tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYou Go to a Bar

You Go to a Bar


You're in the parking lot of a bar with your friend. She's a natural domme who, after daring you to do a series of increasingly outrageous things in public places, has realized she just has to tell you what to do, and you'll do it. She gets off on watching you, and you get off on doing things no nice girl should -- in public, with strangers. Tonight, in the car, she tells you to take off your panties, leaving you clothed in just a short skirt and a thin little t-shirt with no bra. As you walk into the bar, you blush when she whispers how sexy you look, how all the guys in the place are going to have a hard time keeping their hands off you, and maybe they won't be able to at all.

The two of you order some drinks and flirt a little with the bartender. He can't seem to stop his eyes from drifting down to your chest, where your nipples poke eagerly at the material that barely covers them. You're embarrassed and turned on by what your body does at times like this, partly wanting to maintain some decorum, partly getting even more turned on by the fact people can tell you're turned on. You can feel your pussy starting to tingle a bit already from the attention, and every step you take makes you more aware of your growing desire. You hope your friend has something good in mind for tonight's outing, and won't just tease you and leave you horny like she has sometimes in the past. Those are the nights when you get your money's worth out of your vibrator when you get home.

She leads you over to an open pool table in the middle of the room. You start playing, and notice she isn't playing as well as she usually does. She's not taking obvious shots, and she's missing way more often than usual. Before long you figure out what she's doing: she is focusing all of her effort on leaving the cue ball positioned so you have to lean way over to take your shots. With your short skirt you're not sure whether you're putting yourself on display every time you lean and stretch that far? You can sure feel a lot of air down there, and you notice a few people nearby watching pretty closely whenever it's your turn. If you aren't exposed, you're close enough to it that they are hoping for a glimpse of what's under your skirt.

One of the braver fellows nearby approaches and starts making conversation. Your friend tells him with a wink that you could use some help setting up your next shot, and that he should be sure you thank him for his effort. He does that cheesy thing guys do in movies, where he leans over you and wraps himself around you, "helping" you hold the cue and line up your shot, but then doesn't move away when you've sunk the ball. He slides his hand down your side and onto your ass, then down to your bare leg and back up under your skirt. You jump a little, then blush furiously as he flips your skirt up in the back, so you know you're putting on a show now. Your friend walks around behind you and says "Oh my, no panties? And look who's all wet." She's loud enough that people around have heard, and you sense a small crowd gathering behind you.

"All wet, you say?" says the guy who is still holding you in place, bent over, with your pussy and ass on display. He slides his hand down to find out, running a finger up and down your slit, apparently coming away with enough for a taste, since you can hear him making that little sucking kiss noise a mouth makes when you pull a finger out of it. "Your little peach is the sweetest I've tasted in a long time." He slips a finger inside you, easily, and you close your eyes, wanting to moan and push back against his hand, but feeling like a wanton animal in front of all these people. "You should have a taste," he says, bringing his finger to your mouth. You swirl your tongue around the end of his finger, taking it into your mouth and sucking every last drop of your juices off it. Now it's his turn to groan a little.

Your friend notices his reaction and decides it's time for you to give a little before you can get. She asks him if he wants a blowjob from you, and he can barely grunt out an answer before he has his fly open, pulling his cock out. You get on your knees and start sucking him off with your soft mouth, your skilled tongue swirling all around the head. The bar has gotten quiet now; no one expected a live sex act on a Tuesday night. The bartender must have turned off the jukebox, because all you can hear are the smacking noises of your mouth on his cock and his heavy breathing. You increase your pace and suction, bent on proving your skill to the room, and you can tell he's getting close when your friend tells him to come on your face. That command puts him over the top, and he pulls his cock out of your mouth as he begins to unload. You keep your mouth open and catch some of it, the rest falling on your lips, cheek, chin, and neck. You lick your lips and swallow eagerly, savoring the taste of a job well done. You reach up to wipe it off your face, but your friend stops you, telling you to leave it. What is she planning?

You don't find out yet, because she points out that it's still your turn, and you should take your next shot. You stand up, trying to focus on lining up the shot with his load dripping down your burning face and neck, your pussy on fire. You would have missed even if you hadn't felt that pool cue suddenly probing at your lips. Your friend laughs as the cue ball flies off the table, and asks if you even want to keep playing pool, or if you have other things in mind? You breathe that you've probably had enough pool for the night, as you push back against the cue she's holding, surprised at how much you're losing control, how insanely horny you are right now.

You groan when she takes the cue away and asks who else wants a blowjob. You were hoping for a little relief, but it's apparently not your turn yet. There's a pretty big response after your little performance, and she chooses two guys and tells you to take care of them. They eagerly pull their cocks out, and you take one in each hand, alternating between them until one explodes on your face, then focus on the other one until he loses it too, this time all over the front of your little shirt. By this time you are squirming with desire, grinding your pussy on your heel as you kneel on the floor of the bar, come all over your face and chest.

Your friend comments on how horny you look, and how many guys are hoping for a shot with you, and you wouldn't want to disappoint anyone, would you? She helps you up from your knees and tells you to lean over a table and spread your legs. You do, without hesitation, so eager for anyone, anything, to penetrate you. She directs another guy to your mouth, and you start sucking him almost manically, feeling your wetness dripping down your thighs and wondering why no one is fucking you already. Finally you feel something, someone's breath on your pussy lips, a tongue tasting you before finally, finally, a cock enters you, pushing into you with that delicious sensation of initial entry, the squeeze and tightness as the head forces past your entrance, the way it slips in so easily once it finds more wetness inside you, and the three of you begin moving together, the thrusts of the cock in your pussy pushing you forward more onto the cock in your mouth. You try to move your hand down to your clit but your friend stops you, telling you it's not time yet.

This drives you more wild, and you push back harder onto this cock behind you, realizing you haven't even seen the owner of it, not even caring, arching your back and squeezing your muscles in an attempt to stimulate your g-spot. You're almost there, so close, when he groans and comes inside you, not able to take your gyrations anymore. With nothing in your pussy, you return your focus to the cock in your mouth, and that guy quickly comes as well, this time in your mouth, and you get to swallow his whole load, sucking him dry. You don't have to wait long before both positions have been filled again and now you're trying once again to make yourself come with no clitoral stimulation. The guy fucking you from behind takes pity on you and reaches around to give you a hand, and your friend lets him, much to your immense relief. It doesn't take long to push you over the edge, which does the trick for your two current cocks as well, as the pulses in your pussy and the vibrations from the noises in your throat prove too much for them to handle, and now you are being pumped full of hot come from both ends.

Once more your partners are replaced, but this time the guy in back doesn't reach around. Instead, he scoops up some of the wetness dripping from your pussy and rubs it on your ass, circling your asshole until it relaxes a bit. You're getting even more worked up now, if that's possible, from being stimulated in so many ways simultaneously, from feeling like a pro at giving pleasure. He pushes his finger inside you, and finds you more than receptive. Your friend tells him to fuck you in the ass, and he pulls out of your pussy so fast it feels like he vanished, so eager is he to go for anal. His dick is coated in your juice and the cum of the guys before him, so he has plenty of lube when he probes your asshole, and slowly slides in. You relax and push back against him, and before long he is pounding you hard, and you're so into it you almost forget about the cock in your mouth. The group notices your loss of control, and before you know it, you're positioned for double penetration, upright between the two guys, come dripping out of you into a puddle on the floor beneath you. This time you don't need anyone to rub your clit, you come hard and loud, once again setting off a chain reaction. The guys set you back down on the table, face up this time, and you have a moment to come to your senses.

You look around, but no one else is approaching you, the whole Tuesday night crowd having been drained by your efforts, even the bartender. Your friend thanks them for a good time, then drags you out to the car, come drying on your face and leaking out of your ass and pussy, all the while telling you what fantastic material you have given her for later. Back in the car, you reach for your underwear, hoping to at least wipe off your face, but she stops you. "Oh no, you don't. We're stopping at the convenience store so you can get me some cigarettes, but you aren't allowed to use money."

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