You Have The Right To Remain Silent


"Sorry decapitation is a sensitive issue with me. Any memory of what was witnessed will be wiped away from their memories as soon as we leave." I told Austin calming down a little.

We would sit under the tree at the house that was near the man made pond watching the sun set it was so peaceful. Anoki sat by Ricky in his infant swing cooing and laughing at Anoki as if he knew it was really his father. We looked like the perfect happy family sitting together and laughing. Anoki would even get Austin to play Frisbee with him. It was not quite the same as when Troy and Austin played on the beach two years ago trying to impress all the younger women. I watched them playing and the sound of Ricky cooing at the two playing warmed my heart.

The next few weeks were actually calm; I kept dreading that they were going to be calling us home any time because of it being so peaceful.

I should have known it would not have been quiet for long, we were sent to Tallahassee our Governor it seems made a pack with the devil to be elected president for the next eight years and the Dark side could have his soul willingly. We walked through the halls of the Governors home it was immaculate and huge; everything was white right down to the leather furniture and the white marble floor. Well Gov. Brown you have done quite well stealing the tax payer's money. I whispered to myself. The governor was in his bedroom on the bed with the young Spanish maid dressed in the black and white maid's uniform.

"Now that is what I call really serving our Governor." I said loudly startling the two lovers.

The Governor lost his interest in his bed partner and became interested in his uninvited guest.

"Who are you?" he asked raising off the bed putting him self back in his pants.

"Where is Mrs. Gov.?" I asked being a smart ass.

He rang for security on his burglar button, but I had disabled it before barging into the room.

"They won't be coming to save you because I killed the security system, but it will start working as soon as I am done with your miserable ass." I told him walking up to him and pushing him on the bed.

"You're going to regret this attack on me because I have very powerful associates that will protect me." He yelled as Anoki growled at him.

"I know and you tell Michael that my boss canceled your contract for President and Michael still gets your soul." I told him when his eyes began to glow red.

His body began to change into a hideous beast." You will die!" he yelled in a demonic voice.

I smiled at him and began singing the theme song to Cops blowing him up with my powers. Bad boy whatcha gonna do?" I said with a smile and I looked at the frighten maid.

"Go do your work and pray for your sin of adultery." I told her.

Anoki and I vanished into a white sparkling mist and back in the office with Austin who was putting together a two story log cabin with tooth picks when we appeared scaring him and causing him to knock half of his cabin down.

"Oops sorry Austin." I said trying not to smile.

"I wish you could knock before appearing it would help to reduce the risk of a heart attack taking place." He said holding his heart.

I tried to remain composed, but I really wanted to burst out laughing. "I am so sorry Austin." I told him as I walked over to him kissing him on his forehead not realizing that Ariana was watching us.

"Gee Austin, Montana hasn't been dead that long and you're already getting a new girlfriend to replace her." Ariana told him as tears filled her eyes.

"Ariana wait, you and I were best friends." I told her without thinking.

"You're crazy, I was his wife's best friend I hardly know you." She told me looking at me as if I were the plague.

I had already opened the can of beans so I might as well finish the meal." I am Montana." I told her turning into myself when I made sure no one else saw me.

She stood still with tears flowing over the brim of her eyes." Montana." She whispered and fell into my arms.

Anoki became Troy and the three of us stood there hugging. "Oh how I have missed you two." she told us. "How did you come back? That was a stupid question, the good guys sent you back." She said smiling through her tears.

"I have missed you so much Ariana! Come for dinner tonight." I told her as we both were now crying.

We ate dinner that night talking and laughing, even Troy had joined us at the table. Ariana ended up spending the night in the spare room and her and Troy sat up most of the night going down memory lane of all the cases they did together. The next morning we cooked our regular breakfast of waffles and eggs making Sara come by for breakfast. She took the news like Ariana, but it felt so right that the old room mates were back together again.

Tommy was sitting at the desk when he over heard two detectives from vice discussing who was going to pick up their Thursday pay from the strip joint on Martin Luther King Boulevard. He came to Austin and myself telling us what he had over heard. We decided to go check it out. I changed into a ravishing red head with green cat eyes, the body that everyman wanted his wife to have a tight body with a flat belly and great boobs. Austin looked at me smiling; I slapped him on his chest with the back of my hand.

"Forget those thoughts if you want to keep body parts attached to your body." I told him then pinched his cheek lightly.

"Its not really like being with another woman Montana it would still be you, like its you when your Koko." He told me when he saw he was not making a sale on this subject. "I guess it's not a good idea." He said watching my ass as I began to get out of the van to go across the street. "I will be here thinking of you." He said imagining me on top of him seducing him.

I was hired and would start that night, it was explained about the champagne room, and that if I was caught having sex with a customer it would lead to my being dismissed. I realized why I was not shown the room when two dancers came out with a large bald man high on cocaine. One of the girls handed the large fat man with blond greasy hair, blue jeans and a white shirt that I was talking to five hundred dollars.

"Good job girls." He told the naked women walking pass him with their very satisfied customer who was looking me over in my black low cut wide legged pants, with a hot pink half shirt that exposed my pink lacy bra with matching thongs that could be seen just at the top of the slacks and a pair of pink opened toe six inch spiked heels. I smiled at him and purposely showed the tip of my tongue very slowly wetting my bottom lip. That night I wore white low cut slacks just above my pelvic, a white sheer shirt with a white lacy bra and matching thong with white sandals. I walked into the place seeing the large man sitting there watching the door, his eyes lit up when he saw me and came up to me without waiting.

"I want a private dance with you in the room." He said undressing me with his eyes.

"Ok hon. I will be right with you." I told him going into the dressing room changing into a short red leather skirt just below my ass, a red leather bra and matching thongs, a red half top and I walked out to him in my six inch spiked heels. He followed me to the room, he sat at the chair at the round table built around the table where I began to bump and grind my ass, tits and pussy inches from his face. I saw his hand rubbing his erection and I removed my top slowly teasing him with my provocative movements rubbing my hands over my body slowly, removing my bra and tossing it behind me. He was rubbing his erection even harder, I turned my back to him and began removing my shirt and moving my hips in a circular motion, I bent over and looking at him between my legs while running my hand slowly over my crotch, I then stood up removing my thong and throwing them at him that he caught smiling up at me, I slowly brought myself down on the stage massaging my breast and let my hand go down my stomach slowly until I was at the tip of my pelvic and turned my body so my crotch inches from him and I began to masturbate as he masturbated, my fingers slowly and sensually massaged my clit that was becoming swollen and wet, my fingers were gliding smoother from the hot juices that were seeping from me, my hips were moving in slow circular grinding motions and before I realized it I was caught up in the dark seduction taking place and felt the man orally pleasuring me, my hips began to arch up towards his face, my hands caressed my hardened nipples, I bit my bottom lip from the pleasure he was giving my body with his tongue slowly licking my sticky sweet hot juices. I felt him entering my body, I wanted him, I could not understand what was happening to me it was if this man was consuming me entirely. I was moaning from deep with in me and I came in such a hot passionate orgasm. He exploded his juices deep with in me and I heard him laughing in my ear and then I saw his glowing eyes and knew I had been seduced by a demon with out realizing it. He was still in me and began kissing me, I returned his kisses hungrily as his hand were caressing my breast; he began to move his hips causing himself to become erect again. He rolled me on top of him and I moved slowly in a circular motion gradually moving slowly then working my hips faster and faster until we were like animals mating and he turned into his demonic self ravishing me until he heard my cries from the orgasm racking my body over and over. I couldn't resist him and it was as if he were draining my very life from me and he was gaining strength from me.

"Not much longer my good little warrior and I will have all of your powers as well as your life. Turn over so I can feed my appetite with you." He ordered me.

I obeyed and propped myself up so he could enter me doggy style. He was so huge and because he was becoming more evil each time we had sex his penis was actually so cold it burnt me, but I wanted more, and as he dug his fingers into my hips thrashing me with his hard erection harder and harder his breath was so hot it actually felt cold blowing down on my bare ass. I began to massage my clit and moaned from the pleasure he was giving me when I collapsed from the last orgasm. When I had awakened I was in the van with Troy leaning over me.

"Where is my Master Thomas?" I asked as my eyes were almost coal black and I longed for his touch.

"Montana he is gone, I destroyed him to save your life." He told me holding a wet cloth on my forehead.

I became crazed in the van throwing Troy to the front of the van with Austin who looked so confused. I was screaming like a crazed person and what was worse I felt my soul burning. Troy looked at me and then pounced on top of me and we vanished in a white sparkling mist.

Chapter 4

I was strapped down to a silver table that was cold to my bare flesh, there were bright lights over me and people in long white robes with long white beards looked down on me chanting the same words over and over and moving their hands over my body in the same way and motion. Suddenly I became violently ill throwing up purple green slime that bubbled onto the ground and then I became suddenly cold and blacked out again. When I awakened I was in a pure white room with a white gown and covers on me, there was a white sparkling fog that floated around the room when a man in a long white robe and long white hair and beard took my hand.

"Welcome back Montana." He said holding my hand.

"Welcome back....... I have been somewhere?" I asked feeling slightly disorientated.

"Yes you were trapped with in the dark side for a short time." He told me smiling so kindly I did not want to leave for I felt so safe and at peace.

"I love it here it is so peaceful." I told him.

"Well your well now and its time to return to your family." He told me and the next thing I knew I was standing in my bathroom getting out of the shower when Austin came walking in.

"Almost ready to go baby?" he asked me kissing me.

"yes." I said looking at myself as Koko in the mirror.

I dressed while Anoki and Ariana were in the kitchen waiting for us to leave. Seven detectives tied to the club and being paid money to protect them against being busted plus a percentage on the prostitution.

Austin kept me in the car with him while Ariana was the one under cover this time. We raided the place after three months of gathering strong evidence against all seven detectives, the club owners as well were looking at some long prison sentences for conspiracy of prostitution and drugs with the intent to purchase and sell.

Troy and Ariana were spending a lot of time together, laughing and talking until in the early morning hours, I looked at Ariana smiling.

"So is there a romance blooming between my two favorite people?" I asked sipping on my morning coffee.

"Would you be bothered by it?" she asked me.

"No Ariana I am married to Austin even if I am dead I will always be his wife. I love Troy he is Ricky's father and my best friend, but my heart is branded deeply by Austin." I told her sipping my coffee.

"Good because I find him so damned hot now, I can't stop thinking about him. Last night he kissed me and I swear I saw stars when he kissed me." She said her smile was so bright.

Well I guess I will go get Austin up so we are not late." I told her.

"Koko do you get hungry or thirsty?" she asked me looking curiously at me.

"No we don't, we just go through the motions so that no one feels strange sitting with dead people." I told her smiling.

I went to our bedroom and sat beside Austin watching him sleep when he opened one eye. He smiled taking my hand under the covers placing it in his pajama bottoms on his erection.

"I need to be fed and he wants you for breakfast." He said pulling me under the covers.

We were laughing and making love to each other before he had to get up. He loves to make love in the mornings when he first wakes up. I love feeling him searching my body with his hands, feeling his lips on my neck and sucking on my hardened erect nipples until I cry out from the orgasms he gives my body.

Anoki and I were materialized in Washington D.C. unfortunately their landing was off and they sat us in the president's rest room being used by the President, yes the President of the USA. He did not find it amusing since he was in his birthday suit, he would never have won Presidency if the American people saw that body! He screamed, we screamed and a hundred and twenty pound Shepard is not a great screamer either, Anoki sounded like a poodle. The reason why we were there we soon found out was that the vice president had been replaced by a demon and he was going to kill the president this morning while he bathed so he could take over the government.

We now have surprised the vice president who had a hypodermic filled with a liquid pain killer that the president is very much allergic too and would be dead in ten minutes after the injection. The vice President was caught by us and destroyed before he could carry his plan out, the vice president has not been found or heard from and he is still listed as MIA. Anoki and I walked into a park in Washington I petted his head.

"We need to talk Troy." I told him sitting on the park bench.

Anoki jumped up on the bench next to me turning into Troy. "What is wrong?" He asked me looking so sweet.

"I know about you and Ariana and I am cool with it." I told him taking his hand.

"That's really sweet of you to be ok with it." He said he was very agitated with me at the moment.

"I thought that when you died you would be back in my arms, but no good old Austin has you and I personally am not cool with that." He told me looking so angry.

"He's my husband! I love him and I will not apologize to you or anyone else for giving him my heart." I told him with tears stinging my eyes.

Troy looked at me. "I remember a time I was supposed to have been your husband and you loved me." He said bending over looking at the ground rubbing his hands together.

"If it was you in Austin's place, would you want him taking your wife even though death had already claimed her?" I asked him seeing.

"I think the dead should be with the dead and the live ones with the live ones." He told me vanishing into a white sparkling mist.

"Damn you!" I whispered to myself and left.

Michael the leader of the dark side stood silently watching us argue and leave Washington separately. He smiled vanishing into a black sparkling mist.

I was fuming when I got back to the house and Anoki sat on the couch with his paws covering his eyes. I stormed past him going to my bedroom when I had just had enough. I sat on the bed crying, Anoki came slowly into the room not knowing what to do.

"When you died I didn't know what to do, I was lost without you and pregnant, and Austin helped me. You told me to marry him, and now you condemn me for loving him." I told him crying. I felt his head on my shoulder. He was whimpering like a puppy. And I couldn't help but to laugh at him.

Troy sat next to me but not as Anoki and licked my face. He burst into laughter from the expression of pure disgust.

"Oh gross you licked my face!" I told him wiping my face off with his shirt tail when Austin walked in and turned back around walking out of the room going into the bathroom in the hall.

"Austin wait!" I yelled jumping to my feet to run after him. I knocked on the door and he did not answer me. I then vanished appearing on the other side but he was gone. I looked around the bathroom but he was gone! I then saw the bathroom window open and I saw him walking towards the road. "Damn it!" I said and vanishing again this time appearing next to him.

"I am sorry I didn't knock going into our bedroom. I am sorry if I interrupted anything." He said walking faster down the street.

"You didn't I was wiping his spit off my face with his shirt cause he licked me trying to be cute." I tried to explain to him.

"I don't need you to explain to me." He said not looking at me but walking even faster when Anoki came charging at him and knocked him down turning into Troy.

"I don't know why your mad I am the one that made the ass out of myself by blowing up at her for being in love and faithful to you even in death." He said pinning him down on the ground.

Austin looked at me with Troy sitting on top of him. "Really?" he asked him smiling at me.

Troy looked at him. "Really, now don't make me drag you back to the house." He told him smiling. "I am sorry Montana for being a jerk." He said smiling and helping Austin up off the ground.

"It's ok Troy I am just use to Austin being the jerk and not you." I said smiling at Austin.

"Hey I resent that because I am only a part time jerk." Austin said with a smile.

We were given the task of catching a serial killer whose victims are young eighteen twenty year old females with brown wavy hair to their shoulders and all were wearing dark blue sweat suits with white stripes on the side of the legs and a white tank top with a matching dark blue sweater wrapped around their hips. It was if the serial killer kept killing the same victim over and over because the girls were all so close in resemblance. We had one clue to work with the girls were almost clones in looks and style of dress. We used Anoki to pick up the serial killers scent, we worked the case almost twenty four seven sleeping only when Austin's body was becoming tired and worn from the long days, but I had to catch this guy he haunted my waking consciousness I could see him except for his face. It started on the first case I was walking around the crime scene when I saw him almost in a vision that played before me. I watched him following the victim when she exited the city bus and she walked quickly down the side walk scared to look back at the approaching foot steps that began running when she did. She turned the corner quickly catching a quick glimpse of her assailant he was dressed similar to her except his hood on his jacket was up over his head blocking his face. She screamed and he tackled her on the lonely dark side walk and dragged her behind the shopping center holding her mouth so she could not scream when he knocked her out and carried her to a cubby hole behind the stores and taped her mouth shut with the duct tape in his jacket pocket. He had removed her clothes before she came conscious finding him on top of her raping her. She tried screaming and began to cry. And I heard him call out Wendy before he killed her by strangulation during the attack on her. After she was dead he began beating her corpse blaming her for him killing her that she should have been a good girl and not a bad girl. I now knew the first victim was named Wendy, I had her age range now I would have to check the missing person files and other cases files to see if I could track down our first victim. I spent most of the nights with Troy going over cold case files while Austin slept in our bed. I turned my appearance into the description of the murdered women and began riding the bus transit hoping to catch our killer. For three weeks I rode from one end of Broward County to the other end. I knew all the routes and drivers by the end of the last week when our boy found me.

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