tagMatureYou Fucked Where? Ch. 07

You Fucked Where? Ch. 07


This is another installment in the series of strange places I have fucked. If you recall, a chat friend and I were discussing strange or odd places we had fucked. I'm still working on the places I've had sex, and I haven't gotten around to the places he's been yet.

It was New Years Eve, and I was in the mood to go out. (Instead of staying home with my husband who never wanted to go anywhere, and watching the Twilight Zone marathon on TV.) If I haven't already mentioned, my husband doesn't like going out, but he doesn't mind if I do. So, I was going to a friends party.

I took great care in getting dressed for the night. (You never know who you might meet at a party.) I showered and shaved special for the occasion, meaning legs, pits (the normal shaving spots) and my pussy. Having a silky smooth, totally hairless pussy makes me feel so sexy and sort of kinky too.

Since I was feeling sexy, I had to have just the right kind of underwear for my outfit. Searching through my lingerie drawer I found the ideal set. A red lace up corset with black lace trim that barely held in my 40DD breasts, a matching red thong, and black nylons held up by the garters on the corset.

Now for the outside. I had just the right dress for the night. It was a black silky number (which felt so good against my nearly naked breasts and ass). It had a crisscross front that showed enough cleavage (but still left something to the imagination), and went to a few inches above my knees. Short enough to show off my legs (I do believe I have very nice legs) but long enough to keep them guessing. I finished it off with a pair of black heels. (Heels high enough to look sexy, but low enough that I could still walk.) I was ready for anything.

When I arrived at my friends home, the party was in full swing. (I had taken a lot of extra time getting dressed so I was fashionably late.) I greeted my friend (In case you're wondering this was a female friend.) and got a drink. Margaritas were the drink de jour for the night. My friend forced (well, she really didn't need to twist my arm very much) a few Jello shots in me before I went to make the rounds.

Meandering through the kitchen to the living room I kept an eye open for someone interesting to entertain me. Midway into the living room I found him. Standing against a door was Mr. Right for Tonight. Tall, dark hair, chiseled face, sort of a sarcastic smile on his lips, and from what I could tell with his clothes on, a decent body. I knew I was going to have to meet this man.

I sauntered over to him and he leeringly looked me head to toe. Then said "You're late." I gave him my most flirtatious smile, and took a drink while sizing him up.

Smiling seductively I placed my hand on his arm, looked him in the eye and replied "I didn't know I was on a time schedule."

"You almost missed New Years," he said with a sensuous smile on his mouth. "If you didn't get here by then, who would I fuck at midnight?"

By this time, those Jello shots had taken effect and my inhibitions had decided to take the night off. "Well then, I'm here just in time, have any suggestions on where we should celebrate the ball dropping?"

Again he gave me that sensuous smile and said "Matter of fact I do." He turned, put his hand on the knob of the door he was leaning on and opened it. "Step into my office my dear." He took my hand and led me into the closet behind the door.

Now, I'm not a connoisseur of closets, but this one was very nice. Room to move, coats to put on the floor for comfort and even a light. He pulled the door shut behind us, turned on the light then reached for me. Crushing his lips against mine, we commenced on one of the best kisses I've ever had in my life. I am a connoisseur of kissing.

His hands began to grope my body and he reached behind me and unzipped my dress. He slid it off my shoulders and it fell to the floor giving him his first glance of why I was late. "Wow" he muttered, "I guess you thought we were supposed to fuck tonight too."

My hard nipples were protruding out of my corset and he moved his head down to take one in his teeth and nibble. With my nipple still in his mouth he pushed me down to the coats we had knocked to the floor. He continued to devour my tits, biting, sucking and tugging hard. This just set my pussy on fire.

He moved a hand from my breasts down to my dripping pussy. Sliding his hand over my wet thong he pushed it to the side and plunged his finger into my pussy. "Oh baby, you're so wet and ready for my hard cock. You want my cock don't you? You want me to fuck your cunt with my hard cock. Open my pants and take my cock out, you know you want it." And I did just what he asked. I unzipped his pants and grabbed onto his already hard cock.

He moved up and straddled my shoulders and shoved his cock in my willing mouth. "That's right baby suck my cock, swallow it, take all of my big cock in your mouth. You have to suck my cock before I fuck that luscious pussy of yours."

As his cock filled my mouth and I'm licking and sucking on his huge cock, my mind is wondering, "How does he know? How does he know that I want to be dominated tonight, that I want some pain with my pleasure?" My mind also said "Don't question, just enjoy."

"Oh baby, that's good, your mouth feels like a pussy sucking on my cock." While his cock fucked my mouth, his hands reached back and took hold of my nipples. His fingers plucked on my nipples, stretching my tits out taut. "Now baby, it's time to fuck. Get on your knees and let me pound that wet pussy."

Again I did just as he asked, I got on my hands and knees with my ass in the air so I could feel his big cock in my pussy. As his cock plunged into my cunt, outside the closet I hear the countdown. "Three, two, one, Happy New Year!" His cock impaled my pussy and I cried out in pleasure while Auld Lang Syne was being sung.

His cock filled my cunt and it hit the top of my vagina with his pounding. His hands again grabbed and clenched my tits. Pulling and squeezing on them. His cock felt so good, There was so much pleasure I wanted to scream out instead of my usual moaning but I knew that I needed to be quiet so we weren't heard.

I reached back and began to rub my clit. He noticed and said "Oh yeah baby, play with yourself, I want you to cum for me, I want you to cum all over my cock." I felt pressure on the rosebud of my ass, and knew that his finger was going to probe my ass. "I'm going to fuck your ass the same way I'm fucking your cunt, I know you want that."

My mind wondered again, "How does he know that? How does he know exactly what I want him to do?" His cock was still driving hard into my pussy, and I had been in orgasm land almost since his cock entered me. My pussy was vibrating and pulsating, that radiating feeling of pleasure was flooding over my body. His finger had slid into my ass, and he was opening my ass up to be able to take his cock.

His cock pulled out of my pussy, and I felt so empty. But then his cock started to descend into my ass. It was well lubricated with my pussy juices, and he easily pushed in. I continued to play with my clit, and now my pussy. He plunged in and out, faster and harder each time.

"Baby, your ass is as tight as your pussy, I'm not going to last long, I'm going to shoot my cum in your ass. I want to see my cum drip out of your ass." He knew again what I wanted without me telling him.

He plunged hard, his cock totally immersed in my ass. Then I felt it, his hot cum blasting into my ass. And then I exploded. I've never really had a huge orgasm when I'm assed fucked, but this time was different. My entire body began to detonate, it was like fireworks shooting off inside me. A wave of sheer pleasure gushed out of my pussy extending its way to the tips of my fingers and toes.

He slapped my ass then pulled out his cock. "Baby, that was totally awesome" he said. And I had to agree.

Then he did something that totally surprised me. He reached and got a soft cloth (my mind again wondered, "where did that come from?") and began to wipe my pussy and ass.

He said "We can't have you messing up that sexy dress with cum, can we?" Then he helped me straighten my thong and corset, and helped slide my dress back into place. He gave me a big kiss, then said "You go first, I'll wait a few minutes then come out."

I walked out of the closet and into the kitchen to find another drink. For some reason I was very parched. I saw the closet door open and he walked out and disappeared into a group of people. I never saw him again, and my friend had no clue who he was. Oh well, at least I have now have a fond memory of a New Years Eve.

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