appeared to have been decorated like some kind of barn. The wallpaper had cornfields and cows on it. In the middle of the room was a four-foot-square wooden fence. Denise's attention was drawn inside it, however, to the strange-looking item inside; it appeared to be some kind of exercise equipment, although not anything she had ever seen before. It had a metal frame, and a seat, and three cups were hanging on one side -- two large round ones and one smaller, oval-shaped one. The cups had clear plastic tubing attached to them, but the tubing wasn't attached to anything else.

The amazed teacher slowly made her way into the room, stepping carefully through the hay in her bare feet. At first, the hay felt strange, as her feet and toes crunched through it, but after a minute, she realized it actually felt soft and nice to walk in. She looked around for a door, but couldn't see any sign of one. The only way in seemed to be the way she came in!

Denise made her way over to the fence, and opened the gate to walk inside. A closer inspection of the machine didn't tell her any more than before. She adjusted her dress a bit, once again feeling the tight fit over her chest as before, and casually glanced around the room again before turning out the light and walking out.

Once she was back in the bedroom, Denise turned her attention to the two doors on the opposite side of the room. The first one opened easily, revealing another hallway. This was not as long as the first one, and it too opened into a small room, but as she turned on the light, Denise was greeted by a much different scene.

The room was quite plain, and all it had in it was a large cage or crate-like thing, maybe four feet on all sides. Newspaper lined its bottom, and inside was an empty food bowl, a half-full water bowl, a leash, and a pink collar. Denise couldn't remember seeing a dog, or any other animal for that matter, in her previous visit to Dick's house, but maybe he used to have a dog, she thought, as she turned back and walked out to the bedroom.

The second door was a bit stiff, but after a few tries the knob turned and the door pulled open. It was a simple bathroom, with a sink and a commode. Denise realized she hadn't gone yet today, so she pulled her dress up and sat down to pee. As she looked up, she noticed a large framed photo on the wall in front of her, and it caught her attention. It was a rather simple black and white photo of a dark-haired woman kneeling, naked, with her arms suspended above and behind her. The position forced the woman's head to bow and her chest to be pushed out. Denise just stared at it for several minutes as she sat there, then finally she stood up, cleaned off, flushed, washed her hands, and walked back out of the bathroom.

A large serving tray was sitting next to the bed when she returned, with pancakes, syrup, bacon, eggs sunny-side-up, and coffee. "Mmmm," Denise said as she climbed up on the bed and looked over the full meal before her. She was quite hungry, she thought, as she picked up the large bottle of syrup and poured some over her pancakes. She kneeled down in front of the tray, sitting on her feet, as she took a big bite of pancake covered in syrup.

"Mmmmmm..." Denise whimpered as the delicious syrup hit her tongue. It was simply the most amazing taste she could remember in ages! She took another bite, even bigger than the first, and this time some of the syrup dripped down, a few drops landing on top of her chest, and a few drops landing on her dress.

"Mmmmm..." she repeated as she finished the second bite, then she looked down, seeing the mess she had made. "Shit!" she exclaimed, "I'm going to ruin this nice dress!" And without hesitation she pulled it over her head and tossed it across the room, leaving her as naked as she had been when she woke up. Then she turned her attention to her chest, moving her fingers to where the syrup had dripped, in an attempt to rub it off.

Something happened, though, something she didn't expect...the moment she started to rub the syrup against her skin, it sent a pleasurable tingle straight into it! "Ohhh," Denise moaned, as she continued to rub it into the tops of her breasts. Without thinking, she picked up the bottle of syrup again, and squirted it over both of her breasts...

About an hour later, the door opened, and Dick walked in, and smiled at the sight that greeted him. There, on his bed, was his geography teacher, stretched out on her back, asleep, her arms stretched out over her head, and a sated expression on her face. Denise was completely covered in sticky syrup from the top of her chest all the way down to her knees, and all around her mouth as well. The empty syrup bottle was lying next to her on the bed, and on the serving tray sat the half-eaten pancakes, plus the bacon and eggs.

"Delicious!" Dick exclaimed, as he surveyed the scene before him. He picked up the pieces of bacon and arranged them around the sleeping teacher's outer labia. Then he carefully picked up the eggs and slid one on top of each of her breasts. "Perfect," he said as he pulled out a camera from his pocket and started taking pictures. Then he knelt over her still body as he helped himself to some bacon and eggs. Once he had satisfied his hunger, he picked up the sleeping teacher, sliding her over his shoulder, as he carried her off to the shower to clean her up. Then he brought her clean body back to the bed, laying her down, then getting out of his own clothes as he lay next to her, waiting for her to wake up...

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