tagNon-Erotic PoetryYou Dont Know What Love Is

You Dont Know What Love Is



Its not a private jet to the Bahamas.
Its the weekly trip to the grocery store.

Its not the rose.
Its the thorns.

Its not the dinner at the Ritz and a movie premier.
Its cold pizza and a video.

Its not long lines of Shakespearean poetic verse.
Its the call to see how your day is going.

Its not the cream cheese chiseled Adonis.
Its the receding hairline slightly overweight average Joe.

Its not the bottle of Doom Perigean and Waterford crystal glasses.
Its fresh coffee that you didn't have to make. In a cup that says "i love you."

Its not a fireplace and a bear skin rug.
Its a warm blanket and someone you love.

Its not margaritas and an Adirondack chair on the French Rivera.
Its iced tea in the backyard on a hammock.

Its not 18 rounds of golf at Pebble Beach.
Its mowing the lawn and pulling weeds.

Its not buying a new jaguar.
Its changing the oil in your Pontiac.

Its not a ski trip to the Swiss Alps.
Its a ride with the kids in the mountains.

Its not a banquet dinner with heads of state.
Its a BBQ in the backyard with the in-laws.

Its not a cruise in the South Pacific.
Its fishing on a riverbank with a million stars in the sky.

Its not carnival in Rio.
Its a trip to the park.

Its not a 30 room mansion on the hill.
Its a 3 bedroom 1 bath dream.

Its not a pool next to the verandah
its a garden hose washing a car.

Its not pink champagne and strawberry brunch.
Its hot coffee and warm glazed doughnuts.

Its not a shopping spree on Rodeo drive.
its a trip to Walmart for school clothes.

Its not a botox injected, liposuctioned Pam Anderson cookie cutter clone.
Its your average incredible housewife with insecurities.

Its not Chanel #5 after a spa treatment.
its baby lotion after a bubble bath.

Its not a Victoria's secret teddy.
Its granny panties and a T-shirt.

Its not a smoking jacket and a pipe.
Its boxers and a remote.

Its not a sunset in Maui.
Its a rainy Saturday spent in bed with a lover.

Its not a house full of servants.
Its remembering to put your dirty socks in the hamper.

Its not the valet laying out your clothes.
Its remembering to put the toilet seat down.

What love is not: its promises, pipe dreams, fantasies, and telling what you want to hear all the time.

What love is: reality, handwork, the giving of ones heart forsaking all others in sinks and health till death you do part.

Common as a lump of coal but more precious than all the diamonds in the world. This is what love truly is and its given freely and the only thing ask in return is that you are open to it and reciprocate. weigh the promises in one hand and hold the reality in the other and see which one last.

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