You Jackass!


I glanced over and saw her fingers slid into her. My eyes went back to the damned road. Seconds later she said, "Open your mouth, lover." She said it with her deep, throaty, sexy voice. I opened and two wet fingers touched my tongue. I closed my lips around her fingers and sucked. My tongue touched her fingers, probed between then and around the tips.

Kathy moaned. When I opened my mouth she withdrew her fingers. I said, "May I have some more, please?"

She laughed and gathered more on her fingers. I opened again and she put them in my mouth again. I loved how she tasted. We continued down the road and I had a delightful, wet snack. With each taste Kathy moaned and I made appreciative sucking noises.

About the tenth time she withdrew her fingers from my mouth she quickly inserted them inside her pussy and I asked, "Have you ever tasted how incredibly delicious you are?"

"No." I heard a lot in her one word. Perhaps a question, 'Do good girls do that?' Perhaps, 'What if I don't like it?'

"Explorers sometimes go where they've never been before."

She withdrew her fingers and put them in her own mouth. She sucked them clean and pulled them out of her mouth. "I like it, but I like giving the taste to you more."

"Watch." I said. My right hand left the steering wheel and snaked across the seat to her leg. I caressed her skin as my hand went across her thigh, headed for the crease her fingers had recently been inside. She opened her legs wider. Her left hand rested on my shoulder.

I did not take my eyes off the road. The exploration was by Braille. I moved my hand slowly up her thigh and then onto her lower torso. When my finger touched the top of her crease she moaned and said, "Yes!" in that low, throaty voice she had seldom ever used around me. I pressed on that spot without going farther into her slit. Press and release, press and release.

Kathy's hips moved forward and her right hand grasped my wrist, pushing gently on my hand to go deeper into her. Ever so slowly I went. My finger felt her nub and I moved around it. She made a new moan, one that a deaf man would have known was a protest. She wanted me to stay touching her clit.

I passed it and found her vaginal opening, wet and slippery. My biology wanted me to pull off the highway and take her onto my lap and fill her. I almost gave in. Almost.

The sounds and smells of out heat were rudely interrupted by Tina's voice on the radio.

"Where do we get off? Las Vegas just ahead."

Both Kathy and I burst into laughter. Kathy was about to get off when Tina interrupted. Kathy picked up the radio and said, "There are three exits. We'll take the last one. Pick a pump near us, Ok?"

"Ok. I'm down under a quarter tank."

Kathy lifted my wet hand from her pussy and started getting dressed. I hit the buttons and both our windows started opening. Kathy looked at me and started laughing again. I said, "I'm not sure I want Tina to know what we were doing."

"She my not know everything but Tina knows I've wanted you for longer than she's been alive. Even without the smell, she'll know."

We gassed both vehicles and then parked by the restaurant. Inside we all headed for the bathrooms. When I was done I got us a table and I sat down. Two or three minutes later they joined me. It was a table for four and they sat on either side of me.

Just before Kathy sat down she kissed me. We looked at the menus and Tina said, "See anything you'd like, Dad?" Then she giggled and blushed. I knew there would never be a secret again. They would share everything. I shrugged. Maybe that was what a loving Mother-daughter relationship was like. You certainly couldn't use the relationship between Donna and either Tina or Heidi as a measure.

When we were just about done I said, "We're about halfway to Denver. I'm thinking we can stay here tonight and get an early start tomorrow."

Kathy asked, "How long to Denver?"

"About six or seven hours."

Tina said, "Can Momma ride with me tomorrow?" Kathy and I looked at her. She used "Momma" as if it were so. If we were going to live as spouses, it needed to be so.

Kathy answered, "How about if you ride with me tomorrow?"

"Ok, Momma." Tina was pointedly using the term. Kathy paid for dinner and we went to the motel desk. I asked for two rooms, not adjoining. Tina said, "Mine doesn't have to even be close."

The young woman behind the counter looked at Tina and Tina added, "Dad snores."

We got two rooms with three rooms between them. We used valet parking so they would better guard the two loaded vehicles. When we went to our rooms we got to Kathy and my room first. Tina put her bag down and kissed Kathy and then me. She said, "Good-Night Momma and Dad. See that you get some sleep, Ok?"

I made as if I tried to kick her butt, but she was too quick for me. They both laughed. Kathy unlocked the door and we went inside.

"I think Tina approves." I said.

"She does. Her biggest question is why did it take so many years for you to kick Donna out."

"I was a frog."

She had been opening her suitcase when I said it. She quickly turned and looked at me.

"A frog?"

"A frog can be put in a pot of cool water and he likes it just fine. Turn the heat on and he stays, in fact he'll stay until the water boils and kills him... unless something else happens to get him to jump out of the hot water. I was a frog. The first five years we were together I thought life was pretty damned good. Both girls were born, we got our house, I had a good job. Our marriage didn't turn to crap all at once. No one thing made me jump, until bigbuck was discovered fucking Donna. Then I jumped."

"Can I tell Tina that tomorrow?"

"Sure. I've already figured that the two of you are very close and there's not likely to ever be secrets between you."

"Is that Ok?" She stepped into my arms and kissed me.

"Yes, it's Ok. You told her I was stroking your pussy when she called on the radio, didn't you?"

She nodded, blushed and said, "We laughed in the ladies room and realized four other women heard the story. All four came out, checked you out and gave Tina and I thumbs up!"

"If I'd known I'd have been embarrassed."

"That's why I waited to tell you."

"I have an idea. Let's shower together and then start over. Ok?"

"Do you want me to undress or do you want to undress me?"

My answer was to toss her onto the bed and climb on top of her. I held each of her hands out away from her body and said, "Relax. You don't need to do anything, just enjoy."

I unbuttoned her shirt and spread it open, uncovering her chest and a lacy white bra.

She asked, "Do you like it? I bought it yesterday."

"I don't know yet. So far, yes, I like it." I bent to her left breast and sucked it through the lace. I felt her nipple respond and heard her gasp. I moved to her right breast and it responded as well. I released my lip lock and said, "I like this bra."

My hands found the front opening and it worked easily. Once it was open I used my mouth to uncover her breasts one at a time. Having focused on Donna's "DD" to "F" breasts for over fifteen years I found Kathy's "C"'s to be cute and perky by comparison.

They were tanned all over where as Donna had been very careful to keep hers covered whenever we were outside.

I back away from her far enough to start getting her jeans off. She said, "I can't wear those again tomorrow. Somehow they got wet."

"We'll get you some "Depends." I got the zipper down and grabbed the cuffs and pulled. The jeans pulled past her hips and then they came off easily. I tossed them aside and climbed back onto the bed. She lifted her hips and her panties were tossed on top of her jeans. I got off the bed and went to the bathroom. I came back with a towel.

"Towels are for after we shower." Kathy said, smiling.

I folded the towel and said, "Lift." I slid the towel under her butt.

"You told me you've never had an orgasm given to you by a man, only by the Eveready bunny. You've been hot and ready for hours. Don't hold back. Go with the feelings."

My hands spread her legs a little and I began kissing my way between her knee and her treasure. After a minute I looked at her face and saw her eyes were closed. I noticed her nipples were tight buds, too. I moved closer and kissed higher on her thigh. She opened her legs for me a little more.

My hands spread her legs wide as my face drew very close to her opening. She said, "I can feel your breath on me! Please!" The "please" was pleading.

My tongue touched her lips and moved from the bottom of her vaginal opening up toward her clit. Her back arched and her hands left the places on the bed and grabbed my hair. She said, "Oh Sweet Brother! I've waited sooo long!"

She shuddered and pushed my face into her deeper. I painted her inner sweetness with my tongue and when I touched her clit a low guttural growl began inside her and grew to a primal scream. I sucked on her clit and touched it occasionally with the tip of my tongue. She soaked the towel and me. When I let her go she collapsed and lay panting and having aftershocks for some minutes.

I wiped my face on a semi-dry place on the towel and moved up beside her.

Some minutes later she turned her head and said, "Donna was and is the biggest idiot on the planet!"

"Thank you. I really enjoyed that. Now, what can I do for you?" I asked.

"God! Don't even! I think if you touched me right now I'd die. Every nerve in my body is singing."

We stayed right there for almost half an hour. Then we got up and went to the shower. Hotels have lots of hot water and we loved it. We got clean and played in the water. She watched as I shaved. I dried her and she dried me. We crawled into bed and held each other.

At seven the phone rang. It surprised both of us. As I reached for it I realized it couldn't be a wake up call. I hadn't asked for one.

"Hello." I answered.

Tina's laughing voice said, "Good Morning to you, Good Morning to you! Let's get this show on the road!"

"Ok. Ok. We just woke up. We'll shower and dress and be ready in..."

Kathy finished my sentence, "Half an hour. Give us half an hour!"

Tina laughed and asked, "Sure half an hour is long enough?" Before I could answer she hung up.

It was long enough. It was hot and wild and I got to be inside my wife for the first time. She came again and I filled her. We showered quickly and dressed. I tossed our dirty clothes in a plastic bag supplied by the hotel and Tina knocked. Kathy opened the door and they embraced. Then Tina kissed me and said, "Good Morning Daddy. You still smell like sex."

"From now on that's my aftershave and cologne. Get used to it." They both laughed. I carried the bags and we went to breakfast. As we walked into the restaurant I saw a table with four women having breakfast. One noticed us and out of the corner of my eye I saw Kathy give them a thumbs up. In spite of myself, I blushed.

We sat, ordered and were eating breakfast when all four came to our table. The tallest said, "Mister you are a lucky man."

"Thank you. I am very aware that I am."

"How long have the two of you been together?" The roundest of the four asked.

Kathy answered, "I've known him since we were kids. Grew up in the same place."

Tina said, "I'm the youngest daughter. My sister is twenty-one."

"Wow!" The tall one said, "I would have bet you were newlyweds."

"Thank you. I want us to hold on to being newly weds for a long time." I said.

As they left us one said to Kathy, "He's a keeper."

We finished breakfast and I called the waitress over for a check. She said, "No check. Other ladies pay for you."

We went to our vehicles and I led. Kathy and Tina got in the SUV. I listened to some CD's and four hours went pretty fast. I was getting low on gas so I called on the radio and asked if Pueblo was a good place to stop.

Tina came on the radio and said, "Don't go farther than Pueblo. Momma's starting to go into withdrawal. She hasn't had a kiss in over four hours!"

"Getting fuel is just an excuse to kiss her and hug her." I said. I stepped a little harder on the accelerator and moved up to seventy-five miles an hour.

The radio clicked and I heard Kathy saw, "Easy cowboy. I won't die if it takes ten more minutes."

We stopped, got the gas going into both vehicles and I pinned Kathy against the side of my truck as I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her. Tina went into the little store and when she came back we were still kissing. Kathy really kissed good. Tina said, "You need to get a room."

Kathy broke the kiss and said, "That's where we're headed."

The pumps clicked off and we let go of each other. I gave Tina a credit card and she paid for the gas. When Tina came back she gave each of us a bag of Nacho Doritos. Tina drove and Kathy rode with her. Two and a half hours later my Doritos were gone and we were pulling up to the company apartments. I checked in at the office and as I had requested I was now in a bigger apartment. The guy in the office reminded me that I only had sixty days to move out or start paying rent myself. Our new place had two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The office guy sent three guys to help us unload. An hour later we were done, moved in and could relax. I took Tina and Kathy out for dinner and showed them what I knew about the neighborhood. We were back and "in for the night" by eight.

I said, "I have to be up by five-forty-five in the morning so I can be at work by seven. If I said I'm tired Tina will laugh so I'm simply saying, I'm going to bed." I kissed Tina on the cheek and kissed Kathy like we were back at the gas station.

Tina started walking to her bedroom and said, "I want to find a man who kisses like that."

I replied, "Wait a few years would you?"

The last thing I remember before falling asleep was looking at the alarm clock by the bed and reading 9:16pm.

When the alarm sounded I rolled over quickly and knocked Kathy completely out of bed as I punched the off button. She wasn't hurt. She got up and showered with me. As I dressed she ran to the kitchen and made me breakfast. When I left to go to Alamogordo I had a dozen eggs, a quart of milk, a loaf of bread, some peanut butter and some sausage. Kathy made breakfast for us. It was good and I enjoyed eating with her dressed in one of my t-shirts.

If she lifted her arms her smooth puss showed.

I got to work on time. Fifteen minutes later there was a crisis and for the rest of the day I was focused and working at solving the problems. At five in the afternoon one of the guys I supervise found me and said, "You have two visitors in the break room."

I went and Kathy and Tina were there. They had a tablecloth on a table, three dinner plates, glasses and silverware set nicely and a hot casserole in the middle of the table. Kathy said, "We found out you haven't even had a lunch break. Sit down with us for a few minutes. You need to eat." Then she added, "Honey."

I sat down. The casserole was one our Mom used to make and that I've always loved. When we were kids we had two cats and called them Tuna and Noodles. Named after my favorite casserole.

I ate a good sized portion and had a diet Coke. Bob Hammond came in to the break room and said, "Boss, I'm so sorry to interrupt but..." And he filled me in on the latest problem. I stood up, handed him my fork and said, "Sit down and finish my dinner. Tell my wife and daughter how much you like it but don't kiss either one of them Good-Bye." I kissed both women and left the room.

Long before we quit for the night the story of how they brought me dinner had gone through the company. I was the envy of every man who brought sandwiches and chips to work every day.

The next day was almost a repeat of the day before. We had six sub-systems that failed and our entire crew was working hard to get things back operational. At five someone tapped me on the shoulder. I looked up and he smiled at me and said, "Time for you to eat. Bosses orders."

My supervisor was bent over the same machine I was. "What Boss?" I asked.

"The one with the great looking daughter!" He said.

"Oh. Then, I'll be back soon." I put my tools down and my supervisor said, "Take half an hour."

The table was set when I got to the break room. Both ladies were dressed in dresses and served me a meal fit for a king. Broiled halibut with a crust of some kind, spaghetti squash, green beans cooked with onions and a lemonade. When my half hour was almost up my supervisor walked through the door. He held a digital camera in his hands and took a picture of us eating dinner.

I stood and handed him my fork. "Sit down and finish my dinner. Tell my wife and daughter how much you like it but don't kiss either one of them Good-Bye." I kissed both and left the room. He was back bent over the machine half an hour later.

On the forth night of our crisis it was five o'clock when the security guy found us. He said, "Mr. Peterson, Time for you to eat. Bosses orders." What surprised me was that he turned to my supervisor and said, "You too, Mr. Browning."

We got to the sink to wash up and heard him say the same message to two other men. We walked to the break room together. I opened the door and saw four tables, set with tablecloths, china, nice glasses and the smells of dinner. All the women and children in the room were dressed for a night out.

I cried into my dinner without shame or embarrassment. Kathy and Tina were saying "I love you and honor what you do" in a powerful way. How they convinced the other women was something it took me a while to find out, but we were all blown away. At the end of our half hour four other men walked in. We four stood and handed them our forks. I said, "Sit down and finish my dinner. Tell my wife and daughter how much you like it but don't kiss either one of them Good-Bye." I kissed both and left the room.

Any night after that that we were working hard and late at least four tables were set. The women coordinated the meals and who would bring them. A few nights we almost filled the break room. Every man who worked on our crew thanked me and thanked me often. I thanked Kathy and Tina every day.

Tina asked at dinner one night, "Can you take half a day off?"

"Morning, afternoon or evening?"

"Morning or afternoon. We have a house we want you to see."

"Does it have a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen?"

"Yes." She said.

"Do you both want it?"

They nodded. I said, "Then get the papers ready. My half day off is to handle paperwork. It's a done deal."

We did all the paperwork in the living room of our new house. It had a great view of the mountains, was less than half an hour from my work and walking distance to Kathy's new real estate office.

We had the house on Monday of Thanksgiving week. On Tuesday the big boss announced we had done so well we were given the rest of the week off, not to be back until Monday. I said to my supervisor, "Good! Now maybe I can get us moved into our new home."

He said, "I'm sure my wife has a Honey-Do list for me, too."

I packed my things and headed home. I called Kathy and told her the good news. She arranged for the moving company to deliver all our stuff and they could do it the day before Thanksgiving. Heidi called and Kathy convinced her to come for Thanksgiving. As I walked into our new home with almost no furniture except folding chairs Kathy was on the phone. I got a diet Coke from the fridge and an almost empty bag of nacho Doritos. I went outside and sat on our back porch, looking at the Rockies.

Pretty soon Kathy came out and sat down. She wrapped her arm around mine and put her head against my arm. I said, "I'm sorry I've been working so much. I want to spend more time with you and with the girls."

"Heidi will be here tomorrow and she stays until Sunday. We can use putting things away as bonding time and I don't want you to apologize."

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