tagErotic PoetryYou Fill His Dreams

You Fill His Dreams


Dreams, what streams of life await his fornicating captured mind dwelling in nights blissful serenest status.
As if he sees too much, his floating knowledge of her entrances drives him to knock loudly to enter, if she will only gaze upon him and sensuously open herself to know him.
Time is held still, why does it turn so slowly for the lust that hunts so opaquely but with stealth in his reclining linen?
Quickly his astute passion burns him to wild pumps of grunting thrusts which shoots across his flatly prone form.
And then a dam opens it sluice so that he may hope in his loins that the gates have an invitation for him to answer with his impassioned essence.
He knows that lake of her lively lust is a moat that will fill from the flow of his life’s liquids as he dedicates himself to that estuary.
Softness greets his hands as his fingers slide across temptation’s ripples that drive him to welcome another creature who shares his passionate panache for pleasures of nervous blissful perfection.
Smother him in your flesh of succulent glory as he suckles the engorged nipples that beg to be treated as goddesses and worshipped for their sensual delicate tenderness that feeds their young.
Locking his eyes onto your eyes, oh glorious messenger of delightful tingling lust, dance in his mind as the stares are engaged in gluttonous consumption of your sumptuous enticements.
Open your body’s orifices to his passionate entreaty so that he might know you from the inside of your gushing and rapturous statute form that cries out for his flood of globs of heavenly delight.
Lock the doors for her to capture him and his enticing form which drift always hazily across the night’s garden of adoringly aroused shadows.
For her fervent flesh is a key to his openly engrossing manhood that has willingly journeyed across the moonlight of fiery lust and into her obsessive reproductive opportunity, known truly to their consuming bodies.
Taken away, they are no more than the eruptions of their easily incensed fluids, as they combine to drift in swirling forms of new life indifferent to anything except their oneness.
She knows he is spiralling across his darkest hours of passion to ensure her gorgeous delights cover his groin like a blanket that keeps a baby from the coldest winds of its explorations.
Holding on tight’ like a cyclone might come upon them at any time, she is with him as he sails across his cold dull room and into the avid clutches of her infatuated delight.
Like the man who hides from the day, his sumptuous nights allow his enthusiastic lust of her gorgeous temptations to be realised in erupting glee without the pain of anonymous rejection.
Obsessed with her beautiful form parading as bribery, there is no pain to create a barrier to how he may treat her tasty treats of womanly perfection.
Blessed is his opportunity for enticing her to induce him to wrap himself in whatever his desires may be.
In the renaissance of his playfulness he knows she will be his to touch, from her tiny feet to her silky soft ears, he will indulge himself in the worship of her delightful toys - that he builds like lego as he creates a tower for their ecstasy.
And in his innocence he does not see that the temptation to embed her body to his, necessitate he deliver his freedom away as bait for his quest that recognises the delightfulness that her participation locks them into, like the reliance which every key knows is a prisoner to its perfect combination.
The sun may shine somewhere else in the world but his world is singularly bathed in her radiance and he is drawn seductively towards her; like the fearlessness that a month might have for a dangerous fame that offers it salvation in the darkness.
So it is that they climb the growing trellises of the produce that is their inducement to fulfilling lust, knowing that intertwined they are inseparable from the passion of their fruiting fornications.
While the milk of her breasts might not yet offer itself, these gorgeous features of her yearning pleasure are presented for attention in a merry feast that he dares to dive into without youthful inhibitions.
His hands guide them to his lips resolutely, and his tongues dances around and across the mammary glands that make her the women that is safe to lure into his temple of ardour.
Such a creature’s hands make their own way towards a destination that pulsates with a absolute willingness to be tamed by careful erotic stroking and tantalising caresses of gushing succulence.
Even in his darkness of embellish lust he cannot but moan and hold his breath as the anticipation of her playfulness drives his erection to convulsing enchantment with a bliss that knows such overwhelming and blinding sensuality.
It is her experimental exactitude that readies him for the insertion that will capture them in an endless dance that is attracting assured certainty for the future of their kind.
He knows that she must be demandingly in need of her own temptations for the softest flesh that is her body’s personification of desire for her loveliness burns in a roaring need for gratification.
Thrusting his hands and fingers like a therapist releasing the jailed flesh of her dissatisfied lustful rage, he knows her weeping fervour of flowering happiness is his to treat as a reward for his attentive caressing amusement of her welcoming embrace.
His burning appreciation of her enchantments ensures he is willing to offer any rewards for her gift of a blossoming gleeful pool of ultimate satisfaction for his flesh to dive into without repercussions.
So it is that he lowers his face towards her lips, and taste the wholesome juices of her pleasure that are a gift of fragrance that is to be relished by any man who seeks to satisfy himself in feminine beauty.
Truly must he follow her body’s revelling in the attentions of his lips and tongue, so that her enjoyment is the joy of ecstasy’s offerings to satisfy her true contentment of passionate destiny.
Truthfully all he seeks cannot be absolutely appreciated without a willingness to be dictated to as she is enchanted by the lure of her body’s glorious orgasmic opportunities.
Knowing what lies ahead on offer as a jackpot of rewarding climaxes, she moves her puppet away from his task of facial pleasuring towards a more classical pastime of recreation pleasure.
In his jail of basking lust, he moves his lips higher towards its doppelganger of enchanting softness.
Those lips dance in anticipation knowing they will press upon each other, as the centuries would attest to for all such sensualised players of lustful amusement.
Then his mind locks on the destiny of his engine of pleasure so that it might finally discover its place where the mechanical equipment of living orifices that create the continuation that is themselves, will finally be at home in utterly blissful contentment.
He guides what she so necessarily needs inside her, into that place that he so patiently awaits knowing it will thrill; as his gratification of its welcoming entreaties is assured.
The music of enchanting reclining pleasure fills the void that previously surrounded their silent bodies.
The appointed sensualness of their shared happiness and impending blissfulness is enough to thrill his tool of delight to fill her again and again in copulating joyfulness.
Encouragement bursts forth from her glowing lips of succulence and she charms him to enjoy the magical spell of gorgeous tenderness that they are bound to dance in glowing sensual satisfaction.
As he feels his raging inferno savour the holy sanctity of her offering that so earnestly delivers unbridled sensuality, she smiles at the thrilling opportunity to be wrapped together with her choice of powerful grunting loveliness.
Her eyes guide him to understand the devouring lust she is entangled by, in their dancing flesh of stimulated desire for the ones that forms around their willingly wild nakeness.
Knowing the stirring excitement that awaits the exploding liquids of his ecstasy, nothing now can hold him back from an adventure that requires an explorer to finally reach his destination with a sense of gushing accomplishment.
Unless she climaxes in utter pleasure as the rigorous bucking spasms while on his tool of ultimate joyfulness empties it elated liquid of passions charming wonder, he will live in singular sorrow for missing the chance to deliver the delight she so deserves.
As his mind’s focus reaches it targeted elation, he knows they must both enjoy the shared ecstasy that finalises their mingled fluids of destiny’s blissful reward.
Together as one, they reach the peak of their desires and there is no folly in the shared orgasms of this couple who exist only to treat his mind to release of its burden that is his thrilling desire for her to join him in desire.
His body spasms in elated spurts of flowing satiated pleasure as he welcomes the night’s sweet gift of ecstasy’s flooding release.
A smile crosses his face as his body twitches in joyous relief that once again it is free to wander away from the lust that imprison this creature of seemingly obscure freedom.

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