tagNon-Erotic PoetryYou Have Nothing to Offer Me

You Have Nothing to Offer Me


I don't want your money

I've long lived without

I don't need your caress

I've been without it long enough to not care for it

I don't need your cock

I've gotten myself off better for years, and actually, prefer tongue

I don't need your love

It's overrated--the price is too high

I don't need to hear your voice

Reminiscent of a snake's

I don't need your lies

I can lie to myself--have been for months

I don't need your arrogance

I can find that in any man--even the lowest

I don't need your head games

They've become awfully trite

I don't need your abuse I do just fine destroying myself

You've nothing to offer me

I feel even more alone with you in my life

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